Hey ladies! Has anyone's doctor say they have to wear their garment for 5 months : 0

So I've had a man like figure for as far as I can...

So I've had a man like figure for as far as I can remember. I will be turning 25 in Nov, and it's time for a change, the price is what honestly scares me the most, I have a problem with saving money but this is not just something that will physically and mentally build up my self-esteem, but it'll also show me how to be more of an adult financially. My date will be in March, so thats enough time to save up each month, the only problem is my bf is saying I shouldn't send my money to Elite each month but instead to save up each month in a savings account, which do you think would be better? My next problem is the wait, this is going to kill me, all I think about all day is this surgery lol, hopefully once I start school it'll be on my mind less.....so thats it for now I'm sure I will become addicted to this site....Goodluck to all the ladies on her, with whatever surgery their hearts desire!

I do like Perry shapes but I want a big butt and...

I do like Perry shapes but I want a big butt and all the pics I've seen I personally do not see a difference in the size of the girls butts, now I'm think about Dr. Campos or Cardenas but a few girls are staring there have been a few problems in Mexico and as much as I want a butt dying is not an option, can someone please give me their opinions of these 2 doctors or explain to me the problems that are happening down there, I'd appreciate it much, thanks!

So after looking at literally over 30 plastic...

So after looking at literally over 30 plastic surgeons world wide, I'm going with Cardeans, I first like most people I was terrified of traveling outside the country but I honestly trust her and she seems very caring and I did very very strong research on her. This surgery is really going to make me happy, I recently had my son 7 months ago and I love him dearly but it's been a rough 7 months, in Dec he will turn one and as a pick me up p gettin through his first year I'm getting my sugery, I won't lie and say my child ruined my body because it was never that good to begin with lol, I even got depressed my last semester of college because my roomie who I had to see every damn day had a rockin bod wih a fat butt, and would tease me about it, cruel right? Well once I get this surgery and heal my first pic is going to that slut lol....a little bit about my stats I am 24 will be 25 by the time I have my surgery, I'm about 175 and 5'5...don't know my measurements but will find out...
As I research all of you I see the different things we need for the surgery : 0 which is a nice lengthy list, I am confused on a funnel, would it e connected to us, to pee in, where would I pick that up from, and also I would only be staying in Mexico for 8 days but only the first 3 will be spent there, the rest San Diego, so does anyone know any massage therapist there? Until next time ladies take care and get ready for ur bods!

Ok so after a couple of months from just knowing...

Ok so after a couple of months from just knowing I'm going with one doctor and switching to the next and getting on my family nerves, I finally found the doctor I want, I love his work, his price, and that he add fat to both the booty and hips and most importantly he has my date...which is December 14th now it's just time to save and in a couple months book my hotel and massages, I'm so ready for this I can't wait! I do have a question tho, how long should you wait until you get your first massage after the procedure and how do I get the right garment for me?

Ok so I was so worried about actually being able...

Ok so I was so worried about actually being able to pay off my total by the end of Nov. but my bf knows how important this is to me and how happy itll make me that he decided to pay for my whole surgery and hold off on the things he wants : ) its finally ocming to reality for me ladies, and I am so happy and blessed. A woman determined will get what she wants, no matter what the odds!!! Still going with Velilla....DEC 17TH : )

So I've gotten the most important part over and...

So I've gotten the most important part over and that's picking a doctor that I am comfortable with and meet all my needs. I am going with Cesar Velilla and I trust that he will give me if not exactly what I want, close to it.....the deposit has been made, date set, and now it's the buying stuff here and there, and just keeping up on deposits.....

This experience is truly a up and down stressful,...

This experience is truly a up and down stressful, exciting, looking forward to, hoping I can afford, but im determined so I'll get it (take a breath,lol) roller coaster, but for this booty I would ride again.....All i think about is how life is going to change and how I feel finally feel all the way comfortable with my body. At first I was like oh no what will my fam, friends, etc think of me, but now Im like only I can live my life and make me happy, so Im proud to get my BBl and for those that dont understand, as far as Im concerned you dont have to, it would be my honor if you stay confused hehe, and to my real friend/ fam/and BBL SISTERS, that actually support you and make this journey less stressful and more of a road you would travel again, I thank you, SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO REDBONZ, you have helped me with this more than you know, freaking love you : ) TO my BBL SISTERS get excited, it's our time to continue to enjoy our lives but an extra reason to smile (muah)

I am so anxious, that's my biggest problem, I'm...

