Five months post op.........more pics added

Ive always wanted a full round butt like everyone...

Ive always wanted a full round butt like everyone around me. Ive always had full size breast naturally with lilltle to no butt. Now that my three kids are older, I feel that it is time that I focus on myself and acquire the body that Ive longed for but couldnt see the financial means. Its me timeeee

Goodmorning ladies, Ok i went or my initial...

Goodmorning ladies,
Ok i went or my initial consultation with Dr Salama on 11/07/2012. I think consultation went well except for the fact that in order for me to get the booty that i want, i have to gain 20lbs. Im struggling with this because i have terrible eating habits and im always on the go, missing meals. This is something that i must figure out how to accomplish because ive always wanted booty, black female with no booty is almost like not even being black. Its a shameful thing. Anyways,,,,,,,I have purchased a powder shake mix and im eating almost any and everything that i could possible think of. Now i am @ 135lbs, got to get to 155lbs in order to have enough fat.
Im placing my deposit this week and im really hoping that Nancy would be able to schedule me sooner than the end of next year.....................keeping fingers crossed, staying prayed up & hoping for the best.

Goodevening Ladies,,,,I am back again. Ok so today...

Goodevening Ladies,,,,I am back again. Ok so today I went ahead and place a $2000 deposit and got my date (7/16/2013), it still kinda far away considering how excited I am but its way better than the end of next year. Im not really stressing it because I still need to gain the 20lbs. Not working right now, so Im trying to learn to be lazy and lay around and eat all day, it aint

Good evening ladies So I still have to gain...

Good evening ladies
So I still have to gain 20lbs, I have been eating almost everything that I have encountered since my consultation on 11/7/12 and have gained only one pound. My stomach is looking and feeling bigger and rounder, my breast is looking and feeling a lil bigger but thats it. I searched online for some type of help and I found a pill that says it increases your appetite and slows down the motabolism, has anyone used this pill b4?
I cannot believe that I am actually tryna gain weight when it appears that so many ppl is tryna lose, lol
Anyways, I was tryna get an earlier date but my spirit keeps telling me to be patient and dont try to rush it, so im just keeping my July 2013 date.
I was thinking today that maybe i need to go ahead and start to purchase the things that im gonna need, is it too soon, how long does it takes to gather all the needed essentials, am i thinking too early in advance? Ladies please help, i dont even have a list of things needed.
Exausted already.

Good morning Ladies So originally I was given...

Good morning Ladies

So originally I was given a quote that included my inner thighs, after thinking about this for weeks, I have decided not to have my inner thighs lipo'ed. I have always liked my thighs, so I had Nancy to removed it for me, which by not getting the thighs done saved me $500. I want that full juicy round booty look, I wanna be bottom heavy for a change.
Weigh gain going ok, extremely slow but ok. I went to Publix yesterday morning and purchased a cart full of all the things that we normally would consume in moderation.
Oh yea, I finally did my measurements:
36(D) breast
31 mid
39 bottom

Im thinking that I should just go ahead and pay off the remaining balance of my procedure but I keep thinking that July is so far away whats the hurry but @ the same time, Im thinking that maybe I should just go ahead and get that out of the way considering that Im gonna have to pay out my pocket for all the labs and other gosh, beauty is so expensive. Its not that we all arent already beautiful but it takes alot of money to enhance, lol. God really BLESSED the ones that was born completed, lmao!

Omg, i cant get an earlier date, I cant wait way...

Omg, i cant get an earlier date, I cant wait way til July 2013 to have this surgery. By then Ill be back working and its gone be almost impossible to get the time off...................what do I do? :(

Omg, today just keep getting better............

Omg, today just keep getting better..........first, The Lord woke me up still in my right mind and good health. Second, my girls, my husband, grand babies, family are all good. Then one of the beautiful real self sistas switched dates with me today. Now I can go ahead and have my procedure done before I find another job.............all is well and again, thank you sista

My new date is March 12, 2013.....................

My new date is March 12, 2013...................time to start shopping :)

So, now that I have successfully secured an...

