4 mnths post op....new pikz

So far boooked my surgery for may 24th .Did the...

So far boooked my surgery for may 24th .Did the post op lab work today now hopefully everythings cumz back good and surgery here i go ;)


Congrats on your new body;)
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Yay Congratulations sooo excited for you !!!! good luck !!!
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thanx bannana .... yea me toooo .... wish it was like an ideal size i knw ima get ... but u never really know i guess =/
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15 more days till my surgery ...Think im starting...

15 more days till my surgery ...Think im starting to get nervous =/. Any suggestions what i should avoid doing before my surgery ... Is drinkin bad ? I wanna know if i should avoid going out to much .... Or if working to hard is messing me up in anyway as i stand all day at work and come home basically with my feet swolen everyday ...Does anyone know...


How exciting! Keep us updated!
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girl I'm nervous too.... massage is a great idea though :)
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lol yeah thanx ,.,,, i actually purchased a group on deal for massage .... ima do it wendsday .... i wasnt nervous till jusss right now wen i looked at the calendar lol ....
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Posting sum pikz of my before .......

Posting sum pikz of my before .......

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Ohhhhh ...... Forgot to write my stats on weight...

Ohhhhh ...... Forgot to write my stats on weight and height .... Im 5'3 160 ... I wanted to loose weight but they said no dont loose weight that i need all my fat so heyyy i guess stay eating 0=)... However i really do feel i need to change my eating habits to keep up with my sexy body once i get it .... i work out constantly so thats not the problem its my eating habis . I cant wait for my tight lil tummy .... I already thought i had sum booty was aiming more for the flat tummy and im not waisting good fat soo i guess ima have a bigggggggg boooooooty ........ =).....
I think ima pay extra to take fat out of my arms .... and a little on my outer thighs i dunno .... i hope i get to see the doc before surgery


You results are about to be bangin! Can't wait to see!
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Are you going to post some before pics? My surgery is the same day mabe I'll see you there:)
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yea im about to post dem now actually ... gotta do sum editing den ima post

So im wondering if im suppose to call and check to...

so im wondering if im suppose to call and check to see if my test results as blood work n stuff came good .. I know my ekg was good but havent received a call about the other results so im guessin no call everything is good .. Damn i really cant get this surgery out of my head .... 13 days to gooo ....=)


I'm getting mine done on the 22nd. Staying at Best Western. Hopefully will see you there!
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Then mabe I'll see you there;) Do you live in the area? Reuben said that Dr. S can do up to 2-3 surgerys on the same day so that's normal.
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@Nola .... Alright koo ... Yeah i live like 15 minutes away ... So its my area ... =)

Damn its almost time ... And im trippin ... Keep...

Damn its almost time ... And im trippin ... Keep saying i need to change my eating habits before surgery soo i can maintain dat sexy body but here i go again with this fast food ,.... And starbucks is a killer fml ..... Just felt like sharing my current feelings lol


Good luck hun.
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thanx @zero
wow u already have wonderful figure ...wish u luck cnt wait to see
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10 days n its surgery date woooop woooop.... LOL!...

10 days n its surgery date woooop woooop.... LOL! Im officially getting nervous ... I bit off all my nails wtf lol ... Hopefully my massage i scheduled at 5pm today will help me relax ... The massage and writing here is the best so i can cope and relax before surgery .... =).Posting my wish pikz now as requested ;)


Lol cool. Yea I see you have them up. The first girl has a lil too much for me but the 2nd girl with the black bikini is nice. Dr. Salama I would not mind ;)
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lol .... dats my favorite pik but my frens said da same ting ... See i have kinda no boobs just like her so i figured dats how ill look
@hello nurse ...thanx for the luck ... N yeah i had to get that done didnt wanna risk the results not being in on time ... My wish pics will be posted within the next 5-10 minutes lol i was already online here lookin for some ...
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Ohhhh my its official i got about 8 days till...