I am so anxious, that's my biggest problem, I'm just to eager to wear clothes I couldn't before, to get the attention I've never had before, to just be happy and comfortable being me.....it's confusing this process because so many doctors do the same surgery so many different ways....example some say massages are a must, some say wait, and some say you don't have to get it at all....I guess the smartest thing to do is to go with your doctor procedures....but being that my doctor massages are a bit pricey I won't be get if as many and I'm ok with that knowing others aren't mandatory with their massages....the days seem like they are moving at molasses speed, but I'm thankful and hoping everything goes well....until next time my bbl beauties get ready for ur bods!

I can't believe how quick my time has got here, I...

I can't believe how quick my time has got here, I remember about 4 months ago and starting from day one, I am still very excited and startin to get a little nervous, sure it will build as time moves forward...decided to start packing today, bein that I am on a budget I didn't purchase any maxi dresses instead I will be packing a few of my bf pajama pants and oversized tshirts, I have arnica and Bromelain, I also will not be getting a boppy pillow until a week after my surgery, I don't plan on sitting much unless I'm using the bathroom and my bf is drivin me there and back...my job is a teacher so I am thankful to have the option to stand if I want....I know it's like around the corner but I won't be happy until its the 17th....well ladies if you have any advice at all feel free to tell me everything....

Official 10 Days Countdown.... I am super excited,...

Official 10 Days Countdown.... I am super excited, a tad bit nervous, but most of all in shock, I have to give myself a pat on the back because I never thought I would ever have a nice big ok round booty, but because of this beautiful life we live in, it can happen...I am so thankful of first and foremost God and also Surgeons, I am very thankful for my surgeon and his team, they somewhat feel like long distance cousins, they really care and I'm just overwhelmed with joy. This surgery has been a lot, good, bad, and meeting great people like all of you....there has been so many things that are trying I stop me from this urgent but I won't let it, at first I had no way to pay for this surgery but I hoped that obstacle because my balance is paid off, I had a pregnancy scare but it was just a few days late, really didn't have the extra money for the hotel and it just so happens my bf ex coworker moved to Florida, 20 mins away from Dr. Velilla, and even now we have the issue of money for gas, but I always believe in if there's a will there's definitely a way, with all his said ladies if this is what u really want and what will make u happy, don't let nothin or no one stop u from getting it, u deserve to be happy, good luck to all future bbl patients and to all a happy healing!!! : )

I would like to take this time out and ask all of...

I would like to take this time out and ask all of you and The Lord above to hover all over my Redbonez, stay in the surgery room with her....I know w/o a doubt Affifi will exceed past ur expectations....so grateful of this site to bring a wonderful woman into my life, can't say it enough but I mean it so much: I love you, thanks for making this journey a road I would travel again, god bless u boo and get ready to shake that ass : )

5 days post op and I am finally feeling better,...

5 days post op and I am finally feeling better, no longer so sore, still sore, just not as much....i think i will be happy with my results in a month, being that my body will go through so many changes...however i do notice a huge dif from my old body to my new one, i got my drain taken out on the 5th day and my massages didnt hurt, i was able to poop w/o a stool softener and i actually poop now more than before the surgery lol sorry that maybe too much info but hey just being real.....i will continue to do as my doctor has told me and continue to hope for the best

Ok so some girls that are interested in Cesar...

Ok so some girls that are interested in Cesar Velilla main question is did I feel any pain during surgery? The best way I can explain it is I didn't feel pain but I did feel him inside of me.....it was more so awkward than anything else, for the most part u are sleep and if u do wake up like I did, the doctor asks if u want more anesthesia because the anesthesiologist is not allowed to leave the surgery room until you are completely finished, he also gives u a pill that sedates you right before surgery, so the first 3 hours I was knocked out when asked the last hour if I wanted more I said no because I didn't care for anymore drugs and I wasn't in pain it was just something your not use too

I was so cared that i wouldnt get what i want but...

I was so cared that i wouldnt get what i want but to be hones i havent been following the rules and still my results are getting better and better, i am so hankful that i was actually able to get it, ladies never let anything stop u from whats going to make u happy....

Hey ladies, I'm almost 3 weeks post op and only...

