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Intro: Hi all. I am in my 20s and i am 5'8. I...

Hi all. I am in my 20s and i am 5'8. I have always wanted to have a least over the past couple years. Wanting a bigger butt, however, is something i have wanted since i can remember. I am ecstatic to have found this site. You women are an inspiration! I have booked a date. I would love something to open up before the end of this year, however, if not i will be content with the date i have. Ladies, if you are serious about doing this procedure, at least pay the down payment now to lock in the price, because prices WILL go up. Anyways, i will post pics as soon as i get the courage.....will check in lata. God Bless!


Exactly...i agree. I was reading your review and im excited for you! Your date is coming up real soon!
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Hey girl, welcome to the bbl sisterhood. Do you have a date yet?
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Thanks!! march 19 was the first available....Its far but im still excited
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