Ohhhh my its official i got about 8 days till surgery date ... Havent yet spoken to the doctors office . Im thinking of calling tomorrow cuz i havent even made an appointment for my pre opp visit and no one has called me yet so before something goes wrong and i start getting worried im calling first thing tomorrow morning =).
Anyways on a bad note i was trying to keep my same weight and lookz like i gained 4 pounds ... And all in my face . Not even my tummy so i can say good the fat will go to my ass but more to no use .. Grrrr ... Its 10:16 pm right now . I go to 24hour fitness Gym so im about to hit the gym after my cop show is done before i blow up .....

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Ohhh my the day is almost coming ... Im going to...

Ohhh my the day is almost coming ...
Im going to pay everything off monday , Havent yet told them to add arms to it , I guess ill tell them monday and see if i can hustle dem for a discount 0=) ....
Anyways guys stay tune....... ;)


Your welcome
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I'm so excited for you!! I wish you a PERFECT surgery!!
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thanx u @CUlona

Gettin more and more neervous ... Ohhhh boy ! .Its...

Gettin more and more neervous ... Ohhhh boy ! .Its going to feel even closer as soon as i pay the rest of the surgery tomorrow ...Ohhhhh im so excited cant wait for my lil waist and big booty im not finna know how to act ;)


Good Luck I know your so excited. Keep us Updated

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Thanx for the luck @LaPochontas ... I am excited n nervous but i deff will keep u guys updaed

So today i called in and finish making all my...

So today i called in and finish making all my payments i asked a couple questions about adding the arms . There charging me 400 for arms i feel kinda mad as i know someone was just charged 200 for arms but wuteva .,..... Anyways after the time on the phone i still forgot to ask more questions .Lets see if any of u know ... So they said no jewelery gel or anything on the day of surgery ... I have my tongue ring that i have pierced that will probably close if i take it off as well as my nipples pierced . You think if i go with plastic clear bars how there not metal they will let me go with surgery ???
I dunno i just dont want my piercings to close i can take my other piercings off but not those two ....
Well anyways get back to me guys if anyone knows ...


Good luck!! I can't wait for my big day.
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relax and breathe!! you are going to be fine, just think about that big bootay that you will have when all is said and done!!!!
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So today i starting taking the arnica as i read...

So today i starting taking the arnica as i read its good to take it two days before surgery .. So hey it doesnt hurt .. im aiming to be healed by august im doing everything possible lol .. I even baught a whole bunch of pineapple juice as i heard dats good to heal quickly too ...>>> Ohnh boy da day sooon is coming ... Tomorrow ill get my comfirmation call with the time and surgery here i go ;)


Good Luck!!cant wait to see the after pictures :)
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Your going to look fab!!!
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Best wishes and happy healing keep us posted ;)
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So surgery is tomorrow and i feel like im gettin...

So surgery is tomorrow and i feel like im gettin sick and from what i heard even with a lil cold they could cancel my surgery :/....wat do i do.i just took for vitamin c juice and took a muccinex which i hope dat wasnt a problem :/......ohhhhh boy wat do i do :(


Good luck! WIll be thinking about you tomorrow!
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Good Luck Happy Safe Surgery & Recovery!!! #TEAMSALAMA#
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Good luck hope all goes well. We will be praying for u good night. :)
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Sooo surgery is today .. Im changing my bed sheets...

Sooo surgery is today .. Im changing my bed sheets so i can have clean brand new sheets ,,, Got all my meds layed out ready for when im in pain ....
Good ting i woke up a lil betta so didnt get worst ,,,,
Yayyy! .....Now wat sucks is surgery at 3:45 and im starving ... grrrr ,,,
I have to stop by the office in a bit to sighn my credit card slip for the payments than im heading to surgery .....
Cant wait !!!
Wish me luck guys!!! ;)


I'm praying that everything went well, I can't wait to see how fabulous you look :)))
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You're probably just getting out of surgery and I hope everything went well for you. Take care and let us know how you are doing as soon as you get a chance.
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Hope everything went well for you :-).
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Ohhhhh boy this is no joke.... So lets start with...

