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I haven't put a date down yet or put a deposit...

I haven't put a date down yet or put a deposit because I'm trying to take a loan out. I tryied care credit but didn't get approved even with my hubby as a co signer. I don't have any type of credit and don't know which loan to apply for =\ I just seriously wanna get my butt done this year. lol

Also gaining weight for this sucks, I'm 115 pounds and only gained 3 pounds :( i started modeling last year but stopped because I was getting a lot of offers to do bigger things but didn't want to start because I always wanted to get my boobs and butt done lol weird?! So i choose to get my butt done because I can always fake having big boobs. Planning on getting my boobs done next year spring time.

Anyways a little about me I"m 5"4 115 pounds now 118 my stats are 36 b 26 36 I have hips but no butt :( I dunno if this sounds weird but if you grab my butt you can grab fat but there's just no shape there I guess lol I've always hated not having a butt. I hated it more after I had my son because I lost 20 pounds and started doing my makeup taking effort to look good and realized I have hips but no butt :( I deff will be going to salama his amazing I'm on this site everyday looking at all the updates and results of you girls and I get so exicted for my turn it's just this damn loan. :(


Hey hun. I also dont have much credit. Only had my credit card for about 3 months, and being that i had my credit pulled so many times it dropped DRASTICALLY. however i did get app. with surgeryloan. i heard 50/50 reviews on them. so far they have been good. be advised tehy only pay a portion to your docs. my total cost was 7800.00. my loan was for 6000.00 but my docs only walked away with 5400.00. so i paid the difference. there is also a processing fee i had to pay. oh i also had a co-signer. so being that i didnt have much credit and i wanted this bad. i sucked it up and did it. my date is 08/06.
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Hey there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. So, have you been able to sort out a loan yet, ae you any further along?

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Sorry to hear that I m not sure what other financing options there are but have you checked w Dr. Salamas office they might tell you of other options ! good luck
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I don't want rate since I haven't gone threw this yet

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