I am a heinz 57 mixture with Italian, Canadian,...

I am a heinz 57 mixture with Italian, Canadian, & Mexican. I am 34, 5'3 and 173 ( looks like I'm the biggest on here), but have to admit that I don't look that big. After having 2 kids, being on the pill, then tying my tubes... I got fat :( I'm so insecure with how I look and feel. I took after my daddy & my biological mom who both have no butt.. Pretty sad, but at least I have boobs, lol. My sis got blessed with all the booty but yet has no boobs. Wish I was blessed with both.

I have been researching this procedure for over 2yrs already, going on 3yrs... Very frustrating especially being in Texas now for 7 yrs and originally from Cali and no Dr out here in Texas really knows how to do it and with the results that I want. I take a picture with me and they tell me that the pics are photoshopped and there was more work than just a brazilian. Very annoying. Also the 6/7 drs I went to go see, all told me that I should get a tummy tuck. My thing was F the tummy, give me a booty and then I'll do tummy. I found 1 Dr who wanted to charge me $9,999 for only 120cc's in each... Are you freakin serious, oh heck no, damn rip off. Then heard on the news about another Dr who was performing the Brazilian on a woman and punctured her heart... Are you serious?? That is another reason why I am kinda fearful of going under =\ When I noticed a lot of women were going to Aventura Fl for the procedure, I was curious and looked it up and my mind was set. I have a very supportive husband who is by my side in my decision, I know it's also because he loves the fact of me having a big booty ;) I don't want Nicki Minaj big, but I want round and bubblelicious because right now, I am seriously flat as a wall where in high school, my close friend called me Long Back :( so embarrassing. I want to be able to wear yoga pants and have some booty there, my butt is sad and looks like how Eeyore on Winnie The Pooh sounds, lol. Spoke to Nancy at Salama's office and said that I would also need a tummy tuck. When she said that, I got nervous because I am so worried about the pain and plus with the cons of it since my friend (the one who use to call me Long Back) got a tummy tuck and got a nasty infection and the Dr had to go in a redo it, talk about OUCH!! She tells a lot of our friends to stay away from tummy tucks. I know it all depends on the Dr, she went to somebody in California. I also just read that somebody got the Brazilian & TT from Salama and she didn't like the results. I totally get that your body is hella swollen and takes time to take effect. Curious though, the ones that get TT, do they also wear the garment right after the TT & BBL?

Another thing... Where is somewhere good to stay while out there and not so expensive??

Give me any feedback please, the more, the better :)

I would post before pics, but still not that confident yet, it would be a scary sight to see =\

I just heard that Salama is not doing both...

I just heard that Salama is not doing both procedures at once. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... This is why I went with him. I do not want to go elsewhere and especially out of country. Nobody here in Texas is as good as Salama, they're all conservative and proper. This woman needs a flat belly and a nice booty. Please if anyone knows of anything, please fill me in. Either way, I'm going to call the office tomorrow first thing in the morning.

Basically I have been hearing all kinds of things...

Basically I have been hearing all kinds of things on here.. I need to stay off this sight from now on because of some complaints that people complain about. Things are changing now and I am so bummed out :( I was all excited and now bummed.. Really Sucks!!! People need to wait awhile to see their results before they start complaining, just common sense!!!

I'm not going to stress over this issue that...

I'm not going to stress over this issue that happened, it's done & over with. Just SUCKS ASS!!! Oh well, I'm not the Surgeon, he has his reasons why he changed his mind, I'm not mad at him. I just thought it was a good deal to get both procedures done at the same time (TT & BBL), now we have to pay separate times. One thing though, his work is better than the PS out here in Texas and for what Texas PS charge.. is out the roof. It's worth going to Salama. Just have to wait now til Dec 13. I hate the waiting game.

Flights & Condo Booked!!! Wish it was December...

Flights & Condo Booked!!! Wish it was December already. I haven't been losing weight as I should but am watching what I eat, only dropped 3 lbs, but hey, that's ok. My kids are gone to California for a month and come back next week so hubby & I have been living like honey mooners, lol.. if you know what I mean, but damn.. Wish I had my ass too really enjoy our honey mooning!!! I hardly ever come on here but I do check up here & there. When it gets closer to time for surgery then I will post before shots. Who knows, maybe sooner because my husband is saying I should post some, but I'm saying a lil before the surgery date I will.

Ugh... I am feeling a little down. I'll be honest,...

