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HI Real Self Ladies, I been going through lots of...

HI Real Self Ladies, I been going through lots of emotions now that the time is getting near. I been wanted to do this for some years now and finally got (MOST) of the nerves to do it. Lol.. I just got my packet in the mail from Nancy from Dr.Salama office and it seems to have pretty much everything we spoke about, my dos and dont'ts as far as the vitamins to take and not to take. Is there anyone that had it done that can give advice to make my experience better. Thanks


Hey money honey. There are lots of ladies that have had surgery who have helpful tips on their blogs. I went to Jimerson, but ForeverBooty went to Salama & she has lots of info. Good luck on your journey :)
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Thanks Bootiebeauty78, I'll look at what ForeverBooty has to say.
@money honey - how are you? this is Ruben I work, with Dr. Salama. Just wanted to say hello and welcome you to the BBL sisterhood. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you and I'll be glad to answer any questions. Best wishes, Ruben
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Im excited to see what Dr.Salama can do with this...

Im excited to see what Dr.Salama can do with this body of mine.. LOL, I know I have fat on my stomach but I want my butt so BIG I dont think twice about going back. Hope I have enough fat.. LOL, which I think I do. I been taking all these vitamins, not really looking forward to next week vitamin regimen.. Nancy told me to take 325 mg or iron which is 5 pills of 65 mg of iron. The pills only come in 65 mg that I have found. But going to do what I have to do . One of my main concerns is the pain, Im kinda scared about that. I cant even imagine what it might feel like. Some woman said it feels like a car ran over them and some said from 1-10 the pain was like 6 so dont know what it might be like for me. I'll let you know when its over what is was like for me. LOL

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