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Revision went well .. Glad this part is over. , not as bad as the first time !!

I m sorta new to this bbl realself but been...

I m sorta new to this bbl realself but been reading post from everyone for the past 6 months, this website has really helped me to make a decision to go through this , thank you ladies for taking your time to advise and tell your experience, the ugly, the bad, and the good. My height is 5.1 120 pounds, and hv surgery scheduled with salama on July 16th , desperately trying to find a july 15th, work is expecting back otherwise i might lose my jo=b.

My surgery is schedule for July 16th, just find...

My surgery is schedule for July 16th, just find out bad cholesterol is high and my doctor has put me on a diet and exercise . any way i can lower my bad cholesterol but still keep my xx weight/ I gained 15 pounds in the past 6 months. I m now 125 , 5"1
suggestions ladies ???

I HAVE been trying to update and my update is not...

I HAVE been trying to update and my update is not going through -- i dont know understand why and is so annoying . Please help on an suggestions.

Follow up appointment with Salama is scheduled for...

Follow up appointment with Salama is scheduled for may 8th , when I met him for the first time back in August he advised me not to gain any weight ( I was about 118) I m now 125 pounds. , I feel like I m not big enough to get bbl , can't wait to c him again to get a better idea. I learned a new way to post pictures so planning to take front and back shots of flat booty ;(

MY mom is getting suspicious due to my weight...

MY mom is getting suspicious due to my weight gain, i have been between 105 , i m now close to 125:( so my weight is mostly in my stomach area. I purchased already a small squeen vest and i been using it so coworkers don't ask me why i m gaining so much weight, should i tell mom about surgery? or should i tell her afterwards? I m terrified something will happen to me since i never been put under . sighs help ladies. please .

Second consultation is approaching and this time...

Second consultation is approaching and this time is either make it or brake it for me. I want Salama to take a good luck at my skin and tell me what i should be expecting w/o sugar coating it .. which is that what i love about him,, he straight forward and does not promise u the world just to get ur money. i obviously have no booty / hips , so any change in my body will be appreciated .

Second consultation was just what I expected . He...

Second consultation was just what I expected . He promise me improvements not perfection . He assured the dents in my hips and projection but the dimples in my bottom part of my gluteus will be challenging to fix ;((((.

Oh I show him my wish picture which is now out of...

Oh I show him my wish picture which is now out of the question , mentioned my butt was short and wish pix has different structure ! Sighs ! I understood , he can only work with what I can give him . . One thing that got me worried is that the fact I m supposed to hv my cycle during surgery , he mentioned doing blood work prior to surgery , if it goes under 11 he will hv to cancel ..;(. Any ideas on how to keep my iron blood levels good ? What food to eat ?

I m not sure what to think anymore after last...

I m not sure what to think anymore after last consultation appt with salama, all the wish pictures i show was not a guarantee since i hve a short butt and can only fit so much fat . sighs ! I dont want to go through this for nothin. Drivin myself crazy on what to do .

Massage table to sleep after sx

Purchasing items for surgery .

I starting purchasing things for surgery , I got massage table to sleep after surgery , traveling 4 hours to aventura so need a small list . What are the most essential things to get .

Still waiting on package from Salama's office

Not very impress with the fact the office is not organize n take their sweet time on mailing packages ahead of time !!!! I m one of those people that love to be prepare ahead of time . Why does it take that long to make copies ?? Seriously ?? No wonder why some girls are confuse on what to do and not to do sometimes . If anyone can share good tips pleasw share . I m 5 weeks away she freaking out already

Gathering supplies

Foods to avoid weeks prior to surgery

Can anyone please give me few tips on what foods to avoid prior to sx in order to avoid blood clots, anesthesia issues etc . I m few weeks away and I feel lost , been expecting my package from Salama with instructions on what to do , please if anyone can Emsil me the package I will appreciate so much , , thank god for this website , at this point I feel like I m getting more support than my actual surgeon 's office . A little disappointed lately -

Got a hold of Salama's office

and they will be emailing me package and mailing px to my office. woo hoo.. Apparently nancy is out of the office this week or something so Naomie was so nice to go the x mile to help me out.


Should i keep taking vitamin c amd iron when i start with the vitamedica package, ?? i dont want to over do it with vitamins but want to make sure i m strong to go through surgery. please i need advise.

