Dr. Salama *December 18 2012* I LOVE MY RESULTS!!!

Hello ladies I am doing the BBL with Dr. Salama on...

Hello ladies I am doing the BBL with Dr. Salama on *February 4th 2013* and would LOVE to go the beginning/middle of December!! Please let me know if anyone has scheduled a BBL in December 2012 and would like to switch to a later date (February 2013)!!! I would so so so appreciate it so please msg me

*******I am still looking for a December 2011...

*******I am still looking for a December 2011 date!!********* I need to gain about 20 lbs before the surgery so I would love to have switched dates with someone at least by October so I can gain the weight in a healthy way.** PLEASE if anyone is looking to switch message me I would appreciate it sOO much !!!!!!!!!!



Sorry, meant December 2012*** in my previous post....

Sorry, meant December 2012*** in my previous post. not 2011

*To lipo inner thighs or not??* Ladiessss BBL...

*To lipo inner thighs or not??* Ladiessss BBL sisters what do you all think? I am contemplating adding my inner thighs (already have the basic areas + my upper arms) just because I want to add some more fat AND my thighs always rub together when I walk..but I am scared of it not being even or looking weird...also if you have small thighs will it make you look less curvy?? i kinda like my thighs lol anyone have an opinion?? u guys think its worth it?






I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to a lovely...

I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to a lovely lady on here I was able to take over her date and I am now scheduled for Oct. 4th 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means anyone who wanted a Feb 4th, 2013 date it is open as of now! Now I am wondering if I should still try for a December date bc that is what I originally wanted..if you have a December and are interested in moving yours up to October message me bc i may still want to switch. SO EXCITED either way that I moved up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and thank u to Foreverbooty for watching out...

oh and thank u to Foreverbooty for watching out for me!! prob would not have been able to move my date up without her. cannot forget that!!!!!

Okay so thx to QTQT2012 I was able to switch my...

Okay so thx to QTQT2012 I was able to switch my October with her December so now I am scheduled for DECEMBER 14th 2012!!!!!!! ahhh I am so excited I cannot believe it all finally worked out. I need to prepare and gain some more weight because I want that big booty with hips, projection & shelf the whole shebangggg.

I am planning on gaining around 15 lbs. Right now I am about 135-140, my measurements are 34-29-40 and I am 5'4-5'5. I am hoping to lose 4 inches from my waist and have a 25 inch waist or as tiny as it will go! and I want to add some more hipsss..I absolutely love the hourglass shape but unfortunately fat goes to my stomach, butt, thighs, hips, ARMS, and face proportionately...like what theeeee. it sucks. I am also getting my upper arms lipo'ed because they never seem to get as small as I want them to when I lose weight. I am debating my inner thighs, just to have some more fat, but I have heard bad things about them and I bruise SO easily my skin is sooo thin and light and delicate so I am unsure how it will look when it is healed. I want to have that crease in my booty underneath so maybe a little lipo there

I also have not told my boyfriend..I am nervous to tell him the truth, but am bringing a bestie with me who will help me thru it. i feel terrible but I think I am just going to tell him i am getting lipo..i am so scared he will judge me.

What should I do to prepare?!??!?! I need to seriously start thinking about this because I am SOOO excited now that everything is solidified!!!!

Thanks to all the ladies who kept their eyes out for me for a sooner date and especially thanks to the girls who switched with me you guys are lifesavers!!!!!!

I am looking for a place with a microwave, fridge,...

I am looking for a place with a microwave, fridge, oven and stovetop so that my bestie and I can cook some food and won't have to eat out...only needs to stay 2-3 ppl really, doesnt have to be huge, but i really don't wanna pay more than I have to so of course looking for a good deal and close to the office and ft. lauderdale airport..any suggestions??

So I just weighed myself and I am currently 141...

So I just weighed myself and I am currently 141 lbs at 5'4 1/2
Current measurements:


I am on the heavier side of my natural weight right now (normally 130) but want to gain around 10 lbs before surgery and be at 150 because i want him to add as much as possible in my booty and on the lateral sides to create more roundness in my hips. I am adding upper arms lipo, axillery area, MAYBE chin, and MAYBE inner thighs. Can't decide on either of those. I really want that round, curvy hip area with as big of a booty as he can give me!

Idea masurements: 36-25/24-43, hoping praying EXCITED!!

I am going to upload before pics as we near December..:) :) but am super worried about getting the time off from work and hoping I won't have to reschedule to a later date.

Just got my packet in the mail today...crunch time...

Just got my packet in the mail today...crunch time less than 3 months away! Very excited and hoping everything works out with my job and I can take 8 days off of work. I have started trying to gain weight...I am at 141 right now (I think) and am looking to get up to at least 155. I hope its not too soon to start eating my butt offffff

Just booked my flight and hotel..no turning back...

Just booked my flight and hotel..no turning back now!! lololol
I am so freaking excited, I hope I get the results I want and everything works out. Now all I have to do is book my massages for when I get back and PACK!! I need to get all of my vitamins, my doctor's clearance..am I missing anything?

Okay ladies haven't updated in a while and I feel...

Okay ladies haven't updated in a while and I feel like a big dummy bc I didn't take before pics..was under a lot of stress about th procedure and wasnt thinking about it, but I am gunna try to obtain my befores from the office an post on here w afters.

I just wanna start by saying I am literally amazes at my results. I am sooooo happy I went w dr salama and not another dr. He in my opinion is an ARTIST. I would one million percent recommend him to anyone . Everyone at EPS Miami was amazing and I literally have no complaints other than Larry being late and extremely busy. He was such a nice man, though and really cares about everyone so it wasn't too much of a problem. Everyone in the office would honestly bend over backwards for you and I don't know how they do it being so busy and in demand as they are. Love love love Cynthia nomie nancy Celia, didn't get to meet Ruben but have been emailing w him and he's also amazing. Absolutely love dr salama, please do not believe any negative thing you hear on here about him being too busy to give u the results u want. Yes He is the busiest man on earth and takes such pride in his work that he will give u ur dream body.

