Interested in taking my date with Ghurani?? Feb 27, exactly 6 weeks away! Inbox me asap!! (Salama's partner)

Hello ladies! I'm new to RealSelf but I am SO glad...

Hello ladies! I'm new to RealSelf but I am SO glad I found this website! I have been considering the bbl procedure for so long (like YEARS), but it was only within the last few weeks that I decided I absolutely want to do it! I'm currently 5'4 and 152 lbs. My consultation will be on Nov 27 in Aventura, FL with Dr.Rami Ghurani and I am so excited, but also SO nervous. I've always been so self-conscious about my butt, wondering why so many women in my family (including my mother) had such curvy back sides but that gene chose to skip me lol! I've always had big boobs (34D or 36D), so I feel it's only right that I have the nice round butt to compliment them!

If I wasn't in school, I would have opted to get the surgery sooner, but with my schedule, sometime between April 1-April 15 is the only time I could get it done and still have time to recover fully before starting my next chapter after school. I'm so happy that Dr.Ghurani was my surgeon of choice AND that he had openings at the exact time I needed. I look forward to learning a lot from you ladies, the support is much needed! I can't talk to anyone about this except my sister and my best friend, neither of which can really relate to the different feelings I'm experiencing while on this journey. The suspense is killing me lol!

Are there any ladies still on here that got their...

Are there any ladies still on here that got their surgery more than 6 months - 1 year ago and are willing to show recent updated pics?? I see a lot of pics right after surgery or within the first 8 weeks, but then after that, it seems like pics stop coming in. I know that this site is most helpful when the time is leading up to your surgery and then during the healing phase, but I think it would be really helpful to see some pics of how you ladies look a year postop. That will be my TRUE motivation!! I hear a lot of ladies talking bout going for a round two... Is that because a lot of volume was lost, or because you just have more fat that you would like to transfer?? Just curious. Happy Thanksgiving ladies! :-)

I find myself logging onto this site everyday,...

I find myself logging onto this site everyday, just to read updates and see how everyone is doing. It is so helpful for me to be able to come on here and interact with the bbl sisters because there is no one that I can share my true feelings with about this. It is so uplifting to see how everyone supports each other and encourages each other on here. The tips and suggestions are so useful, I am constantly taking notes and screen shots lol! Any ladies going to be seeing Dr.Ghurani or Dr.Salama on or around April 10? That is my sx date, and I would love to get in touch with some ladies that will be in the office and in the area around the same time.

My consultation with Dr.Ghurani is tomorrow at 2pm...

My consultation with Dr.Ghurani is tomorrow at 2pm... Will any of you be in or around their office for follow-ups, consultations, or even a surgery? Would love to meet some of you! I know there will be other people there, but it would be nice to meet a realself sister during this experience... I'm so nervous! Any suggestions on questions I should ask him? I already have over 20 questions in my notebook lol! I'll be landing in Ft.Lauderdale at 11:10am tomorrow morning, and then I'll be flying back to Chicago at 7:25pm. #EXCITED!! I already pre-booked my surgery for April 10, because I needed to secure a date between March 26-April 14, so luckily, they had a perfect time for me! I'm just so ready to start this journey officially...

I just landed in Ft. Lauderdale and I'm about to...

I just landed in Ft. Lauderdale and I'm about to have my consultation with Dr Ghurani. I accidentally left my notebook at home with all my questions :-( What are done good questions I should ask? All suggestions welcome!!

Hi ladies!! First off, GREAT NEWS!! I was able to...

Hi ladies!! First off, GREAT NEWS!! I was able to change my date from April 10 to February 27... Yayy!! I am so excited! Now, I'm just over two months away and I am SOOO ANXIOUS!! So, I've been browing more and getting tips, and I have been following FoundUmissNewBooty on her blog and she has AMAZING results! I guarantee you guys will fall in love with her body! Anyway, she posted a few tips for things she did after surgery to help with achieving great results, so I just thought I would repost it for anyone that was interested :-)

Here is what she posted:

"1) I wear the board on my tummy, the flank foams, the triangle above my butt, and I started using the foam that I used to use on my stomach in the middle of my back above the triangle and between the flank foam...I was having a little swelling there every time I took off my garment and thought it might far it lines or swelling in my mid-upper back anymore.When I came out my bra rolls were still kind of noticeable; since I've done this they are practically gone.