So, now that I have successfully secured an earlier date Im looking into purchasing pre & post op items. Im wondering could I get all the vitamins, creams, and gels from walgreens or cvs............make me heal is expensive. Yes, Im turnung back into el cheapo, lol.
Since my date is now in March, this morning I deactivated my primary facebook page. Im gonna leave it down until after my surgery so Ill reactivate it with banging new booty and pics. I also decided to go ahead and do a total make over. Im getting the booty, Im cutting off my hair and gonna rock a short (short) cut for the new year. Thats about it for now because I wont be able to get my girls (breast) repositioned for about a year after BBL.
Anyways, is there anyway possible that someone could please inbox me a detailed list of items? It would be greatly appreciated, I understand that we recieve some things from doctor office but I dont even know what.
Thanks in advance for your much needed assitance. Happy healing to all the ladies that have already come out on the other side........Pre- Op Ladies, our help is on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time is really flying by fast, it will be March...

Time is really flying by fast, it will be March before I know it. I think now reality is really starting to set in, Im really doing this :). Weigh gain still going (slow), gained 8lbs in total so far, 12 lbs more to go.
Ok, idk about anyone else on this site but I was basically lost as to all pre & post op items needed, not everybody's list were the same. I went ahead and emailled Nancy today just to make sure i wouldnt purchase what they already provides or purchase unneccessary items. So now just waiting for packet to arrive in mail. So glad that I live in South Florida, I think the travelling would have been a bit too much for me to bare.
Super glad that I have the support of my family and my husband................he"s taking off from work the day of my surgery so that he can go with me as well as he's taking off the day after my surgery just to make sure im ok, he said he doesnt trust leaving me in the hands of my girls, he cant function @ work worrying about me.............aaaawwwwwww.
My PCP will not give me clearance for my surgery because its something that she doesnt believe i need, someone recently posted on here about a medical facility that they went to for clearance without any porblem. Luckily there is one located in my county so needless to say, i will be using their services as well.
Now just waiting.............................#supa xcited

March is really approaching fast, Im super excited...

March is really approaching fast, Im super excited and nervous at the same same. I went out yesterday and purchased more things that Im gonna need before and after. Got everything (i think) except for a boopy pillow, 2 long body pillows and MMH pre & post op vitamins. I will be ordering MMH vitamins tonight, going to Burlington Coat Factory tomorrow for pillows. Im only 5"2 so I dont like wearing long dresses, I went to Ft Lauderdale Swap shop yesterday and purchased 2 sun dresses that goes past my knees for a hto $3 each as well as a granny house dress for when Im home that cost $4. I have everything packed in one bag together so nothing gets used or misplaced.
I cant wait to get it over with and @least be in the recovery process. Omg, I will have my new booty before summer, yaaayyyyy me. I will be beach ready this summer. I already wear a two pc bikini, jus always keep my shorts on, o baby, not this summer................I will be on Ft Lauderdale Beach every day in my two pc (no shorts) and feeling real good about my body. My husband has had time to absorb the idea of me getting the BBL, and he was 100% behind me, not that he's no longer supporting me, he just reassuring me about my body more often, complimenting my body and still cant sleep thru the night with his hands to himself. He has made lil jokes about my ego getting bigger after my procedure, hell my ego has always been huge, it aint changing. Baby no need to worry, I aint going no where, booty or no booty..............I aint stupid. Hopefully next year, everything will go as planned cuz I still wanna get my breast done. My husband has already agreed to pay for them but now he"s making special request, he wants them to increase in size. Really doesnt matter to me, im now a 36D, he wants to move up to a 36DD............
Well I think thats about it, so later ladies..............
O, my weight gain, last week i wieghed in @ 138, this week im still @ 138. I think that I havnt gained anything this week because I had to back away from the ensure plus shakes, the dairy causes gas to form and settle in my lower back, knocks me all the way down. I drank one this morning, within minutes of finishing it, I started to feel nausea, threw up all over my darn bathroom and I have been taking gas x and aleve in my bed all day..............I love dairy but it hates me :( .



Ok so I've completed blood work, done EKG,...

Ok so I've completed blood work, done EKG, purchased all needed items, procedure paid in full, get final clearance tomorrow......I'm ready. I have been taking all these vitamins for like a week now, this is too many pills for anybody to be expected to swallow on a daily basis, geeeesh.
Weight gain stop at 140lbs, I cannot force myself to drink another ensure plus, take another weight gain pill or force extra food down my throat. I think I'm the perfect size to obtain the perfect results, we shall see, lol.
Stop smoking has not been going so well..........................
Well, I guess thats it for now, good nite ladies.

Happy healing post op ladies..............check dem nerves pre op ladies :)

Omg, I got my clearance letter this morning,...

Omg, I got my clearance letter this morning, everything is set and ready to go. New plans, got pre op now on this coming Monday and surgery on Tuesday. I'm not nervous or scared right now but who knows what I'll feel by next week, lol
God is so good.......all the time

I'm normally the person with nerves of steel, I...