Liver enzymes

Got my blood results and not what I expected . High levels of liver enzymes . Supposed to hv another test to rule out other issues . I n assuming surgery might hv to be re scheduled unless Pcp agrees to give me medical clearance . I will hv to call nancy to find out what Salama suggest .


today i get my final results from second lab, i guess this is it for me, i either get clearance or not . At this point whatever comes it comes, even though i got ALL my supplies ready, my hotel, transportation etc. I cant control the future , so i got to chill out and expect the best to come. As a second option if it does not go through i will go ahead and use timeshare for two weeks getaway with my mom and re scheduled until the end of this year or next year. We always have to come up with plan B in life.

It's official .

I m good to go, sx on the 16th

Pre Op this Am with Salama!!! Wow is really happening .

Well I m here , getting ready for my Pre op . Sighs . Can't believe is really happening . Gof please keep me safe tomorrow . To all the ladies that are having surgery this am I m praying for you . Have a great day ladies .

It is official !

Just left Salama 's office, surgery confirmed for next day at 7:30 am . Sorta disappointed I didn't meet the person operating on me but his assistant . She was knowledge but not very personable in my opinion . Anyhow , just waiting for my turn . God please allow me to pull this off and get better . Thank you so far ladies for helping me this far . Regardless of any negative comments about realself I think this website help me make the biggest decision of my life .

My day has arrived

Years and years of wanting this change I m finally here . So far has been a rollercoaster of emotions , lots of time invested and money . Now I leave everything on God. 'S hand to allow me to get through it okay . Thanks again to all my bbl sisters that have supported me , guided me through this process .

Very sore !!!

This surgery is def not a walk in the park . My face is swollen , eyes ,everything !!!! Trying to walk every 3 hours and drink a lots of liquid . Anesthesia along with tons of Meds make me voting four times . It was brutal . Urinating has been a challenge , and antibiotics are making me sick . I will update more later about my sx experience .

Bathroom trip was an experience !!!!

Wow all I can say doing number two was something .. Not only went once but twice today . Posting a pix , best I can do right now . I think is perfect for my small frame . I got small garment at the time of sx . Already on the second clip .

Small Second Stage garment with foams!!

Has been a total nightmare since it was put on yesterday . My thighs bruised so much , ( no lipo on thighs) I couldn't breath , my stomach felt like day After surgery . I didn't sleep at All last nite . My friend called Salama around 5pm to get his input about garment , he said if need it to switch back to garment number one with foams . So at six am this morning decided I had no choice , needless to say it was a struggle to get the new one out of me . And took pixtiures of how badly bruised it was due to garment compression being ill fitted. Not sure what is the plan on Monday but for now planning to wear this one. I will however text dr Salama to find out if he needs me to put additional compression such as squeen vest that I brought with me. I used to use small squeen vest even before this surgery . Well that is all for today .i m praying to God for faster recovery . And happy healings to all mg beautiful bbl sisters

Day of surgery .

Don't think I had the energy that day to update About my overall experience with OR . Got there around 7:15 am, my best friend came along with me , no one was there just yet , I think it took few minutes until nurses came in . They took me in right away , I changed to their operating gown. , stockings , sock , they asked me to wait for dr Salama to arrive shortly to take pictures which I did. I brought other wish pictures which he he immediately said it was impossible for me to get that. Well I asked him to please give me small waist and hourglass shape hopefully since
My preop body looks like10 year old body. He did mentioned again he couldn't give me a big ass cuz my ass was short . I was fine with it since a big booty will probably look ridiculous for my small frame . He sent me to speak to Alex next , very outgoing , professional , however in the middle of him Asking me important questions the next door room was full of noise from nurses and other doctors , I asked Alex to please close door to have the privacy I needed it to fully understand these questions before him putting me under . He did and apologized . Then got my tequila , they asked me basic information as my nAme , birthdate and what I was going for -. Next thing I know I woke up in the recovery room . I was happy to be awake , I pray to God for it. My nurse proceeded on calling my best friend to pick me up .they took me down to first floor and I was gone. I think I was out of there At 12:30 . Didn't get to see Salama I assumed he was performing his next surgery of the day .

Post op Appointment -

It was quick . I was in and out just like that . Dr Salama was there for few minutes. It was a wed so I the waiting room was soooo packed , one thing that I m little worried is that My massage lady mentioned a red mark in my stomach area ;( she put cream and asked me to leave it until Monday . I m praying to god is not a lipo burn . I will be so devastated if that is correct . I keep putting arnica Im my booty for the bruises to disappear n taking arnica and bromelain .

