9/2 IS THE DAY FOR MY BOOTAYYYYY!!!!! w/ Dr. Salama Who's going to be there with me???


HELLO TO ALL MY BEAUTIFUL BLL SISTAS!!! I finally decided with Dr. Salama to do my BBL surgery. As most of you know I was deciding between Dr. Markmann here in Baltimore or Dr. Salama. After reading all you BBL sistas that already had the surgery with Dr. S and seeing the pics you guys have posted just made my decision so much easier. I am a mother of 2 sons, my oldest is 13 yrs old and I have a 22 month old. I am filipino and have that typical flat butt but was never ever skinny not fat but thick. I have always wanted a fuller butt but just didnt even think that this was possible. I met a client of mine that had gotten butt shots injected to her butt looked awesome but obviously was underground, the person who was doing them was obviously not certified to do anything like that. She met him at a hotel and did the shots like that she couldnt call him she had to wait for him to call her, I was like hell to the no!!!! Anyway, a few girls that I LOVE LOVE their results are @enjoyself, @hellonurse, @ninifernandez, @bblchick and @teresa8296 there were obviously more but I can't remember right now and to @Nicki86 and @Foreverbooty thank you for all the info.

So I have dagon 8 months to go...... I really want the surgery like all of the other girls here sooner but definitely after Christmas. I will post my pics as soon as I upload them...

Forgot to mention that I am 5'0 and weigh 135 lbs....

Forgot to mention that I am 5'0 and weigh 135 lbs. Nancy told me to gain at least 5 more pounds because I told her that I wanted hips but I am already have lots n lots of fat around the belly?..

Hello all I am truly screwing up with my typing on...

Hello all I am truly screwing up with my typing on this iPhone pls forgive me....

I cannot stop thinking about butts butts butts.......

I cannot stop thinking about butts butts butts..... Damn all I have been doing is either shop for my sons on the Internet or look at butts butts butts... Or on this site...this is cray cray!!! Does anyone know if Dr. S lipo the whole upper and lower back bc I have that back bra fat that I cannot stand and I pray he sucks all of it out......I truly hope he can give me a super small waist and a big round bubble butt that I've been wanting... Don't know how many cc's but big enough not nicky minaj big but Kim k or j lo would do...

.I really need to take a nap right now before work but I needed to stalk this site before nap time lol... So crazy! Thank God my hubby supports me with all this and with all the talk and pics and everything about BUTTS....lol....

Hello again..... here at work and just wanted to...

Hello again..... here at work and just wanted to let you guys in my world. My first blog was pretty much just pure excitement about finally getting a date and totally missed out on pretty much writing about me...lol. I have been struggling with my body type pretty much my whole life and after having my first child 13 years ago just blew it not only was I struggling with my body type now its the body weight... I exercised and exercised with getting no where. I am definitely a yo-yo dieter I would lose the weight and my clothes would fit me better but this stomach of mine is saying I AM HERE TO STAY!!! Then 11 years later my second child was born and BAMMMMM he really did it to me... My hubby loves me for me but I am definitely doing this for me and he is so supportive its unbelievable. I have always been a very stylish and girlie girl and know what to wear to cover my body flaws. I have the sucking in the stomach down pack to the TEE!!! I get compliments from men and women to how pretty I am but it goes in one ear and out the other because I don't see that when I look in the mirror. I do love me and try to be positive in everything I do. Reading all of the BBL girls on this website just makes me feel so blessed to have this site to just let it out and not being judged because we are all going thru pretty much the same thing.

Was really contemplating whether to post my pics...

Was really contemplating whether to post my pics or not because I am so unhappy with the way I look naked but we are all BLL fam so I would want to show my pre and later my post pics...ughhh.....

Hello bbl sisters... I have been MIA on this site...

Hello bbl sisters... I have been MIA on this site but I'm back. I've been trying to prepare for my sx but still haven't received my packet. Booked flight, staying at the marriot residence inn and bought very few supplies. Foreverbooty sent me a long long list so I need to get to it. So thx girl... I am so excited but at the same time so nervous I have been working out and stretching as much as possible.



Unfortunately, I will need to switch my date to a...

Unfortunately, I will need to switch my date to a later date. So very upset but family comes first. If anyone interested with a June or July date and interested in an earlier date please inbox me.


How many lipofoams do we need post sx?? Anyone??

Had to cancel my date...Damn!!!!!

Hi all, I had to cancel my date again for the second time but this time it's because of a family emergency. I'm a bit upset but family comes first. But I sure was already picturing my big butt....lol!

I pressed entered by accident..lol

Anyway, I feel like when my surgery is getting closer and closer something happens.. Is this a sign? God I sure hope not! First it was my grandmother now I have to worry about my 13 year old getting surgery. Though God is good...so right now I have no date but I'm hoping it will be around September early October. So if anyone has a date around that time please keep me in mind. Thank you all!!

So sad had to postpone my sx again!!


Reading Very Scary Reviews....HELP!!!

This morning I received an email from REALSELF with a horrifying story from one of the realself members that had the BBL with Dr. SALAMA. I was so distraught for her and wouldn't know what to do if that was my story. OMG....her pics were so bad I was contemplating in cancelling my surgery with him. I've been waiting so long for this proedure after cancelling twice and now that is almost here I get this picture in my mind. I've researched being burned during lipo and that is usually rare. So I truly dont understand what is going on with Dr. S.....