Ugh... I am feeling a little down. I'll be honest, I'm thinking about the whole procedure and I am so scared of the pain afterwards and what if I don't like it and what if this and that??? What if I didn't pick the right Dr, I feel that Salama is getting too booked where he just see's us as a number now. Shoot.. I know this man lives fat, lol!!! No, but for reals, I feel like if he won't hear me out.. maybe that's a good thing that my husband is coming so he can ask him what he plans to do for me to look good, well anything better than a flat butt, right? Ugh.. I love everyones results after the procedure so I guess I found the right Dr ;) I just want the recovery part to hurry up and get done already, Lol.. I'm such a dork since I still have 4 more months to wait. Ugh.. need to get this fear outta me.

I HATE THE WAITING GAME... My Diet Has Been Crappy...

I HATE THE WAITING GAME... My Diet Has Been Crappy Lately, But It's Ok, I Am So Motivated Right Now Since Time Is Seriously Flying By!!! Paid In Full & Everything Is Booked, Just Have To Stay Healthy :) I'll be quite honest, I am so fearful with the pain.. I'm afraid when I come out of surgery, I will want to box with the nurses and be psycho.. lol. I guess that's how I was when I came out of surgery when I had my tubes tied, they had to give me a shot to calm my butt down. Please advise me of anything I should get now for my trip in December.. any info is good so I'm fully prepared. Thanks BBL Sisters ;)

Now I'm getting impatient!!! I know time will fly...

Now I'm getting impatient!!! I know time will fly by. I mean 2 more months til I visit my home state California to see family & friends. Then when I come back, I'll only have a couple more weeks til I fly out to beautiful Florida. The only thing I'm scared of is that I may not have everything I need for recovery and I'm so scared of the pain and the massages.... please somebody reassure me that everything will be ok, lol!!! Until next time my BBL sisters. The beginning of December I will post before pics.

Oops meant to say 1 more month til I go on vacay...

Oops meant to say 1 more month til I go on vacay to Cali with the fam bam then when I come back, I will have just a couple of more weeks before I get the B Double O TY ;)




HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO EVERYONE!! Already told the hubby that next year I will dress up since I will have a nice booty ;)

Only 2 weeks and 3 days left for me to get the...

Only 2 weeks and 3 days left for me to get the booty done. I'm scared and I'm excited. I'm hoping & praying that Salama does a great job!! I think anything added to my butt will be great with the pancake that I have now for a butt... I hate it!!! Will post pics next week, before pics will be scary, may break your screen, lol. I gained 4 lbs with the holidays and vacation I was on in California, so back to a strict diet and exercise!!! I need to lose the 4 and then maybe 5 more then I will be good... hopefully!!! Well until then, ttyl.

Super anxious!!!! I will post a before pic soon. I...

Super anxious!!!! I will post a before pic soon. I know I'm not getting any response to my updates or anything cuz a lot of u pass by the ones who don't have pics, but it's ok... I'm doing just fine with trying to figure everything out on my own. I just like looking at the ones that are around my date and the after pics. Notice that realself is getting to be more negative than positive. Wishing you all BBL family the best. May post when I land and after signing my life away ;)

So I have 10 more days til the big day!!! Trying...

So I have 10 more days til the big day!!! Trying everything I can to stay healthy, but it's either allergies or a lil cold. Stuffed up nose, post nasal drip and that's irritating my throat. Trying to push the fluids and fruits and veggies and vitamin c, zinc, down my throat. Any advice will help BBL family ;)

Time is dragging. I'm still nervous, but I know...

Time is dragging. I'm still nervous, but I know that's all natural. My allergies are kicking butt mad what sucks is that I can't take any otc meds :( oh well. Well till next time.

So my time was 7:30 a.m. Salama is an awesome Dr....

So my time was 7:30 a.m. Salama is an awesome Dr. Now the pain is bearable for the beginning except for the burning where the front drain is... sucks ass. Peeing sucks ass, I've tried the water bottle but that's a joke... I pee everywhere on the garment and my piss stinks like the medicine when you go thru surgery. Ate chicken noodle soup, crackers, gatorade, ginger ale, and water... I don't have an appetite what so ever but have to eat. Laying on stomach sucks ass. Ok, well we'll see how it goes 2mrw at garment change, hope I don't sock someone since my body is sooooooo damn sensitive... ouch. Would I do it over, maybe but tummy tuck next time :-) just wanted to inform u how I'm doing. I'm not sleepy at all. I know there's no pictures but will post soon.

Only got 4 hrs of sleep last night. Ugh, I'm so...

Only got 4 hrs of sleep last night. Ugh, I'm so tired. Percocets don't help me with pain at all. Hubby went to go get some Vicadin for me.. hope those work. Can't wait to take Motrin. I have burning sensation in lower abdomen. I've been eating like crazy and drinking like crazy. Haven't been nauseous, thank God because when I do a lil cough, it hurts like hell. All I have to say to all of you is drink drink drink drink drink and eat lots of protein and iron rich foods. Got foams put in today. Not even going to try to attempt a shower. I can be dirty and smelly until Sunday. I get my 1st massage on Monday... eek, kinda scared with that. Tried to post a pic from my Galaxy but won't let me. I have a before and after. When I get home next Friday I will, maybe Saturday. Once again... I'm happy with my results so far. I don't mind my butt shrinking a lil bit. It's huge!!!