Second massage .

Went well :) painful but felt much better afterwards - good news I don't have the burn lipo marks which was great news . My waist is very small , swollen but small .. Got to keep train n reduce it as much as I can .

One week post op -

Feeling better but medication is def need it . In Miami for another week which is good cuz I can't see myself working long hours right away . Today I make one week . Soreness , seeking and some pain still there but manageable with pain medication . I m happy my best friend is with me till I go back , this recovery for me has been tough so her help has been a gift from God . I m just waiting for this booty to soften up , stick hard hard as rock ;(

One week post op today

Before n After - one week post op

Before / after

Caregiver / transportation

I was very pleased with my take care giver recommend by dr Salama 's office . Miller Company , Especially with her assistant Yvonne . Hired her for 4 days , she took care of my meals , showers , bathroom trips , changing dressing . , dr visits , grocery shopping n even laundry N the best of all she was happy to help out which to me it was vital for my recovery. Let me tell you , it might take a toll in your wallet but is all worth it . Let me know if you need her info .

Massages ! The secret to faster recovery ,

Today was my 4th massage . I hv one more Monday before I depart home n get my front drain taking out . I must say I love love getting massages done . I feel so damn good afterwards ,. N my waist gets smaller n smaller !! Still taking pain killers prior to massages it helps so much .

Home sweet home

Returned back home . Got my 5th massage and will be doing an ultrasound for my left leg . I started having pain on my left leg about two days ago , saw dr Salama today n was told everything seen okay but just to be in the safe side he gave me prescription for ultrasound to rule out blood clot . My shape is forming pretty nicely , have a lot to go through , just taking a day by day .

One week post op pix


Back to work !

Today is day 15th . I feel okay with pain medication . Sucky thing is that I hv to stand up until 5 pm today . Got my ultrasound appt at 1 to rule blood clots . Better be safe than sorry . Thank god I have been wearing butt pads n waist cincher . None of my co workers have noticed .. Plus I wear black suits for work ., so it makes it easier to hide it . One thing though is that I had to purchase new pants . I was wearing size 5 prior to surgery , so I figured getting size 8 will be safe . Nope size 8 didn't even fit . I had to run to Walmart late at night to get me some black pants .. Size 10 with elastic was the winner . I was shocked !!

Cc's injected

Confirmed with nancy cc 's I was surprised to learn I rcvd 950 cc on each side . Dr Salama only expected at least 800 cc , so I guess he exceeded his own expectations . He is an amazing doctor .! It was worth the wait .

3 weeks post op

Well I made it to the 3 weeks. To me it has been a tough recovery , I thought I had high tolerance to pain but I guess I was wrong . I m currently getting my massages , today will be my 7th. Wearing small CG with x small squeem with foams and board . Hoping by next week I can switch to x smal CG. I notice few things that I m hoping it gets resolved with time , I m trying not to panic cuz 3 weeks is way to early to judge any results . Noticed my left side hip area is slighty different than my right ( hoping is swelling) and will improve later . , I really cant see myself going through this sx again. My stomach area needs a lot of work , I m pleased dr Salama was able to give me smaller waist ( I was 29 at time of surgery) not sure my measurements right now , I m afraid to measure myself in case I lose more volume in my booty area. I m not sitting on the B pillow unless I m getting massages . Thankfully my co worker drives me back n forth to work . And I don't sit at work , I hv my own little office so I can close door as pleased . I did notice I lost volume since surgery so again I m hoping I get bless by the fluffin Gods . That is it for now . Hope everyone is having a bless day and speedy recovery to those that are going through the same thing . And welcome to the new bbl sisters .

3 weeks post op

4th weeks post op

Still getting my massages , on my 9th massage already . I feel great after I get them but between the days I feel miserable with stiffness n little of pain on the sides . I hv not a got a full night of sleep since surgery , I usually get up 2-3 times per night ., any suggestion please how to deal with stiffness , back pain
My stats are following
25.5 waist
39 booty
5'1 height
36 c bra cup size
128 weight ( my weight sx date was 124 ) don't understand why I weight more 4 weeks after . Is this normal , ?
At this point my booty looks sorta wide , def a big improvement of what I had before but hopefully it gets to round n fluff just a little to give it a better shape .

