Hello Ladies!! New to the Site Looking Forward to a BBL in 2013 with Dr. Salama! - Aventura, FL

Hi ladies! I'm a newbie, been on the site for some...

Hi ladies! I'm a newbie, been on the site for some weeks now doing my research and reading up and all of your tips for the BBL. I recently met with Dr. Salama and for now I can say I'm definitely leaning to doing my BBL with him. I pray that things go well since my BBL would be a little more complicated (I have some indentations due to shots when I was younger) he did mention it would not be perfect and I may need a second surgery but he would try his best. I'm hoping to put my down payment next month and officially have my date AND lose the 20-25 lbs Ibs he asked me to drop (gotta put the sweets down)! Also I would just like to say thank you for your updates, pics, and tips its greatly appreciated it! :)

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Met with him last week and he seems very knowledgeable. Looking forward to the upcoming months!

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