Real pics comin soon! I'm in♥ wit my booty!

Hello ladies! I've decided to go with Dr. Salama!...

Hello ladies! I've decided to go with Dr. Salama! Go Meeee! Go Meeee! Ok if yall see more than I of these from me its because I'm texting you guys via phone! I've been reading posts since I joined earlier this month! I'm so glad that I waited cause about 2 years ago a doc in bmore was charging $16,000.00! Sheeesh! And guess what!? I was gonna hustle or up too! Something told me to look up some iiish and here I am! So I'm a mother of one(19) and she took my body parts....but she's beautiful plus very supportive! I've been raising kids since I was 11(brothers&sisters) then had my own. Now that everyone is grown and doing fine I wanna concentrate on me for a change! I am 36 now w/tons of positive energy! Hopefully next year I will be able to get the procedure done. I'm nervous cause of my age. Reading you guys experience my courage grows everyday! So much that I sent Nancy my befores.....she will get back to me when she stop laughing right? Lol....j/k she was very nice to me when I spoke with her! Just waiting for her feedback! Wish me luck.....

Just got my email! He says I'm a good canidate!...

Just got my email! He says I'm a good canidate! And confident in the work he will give me!

It keeps telling me to update....

It keeps telling me to update....

So my bbl sistas.....we can uncross our fingas. Dr...

So my bbl sistas.....we can uncross our fingas. Dr.S is booked for March! So its lookin like May for me. I'm in my cousins wedding and if I take the late April I will be messing with my recovery! I'll do it after the wedding which is May 4th! AND the ppl I had going with me is going on a cruise! I will not get discouraged! : (

I'm booked for May 14th 2013! *doing my big booty...

I'm booked for May 14th 2013! *doing my big booty dance! Lol

None of my friends won't go with me! Is there a...

None of my friends won't go with me! Is there a nurse I can hire while Im out there??? Im sceduled May 14th does anyone have hotel info to pass on?

So Im updating.....Im trying to communicate but...

So Im updating.....Im trying to communicate but noone answers! May is right around the corner and cant wait! hoping that this goes well! Im seeing alot of my bbl sistas having a lot of complaints coming back from Salama! And the fact that ppl saying the customer service is getting poor and everybody comes out with a boxed looking butt! Im jusr hope their will be some kind of dialouge between me and the doctor! Also good communication with staff because I have a bit of a bad temper! I know im gonna go in being very positive! Just hoping I get the same in return!

Ok....Im getting antsy now! so much i feel the...

Ok....Im getting antsy now! so much i feel the need to do but dont know where to start! I will feel much better when im paid in full! decided to stay at Hampton Inn. Has anybody stayed there??? how was your stay if you did? which website should i purchase garments? feedback plz!

Soooo ladies I had to switch doctors because of...

Soooo ladies I had to switch doctors because of medical reasons. Which I'm no upset but what can you do? I was #teamSalama and don't get me wrong I love his work and my girl Nancy but Dr. Lagrasso has stepped in my life and we about to get it crackin baby!!!! 2 up top! I'm very excited and I was also able to somewhat keep my original date! I want to mention that I've obessed on this site about everyone's journey from beginning to the end. But being there for my bbl sista Driven30 (met through Realself) that recovery ain't pretty at all! I'm going in thinkin this experience will be 80% mental and 20% crazy fun cause I've link up with Blackapino07 ..... ?#teamSalama! We're bbl sisters/recovery buddies who will get each other through this. I met her on Realself also. This site has helped me in more ways than it was suppose to! Today I am counting down the days my life will change! Pics coming soon....I will start posting more often now! Let's Go!

Oh Thank God Real Self let me post pics from my...

Oh Thank God Real Self let me post pics from my phone! I'm always in the go.... this was right on time! Now if only I could make a profile pic from my phone!

I have no clue of what to pack! Any suggestions vets?

I have no clue of what to pack! Any suggestions vets?

My vitamins still has NOT arrived! I'm irked!...

My vitamins still has NOT arrived! I'm irked! Still not sure if I packed everything...I think I'm just getting anxious and irritated! Uuugh!

One day post-op got 3 pics sista! Thanks for yall prayers?

Loving my results! pics are not doing any justice


Today is a good day!

Today is more of a relaxed day. Yesterday and the night before I was ready to jump off my balcony! Plz have someone with you this surgery will definitely test you mentally. ...but its worth it! You have to be mentally strong to get through the physical change you're about to put ya body through! Everybody is different. what gets you through healthy and safe! Massage s will be ya bf! Water! Water! Water! Walk! And feed the booty! My results is the truth! Dr.LaGrasso did his thing! I'm not tryna choke myself out to get a shape...ladies don't be afraid to hit the gym! Work on arms and legs to complete the look! And also skin....To all of my sister's that getting ready for ya journey the only advice I have is be ready mentally and have patience! You should be good.....

2nd garment!

ok I found some before pics in my email...

I wonder how us summer booty's dealing with recovery?

Its friggin hot out! I went to the garment store and got me a corset huni! Lol idk about yall but I'm older and when you gey older you get hot all the damn time! But Dr. LaGrasso did the damn thing! I love my results and I am willing and ready to do what o have to to maintain it! But the whole garment thing is working me huni! I got the butt out panty with a corset that is perfect for me! I will post a pic of the corset and panty just in case someone else feels the same way! Have good day ladies?

3 weeks....still a working progress!

I upload all these pics now I have to do it again!

I made it to 6 weeks! Yaaaay! I ? my new booty!

Aaaaaaah yea baby! I can finally sit! Yes! I absolutely love love love my new shape! I haven't been taking pics but everytime I doesn't capture the ambience of the booty! I will admit I did buy the Vedette 136 I wear it all day but I tend to peal out of it when I'm sleeping! Claustophobic reasons maybe? Do anybody have any good ideas of how to stay in the garment overnight?

week 8 #Sheeeew


Been so busy at work! My ass is causing quite a stir!