CG / waist cincher

I forgot I m wearing the small garment since it was given to me at Salamas' , I added the small queen at day 10 with foams and board , I m now wearing the x small squeen with boards , foams, and the small CG .


I m a little bit upset today, I fit back in my pants prior to sx just fine , must be the garment but I don't even see a slight pump of difference . Having an emotional day , feel like pain , energy, money n time will just be for a slight difference , sighs. ! It looks better than before , definitely a better shape than before n I m thankful for it , but at what cost .? I really hope that this bad energy goes away and I start looking at the bright side n move on.


5 weeks post op review

I must say is been a very a tough recovery. I m moving aroung much better , pain still present but manageable . Still getting my massages 3x per week . On the days I don't get massages I m using the heating pad , Rollin pin n ultrasound machine . Currently wearing the x small CG along with x small squeem with foams and board . Was told by Nomie that I could start just wearing my squeem with board and foams if need it . I might wait until week 6th to stop using garment and wear vedette 128 or 136 with squeem . I m okay with results so far , def a huge improvement from what I had . Salama did an awesome job with what I could provide him . Still in the healing process so waist will def get smaller
Measurements ;
39 hips / buttocks

Dent on right cheek

I started noticing it on week number 3 but the more time passes by the bigger is getting , I know is been only six weeks but will it go away with time ? Or is something I should be concern and Email office to have dr Salama look at it ,. Please advise if anyone has gone through this , thank you .

6th week status

Well today is the day I can finally sit down , so far I hv been lucky enough to hv my friend drive me back n forth to work n I stand up at work . I m however experiencing a dent on my right cheek , to me is noticeable n it feels just horrible when I touch it. My butt still hard at this point so praying dent will be less noticeable once it does .

7th week post op

I made it to my 7th week . Feeling sorta normal . Still feel a little bit of discomfort on the sides at the touch . Unfortunately dent still present ;( I hope it goes away with time but well see later . I too pIx yesterday and due to dent one side of my hip is bigger than the other one . My measurements read
25 waist
38 hip -ass
Is been the sake measurements since week 6 I think . Hope i do not lose anymore volume . Till this date I hv not sit down ., just use boppy pillow for massages , I m lucky to be driven back n forth to work for now . Meeting up with Salama in two weeks for him to look at my dent . I like my results except for the horrible dent,

8th week post op

I m feeling almost back to normal . Still taking my vitamins , Vitamin c and iron ( lower dose) n just walking 30 minutes - 1 hour daily. Massages are going down twice per week instead of 3x per week . Still use my garment 23 hours per day along with waist cincher ( take off cincher at night) starting togay I might just wear the waist cincher with foams and board in the am and at night use the CG to sleep on since is more comfortable . Planning to use cincher regime for a very long time . Compression is def the key to get swelling and achieve nice results in the abdomen . Next week is my post op appointment with Salama , want him to look at my dent on right side of my buttocks and consultation for arm lipo next year . So far I m feeling okay, more energy , n my body is shaping to a slender feminine look , I wish I could hv more booty n hips but for now is working , after all I m a very petite woman so don't want to over do it and look fake . Wishing everyone speedy recovery n I must say I don't regret my decision, I believe I picked the right doctor ., I went with my gut feeling and dr Salama exceeded my expectations with what I was able to offer him . After all he can work his magic with what u bring to the table .

Measurements at 8 weeks

24 waist
118 pounds
37.5 hip - ass

10 weeks post op .

Had an appointment with Salama yesterday in regards to dent n post op appointment. He was pleased with my lipo results and the fact I have been wearing my garment non stop for the past 10 weeks . Again he repeated himself how important was the use of garment !! Soooo important . As for revision goes he agreed without no problem . I made the right choice going to him , I feel so confident that he will be able to resolve the situation. Dr Salama is just the best , he is honest , humble , and a great human being , he is specially straight forward and willing to make his patients happy . He also stated I don't hv enough fat for round two so he will lipo my arms this time and use the little bit he gets to fix dent and add whatever fat is left not to waste it . I m very please with him yesterday . He listened my concerns n answers all my questions .

Fajas y mas...

Thanks to all you kind ladies I was able to make it to fajas y mas .... I was in heaven . Got me 3x small cincher and some tea for inflammation . I m def coming back to get me vest or order online . I m wearing the cincher along with board . Still wearing it 23 hours daily . I attempted to go without it for 5 hours and my stomach was sore n little bit swollen when I got back to the hotel .