Hey ladies, I'm almost 3 weeks post op and only the sides of my butt have soften some, the rest of my butt is still quite hard, does anyone know around a general time frame it goes back to normal or at least close to? And when is the earliest you can sit down, because I know I can't last a whole month, I've been sitting here and there mostly on the boppy pillow, but I'm even getting tired of that, I will make myself go to the 3rd week w/o sitting, but a month seems unrealistic, I guess my main question is when do u start feeling normal again, no soreness, no pain here and there, no funny feelings, just normal? And also I smoke, when can I start smoking again, and I'm not talking about cigarettes lmao shhhh lets keep that between us ladies, lol, hope to hear from some Vets soon
Dr Velilla

I found out about Dr. C. Velilla through a lot of research and I'm so glad I just didn't give in to a doctor that I really didn't want, his staff is sweet and very informative and definitely works with you, as far as the actual doctor I will speak with him next week but I have no doubt in my mind that he don't give me what i want, until next time sis, may all ur booty dreams come true! *muah* happy with my results but he's so busy that he didn't give me enough time in my opinion

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I would love to see your pics if you would email them I would be extremely greatful ") toylise@yahoo.com
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Hey chick inbox or text me. Lost ur #
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Ran across your page sis.. You look great.. keep healing great
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girl im 3mos and still swell so i could see 5mos. i will be wearing my sqeem until it subsides.
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Ur doing good tho, 3 months, I hope I wear it that long or maybe after 3 months ill switch to my squeem cause this long as garment is the worse lol, but how ya been hunnie bunnie?
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The squeem is magical lol. I'm afraid that I'll get too used to it, how it squeezes my waist in more, and develop unrealistic expectations after the swelling is gone. Girl! I went to Priscilla's the other day and racked up on sexy outfits lol just to walk around the house in. Smh I have problems lol.
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Lol u loving the new u, nothing wrong with that....tomorrow I'm buying a catholic girl costume for my hubby, fun times tomorrow night ; )
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Wow you look nice sis
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Thanks so much hun : )
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Hey girl do you have a email I could contact doctor Velilla with? The one I got off his website obviously isn't working!
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Contact Amanda@evolutionmd.com
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I say around 4/5 weeks po there was a drastic change in the way I felt. 7 weeks I felt normal. I'm 11 weeks and I still feel a pulling sensation when I stretch but doesn't hurt. Stretching actually feels good. I sat a lot! And I don't think it hindered anything. I'm still sitting on my boppy in my car I guess bc I'm too lazy to take it out and it's comfortable lol.
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Thanks boo, that's good to know because I can't take this laying on my stomach and standing too much longer, i sit on it bout a total of 2 to 3 hours a day some on the boppy some not lol, and ok so 3 more weeks of feeling this weirdness lol, I'm glad ur back to normal....so happy for u : )
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Hi, my job requires exercising, do you think that within a month. I would be able to run and do push ups or is that unrealistic because, I asked my doctor and he said yes. But I would like to hear from the perspective of a patient who knows the real deal. Thanks in advice.
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@yefery I still felt like crap 1 month po. Still couldn't bend and I was very sore and stiff. When i hit 1 month i was like " yea!! I can walk around w/o garment and do regular activities" and girlllllll big mistake! Go by how your body feels and dont overdo it. I will say 2 months stiffness became less. I'm coming up on 3 months and just now considering strenuous activities.
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Hey you're looking good!! Did he tell you the amount of fat he took out??
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Thanks and I don't remember the exact number but it was a little over 3,000 cc's
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He did an amazing job on you!!! sooo happy for you!!
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Thanks so much, means a lot...
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Super happy for u.my consult is on the 9th
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If u go with him you won't regret it, like I said he isn't the nicest but he will give u what u want
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He wasn't nice?? :-( anywho, *throws some coins your way* that thang is juicy lookin lol you've got a nice s curve going on in your back. My boo is killing it!!!*claps*
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No he was pretty busy with people the day I went and I only got to talk to him the day of my surgery, that morning...that was my fault tho because I didn't want to come Sat for my pre-op because that would add two extra night hotel payment....so I drove in that morning, he listened to me asked like 4 questions, and briefly explained the local anestia.....after follow up I seen him the day after and that was it.....however his staff make up big time for him they are beyond sweet and helpful.....and seem to genuinely care....but boo thanks a bunch.....ur hot to trot too....
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Looking good and happy healing!
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thanks babes....
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