Got a lil bit more sleep but not much. My head is...

Got a lil bit more sleep but not much. My head is pounding like a mofo, I'm already proned to get migraines to begin with and sleeping on stomach isn't helping with that. Head all the way down to my neck are so stiff and hurt. Don't like pain pills but have been taking them to ease the pain and the burning sensation in lower abdomen. I had a break down last night bcuz I feel bad being so independent on my hubby which takes real good care of me. The condo we're staying at is so amazing, Aventura is gorgeous but the people here are rude and drive like mad men. Would I come back? Heck yeah but with my kids and make it into a nice vacation. I feel as if my body is shrinking already. Hope from this day on, it at least gets a lil better each day.

Today is day 4 and I feel like my butt is going to...

Today is day 4 and I feel like my butt is going to explode... literally. My lower stomach burns too. I feel burning in my butt. This journey is rough. I don't know how these girls do it by themselves. Guess I'm a big baby. Thank God I have my husband with me. He's a great help. Make sure you all drink tons of fluids as soon as u get out of recovery. Make sure u eat protein and iron rich foods and do your walks... can't push that enough. Went out to eat today and stood at the bar. I looked like a dork but I really didn't care. People stare when I walk bcuz I waddle like a duck, but I play and act like if I had a mommy make over or a c-section, lol. People are so rude here and drive like mad men. I went to whole foods to get pineapple juice and I guess I was walking to slow for her and she was so close to hitting me with her car so I slowed down even more and started cursing at her. So many high class people with their nose stuck up in the air :-\ Grrrrr. Haven't gone poop yet and it's worrying me. I'm so scared to go poop. I need to buy my Yakults to get me going again. I've been losing my appetite lately. The 1st 2 days I was eating like a pig. If u have any question... feel free to ask. Finally able to post pics. My before shot is horrible, surprised I didn't break the camera. Gonna rest now.

So had a better night in the fact that I wanted to...

So had a better night in the fact that I wanted to sleep more but couldn't because I was to stiff. Woke up to go pee and walk for 20 minutes then fell right back to sleep. Woke up in the morning and ate 2 eggos and glass of orange juice with a Vicadin to get ready for torture (massage). I was so nervous and stressed to where I was working myself up crying... I know, big baby. Got to the office and seriously wanted to break down, but didn't. So Eilyn called me back and my hubby came to help me undress. Then I kicked him out because I didn't want him to see me in pain. So laid on my tummy ans she massaged my legs which felt good and I though yo myself "if it feels like this, I'll be good!" Ha ha ha.. that was a joke. She worked on my back and OMG.. that was torture. Yup, I cried no screaming. Breathing hard in the pillow and a low cry. It was no fun. She was getting stuff to drain so that was a good thing. Turned around to lay on my back, at that point, I didn't care about my butt. She started working on stomach and the worst pain was my sides, talk about painful. The lower abdomen burned like hell. I had a towel over my face so I could cry and curse if I had you. I wanted it done asap. As soon as I was done, had the hubby dress me and I felt lighter and not as stiff. Still can't walk the greatest. I was starving after and got me a done whopper... yup, double. Took the top bun off and ate it. I had a craving for meat.. weird. It was delish :-) seen another couple in the office and they were hella cool. We're all trying to be here for Bootylicious since she is here by herself :-( my heart goes out to her since her friend left her. I'm telling you... you can't do this on your own, she even says it. Her room has no microwave, no room to walk around. Having her come over when my husband picks her up to wash her garment and clothes. Like I said.. this surgery is no joke and u need someone who has patience and who is willing to be there for u. It's not a vacation, that's for sure. Well I'm gonna laydown for a lil bit then go get some water, I'm so thirsty now... real thirsty.

Ok... lesson learned. I need to stay away from...

Ok... lesson learned. I need to stay away from sodium, I blow up with it. No more Gatorade for me either. Nothing but water. Massage really helped me out today. I have been on my feet way too much today and need to rest. I have the attitude, I can move more and I'll be fine.. yeah right. My feet are so swollen. No more salty foods. Nothing but pure healthy ;-) I didn't spend all this $$$$ to gain weight back I mean I lost 26 lbs before this surgery. Gotta keep it looking mighty fine, lol... I know.. a total dork. Have a good night everyone.

Went and had my 2nd massage. It hurt but not as...