11 Weeks post op !

Time flies , i m feeling almost back to normal , still feel my stomach gets swollen if i dont have enough compression. I prefer wearing the cincher with back support cuz is gives more compression in compared to the one without support, might have to wear it just to sleep. i have unfortunately lost quite a bit of volume , i m down to 37 inches from 40 inches.. waist still holding at 24 inches, but when one night i fell sleep without it and next morning it jump back to 25 inches. I confess not eating the best foods lately, i cant control my bad eating habits uuuurggh ! still taking my vitamins since revision is scheduled in 6 months from now . I will post pix on my 3rd month post op .. and i m finally facing my mother after close to 3 months. i need to wear a sweater and black slacks so she wont notice too much difference ( at least in my stomach area) the buttocks area is just the same as it was with my butt pads so no difference there. but waist is almost 6 inches difference I KNOW she will notice that much.!

3 months post op

Finally made it . Content with my results so far, measurements are like before 24 waist /.37 hips /booty , booty still sores a little when I sit , try to use yoga mat when sit at work and drive still challenging . Stil getting massages to help me with the pop out belly ;( I really hope it goes away soon , I don't dare use two piece swimming suit until my lower abdomen n belly button is completely fat . Has anyone experience this so far. ??? Any tips what can I do to make my abdomen flatter - revision for dent on right side and arm lipo still schedule for April 4th . I must say even do I m going in for revision I don't regret having this surgery done , and with Salama . It has giving me such a great confidence in everything I do - is been a rough recovery in all aspects but is by far the best decision I ever made .

Endermologie massages?

My abdomen area is not looking so sexy. I m at 14 weeks n still looks swollen and with bumps . I emailed nomie n been waiting on her response since last week . Has anyone gotten these type of massages and have they helped the appearance of abdomen n belly button.

15 weeks post op !

Still trying to compress abdomen . Right side of abdomen is slightly more swollen than left . Purchases Ann chery x smal cincher since my lipo express xxx small was not doing much for me . I m very disappointed about spending $200.00 n Lipoexpress cincher did not help me at all reducing the swelling area . I got my Pcp to write me a script for ultrasound to rule out any Seroma , liquids , hernia etc . I been waiting for an Emsil back from Nomie to let me if endermologie massages will help with smoothing the lipo results , however no response so far . Measurements are the same .
36, 24.'37 118 pounds. Things I added was Ann Chery cincher , belly burner and flex belt to tone my abs . Hoping it will make a difference

16 weeks post op

Made it to my 16 weeks . Not much as changed . Same measurements , same weight .
36.24 .37 I was hoping for the fluffing gods to appear but I don't think it will happen . In any event I m getting ready for my revision in 5 months . Hotel paid , revision paid just need supplies to hv everything ready , kinda scared about the arm lipo , lipo for my abdomen has not been easy , still getting professional massages to elevate the lumpiness from my right side . Hoping that even outs in the next few months . As for my dent still there since week 3 , I m soooo happy I m getting that revised :) it will def look awesome afterwards, buttocks size is okay for my frame , which I could have bigger size but it is what it is . The pix of 16 weeks I m using a flex belt to tone up my abs . So between massages, ultrasound , flex belt, belly burner and walking daily it has to improve . Hope everyone is doing well ,


i m using the ann chery cincher but i have mix feelings about it , when i take it off my stomach is all lumpy, n gross looking , it goes away but is i hate the look of it. i will invest on a nice corset to help with keeping it up. Even though i m almost 4 months post op i will still continue to wear my cincher to keep compression. did it before surgery so it has never really bother me .

4 MOnths Post op !

nothing has changed , starting doing the 30 days squats challenge and it seems to be working out ok . i think i went up to 37.5,. , will keep adding this routine as my daily exercise along with my 30 minutes walk . as for the stomach goes i think is even out a tiny little , waist still at 24 inches but would love for the healing process to go faster . Have better smooth results, i m consulting with dr. soto on wed for endermologie massages at 4 months, hopefully it helps me attach the skin in abdomen faster and provide me less lumpiness, anyone that had this kind of massages please give me any tips if it actually work for you / .. i did a total of 28 lym massages since sx , i got packages instead of individuals, now looking another routes . i m counting down the days to get my revision, dr, salama will not touch my stomach , just arms armpits and hopefully the upper back fat, want to get it done and over it again and Move on. 4.5 months from now .