2) After I put my garment on (which is a little big but I don't want to spend any more money if I'm going to keep shrinking, and I don't want anymore compression around my butt cheeks) I use a size medium SQUEEM waist cincher on the 2nd clasp over everything..this makes everything really right...I swear it's moving my last rib so I have this crazy nice curve in my's painful at first but after fighting through it gets easier...I think I'll be ready for the small squeem soon.

**here is where I added my own twist** I have read In many places that cinchers work by creating thermolipolysis in your mid section, also known as "fat dissolving." The squeem is made partially of rubber, hence getting a much tighter squeeze and also not allowing your tummy to "breathe." This may not sound good but, hear me out. I noticed since I have been doing this, when I take off my garment and all the other "stuff," my tummy is really sweaty and flat and heat radiates out. I also have no more of those hard uneven's hard but VERY just feels like my abs underneath.

After I noticed this, I added the heating pad. We are supposed to use it anyway bc it does the same thing as the ultrasound massage machine they use in the office by heating and softening the very deep layers of tissue. While I wash my garment I lay on it and rotate around my whole midsection. I ALSO use it whenever I lay on the couch under my sweatshirt, OVER the foam, board, garment, and squeem. Remember, the squeem is rubber so it really holds that heat in your garment. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I lay on it and it helps me fall asleep...ONLY DO THIS IF YOU HAVE THE AUTO SHUT OFF KIND OF HEATING PAD. Mine stays on for two hours and I just let it do it's thing while I sleep...When I am all done, my cincher is lose and I also feel just like I did after all the massages...almost no swelling, no pain, and pretty much like brand new...the sweating there kind of feels like I have sweat out some of the fluid that accumulates. I've been doing this for a week and my stomach has evened out completely and I have lost another half inch. Remember, after lipo we still have all the liquefied fat that was not sucked out. The massage is supposed to break everything down and push it out thru the lymph system.. I feel (and was told my Eileen) that the heating pad works in the same way. The heat helps soften that leftover fat and get it moving to be pushed out... (sorry if this is repetitive, I'm trying to be very thorough in explaining so I don't sound crazy lol)

I also repeat these steps on my flanks and back...while I sleep and anytime I am laying on the couch. Also, after I shower I use Nivea q10 firming lotion..I lather it on and massage my back, flanks and tummy myself, pushing down to the lymph nodes on either side of the the area where your thigh the massages at the office. I do this until it's all rubbed in and then lather on some more and put the garment on while it's still moist.

The heating pad is pretty annoying to keep moving around to all the areas so tomorrow I am going to buy a "heating throw" (they are about $30) I'm going to fold it to the width of my abdomen and wrap it around the area so I can do everything at once."

Hope that her tips will help anyone that is postop, or will be having surgery soon. As I see other things that I think are helpful, I will start posting them to my page as well. With my date so quickly approaching, I need all the suggestions I can get! Have a nice day ladies!

Hey ladies? Please help! Can we post pics from our...

Hey ladies? Please help! Can we post pics from our phone or does it have to be from a computer?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to get my...

Unfortunately, I will not be able to get my surgery with Dr.Ghurani, so I am interested in getting rid of my date of February 27. That's less than 8 weeks away, so you can be getting your surgery that soon! If you have not yet paid your deposit, that makes this process even easier, but even if you have, we can still contact the office and figure something out. So, if you would like your new curves in less than 8 weeks with Dr. Rami Ghurani, inbox me asap!

Hi ladies, still looking to see if anyone is...