Went and had my 2nd massage. It hurt but not as bad as the 1st. Only 2 spots where I'm sensitive, I teared up. I'm still stiff and my butt is so hard and feels like I'm carrying around 20lbs around. My back starts hurting. I've been weening off of the Vicadin and switched to Motrin and that works too. Tried to take a trip to Miami for dinner and that was a joke. My hubby and I ate... I eat standing up at the bar. Coming back to the condo, we see a flash... yup, red light camera... ugh. My husband was so upset. I feel bad bcuz we're out here in Florida and he's couped up in the condo. So I sacrificed and laid in the back and went out to dinner. I was so sore from standing te whole time so I grabbed a chair and sat on my knees. I get so many looks, but I don't care. Have to say that today was a lil bit better for me. Now gonna go to sleep... well try since I wake up every 2 hrs so Damn stiff and always needing to go pee. Will update 2mrw after my 3rd massage. Goodnight BBL Family.

Had a rough night and I got so cramped up a lot...

Had a rough night and I got so cramped up a lot even tried moving my legs around and didn't help. I'm on my 6th day already so I ate some toast since it's bland. I'm so tired and I mean tired where my eyes are swollen and look black :-( I am tired of being stuck in this condo not doing shit. I'm tired of this garment already but I understand its for compression, I miss my kids to death :'( I want to go home to my own bed and couch. Well gotta get ready for my 3rd massage and then come back and rest or walk or I don't know what. I'm done with pain pills been switching to Motrin instead. I'm not a big pain med person so maybe that's why I'm starting to feel nauseous... who knows??? Oh... I also feel my garment is getting loser so that's a good thing that means swelling is going down :-)

So I went for my third massage and it hurt. Celia...

So I went for my third massage and it hurt. Celia said I have fluid build up. She can do some massage.. she's good. She helped me with my garment and said what size is this. She seemed upset due to the fact that it was too big for me mad that's why I have fluid. So she switched me to 2 sizes smaller after talking to Salama and telling him I need a new garment :-\ I told her that it will not fit me. She got it on and stuffed all my fat and bit did it hurt so bad. She gave me a butt out one and I swear it's cutting my circulation off all around the butt cheeks and it's seriously ripping me another asshole :'( it's giving camel toe... it's horrible. I HATE IT!!! Above my coochie burns so bad. The arms are ripping me the ass part is hella tight. I'm so miserable :'( had to contact Ruben and the hubby talked to him and he said to switch back to the other. It does not look right at all. I am not being in the plane like this all day Friday... hell no. What I'm irritated about is that I feel after the massages a nurse should come in and see us to see if we're healing right and if we should get a new garment or not. Don't leave that to the massage therapist. I kinda see it as yeah "Just Another Number" shit... I have to go home with a drain... I was trying to avoid that. How come they didn't see if I needed a smaller garment a couple of days ago. I HATE the butt cut out one... sucks ass. Fuck... I'm so mad. I feel as if I got burned on one of my stretch marks above my coochie... it hurts so bad. I'm so tired of being here, I'm ready to go.

I will update later. Soaking up my kiddos. Soaking...

I will update later. Soaking up my kiddos. Soaking up my mom too before she flies back home to Cali today :'( been super emotional lately.

Sorry I haven't updated sooner. Well on the 20th I...

Sorry I haven't updated sooner. Well on the 20th I went to go see Salama and he said I was healing good and I had my 4th massage and it felt good. I love Celia... she knows how to use her hands. They took my back drain out and left my front one in and he showed my husband how to take it out... Eeek, I'm kinda scared o_O I know it will be ok though... I am not going to watch him do it. I hope it's not painful at all. Had my garment changed with the butt in and Nomie was not wanting me to get the size that I wanted but Salama told my husband to get that size and even Celia was there and heard the Dr. so she went and got me the size Salama said. Nomie was so against it and I don't know why..... she is/was not my favorite person at all, she's real cold and knows how to put on a front in front of your face. All the other girls are as sweet as pie. Anyways said our goodbyes and went back to the condo and packed. Went to go visit my girl Bootylicious which is a strong woman who did all this by herself.. I give her so much credit. Took her out to dinner and we said goodbye :-( I DO NOT SUGGEST ANYONE TO DO THIS ALONE AT ALL!!! PLEASE FIND SOMEBODY WHO IS TRUSTWORTHY AND UNDERSTANDS THIS IS NOT A VACATION AT ALL.. YOU NEED TIME TO RECOVER.

Friday 21st... We flew home. Before we left, my husband cut out the butt on the garment since it was tight in the butt. It was a lil uncomfortable but it wasn't tight anymore on my rear. We get to the airport super early and it was dead so my husband found 3 seats together without arm rails and yup.. I plopped myself down... laid down for 2 hrs and our flight was delayed and hour.. we were frustrated and I was swelling up in my legs. I got preboard, said I had surgery on my back. I got front seat of the plane. Sucked the whole flight... there was turbulence 2hrs of the way so that meant I had to sit and boy it hurt and was uncomfortable. Stood for 1hr. That day was horrible. I was glad to be home. Spent time with my mom and kids.