6 months op around the corner

Not sure what to even think about my abdomen results, my waist is indeed very small , (24) but is far from smooth results and looks still bumpy. Keep in mind that i had a total of 25 massages and is my 4th endermologie today. My weight is 115 now, was 123 at the time of surgery so is not sure what to do at this point. I have a follow up appt with salama this friday for my 6 months follow up appt and for revision on april to fix dent on right side. Anyone that is going through this issue please help with any ideas on what to do to to get smooth lipo results. I even thinking of going forward with Zeltiq procedure as a last resource ( will run it by salama before doing it of course ) . thanks again for any input.

6 months follow up appointment with Salama

Drove 3 hours to see Salama for a follow up 6 months appointment. . Wait was almost on hour n the meeting was literally less than 5 minutes . I did however got was I was looking for and talk about revision coming up on April 4th . He will do a minor revision on little fat left on my right side of abdomen plus inject fat on a dent I have middle of my abdomen . Plus he will fix dent on my right hip along with arm lipo / armpits . Did not wanted for him to re do my stomach but he assured will be a very small spot . I was very pleased to the fact he acknowledge my issues almost immediately n he assured things will get better without giving me any grief about it . Can't wait to get it over with , I really can't take much more of this healing process but again I knew what I was getting myself into .


Dr recommended to still use heating pad , use medical weight ball every night , n keep doing endermologie massages . My measurements still the same . 36.24.37 weight is down to 115 . My original weight before gaining all the weight . So far I m okay with results after my revision I will thrill to get all issues resolved .

Officially 6 months today !

Amazing how time flies , is been a interesting road but glad i decided to go through it finally, unfortunately for me is not over yet since revision still pending but i made the right decision overall. I def need to start working out again, even though i have not gained any weight i feel like i need to be in better shape, my diet is not the best and stopped walking in the daily basis. So 77 more days until my revision . Vitamin C , Iron here we come again. i heard drinking pineapple weeks before surgery is helps with having less bruising, is it ok to drink pineapple juice., any recommendations ?

Second opinion !

I decided to seek a second opinion with dr soto in Orlando Florida. Without even see my stomach he said . Let me guess , you have a dent on middle of stomach. , I said yes how do u know ??? He stated that I was the 4th patient that he has seen seeking for second opinion on Salama 's lipo work ;( unfortunately with agreessive lipo there will be more irregularities n contour issues . He did however suggested for me to go back to him to hv him revised the fat pocket n inject fact to the dented areas of my abdomen , situation might improve like he said but I will never get to smooth skin like I had pre surgery. I know all surgeries have complications but I can't help to feel like I should hv made a better decision on choosing a less aggressive lipo doctor , perhaps my results would hv been better or at least normal . I feel beyond overwhelmed like most of us are. , but is worst now knowing that my results will never be smooth due up agreessive lipo . All I hope for my revision n lipo on arms I won't get an agreessive lipo and complicate matters even worst . I don't know at this point what to do. . I m 64 days away . If anyone has had my problem please write me back. . Help , need positive encouragement . Thank you

No more arm lipo .

After carefully thinking my options I decided not to go for the arm lipo and do the inner thigh lipo instead for the fat needed for revision . It was one or the other one . I heard arm lipo results is very complicated and must be done really careful . Anyone who had done innee thigh lipo please give me any inputs on what to expect . Thanks again.

Pix 6 months

Pix ( pre sx/ 6 months post op

6 months post pix

I love booty results cause is perfect for My small frame , I do however cannot wait to get my stomach smooth out n fix. . Please Salama just make it better . lol

8 months post op !

Made it to 8 months post and getting ready for my revision in 18 days. passed medical clearance and all exams came back good to go ! . cannot wait to get revision done so i can get back to my life asap. measurements are changing ( waist area is up to 25) primarily cause i m eating non healthy food and drinking alcohol beverages more than usual ,ha ha. butt still at 37 :( hopefully with revision of dent will jump at least to 38 . Only dilemma is that still don't know if should go for the arms since i added may armpits ., i have tog et this fat from somewhere so i already know inner thigh is a must ., will add pix of pre op the day of revision to compare results.


Revision with Salama .