Ohhhhh boy this is no joke.... So lets start with i was scheduled for 3:45 but surgery started atb5:15 was really more my fault than the doc cuz i couldnt pee in the cup for my pregnacy test =/ Took me forever .Now i was suppose to get lip on my arms inner thighs stomach and back .... Salama said shouldnt be a problem but i told him if i meet the legal limit to lipo than stick to my tummy dont worry bout the arms and Nomie said ill get that credited back.So looks like i meet the limit cuz i woke up and never got lipo on my arms... Grr .. Later today i go tot he docs office to change my garmet n for check up. I am in so much pain btw .. better den last nite but still in pain ...Had a belll in my room and everytime i needed someone last nite ill ring the bell .
But so far im sooo swollen cant see much of wat my booty area going to look like ... but i have a lil waist and big hips from wat i see so far .......Well its hard for me to type here but will get back to u guys soon =)

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So I went to see nomie to change my garmet today...

So I went to see nomie to change my garmet today at 3 ..The drains werencoming out right n my body didn't have nuff fluids .Nomie took of my garmet n then I started shaking . She said I looked pale n sent me back to wear I got operated so they can stick ivs in me n I can get more liquid in my body. So I still haven't put my new garmet on n I'm layin here with the ivs . So uncomfortable n I wanna go home :/.This is all for lack of liquid n that my drains weren't being released correctly


IV fluids are a good thing, when you have lipo there is a large shift of fluid in the spaces between our cells and that causes water to leave our cells to balance the two, this causes the metabolism of the cells to screech to a halt. You feel dizzy, tired, and maybe even experience a low blood pressure. So rest easy IV fluid is a good thing. But still remember to get some G2 or gatorAid to drink when back at the room. You should be peeing at least every hour......drink UP
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Sending more prayers for you. Hope you are feeling better now than earlier
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Hey girl,
Hope you are starting to feel better. Just have faith to get through the hard part, your strong enough for it. ;)
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So today i had to go to the doctor for a quick...

So today i had to go to the doctor for a quick check up and to but the foam in my garmet.I dunno why some people like this f9oam cardboard thing in them watever it is ... Cuz this hurts so bad .... its harder to get up now ... Or mayve is cuz im just at my second day i dunno .....After seeing all the other girls today im like damn im doing something wronng cuz everyone is functioning so welll and im here like an old lady =(......Well if u guys have any advice lemme know ....=/
Thanx for all ur supports and my water fluid is better now even the doc said i look better. Thanx for all ur prayers ... They worked =)


Hey Mizz New New Happy Healing!!!:)
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Hey gurl,
Looking good. Glad to see that you are doing better. Hope things continue to move smoothly.
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thanx nicki86 im hangin in der .....

So today im doing a lil better . I can move around...

So today im doing a lil better . I can move around more on my own .My throat hurting a lil less but im waiting till its night cuz my pain kicks in at night . I keep getting cold chills at night as well dunno if its normal. And due to laying on my stomach my knees are starting to get extra swolen im putting neosporin on them to take the pain away ...Not sure if its making a difference but at the time it felt good.So now with my luck i just got my period .Cant figure out how to put a tampon on right now or even if im allowed too so i just stuffed a pad in the whole of the garmet hope it does the trick.Now im cramping n in pain fml ....


Mizznewnew I'm loving the hips and ass! I cant wait to see how your new body progress. I'm sorry to hear bout your period making its appearance at the wrong time as usual. I've been using this new product called "instead Softcup" its a 12hour period protection cup. I don't know if your familar with the nuvo ring birth control but it looks like that a little and you put it in the same way by squeezing the middle of the ring and insert it into your vagina and it conforms around your cervix and you don't keep it in no longer than 12 hrs. This is something that might help. A pack of 14 cost about $5, and you should be able to buy them at any drug store, thats if they sell them. Hope this helps, happy healing and make sure your taking your iron pills!
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hey hun hope you are feeling well it will all be worth it! how many cc did you end up with? do they give pain pumps with BBL?
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Just seen your post. My period started the day after surgery. I am using a tampon with no problems if that helps. I don't feel cramps though I guess the pain meds helped with that. I hope u feel better:(
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Soo today is my 4th day post op .Im feeling alot...

