Yay got my quote, now setting my date & then making deposit! #teamyily - Dominican Republic

Ok so let me start by saying that I love this site...

Ok so let me start by saying that I love this site & all of you guys that posted your reviews are awsome ! Lol .. this has helped me decide and understand better this procedure and what to expect which I had no clue before conming on here. Anyways moving to the 'about me' part I've been considering getting this procedure for about a year now, I'm 18 years old weight (155-157) 5'5, and had my beautiful daugther 14 months ago, & with that being said as you could imagine my body is not the same as pre-pregnancy. I have always loved my body and still do but not the stretch marks and belly fat I was left with ugh :(.. I also have a nice hour glass shape and a butt, but since I want to get rid of the extra fat on my belly a lil more butt would DEFF HELP. I'm planning on getting it done by the beginning of next year, & have already consulted with a few doctors and I decided Dr. Salama is the one ( many good reviews, nice results, ect..) he said he would be able to accomplish my goals and gave me a quote of 7,799 ( by email) Nancy said to call her to schedule my surgery asap... Since she's booked until JUNE 2013 :(.. called the office twice but still can't get a hold of her, hope she calls me back.

Will be posting pics up as soon as I could.

Should I apply before carecredit before scheduling...

Should I apply before carecredit before scheduling my surgery? .. A little confuse as to how this works..
thank you, are you getting it done with Dr salama?
yes. Im gettin mines financed
Should I apply for carecredit before scheduling my surgery??

So after doing lots of reasearch, I'm debating...

So after doing lots of reasearch, I'm debating between Salama and Dra. yily de los santos in Dominican Republic. I've seen her website and reviews on mmh.com.. so far so good based on what I've seen & based on the pics on her website. I like how every single patient has a teeny tiny waist after the procedure, nice hour glass shape with hips and the bubble butt I've always wanted lol..I really like her work i'ts just what I'm looking for ( smaller waist and bigger butt) specially. I also like salama for this procedure but I am concerned about how aggresive salama he is with lipo.. between the two I think Dra. yily de los santos gives you a smaller waist ( based on her pics, again) and both a nice butt. My problem with Yily de los santos is that she's located in DR ( mind you I'm dominican) but I'll admit I'm a little scare to go to get this done over there,since I've never been to a hospital in DR. Well let's see how everything goes, haven't call or emailed yet but I will today, I've also heard she's not that good at responding to emails "properly" but hopefully we'll get in touch and she anwers all my question, will definetly email her in spanish to get a better response :)
hi dear u will be fine in from nj but working in middle east (united nation ),i never been in dominica too,but im also team yily fr june 2013,she worth the try good luck
What is your date in March? And where are you flying from? I was also going to go with Salama's other dr (Ghurani), but now debating on making the switch to Yily, but I have the same concerns about traveling abroad to have this surgery. I do NOT want to go by myself. If I can't get in for Feb, I want to try to find a girl or two to go with in March.
Anyone seriously going in April to see Dr Yily, please inbox to buddy Im definitely going Im scheduled for April 15, but I plan t push my date up a week. Thank you.

So lately I haven't had alot going on when it...

So lately I haven't had alot going on when it comes to the surgery topic, & so I haven't updated in months.. but decided to let you guys know what's going on lol. I am now 100% sure I want to go to Dr. Yily de los santos in DR .I know she's my best option right now, think she can achieve what I want with my body & she's more cheaper than salama ( I know you shouldn't go by how cheap they are, but I'm mostly going to her because of her work) I still haven't made my deposit or schedule my surgery but I will be next month or maybe march..so I'm probably not going in March which I was really hoping to :(, but whatever I just want it done before summer time! Lol ..
I am starting to plan where I'll be staying, things I'll need, clothes I need and all necessary things.. any suggestions will be great :), also does anybody know how to change the Doctor in here?

Thanks, & she really is worth the try lol.. good luck!

So I currently weight 144 yay for me! :) & looking...

So I currently weight 144 yay for me! :) & looking forward to loose another 9 pounds to reach my goal weight ( 10 pounds more then pre-pregnancy) before this procedure. I emailed Yily again 2 days ago, still haven't received a response, I sent in my pics to see what my quote would be, I am finally ready to schedule my surgery. I will be getting tt/bbl/ with lipo of full back & full abdomen & flanks ( yes I know I'm too young to be getting a tummy tuck but I am 100% sure I won't be having anymore kids at least in the next 8 years) I am scheduling my surgery for may or June but hopefully I can a date in May. I heard people were having trouble making there deposits to Yily via WU, transactions were being cancelled after people were told otherwise..sounds stressing ! I think Yily should definetly get a paypal account..it would be so much easier for us & herself. Well hope everyhing goes well with the payment process..wish everyone else good luck! :)

Added my before pictures, my current measurements...