Opted not for arms after Salama mentioned there was not enough fat there for him to get fat for revision . He suggested to try the old fashion way which was called .. " exercise" I love my surgeon , so darn honest . I also asked if I could perhaps qualify for a second round , n he straight up said no !!! Unless I want to waste my money. U cannot get more honest doctor than him. Scheduled to see him
This Sunday for check up. , he will give the full scoop . He also mentioned he used left over fat to full out the left side as well to give me projection . What is not to love about him. Do had my armpits , inner thighs done , hip gap fixed , n even out stomach . I just hope no complications presents . Taking care of my body by eating right. , walking , drinkimg enough liquids. . Pain with medication is about 4 out of 10 . Only when I get up from bed.

Pix ( revision)

Pix revision

Miami Plastic Surgeon


4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Hey bae sorry you had to spend money to have revision, i hope he gave you a deal on that? never the less thank you for your answer, you look fantastic!
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Hello . I guess one thing I got our of it is getting my inner thighs done , meaauremts still same . :(
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I am also going for a revision so how are u liking ur stomach . I wannet even this time its lumpy u even. Cus i had alot of fat before. Hopefully this time he will fix .
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So far my stomach looks okay. Still have a little dent on the middle of stomach , looks better but don't think it will be as smooth as used to be. .
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Found your page thanks to Gotabooty...I'm due to have revision in August...but I will wait until October due to the fact that my arms will have to be lipo'd. Had my inner thighs done already. since I will have to wear the garment w/sleeves it's best for me to wait for cooler weather. How long do you have to not sit this time? Are you using a boppy pillow too? Able to go straight back to work or drive? I dread having to do this again, but I want the best results possible. Im the opposite of you, I had to have such a large amount of fat injected that some re absorbed and the waviness is very noticeable. He reassured me that he'd fix it and it will be fine. I'm just worried about recovery. Thanks for sharing...I will be following your journey
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To be honest recovery is a breeze compared to the first time . Just take your medication, eat right and walk . I was doing just fine in the first few days. . Can't sit for 6 weeks n not using a bobby pillow cuz I get my brother to drive me back n forth to work . I have my own little office so I can close door if I need to, only thing will be when I meet with clients which I attempt to do it by using yoga math with towel under my thighs . Only thing with having arms lipoed is that he cannot be so aggressive , it can create a lot if irregularities . So make sure u asked him not to over do you . Good idea to have arms lipoed during the cold time , wearing this garment n on top of the sleeves is a killer for the summer time.
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I will following your journey as well. Btw had arm pits done . Don't ask why lol it was a waste of 500 if u asked me. . I saw no difference at all ;;;( I wish now I could hv included my arms . Well I guess I can use that as reserve in case I need a revision of revision .
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Any pics with out the garment plz :)
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Looks pretty bruised up still . Will def take one tonight once I get massage . It only made one inch difference on the side that was uneven. Wished it would have been at 40 at least .
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Aw I understand I'm 3 weeks post n I'm losing inches every other day feeling a bit down :/
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Seriously right . We go through this much pain for inches just to come off just like that ..
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Yes like the reason I purposely gain weight was to have a booty 9000$ for 2 inches idk it should b less than that
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I feel like that too.. I regret the weight gain now.. Its Like he was giving more dramatic results before I dont know now its more subtle
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Your booty looks very sexy baby doll:)) How many cc's had he dot out and how many he put back in your booty?
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For revision 450cc on the side that fat was killed in the first round . Didn't qualify for second bbl , had enough fat for revision only . Wish I could have done my arms now . Oh well
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Thank you ma . He didn't take much fat out . Had very little to spare .
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You look great! Glad all went well :)
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Thank you . So far so good . Trying not to be negative but just not sure . So overwhelm , I couldn't imagine revision of a revision . Thanks doll , I truly appreciate the kind words
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How many cc'ss did u get for your revision?
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450 cc on the revision side n he used 100cc left over fat to add more projection on the left side . I wish I would have done my arms now so I could hv use that small fat to add even more ..
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That's a big difference 400 to 1000. I know this is why I added arms as well.
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100cc not 1000cc.
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I see can u tell the difference and if you are happy with the results.
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Is been almost 2 weeks post op . Fat on the revision side is holding okay . At this point I just want even sides don't really care about booty volume . I wish dentation on abdomen will not be forming again .
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U lookin really good! No booty bruising either
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