So I'm a little past 3 months! So much has been going on with me! My work flow is non stop! But my friends who "supported me" now wants to get the sx done! They don't even need it...they think they gonna gey the same reaction! Not!!! If you already're not gonna get that "Gooooot Daaaaamn" reaction! One friend told me I can't have a ass bigger than hers! Lmao!!!! But it is! And another friend has been going around tellin ppl to ask me where I got my brazillian butt lift from! Smh....bitches! My dude LOVES it now! He didn't know about it until I came back with it! Lol...he stays lusting over it! My panty drawer is crazy! I haven't really showed it off yet! My bday is the 10th of September and I'm goin out withmy girls! They more excited than I am! Lol...On the recovery side of things! I'm now still wearing my garment size 34 moving towards a 32! I need to be more frequent with my massages but imma workaholic! They are very important! You CAN NOT half step on that! I've been going to Massage Envy and only been sticking with one guy and even he's excited about my results! I love love love my results!!!! Sometimes I still can't believe I have a ass! Lol...but I'm humble and stillva working progress! S/O to all my vets? And good luck to all my sistas who's about to start their journey and give birth to that booty! I need to find out my measurements....

I need to take some pics...comin soon sistas!?

To my vets...anybody working out! Newbies stay away from CARBS!!!

I love my booty! It loves me back! Lol...hey! Its been a while since I've updated! I'm working like a pimp with one hoe! So my pics is not that I took time to pose for! I'm back in the gym but not sure what's the right routine for me and my body yet but I do know I need to tighten up! Ladies stay away from the carbs! They are your enemy!!!! Compress! Compress! Compress! I will take some time to give a betta review! But I had to stay up with my sistas!

I decided to get my Lipo w/tt to complete my look!

Hey sista! Hope everything is good with my vets and my newbies stay focused! I had my bbl done last year in May with Dr. Lagrasso. I love my results and he's done an amazing job! In my consultation the tt was mentioned but I told them to hold on because I wasn't sure how it all was gonna go down. Being the perfectionist that I am....I will complete my transformation with my tt. And then im done! But I refuse to heal during the summer months!

Hey Sistas! It's almost a year now!

And I still ? my booty! As you might've read above I've decided to get my tt done by Dr. LaGrasso as well! What's new? Hmmm well my so called man jumped ship! Smh....given birth to this booty has its ups and down! OH! I've been going to the gym! Not much cardio but lots of ab work and toning (my pics is after work out) Im still a work a holic so not too much is new! I guess I should work on a new boo huhn? Eh! Any questions or comments feel free to hit me up or inbox me! I need to post some pics of me dressed up too! Lol!! Good luck?
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You look amazing doll! So did you end up doing the tummy tuck? If so can you post pictures of the results? I am considering one but not sure I am feeling the scar I will have.
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No...I haven't even start the process yet. But I recieved my quote and scripts to get the process goin. Im confident in my doctor which makes it easier! Thanks for noticing my pics! I'll keep you posted!
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Hi I getting my procedure done in June was the pain bad after afterwards. I'm getting a blast and the liposuction full body
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blessed70 80% of recovery is mental. Just make sure comfort is top priority because you're about to do something drastic to ya body! Im not gonna're gonna be in pain love! But its gonna be s♡♡♡♡ worth it! Good luck and keep us posted!
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lookin good hun
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Grab that 24 day challenge of my page add squats to the routine and you will be good
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When you posted that chart I download right before I logged on here! I'm about to be dedicated to ab and core exercises! Thanks love!♥ how you been?
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Thanks sistas♥!
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amazing results!! happy healing
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Hi! You look fantastic! Congratulations on making it through recovery and enjoying your results :)
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You look amazing! I am so glad to have found the bbl forum! Reading and seeing such great results motivated me to start my journey! Thanks so much for sharing!
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your results are amazing got me leaning towards Salama even more
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I thought this grl went to lagrasso??
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Salama is the man hands down but I had to change my doctor. And he was just as good!
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Girl??? I know I went to Dr. Lagrasso but they didn't change it on my profile! I wrote it in myself...waiting for Kirsty to change it!
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New to this, and Just starting my journey. I'm currently researching my new Dr., I ran across your profile and your results are very realistic and looks great!! I would love to see more of your progress as time goes by! Very inspiring :-)
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My apologies for the delayed response. Thanks I really wanted a over all nice shape that looks natural. I didnt want to look drag queenish dramatic! Lol...I would say do ya homework thoroughly on whom ever you choose and make sure your comfortable with that doctor! Recovery is 80% mental....after care is the other 20%
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Thanks, yes ive been doing my research and I had my consult yesterday and the first opinion was that I don't have enough fat to harbor so I gave to look at other options like smart lipo or butt implants..I might get a second consult and opinion from another surgeon later. I'm glad u r doing well. When we get time rest my blog my journey is up to date and there's more detail about my experiences so far.. I'm still gonna get that Donk one way or another. Lol once again thanks for the info and advice.
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Huni! I know that's right! What I've learned from this experience. ..if your healthy enough and got the money sista anything is possible! Lol..keep ya head up and strong!
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..& Is!! Lol Thanks ChocolateCakedup.
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I'm looking to have the same procedure. My main concern is sleeping position after SX?
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Eeew! That was the problem I was having! It varies....wish I was more help to you.
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Lol...thanks! That's what I been doin. Seems like I have no choice the way its coming down! Still working on it tho!
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After care is important girl keep squeezing into a smaller garment it will bring your waist down
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You look amazing and very natural not to big and not to small. I'm soo happy for you and your shape kinda gives me an idea of what to expect for mine.
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