I found that I stressed wayyyy too much over this procedure and it wasn't worth stressing. This was the most pain I've ever been in in my life, but it got better every day and at 2 weeks post op I feel almost 100% bak to normal.

Pre op 5"3 1/2, 34 30 39/40, 143 lbs (tried to gain about 10 lbs)
Post op 2 weeks 34 26 45 (149 lbs, trying to keep the weight on so my fat cells don't die!!!)

My hips are huuuuge!!! The swelling has subsided an initially I was really upset bc I thought I was losing that dramatic hourglass he gave me, but it still looks ridiculously big and I honestly think I was around 48 inches hips when swollen. I have never seen my body like this.

I will do a more thorough review later, but I wanted to let u girls know to not be stressed. For those of u who have never had kids like me it was definitely a new type of pain. U will see ur skin and body looking so scary at first but everything slowly returns to normal and u have to tak care of yourself!
I would NOT let my friend go through this alone. You absolutely need someone to nurse u back to health and someone who won't complain when you need some Gatorade or your drains drained. Wheeeew this was tough. But I am definitely going back to get my inner thigh added to my butt bc I opted not to have it done and I think I would have gone Over th legal limit for lipo.

Still in my xxl original garment, added waist cincher over top for more stomach compression
Miami Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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Any pics plz
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Glad t hear ur doing good. I'm feb 4 th w Salama. So scared
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aw can u post pictures?
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I would love to see your transformation!
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wow! Those measurements are amazing!! haha :-) cant wait to see pics. So glad that you are happy and healing well. I went to the OR before I left and I think you were in surgery while I was there.
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Congrats! Glad to hear your happy and healthy!!
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Hey lady any update? Hope all went well!!
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I am two weeks post op tomorrow..I want to update my review but I forgot to take before pics and I'm literally SO happy with my results I don't want anyone recognizing me. I cannot even describe how happy I am I had the most amazing experience and I wouldn't recommend ANY other doctor for this procedure. This guy is an artist. Will post after pics and good luck on ur sx!!
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Amazing!! I'm so happy for u. Can't wait to c ur Pics!! Happy healing! Definitely kp checking reviews for healing tips and really gettin the most out of ur results. I've noticed some really good stuff from a few ladies on shrinking the waist and flat stomach!!! Which compliments the booty that much more
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Can u post pics plz :)
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Your date is tomorrow!!! Whoop whoop!! You must be thrilled!! I will be thinking of you tomorrow girl! Good luck!!
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You are only taking 8 days off work? Do you think it's going to be enough? I was told you will need full 2 weeks. ATy job, I sit on my ass a lot..office setting, meetings, etx. I am worried I won't be able to do that after 2 weeks!!!
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i am leaving miami on the 23rd..so i will only be there for 7 days ..but I am going to take 3 weeks total off of work. I can work from home a lot so I don't think it will be a problem, and I am going to see if I can get my drains taken out at home because I don't wanna risk getting fluid buildup yea that is annoying that you have to sit at your job but honestly I am saying I hurt my back and that is why I can't sit if anyone asks..it is only a month really of your entire life that you'll hav to deal with not sitting so there is no possible way i am going to risk all this money pain and effort AND my new booty to sit while working!!! lol. if i were you i would say kneel during work..itll be annoyiing at first but so worth it!!
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Are you ready for your date? It's so close. Wish it was here already ;-)
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Girl I am so nervous I just want my recovery to go smoothly no complications u know? Ur dec 14 right??
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Mine is Dec 13. I couldn't agree with you more, a smooth and no complication recovery. Question for you... in your packet, did it say anything about any other vitamins to take other than the iron and vitamin c? I've seen on a few that they are taking their vitamins that were on the list plus the iron and c. I'm so confused and stressing over it bcuz it was never stated nor put in my packet, oh well!!! I was just curious. Are you all packed and ready? Ha ha ha... not me. I'm such a procrastinater. Last minute, I'll get everything, I'm so bad.
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Yea, it wasn't in my packet either! Just those two. I take additional supplements like zinc and vitamin a and d because my pcp recommended so. These won't interfere so I figured it's fine. But yea, Bromelain and arnica aren't mentioned on the list either but I think these are super helpful to take.
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Yes, did you not get a sheet in your packet that says which vitamins to take? I think they may have taken it out for the recent packets bc I got mine a while ago and it has a ton if vitamins like b100 arnica zinc bioflavonoid along with the vitamin c and iron. But don't stress bc I read that nancy said the only ones u need to take are the vitamin c and iron and the rest are optional, so maybe that's why they left them out. Don't stress!!!! That is the worst thing to do. I have gotten a cosmetic procedure before and didn't take any vitamins bc they didn't tell me to. I think Salamas office just wants us to be as prepared as possible physically, but as long as u take the c and iron u will be in good shape. I've been stressing so much, but then I remembered the other day ..like I'm about to do something to improve myself and I should be so exited. It's easier to think that way then to stress!!
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I am very very fair skinned and I bruise super easy so I think taking arnica two weeks before will counter act that afterwards
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Your date is right around the corner girly!!! Good luck on everything, I will be praying for you.
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thank you lady i am so nervous but sooo ready! it's been a long time coming. when are u scheduled?
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Lol I can only imagine bc I'm dying waiting lol I'm scheduled for June 28th
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Hey guys. I have a dec 7 date for salama and need to gain 15 lbs for it. i also cant get off work till the following week. I REALLY need a later date in December if anyone has a later date and wants to switch for my dec 7 please message me!
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