Saturday 22nd.... rested all day long. My mom left back to California and my kids were great helpers. Missed them so much. It's like I caught up on all the sleep that I lost out there in Florida. Still can't sleep past 2 hrs at a time, I get so cramped up, my back starts hurting so I have to get up and walk around. Also, during the day my stomach was so upset and I'm thinking it's all the antibiotics finally getting out of my system. Was not fun taking on/off my garment all those times. Anyways... slept ok at night. I'm noticing my legs hurt more, it feels like growing pains.

Sunday 23rd... woke up stiff, walked it off. Now just hanging with the kids. I can't wait to take the drain out. Once that is out.. I think things will be way better. Going to try the butt out garment in another week. I love how my results are coming out. Pretty impressed. I've been doing the heating pad on and off and it helps. I even give myself massages. I have a question... do any of you get sharp shooting pains? I do and I hate them :-\ well that's it for now. The 1st week was rough but as the days go by, they're getting a lil easier, I just want the sore spots to not be sore anymore, wish the swelling would be completely gone but I know with time, things will be all in place. Happy Healing To All!!!!! Thanks So Much For Everyone's Feedback... Much Appreciated!!!

Have to admit... each day does get better. I'm...

Have to admit... each day does get better. I'm happy I found a Dr who will take my drain out for me rather than my husband playing Dr and doing it. Today I did a lot on my own and only asked kids for a lil help ;-) last night was a lil rough due to staying in one position.. got a bad headache so I would just get up and pace around from the kitchen to the living room bcuz I did not want to lay back down. I dread laying down now. Other than laying down in one position, everything else is doing good. Need to start giving myself massages and need my husband to give me one on my back. Back to watching A Christmas Story with the fam. Merry Christmas Eve To You All... Be Blessed!!!!

Today had my drain removed, I found a PS out here...

Today had my drain removed, I found a PS out here to pull it out for me. Thank God cuz I don't think I could've done it. When I went, I told the nurse that there was bad burning from the incision where the tube was coming out from and when she went to cut the stitches, she tells me "No wonder it burns you, there's a suture digging in your skin." She cut it and she pulled it and showed me and it was big, the piece that was stuck in my skin. Then she asked if I was ready for her to pull out the drain and I said "Go For It!" Ouch.... it burnt the whole tome she pulled it out. That thing is about 9 inches long. Even burnt afterwards for about 30 min. I feel so much better now. I'm so glad it is out now. Going to order another garment 2mrw from Salama's office. Yup... doing the butt in so my husband can cut the butt out. The butt out garment is way to darn tight for my ass... I don't like it and neither does he on me so I can't complain since he is the one that paid for my ass ;) he's such a
Great guy... 15 yrs together and still in love as if we first met ;) anyways. I'm loving my results. Yes I'm not skinny and yes I still have all my stretch marks but love the shape of my body. Salama did his work on me. Tummy tuck is later on in life... maybe... we'll see. I'm so happy I'm not a long back anymore, I have booty now :)

Ugh... I found a dent in my butt... I am so bummed...

Ugh... I found a dent in my butt... I am so bummed out :'( hoping when booty drops and gets soft, it'll fill it in. I am just happy that I have A new butt rather than my old flat butt. Need to put the board in today, kinda dreading it since it looks so uncomfortable.

I am 16 days post op and feeling good. I have a...

I am 16 days post op and feeling good. I have a lil burning but that is due to the fact that I need a massage desperately... I get one 2mrw, Thank God. I'm going back and forth on ordering a Squeem. I think I am. Ugh.. the only thing that sucks is that I can't sit and my poor kids are just here at the house. At least my hubby is taking them out. Well yesterday I went to the mall with the hubby and kids, had to sit down on my knees in the backseat which wasn't bad. Went into Hollister and this dumb broad bumped into my ass so hard that I felt it hrs later. I wanted to sock a bitch... she didn't say excuse me or sorry. Instead of reacting with a punch or cursing at her, I grabbed my ass and my daughter was so sweet and concerned. Mind you she's only 13 soon to be 14 in a couple of days. She said let's go mom, it's too tight in here and too many people. Other than that.. I'm good. I've been living with my heating pad too, it's such a good thing when I start hurting.

Happy New Year BBL family!! I'm doing ok. I just...