Soo today is my 4th day post op .Im feeling alot bettter . Still in minor pain here and there and ofcourse i got my period as well that im cramping anf that is not helping at all .I decided on finally putting on a tampon cuz stuffing a pad was too uncomfortable ...
Now this morning i was freaking out i got a really bad panick attack because i got up from my bed to pee, basically half a sleep and the drains fell off to the floor and it happen so quickly i steppe don it and snapped it off ... My mother came to help me out as oi started having a bad panick attack .Luckily i didnt fully break it . She snapped it back into place and after drinking water ,mixed with sugar i got calmed down a bit.....Other than that little incident . Im doing good ... The swelling think its going down theres certains spots on my buttt soften up...
Soo yayy =)
Now before i forget cuz i keep getting asked ... I got 1000 ccs per cheek =)


Congrats on your sx. I can't wait to see you in another week or two...post more pix when you can...
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Thank you for keeping us posted. dang aunt flo had bad timing. are you taking Iron?
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@supremew yeah im takin iron

So yesterday i took out my drians .I was so...

So yesterday i took out my drians .I was so excited to finally get rid of them things they were so uncomfortable . Now i know some people are like its good to keep them as long as u can but i asked him did it make it difference taking them out today or tomorrow . He told there wouldnt be a difference u can drain the same amnount of fluid from one day to another SO yep i took them thangs out =)> Also yesterday i had my first bowel movement .I was so excited i told everybody lol . You just dont know how it felt hodling it for so long . But it deff sill was a mission without sitting do0wn and all . Hope not too much tmi ;)
Now today is my 7th day .Im feeling alot better today ,Can function my daily tasks better without the drains stuck on me .I had my 2nd massage today from who i think its celia but im confused cuz when she calls me she says her name is lydia but her name tag last time said celia . Very confused but o well .Shes awesume . The pain was not as bad as the first massage and this time i did it without drugs so im reallyproud of myself i took it like a soldier .
How today i finally had the drains off i felt more comfortable going out . SO i decided to go shopping for some things at walmart . Oh boy lemme tell you how ifeel my ass is so big that the weight of my ass gets me tired lol . I was out of breath after done shopping .,
Now guys i will post new pikz soon . I dont like much how my tummy looks right now which is why i havent posted those pikz . It looks like im more swolen then the rest of the girls. It shows ill have a lil waist and big hips but its just so swolen i have no idea how its going to look .But it just looks ugly now . And my butt i feel my right butt is bigger than the left one .
My right butt is veyr lifted shelf like and my left but went down already , The massage lady said thats normal . That im more swolen in one side but i wish my left butt looked like my right =/ .....


@ lisa well good luck on the ultrasound massage .lemme know how it goes
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thanks dear..someone told me that the swelling disappears after 3 months, so we both have a loooong way to go. am not bothering to take more pics now coz my stomach is so thick!! i guess after the swelliing goes down u will have a small waist..i dont know what the ultrasound massage is either, will find out tomorrow.
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just two weeks ago in tijuana with dr campos. am still here until sunday when i go back to Germany. how is ur swelling? am soooo harrrrd on all the areas that were lipoed....
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Im feeling great today =) ... My tummy making a...

Im feeling great today =) ... My tummy making a lil sense right now and unswelling so yayyy LOL ... My butts are even but there smaller =(..... lol Stillbig but not as big as i wanted i guesss .... Well it better not shrink .
Now i did already my two massages included in the price of surgery...I called to check on the prices for more its $75 each ... *if i do a package of 5 its $70 each and package of 8 $65 each ... Not much of a deal i think but wuteva ,, I dunno . I havent agreed to anything .I dunno where else to go for this . Does anyone know any better deals for the lymphatic massages .I called my insurance and they said that they might cover it . I gotta find the doc office first than they have to do a claim to see what they cover ... =/ Mission im on now....


hi lady, i got the ultrasound massage on my stomach today. the normal massage was very hard as well. the ultrasound is somewhat hot.. i am trying to get one for when i get back home. the massage lady told me that it helps break up the scar tissue..
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Ooohh that sounds pretty kool ima look into that here ...did it hurt like the reg massages ?
the thing is i think u must press it down on the hard areas for it to work properly. it will hurt some.. but it will speed up the softening of the hard bits. i am hard all over my waist and bra rolls so i will have to bear with that pain.

