Anyone interested in buying me deposit and date from me? Scheduled for 4/16/2013 and put $817.00 down

Ok ok ok so I've been on this site every damn day...

Ok ok ok so I've been on this site every damn day FAITHFULLY lol my boyfriend is like "damn your on it again?" anyhow, I put my deposit down about a month ago. I have read both the good and bad reviews, but I also observed the before and after pics which look amazing! I had initially scheduled for November but decided to push it back til January. Reason being...I want to make sure that I lose the about 30 lbs and I also want to make sure that I take care I have everything planned out perfectly. I'm OCD about things lol. I must say, I'm nervous but also excited to finally be able to have a body that I'm comfortable with. I getting a bbl and lipo on my arms. I'm not trying to look like magilla gorilla. I sent in my wish pics as well as my consultation pics. Dr said he could do 1100-1200 cc. At first I wanted 800-900 but after reading some of the other members reviews I understand that some of the fat cells die. Ooooo no I'm not spending this kind of money only to have my booty deflate so I figure why not go big or go home. And when I do lose some volume it won't be noticeable. I really commend every woman on here for being brave enough to share their stories. Y'all finally motivated me to write a little somethin somethin. As time gets closer I will write a little more but for now imma just support everyone going through their journey right now.

Yay! Someone else to wait with!! hehe. My sx is in December. Im getting lipo on my arms too. Where are your wish pics? **not that I have any up either...* I'm scared to get that many CC's. I was thinking like.... somewhere around 800. Just cuz I don't want to be like, ba-DONK, ya know. no disrespect, of course! But I guess I'm just gonna let him do his magic, and not worry so much about the numbers :-) I'm so excited though... for all of us. I love looking at the pix and stories. This site rocks.

Hi ladies, so I'm about to start looking for...

Hi ladies, so I'm about to start looking for vacation rental houses tomorrow. Can anyone tell me what a good location is. I want to book way in advance because I really hate being last minute. Is Hollywood beach near the office? Or what about the hollandale area? Ugh im so confused because the office is in aventura. I just don't want to be sitting longer then needed. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Just had a baby in October so my current weight is 212 and im 5'6. Its weird because weight wise I don't look like I weigh that much. im going to post before pics a little closer to my surgery date.
@honeybunz I will post pics later on today. I didn't want that many cc's at first either but after reading a few reviews and them saying their asses shrunk I was like if mine shriks a little at least there will be some left lol. Are you nervous at all?

@ mulatto I will follow. Can't wait to see your wish pics.
Hi what is current weight and height

So to,or row I start my weight loss journey. Prior...

So to,or row I start my weight loss journey. Prior to me having my gorgeous daughter, I had just lost 40 lbs. I am going to do the same routine I did then NOW to shed this extra weight, I am damn near positive that even with me losing weight I will have enough fat to achieve my desired backside. I am going to do everything exactly the same

tomorrow I will start my 7 day master cleanse aka the lemonade diet
After that I will do p90x
I will then do the hcg diet for 30 days
And last but not least I will end it with insanity.

It sounds like a lot I know, but I did it before and I am determined to do it again. My surgery isnt until January 21 so I have more then enough time to get me right and tight.
Hey gurl,
Good luck on your journey, let the excitement begin.
Were there any flaws at all? I don't wanna have to get anything done again. I just want to do it and get it over with. I'm a wimp when it comes to certain kinds of pain
January 21. Your going for a revision right?

Ok so I started p90x yesterday and Damn! I didn't...

Ok so I started p90x yesterday and Damn! I didn't think it would phase me the way that it did lol. I did it one time before, but that was prior to me having a baby. Anyhow, I decided that I am gonna stick to the lean version of it. It's more cardio then weight lifting and what not. I just want to slim up some so that I can ensure I get a FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAT tummy and better my chances of an hourglass shape. Wish me luck. I will be posting before pics later today.