I'm normally the person with nerves of steel, I get it from my mother. My surgery is actually taking place in the next couple of days, I'm getting nervous now and my emotions are really starting to trip. For the past few days I've tried my hardest to not think about it so much but I can't help it. I now go around making sure that everybody knows that I love them, I don't even know why I'm feeling like I need to express my love more than usual, I already know that I'm gonna come out on the other side just fine. My God has brought me thru too many situations to leave me now. I've been thru the storm and the rain, came out dry as a bone still., so I have no worries about that.
I wonder how long di I have to wait to smoke after surgery, I already know that I'm gonna want to as soon as I can stand on my own two feet, lol.
Anyways, I think that's it for now. I'm glad that the Blessings just keep moving up......................until next time ladies :)

Pre op today @ 1pm.......... Surgery tomorrow.......

Pre op today @ 1pm..........
Surgery tomorrow.............
I'm so ready to get it over it and walk away with my new Booty, not just ass but Booty, lol....................
My daughters teaching me to twerk as soon as the new booty softens...........they special jus like they momma, lol
Time to get moving........lata ladies :)

Made it other side.... .update later

Made it other side.... .update later

Ok ladies I finally made it all the way up, so I...

Ok ladies I finally made it all the way up, so I can update now. Yesterday was my day, I was ok until I went to post op appointment today. Monica, bless her heart was with me when I woke up yesterday and she took off my garment today and put it back on, my gosh, I just wanted to pass out, lol. I was told that I could shower today (I love water and hot showers), I swear idk when I will wash my full body again, taking this thing off and on is no joke. My husband is great, he catered to me the entire night. He was up right along with me, which was like every hour, lol. My oldest daughter gave him a few hours break and she showered me, washed n dried my garment and put it back on me. I got 1400cc"s each side. My booty is huge, tight and red, lol.
Ok I'm fixing to post better pics.

Morning ladies I love the whole Salama team, they...

Morning ladies
I love the whole Salama team, they are all the best. The whole while I was for my date to come around I knew exactly what to tell him that I wanted. As he marked up. My body, he asked me,"do you want a big shelf, small shelf, tell me what you want". The Holy Spirit whispered to me, "how can you tell the sculptor how to sculpt when you can even sculpt". I said to him,you are the professional, I'm placing my body and confidence in you 100%, he smiled and said ok. My goodness, he really put in 1400cc's on each side. I really wasn't expecting so much. It's hard, heavy, and sore. I try to walk a few minutes for hour or so to fight off stiffness. I have minimal stiffness throughout the day and night but early morning I can't even get myself out of bed, lol. I found that the couch is better for me than my bed, I guess cause its lower and firmer. I tried the heating pad this morning, it worked wonders for butt and thighs. This strap that's going thru my booty cheeks is killing me, I want to cut it off so bad but ion wanna mess up nuin. Yea I'm gone n2 text talk now, lol. Yesterday I started having vaginal bleeding, it's the worst and I don't think it's my period cuz it comes and goes. Still haven't had a BM yet, normally I have a cup of coffee in the morning and two minutes lata I'm in da bathroom, coffee ain't working, guess I gotta take those gosh awful stool softeners, ugh.
Ok, that all I can think of right now..........lata ladies :)

Well my surgery was one week ago today, I went...

Well my surgery was one week ago today, I went into the office and Nomie removed back drain. Hopefully Dr S will remove front drain tomorrow when I see him. As

I hope this thing lets me update. Today is nine...

