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Ive always wanted to get a bigger butt after being...

Ive always wanted to get a bigger butt after being so envious of others. Im not particularly scared of getting surgery, i'm just scared of the pain afterwards. I hear so many girls writing about their experiences that it makes me even more excited.

Ive decided to go with DR. Salama after reading all the reviews and seeing all the pictures of the girls who used him. Im already small weighing 140 lbs but I hope the Dr. can give me 1000 ccs or more to each cheek. I want to have my surgery in September and i'm so excited.

have you had surgery yet
good luck he does great work
hey gurl,
I think that the recovery is what I am afraid of also but the best thing to do is read others' experiences' and be prepared. I have months to go before I get mine but I am on this site everyday trying to prep myself for the aftermath. Just take it one day at a time. THe most important things that I have read was to not sit for the first six weeks and drink water, best source for recovery. Good luck on your journey.

After readin through many reviews, I think i will...

After readin through many reviews, I think i will fo with DR. Gabay in PA. He seems to be giving girls great results and he's in my state which is great. Im going for my consultation in a couple weeks, and ill update my post with more info like price and date of sx. I hoping for a December date.
Destiny81 hey I read ya post that's what I wanted but I couldn't get but 700 ccs pls whatever u do stress exactly what u want cause at my one wk post open he told me that even though u feel u r overweight if your natural body built is smaller frame your skin won't stretch out I was sort of disappointed but he also said a lot of ppl like me have to get round 2 to get what they really desire and he's too much for that not to discourage u because he does great work but I ask for specific things and didn't get it I'm 5'1 and I weighed 130 so if u r similar to this make sure u hey specific from him not staff cause they will tell u yhst u want to hear just giving u heads up also look into Dr Salama cause his results has been awesome and he does everything cheaper then Dr jimerson I ayed for hips and butt and Lipo from. Stomach for 10300 that's no other areas so research a lot
Typed too fast sorry
Good luck on your journey girly!! :)

Still trying to get a earlier consult day but I'm...

Still trying to get a earlier consult day but I'm also looking into Dr Perry.
I highly recommend Dr Salama, trust me it is a hassle to go out of state but it's def worth it. I'm sure he can give you the results you want, he did exactly what I asked him to do, but unfortunately now I wish I had asked for some more lol. I'm def considering round 2. Anyways, good luck!
Thanks for the advice, I'm looking into his partner Dr Ghuarini as well
Have you decided on a Dr yet?

Deposit Paid and Date set !!!!!!!!!! I'm so hype!

Ok girls so I just paid my deposit and I now have a date set for March 2015! I'm so excited I can't wait. Nancy said I was the perfect weight and height for this procedure.

pre op pics

Wis pics

Waist. hips, and butt wish pics

Sorry girls I meant 2014!!!!!

Typing too fast lol
Hey love, Thank you! I'm sure Salama will hook u up just like he did for me. I'm very happy. I will inbox you the condo info. You should calm him right away bc it's in a good spot on the beach 3 miles from Salama's office and 2 miles from the surgery center. Good luck on your surgery
I going to be there March 7th or 8th inbox me
I'm excited for you girl!! make sure you eat healthy! even though your days isn't for another year, its never too early to get your body healthy and to pay attention to what you put into your body! our bodies are our temples! =0)

Does anybody have a June date and want to switch?????

Im thinking about switching my date, so if anybody is looking for a earlier date inbox me.
Did you ever get your date straight?
Yes I did thanks for asking. I was able to get a summer date so it worked out.
That's good! Glad it worked out for you! :) Good luck!
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