Excited and Nervous, Found This Site and Need Some Ladies for Support. Hopefully a Soon to Be Ms. New Booty - Aventura, FL

I have been thinking about getting a butt lift bc...

I have been thinking about getting a butt lift bc I've always wanted a more shapely behind., everyone has always said that I have a big butt already, but hey I WANT MORE lol, I have talked to my friends about it and some have mixed reviews, some think I have gone off the deep end,others are asking if I've looked at the good and bad sides of the butt lift, I have talked to my boyfriend who is overseas at the moment and will be back in August, he was alittle skeptical at first but said if I really want it go for it and said he would pay half of my procedure. Right now he is the only supporter I have, He will actually be the one accompining me on my journey. I have seen many ladies on here and already am imaginging myself with a new booty. These bootys on here look so great. I am definetily considering Dr. Salama bc I have seen so many great reviews about him. Please ladies give me some encourgement and more information. I'm pretty young well 21 will be 22 in December and was thinking I might as well change what I don't like now RIGHT. PLEASE HELP me with my process. I also want my gut gone and the fat between my thighs. I've posted pics of myself now. I have been really reading reviews and would like more info...... will keep everyone posted.

Team salama sis I'm 11 months po and love what salama did for me
we are the same age and i feel like if we are gonna do it we should do it early to enjoy it while we can and should but GIRL BYE!!! Your butt looks so good already lol
Welcome to the BBL community ! Take your time to do your research. Pick a doctor that you think would be right for you. Dont rush! I spent hours and hours on the computer everyday before coming up with my final decision. Dr. Salama's work is just amazing. He is truly talented with sculpting the body! Not only is he is well known for doing this, but he is also well known for his low price ! Goodluck & keep us updated :)
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