Happy New Year BBL family!! I'm doing ok. I just want the swelling and the burning to go away. I know with time it'll go down. I also have to keep reminding myself that I am not skinny and I have extra skin and stretch marks so I won't look like a lot of the thinner girls. I do admit that I love the fact that my stomach is so much smaller than before and my butt looks good. Kinda bummed out due to the fact that I wish I had fat injected in my hips, I have very tiny but yet my shoulders look like can be a boxer, they're so broad. Can't wait to receive my Squeem. I'm fed up with the garment. I really feel that it's compressing too much on my hips and thighs. I just need compression on my stomach, waist, and back the most. I will post pics on thursday.

Well I'm 3 weeks today and I had to drive my kids...

Well I'm 3 weeks today and I had to drive my kids to school. They went back today after Christmas break. Talk about sitting... it sucked. I put a pillow and the boppy and that didn't work, I mean it was cushiony but just sitting period hurt :( but I have to take my kids to & from school so I need to suck it up and just do my job. I am sad that my kids aren't here... they were such awesome help. Just waiting on my Squeem vest. Better be here today since I paid for 2/3 day delivery. Will post a pic later. My butt isn't huge but it's perfect size for me ;)

Well I feel as if I should be thinner but have to...

Well I feel as if I should be thinner but have to realize that I do need a tt but that will come next year. I just need to work on my arms and work on my tummy. I don't want to lose weight in my butt since it has gone down a lot. Mind u, it was flat to begin with so what I have is good. My hisband is already saying round 2, oh hell no.. he can go thru the pain with me too amd he can get it done also, lol. Sorry the lighting is different than the before pic but that's really me :)

They never told me how long to wear the...

They never told me how long to wear the compression garment for so I'm kinda lost on how long?

Well today is 4 weeks post op. I feel my butt has...

Well today is 4 weeks post op. I feel my butt has shrunk a lot but you know what? It's so much better than before. I mean I had nothing now I have something :) I still have a lil tummy pooch but I can live with that, the hubby doesn't mind at all. He's so happy with my new butt and even when I get down at the fact it shrunk, he's such a great encourager. God I'm Blessed With The Best Guy! I know I need a tummy tuck but my butt was my priority. I still have some numbness in my back and flanks. I don't think the Doc took so much out of my tummy due to the fact that I have mommy skin... loose skin and stretch marks. Other than that... I'm still healing and I'm praying my butt stays just like this, if not then I know a tummy tuck will make the illusion that I have a big butt. I just look thick now and not just flabby so I'm a happy camper :)

I'm 32 days post op and when I take off my foam,...

I'm 32 days post op and when I take off my foam, board, spanx, waist cincher, squeem.. my flanks start feeling like they're on fire. Guess the sensation is all part of healing. I hate it. Nerves take a long time to heal :( has anybody else experienced this sensation also? There's also lil pink marks on my flanks, they've been there since day one so I don't know if those are burn marks from the cannula. Who knows, I just want to heal for good already. The healing part is so annoying.

What the hell is up with this place? Shoot... I...

What the hell is up with this place? Shoot... I try to update but maybe bcuz I'm bigger and still need a tummy tuck and don't have banging results, people don't respond which is fine with me bcuz all that matters is that I LOVE MY RESULTS! Then all this drama crap saying people are photoshopping their pics. Seriously this place is for encouragement not for put downs. I give up. I feel like deleting pics and getting far away from this site. I hate drama, I'm too old for it.. I'm not a young spring chicken. I'm an old woman. I back Salama up all the way. He does great work and I'M HAPPY WITH THE NEW ME AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS!!!

5 weeks today and man do I itch so badly on my...

5 weeks today and man do I itch so badly on my back. Sucks big time. Got my Vedette today... it's tight. Dang... shots out to my girl Bootylisious, she looks so freakin amazing. Salama did art on her. She's gorgeous and such an amazing personality. Love That Girl!!! Nothing major to report. I am doing great. My incision at the bottom right butt cheek where he injects the fat bugs me, It feels like how a bruise would feel... it's a lil irritating. I was comparing tummy tucks with good drs out here & there's no comparison to Salama. He does amazing work all the way around so I will make that he will be the one to do my tt. ;) be Blessed my bbl family

I know I need to post pics but too be honest I'm...

I know I need to post pics but too be honest I'm not model status or big booty status. My butt was huge at first but who's isn't. I mean I got 1,000 ccs injected which is a great amount with my rear being so small. I also believe before surgery I was losing weight and to begin with I had no ass well working out made it worse, I lost more there. Well I guess that's where I lose my weight. I haven't worked out and I'm eating super good ;) so why is my butt disappearing? I mean it's still cute and bubbly but too be honest, it doesn't match my body. I need my tummy tuck. So I called up Nancy and I will put my deposit down towards my tt and I will schedule it summer 2014, so a year and a half so that way all my swelling is down and gone. If I take pics don't mind my pooch and leftover fat. I knew I would have some since I was overweight and need a tt.