So today i had my 3rd massage with the ultradsound...

So today i had my 3rd massage with the ultradsound on my inner thighs because they were hard and from what the massage lady said was that it helps loosen up hard tissue .That wasnt that bad . It felt cold for a sec actually soothing ... she did it also on my stomach and my lower back . After that we went for the regular painfull massage . Still hurts like the 2nd time ...
My body still gets tired of walking so much . My legs cant take it . I feel again that my butt got smaller =( .. And i think my left butt bigger than the right again =/....My stomach finally went down a lil that ima post pikz of the before tummy and after as well as booty now and before.


I also had problems, it wasnt as awesome as everybody says..
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@starr2012 wat happened to u
wait please tell us what happened :(

So today was my first day back at work ... Ohhh...

So today was my first day back at work ... Ohhh boy such a rough day but i feel alot better now emotionally . So before i felt bad thinking my butt was too small and there was no real change , I guess i needed people to see me to know there has been a change , Everyone at work was impressed with my results and lemme tell u how i got so much royalty treatment lol ... So im no longer depressed im starting to feel sexy ;) ..... Other than the great compliments .... Work was rough . I work in a retail store so standing allll dayyy was rough ... I brough pillows to lay on the floor if i got tired but never really did ,... Just kept sitting on my kneestaking a break almost every 30 minutes .... My feet are now swolen and im exhausted . Now back to work tomorrow for another 9 hour shift .... Ughhhh .....


Mizz new new ou look great you shape is really coming together. Dr Salama is a great Dr al Dr's have good and Bad reviews. Yes it has scared me a little because I'm going into surgery Sept 10 in want nothing but the best result like everyone else. Mizz new new you look great your healing fine no real issues so don't let anyone who has had surgery like ( bootyme) talk crap ok. Oh how long should I talk off from work I have 15 day so far?
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@ candiapple Thanx girl.... I took off 11 days and trust me it wasnt enough ... If u can take off 3 weeks ill sugest u do it if not than 15 is fine . U will be able to function and walk around but if u stand all day like me u might get tired veery easily alot ... I literally have pillows in my break roonm to lay down when i get tired.
Hey Mizz New New. You are tough going back to work so early. Sorry to hear about the swelling in your ankles. I hope the stockings help. I love how your waist is shaping up nicely :)
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So my ankles are finally not getting swolen . I...

So my ankles are finally not getting swolen . I can finally stand without getting as tired as i did the first couple of days back at work . I ordered a different set of arnica from makemeheal.com and its working so good with my bruising ... Tomorrow im going to get my 4th massage i hope it wont hurt much ,,,,, I feel like im drianing some fluid also from the front incision by my vajay jay so i need the massage lady to check on that too ,,,, My butt is going down .. I hope it doesnt go down anymore ... =(... Postin pikz i took today.


Ok reading your blogs ...
They say if you want to walk with a nice striaght back stacks a few books in the top of your head and practice your walk that way , without dropping the books ....
So how do you learn how to walk with a nice perky full butt ? Idk
I do know that my legs get tried after walking around the corner ( smiles )
If anyone has a special trick let us know :)
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Thanks for your journey. Did people at work know u were having the bbl?
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@missmiami ... yea there was no way of hiding it .. were too close at work ... and trust even if i didnt tell them they owuldve noticed as soon as i stepped in the office .. I didnt walk normal and my ass was huge

So today i make 4 weeks ... Alot of the swelling...