Hi ladies, still looking to see if anyone is interested in Feb 27 with Dr.Ghurani because as the day approaches so quickly, I can see that I am not going to be able to go. It's only 6 weeks away, so you can be that close to your new body! I would rather not let it go to waste, so if anyone is interested, let me know... Again, if you haven't already paid your deposit, it makes the process a little easier, but even if you have, we can figure something out. Thanks ladies!
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I do pleseee
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Please I do
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I want your date
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Okay, cool. I'm gonna PM you my number.
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hey i have march 27th if you want to switch
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Hey girl! No I wasn't looking to switch, I was looking to sell my date.
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Goodluck to you!! Im having abbl done w/ Dr. Rami too. Im so excited but scared. Im still trying to figure out if im going to fly or drive?
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Well where do you live? Abe when is your date?
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Typo, I meant *And when is your date?
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Hi there, welcome!

At the moment you can post pics from your phone if you use the IOS6 (iPhone) or above operating system. Otherwise it has to be from a computer for the moment. If you don't have a computer to upload from let me know and I can PM you my email address to send the pics to. I will then update your review with them for you.

Happy Holidays!

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Good luck girl I will b following u :) ♥
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Good luck
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hey boo so who did u end up going with??? ansd congrats on the new date mine is stil march 20!!! id like earlier but idk if it will conflict with my job
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Hey girl! I am still going to Dr Ghurani. I told my school that I am having surgery and that I will need about 4 weeks to recover, so they said it would be better to do that before going on my externships, because if my externship hospital chooses to hire me, I will have to be willing to start immediately (or soon after). So, I am getting the sx on Feb 27 now!! Aaaagghh! April 10 already seemed soon, but Feb 27 feels like tomorrow! As for you getting an earlier date, if it does not conflict with your work schedule, they may have some availabilities before March 20. I just ran into a girl on here today that is scheduled for March 13!
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Good luck on your journey
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I'm super excited for u! I'm also going w Dr. Ghurani but I won't b able to go in for consultation. My SX is on Jan 9th n I have butterflies in my tummy! Anyway I can't wait to hear how it goes for u.
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Ask id he does hip injections lol ask about down time ask him if he has hospital rights!!
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I got in touch with my sister and she read my questions to me so I could rewrite them. Thank God! Now, down time and hospital rights... By hospital rights, do you mean is he allowed to perform procedures in a hospital? Or do you mean in terms of if something goes wrong during or after surgery?
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Both i guess lol ooo i cant wait to hear about it after im off
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Good luck with you consult tomorrow!!
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Have any of you ladies had to deal with the man in your life not wanting you to get a bbl? I would think that he would be thrilled, but he is totally against it and it's do frustrating. I'm so excited about it, and he can't share in that excitement because he wants me to keep looking the way I do now. He likes my tummy, and love handles, and even my lower back fat. He swears he likes a woman with a bit of a muffin top... Is that not the strangest thing you've ever had? Why would someone prefer a big belly over a big butt? It makes no sense to me... Anyway, my mind us made up and I know I wanna get it, I'm just wondering if anyone else has had to deal with a non-supportive person while on this journey. If appreciate any feedback :-)
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He's worried about other men lol idk hmm my boyfriend supports it but says I'm getting a bbl to excuse the fact I Dnt want to work out nor do I have the time to lmao which is partially true,,,, my thing is make sure this surgery isn't something that helps end a relationship I hate to bnegative but I've seen that happen.,,,my parents are not supportive at Allan's think I will die frm the lipo bc to thm it's common so I know how u feel girl :( stay strong n do what YOU WANT to do with YOUR BODY
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I considered that his concern may be other men, but here's the thing... We live in two different states, and I only see him about twice a month. So if he was worried about other men, the concern is there enough just because we're so far apart. When I first mentioned it to him, back when I was just thinking about it but not actually trying to get it, he told me that he thinks my butt is already big and that it doesn't need alteration. This is the other thing... Not that race is an issue because it's not, but he is white and I am black. A white person's opinion of a "big" butt is COMPLETELY different than a black person's! Black women know what a big butt is, and what I have is FLAT compared to what big is in our community! I don't need my ass to be as huge as Nicki Minaj or Buffy the Body, but I want it to stand out and be noticeable, ya know? I love myself as I am now, no question about that, but I just know I will adore my body so much more with a bigger butt. I wish he could support me instead of being against it... You are totally right though miss lady, it's my body and this is definitely what I want to do. I just hope he grows to understand my perspective. Thanks for the feedback mami :-)
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