Another thing that's bugging me is this burning sensation that I have on my flanks. I'm doing everything I can to make it go away but nothing works. There's even pink marks and what I'm thinking is that I got burnt with the cannula. I looked online what burns from it looked like and they said it would be pink on the skin. I mean he did get a lot of fat off my flanks that's for sure ;) I'm just tired of feeling it when I bend which that I hardly do since the burning bugs me when I have the cincher on. Speaking of cincher. I'm sick of it! I want to be wearing normal clothes without cinchers and spanx under and board. I have one pic that I took. Yes I know I need more from front and back. Will do it soon. Sorry I haven't updated lately. I'm just so self consious about the way I look.

Here are a couple of 6 week post op pics. Mind...

Here are a couple of 6 week post op pics. Mind you, I was not thin to begin with but love the way Salama left me. I am going to get a tt and I know that will bring my butt out more. I was over weight going in but Salama did great. He sucked the heck outta my flanks, he sure does do aggressive lipo. I am still swollen but I know that takes time. Overall... I'm pleased with my outcome. No complaints at all. Started sleeping on my sides and it feels good until my waist cincher starts digging into my shoulers. I still can't sleep on my back, it hurts. I sit on my pillow only to take my kids to school and I've been doing that for awhile as soon as I get home, I stay off my butt. I will update at my 8 week mark.

Well I'm 7 weeks today. Nothing has changed much....

Well I'm 7 weeks today. Nothing has changed much. I know I'm still swollen in my back and flanks. My tummy is not pretty but I can cover that up, no biggie since tt will happen next year. Shoot, Salama hooked this Guerra up with a nice butt and a waist. Can't complain!!! He's seriously amazing at what he does. So I looked up local ps around here and no thank you for the tt. I'm sticking with Salama. I love his tt work. Oh yeah... I'm still not sitting a lot. Only to drive my kids to and from school. Maybe next week I may sit a lil more ;)

Grrrrrr.... I hate this burning sensation in my...

Grrrrrr.... I hate this burning sensation in my back & flanks? It's so frustrating. I was told and even read that it can last up to 6 months. I'm so tired of it. Guess ice packs will be next. I also have days where I'm super swollen in lower back and when I massage it out, it helps. It's all compressed very well.

I just have to keep reminding myself that he really didn't touch my stomach area due to the fact that I do need a tt. I wish I could get the tuck next month but have to wait a year :'(

If any of u have any remedies for my burning and soreness back & flanks please fill me in. Thanks Luvs. Glad the Ravens won the super bowl even though I'm a die hard Oakland Raiders fan #RaiderNationBaby as long as they beat the 9ers ;)

Nothing new just still swollen. I'm ready for my...

Nothing new just still swollen. I'm ready for my tt, next year 2014. Love my booty. Still the same size as it was at 4 weeks.

It sounds kinda fishy to me. Then the screen name...

It sounds kinda fishy to me. Then the screen name they chose, yeah... I know it's not legit. Somebody by the name of Nichole Fukuoka. Ummm, what the heck? Anybody else get a message like this? It seems weird to me.

Nothing Exciting Here. I'm sitting more without my...

Nothing Exciting Here. I'm sitting more without my pillow. Haven't lost anymore and looks just as it did at week 6. I have a consultation next month for a tummy tuck with a different Dr just realizing that it'll be better if I do it in the state I reside in or even my home state. It'll be a process.. need to gather information and details and see pics before I decide on anything. If nothing attracts me, then Salama will be the man.

My butt still has sore spots. I went on Tuesday for a massage and she said that I still have swelling. I wear my waist cincher, foams and board at bed time.

Hope everyone had a blessed valentine's day.I know I did ;)

Well 10 weeks today. Let me tell you, I itch so...

Well 10 weeks today. Let me tell you, I itch so freakin bad and I Googled that ish to see if I'm ok and it's all part if nerves reattaching and it's a good sign. I swear it looks like I have a disease always itching. I slept one night without any waist cinchers or spanx and omg I turned to the other side and it felt like somebody was giving me an Indian burn but 20 times worse, felt like my skin was going to rip open. Not doing that again, gonna make sure I sleep with a cincher and spanx on. It was an ugly feeling. I'm sitting without a pillow now. I had to sit on the floor to help my daughter with her science project and oh gosh it hurt so bad trying to get back up, will nevet do that again cuz it feels like my butt was all squished and gone, lol, it wasn't, it was all there.

My thing is I have no idea what fluffing means.... what is that? I will post a butt pic soon. I just took one of my waist since my sister wanted motivation to lose weight, she's crazy but it worked cuz she's at the gym everyday.

I'm 3 1/2 months post op. No change at all just in...