So today i make 4 weeks ... Alot of the swelling is down on my tummy but not all ... Parts are getting softer and prolly soon i can work out ....My thighs are the most swolen right now ... I have to hard balls between my inner thighs one on each side ., My massage therapist said it was prollky liquid build up that got hard . Shes doing pretty good at soften it up but right now it looks retarted . Cant wait for the swelling to go down and see if he really did take enough fat out .
My butt looks the same it did last week . I think its done going down so im happy for now ...
My stomach its getting its color back which means most bruising gone ... i dont see much of a smaller stomach though so i dunno .Its soft in certain area and makes certain areas bigger than others . My curves on my tummy i feel are fading ....=(....
I know patience is a virtue 0=) ,.. so i need to stop trippin and just wait to see....I will post pikz next week dont feel i look that different now ...


You look great
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Hey girl! I think you must be getting used to seeing yourself because your waist is tiny!! I get so impatient sometimes too, but I know I can't fully judge my results yet... Give it more time. I think you look great and I'm glad you're doing better day by day!
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i love your results and thanks for posting so many pics. it really does helps for others who havent had sx yet. your body type is so much like mine. at first i was scared it may not look rite on me but now i see i would look great after sx. happy to know everything is going well with you as well..
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So today i made 5 weeks ... My tummy still very...

So today i made 5 weeks ... My tummy still very sensitive and aches like a mofo now cuz i got my period ugggghhh .
I finally started driving with my boppy pillow to work but when at work still eat standing up or sitting on my knees . I still refuse to fully sit .My butt i feel like has gotten down a bit from last time . Not a whole lot but a little .Im not 100% happy yet still waiting on the final outcome .. I do hate the fact that my upper back is fat .. Atleast in my eyes but my momz say im crazy . My thighs i dont feel like he really took out shit cuz they still fat but wuteva .., I kinda still feel i should do round #2 to get my upper back fat out and more to the booty ,.... in my eyes ive always had sum booty so i wanted a dramatic change ... I dunno . I just toook sum pikz lemme know wat u guys think ....
Also my scarring is fading a lil but the scar on my right hand side looks like im getting a keloid . ughh im tripping out ... I have an appointment with the doc for check up on the 11th and see wat he thinks ,.. right now i dunno what to do with it .... =/


Hey @hellonurse ... yes girl seems like we are always finna want to keep on fixing ourselves.... and the thing is i felt i had a nice butt already before so i did expect that ghetto booty but hey .. And my thighs even though i think there big i dont wanna lipo them again cuz they take longer to heal than my tummy been seeming likea mission . Whats that seroma thing u talking about on ur page ???
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Yea I would think the thighs take longer to heal and I hear horror stories from time to time of them not being right after lipo sometimes. Lol about what your bf said but damn $1500 sounds amazing. Yes girl between my pubic bone and my belly button of u were to press on my tummy skin you would see it move like a water bed as there is fluid building up between the muscle and skin. This happened after they removed the drains like I was afraid of.
damn thats crazy .... but u dont think its cuz u dont do the massages as much or like to wear ur garmet ....Because it never happened to me ... The only thing wrong now is i got two hard balls one on each side in my inner thighs ... That the massage lady said its prolly that i had fluid and it got hard ... But its been the same and hasnt gone away i dunno

So i made 6 weeks yesterdy... Last week the pain...

So i made 6 weeks yesterdy... Last week the pain was better than this week i dont understand ... Now im feeling so much burning and discomfort im getting annoyed .... Im also freaking out if im not better in 20 days . In 20 days i will be going on my vacay .... And i want to be good and be able to wear swimsuits,,,, Right now my inner thighs is what looks the most funny ... How i have certain hard parts that looks like a bump in my inner thighs and swolen .... My tummy looks good sometimes and sometimes just weird =/ .... Im still currently driving with my boppy pillow and refuse to sit . I started 2 days ago taking hot epsom salt showers to heal the burning when i get off of work ... It helps a lilttle ... Now how i refuse to sit on my butt or lay on my butt i lay down on my stomach in the tub and hold my head up with my elbows lol ...
Also just wanted to know if anyone knows ... Does it hurt when you have sex ? .... I havent had sex yet as i havent seen my boyfriend ... Will see him in 20 days =/ ....... And can i tan ? I have to go tanning before i go and feel sexy im super pale now its not even funny


