Still a Salama Vixen!! Doc said i had a butt. Gettn a TT and Lipo! Salama is the Man

Hello Ladies! I've been reading many reviews on...

Hello Ladies! I've been reading many reviews on doctors that are skilled and experienced in brazilian butt lifts. Based on those many reviews Dr. Salama was the best choice for me. I called the office and spoke with Nancy, she is truly a sweet supportive as well as encouraging. She took the time to actually talk to me about some of my thoughts of having surgery...kuddos to Nancy. I sent my three pic in with my weight and height. Dr. Salama reviewed them comment'n that I was a good candidate with good fat...once I received the email I emailed Nancy stating that I'm more than interested. I'll just call in the morn'n give them my deposit to lock in my price...I'm super excited! Hope to schedule March 1st:-) $7799 is really reasonable.

Ok ladies it is official! My appt is. Set for...

Ok ladies it is official! My appt is. Set for March 21 2013 really excited! Nancy will send my package two mon b4 surgery! A new year a new me....ill try and upload pic asap so that u all can see me b4 my transformation...never had surgery and never bn sedated fir God will protect:-) b blessed ladies!
Congrats! It's exciting isn't it??!?! I'm working with Nancy too. waiting to hear back from her. Are there any questions in particular that I should be asking or thinking about? All I know is I want some curves! A defined waist, and some inner thigh lipo (which I'm kind of scared of, bc I was told it hurts!) Any insight would be appreciated :D
yes sistah it is 2 exciting all i do is think about my new this point i am constantly reading the bbl sistah's reviews to think of any ?'s to ask nancy but the sistahs on here give very detailed info...the only thing i thinkk about is being put to sleep i am very nervous, as i have never bn put to sleep nor have had any surgeries what so ever...i try and think positive all the procedure is march 21st when is urs and ur welcomed to ask me anything...keep in touch love!

Thanks for sharing your journey with us and congratulations on setting your date! Please do keep us updated with your journey.


Hello ladies i am two months away from my...

Hello ladies i am two months away from my procedure. Have not received my package but yet i am very excited. My procedure is March 21st i have gottem most of my supplies from some of the list that some of u ladies have posted...i have not booked my flight nor booked a room....any suggestions ladies i would gladly appreciate it....thanks!
congrats my dear, I have the same date as you.
Ok Dana43033...this is good news! I'm really happy for ya Salama ur dr? Will u travel alone? Have u booked ur flight and hotel...21 qiestions!
Lol. No it is quite ok. Thanks my dear, yes Salama is my doc. Actually, I am in the process of booking my flight. I am looking at hotel options also. I have not contacted any as yet, but I am looking at their websites. Have you chosen a hotel?

Hello my sistahs! I have received my pre op and...

Hello my sistahs! I have received my pre op and post op package today. March 21st here i come! I am now going to post pre op pictures so that i can share my journey with you sistahs. Ttyl
Hey!! Keep us updated make sure u post pictures. Good luck

Went to pre op consultation with beautiful...

Went to pre op consultation with beautiful Tenaciousbooty ...i love her soo much she is a doll...i have met a few of the girls and they are the booyay every where.....Dr. Salama is on point...let me just say this is a real sisterhood. I love u girls imissmycurves is on point her curves r!!!!!!!
Did u have it done?
Hey love! Nice meeting you, best wishes tomorrow...and your butt is banging already woman! I don't know how that little o town of yours is gonna react when you come back, whew!
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Have not met Dr. Salama. Have only communicated with Nancy...she's a peach!

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