I'm 3 1/2 months post op. No change at all just in need of a tummy tuck majorly bad. I have no new pics since it still lools exactly the same. Still don't know what fluffing means. My butt feels nice and jiggly and feels
like real fat ;-) I love my booty. Dr S missed a couple of spots but I'm ok with that since I am planning on getting a tt in December with another Dr due to the fact that I want to stay in my state. Don't want to spend way more than I have too on hotel, flights, food, and more importantly... being away from my kids. I hated being away from my life (my kiddos). My husband and I did the math and it would be the same if I was to fly to Fl or stay here and drive 3 hrs away. Salama was giving me a GREAT price for a tt since I was one that wanted both procedures done at the same time when I booked last June and he wasn't doing both.
I still have burning sensation all in my back but learning to deal with it. When I sleep on my back... it hurts, so basically I can't. Whe. I sleep on my right side, it burns the most. I notice when I sit for too long, my butt hurts bad. That's mainly it.

I am almost 5 months post op. My butt is the same...

I am almost 5 months post op. My butt is the same as week 4. I love it. Now my stomach on the other hand looks horrible now that everything is soft... it's all hanging and loose. I workout everyday well except Fridays and the weekend.. that time is for my fam. I eat clean but I do admit, I splurge here and there, but I don't over do it. I can contain myself. I'm sooo happy that I don't have a flat back anymore, I finally have a scoop. Already set my surgery date for a tummy tuck in December with Dr Cortes. Super excited about that. I need a tt soooo badly. All the drs I've seen have told me that I need one. Once I get that, I'm done with my body. I've always wanted a butt and a flat tummy again. Oh.. dr Cortes is also going to lipo all over including inner thighs and more on my bra line and I'm asking for arms too. I haven't gained weight but I haven't lost any. I'm scared to lose since I don't want to lose my butt. Dr Salama is amazing at what he does... I have no regrets going to him. I kinda regret not getting hips. Dr Cortes is going to add that too. I just want the time to fly already. In 2 weeks, taking the kids on vacation to Playa Del Carmen Mexico to chill on the beach :-)
I still get burning sensations all on my back and mainly on my lower fkanks. My scars are noticable because I'm soooo white skinned. Need to get outside and turn brown especially before our trip. Other than that... healing process is almost over since I still have burning sensations. In the pics, you'll see how after healing that my tummy is loose and needs help... it's not fat, it's extra skin. No matter how much I workout, that nasty ugly skin will still be there :'(

9 months post op (no pics)

Nothing has changed, just the fact that my butt is perfect in size ;) I would post pics but nothing special. I do not like how loose my stomach is. Counting down the months for my tummy tuck. I'll be posting after that. All I need is the tt and I'll be good. No more surgeries after that. The bbl was a pain in the butt. Hoping the tt is a breeze. When I think about taking a pic.. I'll post it. Sorry I don't post every month like I should but nothing drastic has changed.

Dec 13th was my 1 year post op bbl

Nothing has changed at all. Butt is all good and is still cute and bubbly. Yesterday had my tt with dr cortes in houston and I'm very impressed with it. I haven't seen my results. I see it as if I'm flatter than before, than I am good. The bbl is way more worse than the tt. I wouldn't get a bbl again but a tt, yes I would. Also the tt makes you realize that you use your core muscles for everything. Crazy. I started a new tummy tuck review but just waiting on approval for them to post.
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Your booty is AWESOME! :)
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Thank you love.
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Your results look great salama did a amazing job on you can't wait to read your tt review
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My tt journey is awful :-( regret not going back to Salama for it.
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Your butt looks good GueraBooty.
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Thanks Love!
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Salamafied for real! It looks Beautiful. I am glad you're going back to him :)
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;-) Thank you
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yw! :)
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Do you have a TT review on here?
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Here it is http://www.realself.com/review/houston-tx-tummy-tuck-days-post-op-pics
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Did you find my to page?
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Can't wait to see how u look after your TT!!!
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I already got a tt but I hate my results. I went with Cortes and I regret not going back to Salama :'(
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Ohh noo!!! Why?
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Go look on my other review on my tt. I have pics and all.
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Post some pics plis
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Thank you for sharing your journey. Your butt is cute and you look beautiful! Bbl procedure is no joke I'm two weeks post n I'm good but I honestly felt like I was going to die the first week ha
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Awww... thanks babe. I hated the revovery with the bbl. I hope and pray you have a speedy recovery.
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Please post pictures of your tummy tuck! Thank you
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They're on my tummy tuck review
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Is ur name the same on ur TT review?
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Yes it is ;)
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I read a lot of salama's patients go for round two being fat in the bra area not lipoed
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I love my butt alot. My husband wants me to go bigger but i don't want to look fake, I want to look real and right now... it looks real and perfect ;)
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