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I am 26 yrs old, about 170 lbs, and have been...

I am 26 yrs old, about 170 lbs, and have been wanting a bigger rounder fuller posterior forever. I've lost weight gained weight, and never have those annoying love handles gone away, or the resistant fat on my abdomen disappear. Finally I have the opportunity to do something for myself that will make very happy with my body. I'm kind of nervous because I have a very very low pain threshold, please let me know your after stories, what things i will need after and before surgery, what to expect in the office, and how soon were any of you able to go back to work?


hey girl,

welcome to the bbl sisterhood, gl on your journey keep us posted. most of the stories are on other girls pages, do a lot of reading to better prepare, almost every bit of info is on this site. from what to pack to what to eat, and what to wear to meds and best places to stay for out of towners. 
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ill keep you updated. I have mine scheduled for october 17th in nj. i'll let u know all about it :^)
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

I did a lot of research and back and forth second guessing , finally decide to go with this doctor after seeing all of his work.

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