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Hello ladies after following RealSelf and lots of...

Hello ladies after following RealSelf and lots of research i finally had the guts to start getting quotes and choosing a doctor. Thanx to all the ladies out there I am leaning towards Dr. Salama, seeing all the great results has had me amazed and confident that he can do a great a job on me. I did my first step which was to email and get information from Nancy, next i will be sending the pictures they ask for. I am a 26 year old mother of 3 beautiful kids and an amazing husband which is a formal Marine now a veteran and I'm very proud of him. But no one knows how i feel every time i look in the mirror, i have lost my self-esteem, i dont feel good anymore as i use to, not to mention after my baby which he is now 19 months i started to hit the gym to lose all the weight i had gained i am now 130 but my body never went back the same its saggy i use to have a butt now its gone and i see a weird shape to it... I just want to feel good again. Any suggestions or ideas from all of you that are already near your date or have had the procedure done would be awesome.. Thanks in advance!!

Hello ladies, It took me some time to send Nancy...

Hello ladies, It took me some time to send Nancy the pictures but i just did and now the waiting game till i get a response back from her... Ive spoke to the hubby about it letting him know i have made my mind up on where i want to go and the sooner the better and i guess it hit him that its something that i am going to accomplish. So he said that he loves me just how i am and not to do anything for him he loves my body, but i looked at him and told him its not for him or anyone else but myself. i want my confidence back. I hate that i see someone with a nice body and i put my head down because i feel ugly about mine.
I am constantly checking up on everyone else's profile to see all the great updates thank you ladies for the info you do post up it is very helpful. :) till next time
Hi I am new here and have my appoimment with Salama on June next year. I know ecxacly how you feel. I too used to have a decent body shape nothing saggy. and now after kids and weight loss my body is saggy and my butt also has a weird shape, so even when I lose weight I still dont look good and dont feel confortable, by the way we are the same age too, good luck with your journey girl.
@ Scargirl that is awesome you both get to experience it at the same time... im happy for you both..

@RedBonz yes we do have the same taste cant wait to see your results :)
@missmaiami thank you makes me feel great to know there are others out there with going through the same thing. im not alone ..
I know how u feel because thats me all the way. Congrats on taking the first step.

Its time to initiate

So i became a member in 2012 n due to money issues i still havnt done this. i am now starting again to look for an awesome dr to help me accomplish what i deserve. Im seeing alot of Duran Dolls thinking of going that route. any suggestions ladies??
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