I hope this thing lets me update. Today is nine days post op for me, had my second massage and it was no where near as bad as the first one last week. I'm pretty much off those Precs, those things made me high, sleepy and itchy, I only took today cause I was getting massage. I can pretty much do just about everything on my own again, even deep fried the hubby and my daughter some fish n shrimp and made some fried rice for dinner. On a side note, we even did the do. Omg, it wasn't at all bad. I thought that I would feel pain from everywhere, nothing but gentle pleasure. Anyways, Nomie removed my back drain on Tuesday of last week, I was hoping that she would remove this gosh awful front one today after the massage but she said tomorrow. I'm praying to God that she does cause I want to dip this new body in the ocean first thing after its out, Ft Lauderdale beach, here I come, need that salt water. Booty still measuring at 42 inches, I don't understand, it's a lil bit softer, swelling going down but measurement still the same. I love my new booty, she gets attention from everywhere and everybody, lol. My waist is like supa small, I'm wearing a medium garment with foam padding all around, suppose to get a tummy board next week, which Dr S says its will completely flatten and smooth out my stomach, we hate what it's looking like right now. I'm wondering how it works with the out of town people, I'm in his office like 3-4 times a week, massages and follow ups, how in the world are you girls following up with the doc? I'm tired of driving there do much already and I only live 20 minutes away. I gotta post more pics cause my small shelf, tight waist, and big booty looks more amazing to us everyday. Oh,i almost forgot, I visited my Godmother today and she saw my booty for the first time, she like it but asked why was I scratching so much, to make a long story short, she use a lot of natural things . She gas me some kinda gel and a lotion to use all over my body for the itching. It works better than benadryl, Ill find out the name and post. Ok well I guess that's it for now, it's after 1am already and I've gotten sleepy. Speedy recovery post op people..........pre op peeps, hold steady cause your ship is coming in.............all the Blessings sistas

Yayyyy, just left doctor office and as promised on...

Yayyyy, just left doctor office and as promised on yesterday, Nomie removed my front drain. I'm supa happy cause now I feel so free, not restricted by those crazy looking tubes coming out of my body. There is still a level of numbness in my stomach and back, she said I should start to feel normal sensations around six to eight weeks. Areas still sore to touch, back more than stomach. No Percs today, only ibuprofen 800 mg. finished antibiotics on Friday, nine antibiotics a day, gave me one more serious yeast infection, take meds to get rid of that, I'm happy he gave me the pills and not those suppositories and cream.
I'm so loving the way my body is transforming thus far, I spoke with doctor office today about doing my boobs maybe early next year. I need for them to sit up and look full without a bra. I was informed that I will need to get some type of implant to achieve my desired look. I've heard so many different things over the year about the foreign substances being placed in your body, I got to think and pray hard on that one. By no means do I want to pay to have the procedure done only to go back in a few years to have reversed because for whatever reason they determine its no longer safe, imma a chicken. Guess I need to go start stalking the real self breast forum like I did with the bootay.
Ok ladies, enjoy your day cause its really beautiful outside...................

Good morning Ladies I am in desperate need of...

Good morning Ladies
I am in desperate need of help over here. There is no way possible for me to keep this gosh awful, extremely tight, anaconda of a garment on 24/7. It's so tight that its squeezing the life out of my body, especially my rib cage. I have slept without it for the past two nights and I am afraid that I'm doing more harm than good because I catch holy hell putting it back on and keeping it on for the entire next day. Sometimes I flop back n forth between the old one and the new one, of course the old one is less tight. Today is my day twelve post op, I'm wondering if its too early for me to start using a corset and what is the best one to choose.
I don't regret getting this surgery because I'm so in love with my new body but good goodness.
Post op ladies please advise a sista!!!!!!!!

Omg, I can fit a xsmall female vest, waist just...

Omg, I can fit a xsmall female vest, waist just vanishing. Got a stomach board from lipo express as well. Feeling better as the days go by. Just wish normal feeling would soon return in my back, it feels as if someone glued a larg piece of leather to it, lol. Booty still same size and is getting softer.

Feeling real good this morning............

Feeling real good this morning............

Not really anything new to add, Tuesday I was...

Not really anything new to add, Tuesday I was officially allowed to sit on my new booty. I still really haven't fully sat down without holding most of my weight off my booty. My waist appears to continue to shrink, I'm thinking bout drinking a couple of ensure plus' a day because I want to be like 140 lbs. my appetite is great, better than it was pre op. I'm loving what I looking like. I feel that Dr Salama really enhanced what I already had due to the fact that the foundation was already there. I've always had an arch in my back eventhough I had no booty and was too lazy to work out to get rid of my far, lol. I would him to anyone, he is a Master Sculptor. My booty still the same size, I'm happy about that. I think that my stomach is as flat as its gonna get, I'm wearing the garment, stomach board and additionally foam, plus sometimes the female vest or the abdominal binder, stop seeing any changes in it earlier this week. I'm so supa tired of putting on all this stuff, ugh.... O btw, I went to Walgreens yesterday in search of some type of topical pain reliever for my stomach and back, still sore to touch. At first I was looking at the asper cream until I looked over and saw a tube of Arnica gel, this stuff claims to be a pain reliever. I swear, it really works, within minutes of putting it on I was able to massage my stomach and back without feeling like I could jump outta my skin.
Well, I guess that's it for now, happy healing post op people and good luck and blessing pre op people.............