I CANNOT WAIT TILL MY SURGERY 8/11!!!!! I felt like I've waited for this surgery since 2012 when I booked but God-willing nothing will stand in my way this time!!! Surgery paid for, hotel booked but still looking for my flight as well as for my friend thank God she is a nurse. My husband will be arriving when she leaves with my 3 year old but that's towards the end of my stay. So I have most of my supplies but still not sure what size to buy for my compression garment? RS girls say to bring an extra one while the other one is being washed but I don't know what size to get. I bought a Squeem in a XS but damn that was so freakin small on me. I don't want to waste money for something too big or just my size now. So if anyone has any suggestions please feel free. Love yall!!

Switched my date again to Sept. 2nd

I just can't wait anymore!!!! But it definitely is coming soon. I'm scared and excited at the same time but I'm not going to get too excited until I'm on the plane because something ALWAYS comes up that I have to reschedule but I pray that all will go well. GOD IS GOOD!! Nancy told me to gain 5 more pounds last year but gained about 15...lol but I'm down to the weight I was at before. So almost everything is in place so almost 1 month out taking my iron and my vitamin C. Still haven't bought an extra compression garment bc I just don't know how small I am going to get. I bought a squeem in an xtra small and GOOD GOD that thing can't even wrap around my belly....lmao....hopefully after surgery I will be able to.

What type of POST OP outfits did you guys wear?

Hi I wanted to know from the vets what you guys wore after surgery????


Who's going to be there with me???? I have so many emotions going through my body but mostly EXCITED is definitely one of them. So I am packed and ready to go. The only thing that I didn't purchase is another CG because I don't know what size I will be???? I bought an XS squeem vest and CANNOT I MEAN CANNOT even put that thing on right now. So I just don't know what size to get so I will wait and order it when I get out of surgery or wait till they give me the second CG so I will know from there.

How soon did RS vets go back to work????

To all you beautiful RS VETS, how soon did you go back to work??


I was given this list by foreverbooty her page is so helpful, look her up.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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Im excited to see your transformation. I have mines January 2015. I will keep you in my prayers. Happy healing :-)
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Thank you lala licious!! Good Luck to you!!
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your date is right around the corner too!!the countdown will soon be over and trust when i say TIME JUST FLYS BY!!
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All the Blessing for you!! I will be following your journey. I am having my surgery on 8/28 with Dr. Salz. Can wait to see your after pic. xoxo!
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Well good luck and I will keep you in my prayers. I will also be following your journey!!
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The count down begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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Yesssssss... Cannot Wait!!!!!
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Are you taking 2 weeks off work? BBL needs about that much time at least or more. My arms alone took 1 week. You're doing it all and body needs A LOT of time to heal.
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I'm going to take at least 3 weeks but I didn't know if I had to be out longer than that.
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I think 3 weeks is good. The part about NOT sitting ever is gonna be KRAZZZZZY! I have NEVER done a bbl but the women who have are straight soldiers. one woman had her bbl in jan & still hasn't sat on it. I am IMPRESSED!!!! That's 7 months!!!!
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Hey hun, there have been a few gals on here having some SERIOUSLY major issues with Salama. He has had girls leave with infections from unsanitary tools and equip recently. I just felt I needed to say something. This is part of an RS members review on him. Her RS name is Fabulosity. Rare Infection!!!!! 17 Jun 2014 3 months post My original review was nothing less than optimistic and positive. I could not have imagined that I would end up with a rare infection causing me to be hospitalized and corrective surgery. Even worse is the rigorous regime of intravenous as well as oral antibiotics I'm on for months possibly years. I am absolutely floored. I contracted an infection called Mycobacterium Fortuitum. This bacteria is generally contracted from unsanitary tools/facilities. What's even more disturbing was finding out that this was not the first case in Dr. Salama's office with one reported earlier this year or last year. I know infection and complications are risks of surgery, but what I don't expect is improper sanitation of work tools/facility. There are state and federal guidelines and mandatory precautions to avoid things like this from happening. They were not followed and in turn I have to endure a botched tummy tuck, constant pain and discomfort as well as a lifestyle change to accommodate hooking up to an IV twice a day for God knows how long. I am extremely unhappy to say the least. I have informed Dr. Salama of my condition up until the point I was diagnosed with the infection. Once I told him what I was diagnosed with he never even called to follow up or show concern. Very disappointed and afraid. This infection can be life threatening if I am not diligent and disciplined and that is terrifying. Please inform yourselves and be wary. God be with you.
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Thank you for the heads up...
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Sept will be here in NO time. A lot of women on here i s poke to wore,maxi dresses. With the leaking you may want to get cheap ones from target or walmart. Keep it simple. Don't buy expensive clothes for recovery. Hope all is well and you're SUPER EXCITED!!!
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thank you bellabesos....
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I Love when women get sx done or any ps&they look&feel brand new!
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I will be there Sept 2, coming for a touch up with Dr. Ghurani. Hope to see you!
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Yesss.... I will see you there!! R u getting a BBL touch up?
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I hope your able to keep your date and the booty you waited for for so long Best Wishes
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I'm so ready lol ..... I'm just counting down ... #8/11 !!! I'm staying in Hollywood ;)
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I'm having sx august the 11th also
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I'll be seeing you then...I can't wait!!! Where are you staying?
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I haven't booked a hotel yet ... Smh.... Imma do it today !!!i think Hollywood beach resort had the best price to me!!!
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