Ok So I Finally Made my Decision to B SALAMAFIED!!!!!! - Aventura, FL 8/11/2014

Hello ladies, i am new to real self so please bear...

Hello ladies, i am new to real self so please bear with me. I am 29 years old, one child 5'7" 169lbs. I am going to have a BBL in December...omfg im so nervous i mean like i cant sit on my a$$ 4 6-8 weeks lol "Lord Jesus its a Fire".... u would think i would b relaxed since i have had breast augmentions about 3yrs ago! anywho.... hello again to all n for those who r knowledgeable about what to expect please please please keep me posted ...#TTM

#TEAMBIGBOOTY..... Does anyone know a reasonable hotel that's close to the surgical site and office of Dr Salama in aventura, Fl

I'm Tryna book everything early so money won't b a stressor!!! I really need some insight on where to stay it doesn't have to b a penthouse but clean n quiet;-)

just a few pics ????

Omg DEC 3rd plz hurry

Need New Sx Date

I am scheduled for Dec 3rd 2013 but I can't go ;( ....... Does anyone want to swap for an April 2014 date???? Let me know ladies #team Salama


Ok so my date Aug 11th 2014 and I am so hype .... The countdown begins... Time to start shopping !! SPANDEX SPANDEX SPANDEX lmao

60 days till the day!!!

I still can't find a hotel w/ a kitchen ... (Stove, refrig., microwave etc.) HELP HELP HELP ....

Countdown Til 8/11/2014

Care credit ??
Hotel ?
Labs etc. ????
Suitcase packed ??

Yup it's almost time ladies

So far so good... I'm taking my supplement, drinkn a lot of water, suitcase is packed and I'm ready to go .. Hurry up 8/11 ????

I want a drink so bad lol

I'm so nervous !!' I don't want a funky donky but I want a nice round booty.... I gained so much weight and it wasn't on purpose ! I was thinking about getting my thighs lipo'd but I don't want to look unproportioned .... Well it's almost that time !!! Decisions decisions with so little time!!! #8/11/14 ????????????

Alrighty ladies

It's going down 8/11 #ttm I'm ready to get this over with .. My only problem is going back to work since I have a desk job .. Any Suggestions !!

Hello everyone

My surgery is at 7:30a ... I just drank and ate my last meal pre-op!!! It's almost game time... I'm a lil stressed because my dog was hit by a car and killed while I was on my flight here... So if ur an animal lover u know how devastated I am!!!... I'm trying to stay focused but I really am so hurt :( can't stop crying .... But just to give u guys an update first thing I did was hit up Walmart!!! then I meet with Ruben to go over pre-op info (did I mention he was nice lookin ;-)) anywho.... If u can, I suggest getting a massage the night before and take a short stroll on da beach !! It's relaxing .... I purchased Hibclens to wash the night before and in the morning . It's really some great stuff Trust me :-)........ Well I'm just trying to relax because a stressful mind and heart is not good before surgery .... Imma try to send an update in the morning ... PEACE OUT :) #keepingGod1st #Mylordhasaplan #blessed

I made it

First off let me start by say the staff @ Elite are so nice ;) Dr. Salama is really laid back and down to earth , the atmosphere helped ease my mind .... He was very thorough in explaining and reiterating the facts, do's and do nots and what to expect!!!! Overall pleased thus far! Now the pain lol that's another story I've been crying intermittently especially when it's time to reposition .... But beauty is pain sometimes

I got up by myself finally !!!!

Hey BBL Sisters , Every case is different so please don't be scared ... Just make sure u move around a lot! I brought a small funnel from the dollar store... Im so glad I did! I put it in the slit they made in the garment for toileting....; spread my legs over the toilet lifted both seats and peed lol I'm trying to avoid sitting at any cost ;-) ! I went to the bathroom by myself ... I can't believe it yahhh. I'm still swollen, so I'm definitely going to upload better pics as time goes on.... They do ya garments at first then get a waist cincher from what I was told


Omg I brought a pineapple and when I tell u it is delicious ..... Did I mention it is great for inflammation ;) yes !!!!! It's is dabomb .... I've been forcing my self to eat because I haven't really had an appetite.... I have an appointment today , I have a few questions but for the most part I'm ok !!! Dem Percocets still don't work , I may need to double up or something ..,. Smh and I'm not a pill girl .... I hate taking pain meds :-(.... Before and after pics r coming soon ttyl


Before and After pics......my garment was off bcuz I took a shower and was waiting for my garment to dry (it was hand washed)

No measurements yet

Omg Eilynn was the best today wit my massages ..I took 2 percs 30mins before my appt ... Perfect ... I was high and numb a lil ... Really didn't hurt as bad as expected! It was a weird kind of pain... Nasty noise u can hear the fluids gushing!! Overall u feel much better when it's done :)

1400cc's in each buttock

Well damn 2800cc's total is a lot !!! I wonder how much will stay ?!?!?

Ok my measurements 10days post-op

Waist 30in
Hip w/ butt 44in


Garment life sucks

This garment with the foams are so uncomfortable, the thong part keeps cutting the crack of my butt lol, the part where my butt checks stick out is sore under the cuff , I can barely move around lol,the feeling in my back and butt is slowly coming back that feels like getting poked w/ a sharp object ;( there is a cookout today and I can't go ;( ..... The price u pay 4 booty...i mean beauty lmao .....I love my results tho ;-)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

First off let me start by saying the staff @ Elite are so nice (From the initial call and deposit, to the days leading up to my date and following the procedure) ;) Dr. Salama is really laid back and down to earth , the atmosphere helped ease my mind .... He was very thorough in explaining and reiterating the facts, do's and do not's and what to expect!!!! Overall pleased thus far! The ladies who did my massages were very patient and pleasant. You're definently treated like family which makes this experience worth it all!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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they say by the thong part put a pad there and it will help relieve the pain you are experiencing, wow as far as your results are concerned salama sucked you dry girl dry
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Lol @ coca_colashaped ;) he def suck me dry... It's so hard to get rid of the swelling!! Now my abd fluctuates
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Really !!!! Well the swelling will go down eventually give it a few days you will see the difference booooo
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Looking good doll more pics
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Thank , I will put some up soon, still tryna get my life together!!!! This surgery was no joke !
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Good luck on your journey doll, looking great so far. Pineapple is soooooooo good right its the best for bruising too. best wishes.
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Thank u..... I'm still eating pinapples lol
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what are your measurements?
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I have no idea !!! Imma grab the 2mar at my f/u appt
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that's great
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you look good.
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Thank u ;)
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I'm an animal lover and I admire the focus and determination you've had through this ordeal. You look great and I wish you continued healing, for everything.
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I appreciate ur words of comfort.. Thank u ;)
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U look great !keep us posted!
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Thank u !! I sure will
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I forgot to mention about your dog...OMG...so sorry!!!! That is crazy!!!!! How are you feeling???? Did you ask Dr. S about the burn etc?? and did you mention about not having a big ridiculous booty??? LOL....
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Yeah my doggie is in heaven:-)... I didn't ask him about burns directly but I did talk with him about reviews or post that I read that may were a lil disturbing... He was very knowledgeable about what's on this site and spoke with me about risk and rare situations!! I did tell him I didn't want funky tissue stuck kind of booty he smirked but we agreed natural but also my monies worth lol ... I showed a few pics and he was honest about what could be achieved with my frame/shape ;)
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