Yesterday was my four week mark. I have been fully...

Yesterday was my four week mark. I have been fully sitting now for about three days, I still don't/can't sit too long because my booty starts to hurt. I sit in my bed using six pillows cuz I'm still very protective of the booty. As of today, my measurements are 36-29-42.
My medium garment is still kinda tight every where except for around the bottom of my stomach, where its needed the most. Tomorrow I have another follow up appointment with Dr S and ill finally get my stomach board, the one he wants me to use because after they didn't get their shipment in on time, I purchased and have been using one from lipo express. I know it's time for me to down size to a xsmall, so I'm going to see if I can purchase one from doctor office tomorrow, if not ill just go to lipo express store since i will already be down that way. I hate ordering off line because I'm a microwave person. Will post updated pics later in the week.

Just left my four week follow up with Dr S, he...

Just left my four week follow up with Dr S, he says that everything is looking great. I purchased a smaller garment from the office today, a size small, extra small was killing me, lol. He instructed me to no longer use the foams every where, only use them on my side if the new garment creates in crease in my sides. I also received my stomach board from the office today, I see and feel the difference in the board the office gives and the one I purchased from lipo express. The one given by the office is way better. Next follow up is May 1st, they're suppose to take post op pics of my body. Oh and doctor said that he is expecting for my stomach to be supa flat, lol, we are truly on the same page. After having three kids, my fat stomach has tormented me for years, lol, but no more. I had to get ibuprofen 800 and some muscle relaxers today as well, Tylenol xtra strength wasn't really doing anything for me anymore, my muscles in my stomach, back & sides be getting still and locking up on me except for immediately after a massage. When the muscles messing with me, the hubby says I move like a 90 year old woman and thinks its so funny but then try to move me where ever I'm trying to go, too late bruh, I already got an attitude with you so get off, lol.
Moving right along, I'm so supa loving my results. Haven't remotely regretted getting this surgery, nor the surgeon that I chose. Dr Salama was truly blessed with a gift of sculpting directly from the right hand of God. I'm going next year to get these two skin bags of mine (boobs, lol) done and I will be going right to Elite, without a doubt. I feel more sexy right now than I've ever felt in my entire life, eventhough I was still getting crazy hollas with no booty but now it's completely insane. Dudes be staring like crazy even when I'm out with the hubby and the hubby is a mean pit bull looking mutha, lol.
Ok, nothing more to update bout my now fabulous body, lol, stay blessed sistas and ttyl.........

Going out to Fat Tuesday tonight, my first dress...

Going out to Fat Tuesday tonight, my first dress up outting with my new booty. I am so in love with my new body and I really love the way this lil black dress fits me, she shows EVERY curve. My booty is still maintaining her original size. She is soft all over but still feels tight. I've been sitting on her since week three. I think my size small garment is too big, I'm not feeling wrapped as I've become accustomed, lol. I refuse to go buy another dam garment, I knew I should've just gotten the xsmall cause its only been like two weeks. My daughter told me last night that if my stomach get any flatter its gone be touching my back, lol. I'm no longer taking anything for pain. I still take a muscle relaxer every now and then cause my stomach muscle be crazy sometimes. I still wake up every morning stiff, gotta stretch beside my bed before doing anything. Well I guess that's it for now, happy healing post op ladies and good luck pre op ladies..........

almost eleven weeks post op........

I havnt updated in a minute, still happy with results but seriously considering a round two.
My butt lost only an inch but after all the swelling went away she looks like the average booty. My next follow up appointment this month, i will be getting a round two consult. After everything settled, like i said above, my booty just looks average, she also have some dipples & i noticed two flat areas earlier on but i was thinking that they will fill in during the fluffing stage but they didnt. My stomach is flat & tight but not as flat as i desire. Im attempting to upload new pics, all comments & advice is still appreciated.

My five month review............with new pics

I haven't posted on here in a good minute.........I was having mixed feelings about my results. So, as of today I've lost weight, lost projection and my doctor & myself has determined that I do need a second attempt. My butt measurements went from 47 inches to now 39 inches, currently I fix into a 2x small garment. I've added my most recent pics so you can have a visional of what I'm saying.