Hollywood is like 5 min from the office I am OCD and crzy planner everything to a T type gal tambien so I feel ya! I'm Going in march and super excited , like u Im go hard or go home with weight loss problem is I am the same with binge eating , I'll do so good loose 30 pounds a month then get upset or stressed or tired and gain 10 in a week from stress eating , I do the lemon cleanse 1 or 2 times a year for 10-14 days problem is it kills your muscles but good for cleaning u out if u did this before p90xthis is prob the reason it was difficult ,,, I woulda chose insanity first helps loose re fat and finish with p90x to get best muscle to be under that tummy so when u get all that fat taken it will be fitness model status! So I'm 30 pounds over my goal weight but I am pretty muscley so I hold it better then most but I'm short so it looks awful when Im thick , I have to send in. Y b4 pics for consult dreading getting into bathing suit uggggh ima start hitting the pool next week , I would love to do weight loss journey with u we can motivate each other , how are u eating? Best wishes ttys
I had tried starting with insanity first this time around and damn near died lol. I was like hell no let me do exactly what I did last time. I feel like p90x prepares you for the intensity of insanity. I'm doing p90x every day except for the rest day which for me will be Monday. But on Monday's and Wednesdays I go to a fitness class in the park for an hour. Girl I hurt sooooooo bad right now.

As far as my eating habits. I gave up soda and bought a juicer so I drink 2 glasses a day
And I'm also eating under 2000 calories. Just make sure to eat proportions. Cool I'd love to have a partner embarking on the journey with me.
I keep switching my surgery lol I believe this is my last switching date my surgery is dec 17 .... So we're close to each other keeo in touch

Hi ladies, so I read on a few posts that they had...

Hi ladies, so I read on a few posts that they had to postpone sx due to hemoglobin levels being low and what not. I was wondering what I could do to ensure that I don't run in to this issue. When I was pregnant they told me that I was anemic and had low iron and prescribed me iron pills. Any advice is welcome....
I would say, take a multivitamin with iron and don't go take your bloodwork while you're menstruating, like I did (silly me). I had mine done 6/5 and hope to have the results on 6/8 and if it comes back "abnormal" or with low hemoglobin, I'll know why. I was taking a vitamin with iron and I talked to a doctor about it and he said my hemoglobin level could be low, but likely not abnormal, espec since I was taking the the vitamin. We'll see tomorrow!

Ihave managed to meet my weightloss goal so far. ...

Ihave managed to meet my weightloss goal so far. So I'm down 12 lbs so far and have lost about 28 inches all together. Been busting my ass for real! I want to make sure that I get the BEST results possible. I have postponed my day yet again. I just want things to be perfect and in order. I will update a little closer to sx date.
Whatryour measurements and weight before and after weightloss
@Lovelyladii, I think your on the right path towards getting the body you want on the day of surgery. When I look at some of the gurls who had BBL done, it seem as those who try their best to reach their ideal weight, results look better. And they seem happier. So I think imma jump on board!
And there's another thing u can do to get the pounds off is by goin to "The Weight Loss Center", there's one in every state. Ask for the Phentarmine pills and get the b12 shot. My friend was went there, her weight was 196 and she drop down to 176 from them. And she kept it down afterward and because of our job (military) have a weigh limit. if u really want to loss weight that's the way to go. A lot of military women goes there especially after deployment

BEFORE weight 216 up chest 43 1/4 chest 41...

weight 216
up chest 43 1/4
chest 41
waist 44
hips 47 1/4
r thigh 25 3/4 l thigh 25 1/4
r arm 14 1/2 l arm 14

up chest 41.5
chest or back fat 36.5
waist 41
hips 43.5
r thigh 26 l thigh 26
r arm 13.5 l arm 13.5

the reason for my weight loss is because I don't want to feel like im just cheating myself all the way around. I wanna work hard and reward myself at the end. I also want to make sure that I get the results that I want. I figure if dr. S. Reaches the legal limit and cannot lipo bra roll then at least I will have worked it out and it may not even be there by the time my sx comes around. Im just preparing ahead of time.
Hey lovelllyladii I'm on a quest to lose weight also! Just started today actually right now Im 167 hoping to get down to 158 u know that's not a lot but losing any weight fir me has always been a challenge you're doing awesome good luck. oh an we have the same date so see you there!
Yaaaaaay how exciting!
@missmiami I just updated my post last night and all the before and after measurements are posted.

@makeitclap that's awesome! I was a little nervous to lose weight before surgery too but I really feel as though it will increase my chances of having what I actually want figure wise without needing a round two. I read posts and seen pics of women that are a lot smaller then me and doctor s wasn't able to do lipo in some areas due to reaching the legal limit. I'm a stubborn gal and I want what I want so if that means I have to put in a little sweat and hard work so be it

Unfortunately time is not my friend right now. I...

Unfortunately time is not my friend right now. I have som other major things I need to get taken care of. Inbox me if your interested in buying my deposit and date from me.
are you still selling date?
I'm interested but I can only afford $600 deposit could Nancy work something out
Im very interested
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