Added my before pictures, my current measurements are
around breast= 36
waist= 28
I decided I am not getting the tummy tuck anymore, but the bbl with full abdomen, back and flanks lipo..ugh I would love to show my tummy after the procedure but strectchmarks won't let me ( I'll just have to live with it :( ), I talked this out with my mom & she convinced me not to get the tt & I'll consider doing it when I am done having kids and not have to repeated again.. I still haven't received an answer from yily,I I check my email every minute! lol I'm so impatient!
I called her office today they said they are getting about 100 emails today so it takes about 3-7 days to get a response.
Hey, im waiting too I sent my pics today applied for passport ready to leave NY for some warm weather.
What are you getting? & yess the weather in D.r is justt right, can't wait to go already lol.

Hey ladies! Yily finally answered me but didn't...

Hey ladies! Yily finally answered me but didn't gave me a quote on the bbl & tt (but I'm not going to be getting tt anymore so it doesn't matter) so I emailed her back asking for a quote once again on a BBL with lipo of full back,waist,flanks,underarms, and also am including my arms ( which I thinl are big) people have asked me if I swim or workout lol sounds like a compliment but for me they're just BIG, I wish they were more slimm.So basically on the email Dr yily explained all I'll need to do before and after sugery, costs of other things apart from the surgery like medications, garnments,hotel expenses, massages ect..I think I'll be buying all my medications here she wrote all the names imcase I wanted to do that..so does anybody knows if I could get those with my insurance and save some money??? That would save me lots of money! Lol ...Oh & she also said she's getting a paypal account woohoo! nomore 'money being returned worries' ladies lol... I guess that's it for now :)
Wishing you all the best! I was growing inpatient too and was real close to canceling 2 days ago but she finally got back and confirmed everything with me
Hey love good luck on your journey I will continue to follow you!! Best of wishes ;) Is there anyone going around the 25 of Feb an want to save a couple of $$$ because its 2 of my sisters going an have room for a +1 if interested :) Live in NYC.
Yaaay when is your date

Ughh! So a couple of hours ago I received an...

Ughh! So a couple of hours ago I received an answer from yily & all she said was " can you please resend your pictures since we did not received them, thank you" ...like are you serious ?! I am seriously loosing my patience right now. I've been trying to get a quote for about a week and a half now the first time I don't even think she read what I wrote to her I wrote to her what I wanted to get done and uf she could please give me a quote, then she just sent me info about things I'll after and before surgery things prices about every other stuff but my quote. So I emailed her again & this is what she tells me...I am trying my best to be patient but she's not anwering my questions!! & I know I sent my pics..but well see
8093315050...ext 208. Call this number Monday morning. Explain your situation and she (assistant) will look up your email and send you an quote asap. I had the same issue and this is how I got my results. Good luck BBC sister!
Omg thank you so much! :)
My friend and I both got our quotes today.

A quick questions for those who had arm lipo with...

A quick questions for those who had arm lipo with yily, were you satisfied with how your arms looked after?...was there a big difference?... I know she's aggresive with lipo, & with that being said I just don't want her to go hamm on my arms lol, I don't want it to be obvious I had my arms lipo. I have no Idea what to expect, Sorry for being a little dramatic but I never had surgery before lol... oh & I still haven't received a quote from her :/

Yes I finally got a quote from yily which is 2,900...

Yes I finally got a quote from yily which is 2,900 for bbl & lipo of back, flanks,waist, abdomen & armpits. That also includes post operative tests, cardiologist, anesthiologist, garnment, & some other stuff I don't know how to translate them in english lol.. I am going to have to pay an extra $200 to get my arms lipoed, good thing it includes the sleeves on the garnment, at first I thought we had to pay an extra $80 for that, I wasn't digging lol. I am planning on going around April 5 and will be staying at JMspa for 10 days and that's $90 a night which equals to 900 dollars! But as soon as I secure my date I'll be looking for a buddy to share a room with, which of you ladies are going in April? I am definetly buying all p.o medications here before leaving to D.R I have insurance, I think that will cover it all or am I wrong?.. I am making my $500 deposit to her paypal account next week and hopefully April 5 is not all taken yet :)... To all the girls that had sx lately wish you all a speedy recovery!
And would also love to buddy up
I'm waiting on my quote also I want the exact date april 4-5. Im so anxious hopefully she answers me soon . I already have my deposit waiting
Girl you need to have patience with her I was really anxious too lol she took 7 days to answer me, & if we both get the same date I would love to buddy up also :)
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I changed my surgeon to Dr. yily de los santos.

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