Ok, I lost count but I think I'm at six months now, lol

I've been through a great array of emotions from the moment I decided to do this surgery. I've added more pics so everybody can see what I'm working with now, lol. I have lost more weight than I planned, didn't really consider the impact that lipo would have on my body. I'm kinda happy with my body even though I'm still not where I desire to be. My complaint is the total opposite of the majority of other women, most women wanna loss, I wanna gain. I have decided that I am going for a round two, gotta have that biggg ass booty, lol. Ive completely committed to putting on at least 20 lbs over the next few months, by any means necessary. My waist is tiny, my stomach is supa flat but still some loss skin around stomach, butt is ok for my size & I'm really fighting dudes off now like flies but I still want more. In the pics im uploading, that garment is actually a xxsmall. I've been told that my body is perfect & that I'm just obsessed, I feel that it's my body & ill never be really happy until I look in my mirror & see what I want to see. So with that being said, I am preparing for a round two........the hubby thinks that I have lost my mind, lmao, but he continues to rub, touch & squeeze the goods. Anybody can tell me how to tighten & smooth out abdominal areas skin without moving back into this garment? I hated these things from day one & now that I haven't been wearing one, I hate it even more......ladies plz help a sista out. Happy healing post op ladies & pre op ladies.......your ship is rolling in :))

More pics


Me Today.......

Gm ladies, first of all, I would like to apologize for not updating in so long. As well as my apologies to the ppl that posted to my blog, asked me sumthing or inboxed me, I wasnt ignoring you.
As of today my weight is 122 lbs, although before my surgery, it was hard for me to gain weight, after the surgery, its hard for me to gain or maintain.
Ive added some recent pics.....
Dr Salama

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I have a lot of hanging skin all over because of weight loss and Doctors have told me the only way todeal with loss skin is putting a knife to it lol!!!! But your results are SICK!!!!! You a bad ish (excuse my language if it offends u). Best wishes in what ever u decide to do = )
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Hi I have read in some ones post that her income taxes hasn't arrived in time for her surgery and that you help her fond a place to get the funds if so please help me find a Plc lol cause I'm trying to get like y'all you all look amazing
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Wow ur body looks amazing!! I remembered your blog and forgot ur screenname !! Congrats!! If u wanna go 4 a round 2 go 4 it although I don't think you need it ;) do u plan on going back to salama if u do in fact Pam on going they with round 2? I'm less than 2 months away for my bbl :)
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you look great!!
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Girl you lost allot of weight you look good we are actually 6 months when you count weeks
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Thank you......that's what everybody keeps telling me, how great my body looks, even the people on my new job (I quit my old job just before my surgery & started a job after,lol) but I don't feel that my butt is big enough still.
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How much weight have you lost?
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I've only lost about 6-7 lbs post-op but it was pounds that I wanted to keep.........I never wanted to be a skinny chick, lol
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I m week 6 on Tuesday n hesitating to start sitting . My booty has already lost so much volume and literally only few inches from what I stared ;(. I really thinking about round 2 at this point . Wishing u a healthy recovery . Any tips u can give pass it on please thanks
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I feel ya........the best advice that I can offer is pay close attention to what your body is tryna tell you and follow the instructions of your surgeon, I'm most definitely doing a round two........good luck & wishing the best for you
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Looking great . 47-39 inches wow . Did Salama stated why so much volume lost ? In which week did u started sitting ?
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I did everything very carefully just as I was instructed by him/his staff... Almost all of my adult life I have struggled with my weight or should I say the lack of. He said that everybody's body reacts differently ;(
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Girl I feel the same way till I go out And everyone stares at me I think cuz we are the ones carrying the booty it looks normal to us
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Yea, I still get attention, maybe it is just me but Im seeing Dr S today and see what he me your booty still looks huge :)
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Yes I feel the same way! We had surgery around the same time and seems like we are having the same thoughts! I want more booty!!! lol My booty looks goods and fat in certain things but when I wear jeans and slacks I look regular. Thats why I am so Happy I got my hips done because those things are always poking out.
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My hips were done also so i look great in a dress. any pants that i wear makes my booy looks smaller with the exception of tights. im in need of more projection so im going to see what the doctor says on my appointment tomorrow...........
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u look very nice.and natural.congrats.stomach looks nice too.
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Thank u so much :-)
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U look great:-)
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You are looking good thanks for the update I'll be salamafied march 6 so I can't wait for my bootymeat happy healjng sweets ;)
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Yeessss girl get that booty meat, lol..............and thanks
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you look terrific. thank you for sharing.
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Thanks and my pleasure
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Wow from your before to after....amazing. your shape in that dress awesome. I cant wait for my tired of stalking other people booties! Lol
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