Does anyone know when the fat is done settling? Is it 4,6,or 8 weeks. When can u sit down?
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You look great.I see a big difference in your mid section,your waist is def smaller ,tummy flat.hour glass.and theres definatley a difference in your booty too.as for your thighs i really cant tell by the pictures but overall i think you look awsome.
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@lina ...thanx u so much girl :)

So tomorrow i make 7 weekz post op .... I had a...

So tomorrow i make 7 weekz post op .... I had a visit today with dr salama ...I told him about some concerns i had as for tanning.... wether i had keloids and so for..... Now he said i can tan just try to hide my incisions ...The keloid issue he said its not a keloid its my scar and will flatten up and go away within a year so that was good news .... Now tooo the bad news ... I was concerned about two things .. First issue was my iner thighs .. now sweellling on my inner thighs are extreme .. on my right thigh theres a lump that does not wanna go down . Before it was a hard ball but now it softened up but doesnt go away ,. He asked me how many massages did i get , I said i got 10 massages . he suggested more massages ... I have to massage it more in order to see if it goes down however he said at times some people it stays permanet like that ... So thats when i freaked out .,. i was hoping for some news like heyyy give it a week and it will be better as im going out of town in two weeks and will be in a swimsuit ... =/ ...He said if it doesnt go down only option will be re do surgery ...Now tooo my second issue . I felt i my butt was disformed ...abnormal... wuteva u wanna call it . On my right butt theres a lump like a lump of fat that doesnt match the rest of my butt ., He noticed it and said its soft so its not something that will change ...That most proly wat happened was that my fat absorbed around it but not there which is why its bigger ..He said only solution for that will be redo surgery ... And he will lipo that part of my butt to even it out with my other butt ... I said i dont wannna do that ... i prefer fill it up and make it bigger ...
Well at the end of the visit he said i will have to wait 6 months till im fully healed to know really what else we have to do and fix ...
So yeah i feel depressed ... i mean i was always thinking of doing it again because i wanted a bigger butt but not because im all f** up like damn!...


@ truth1....3 Xs to be satisfied?! there goes my hope!!
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for real...but i believe in doin what u want to be as happy as u can be...more than 1 round for mw is a no go........hoping my butt doesn't go down more....hang in there mz new new-
Don't worry about that @ mullattoqueen ,,,,,not everyones body work the same and react the same




Girl u look great! I was starting to get a lil depressed too but I'm not even 2 weeks post op and I read it's something alotta ppl go thru. U look amazing tho and the hardest part is over so stay strong it'll keep gettin better !
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Mizz New New, I'm sorry u went through a sad stage, and I'm happy you are feeling better. You look f***ing awesome, though! You knew this was gna b a long road ahead when u got into it, so remember that and be patient. Don't let your self get down again, and give yourself time to heal!! Chin up, ma!! You look too damn good for all that!!
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@fabnewme,,,, thanx u girl ... yea i have to be strong i know ... guess i got a lil weak with the bad news and the negative vibes sometimes i get on this but yea its good to feel good =)

As requested im posting the pik of the lump on my...

As requested im posting the pik of the lump on my inner thigh ..As you can see my other thigh look normal .. Whats making them touch is the lump .. But it has gone done a bit ... I had bought the ultrasound massager on amazon the same type the massage lady uses on me and been massaging it which looks like its been helping a bit


Thats how my thighslook now because ididnt wear my garment. Please wear it and give it time. The garment will help swelling and sculpt thighs and force skin to retract.
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@missmiami yeah i wear my garmet almost 24/7
Hey Miss New New. I'm sorry about the challenges you have been dealing with but I'm glad that you notice the bump evening out. Yea I know what you mean about having to redo the surgery. 6 months for a redo, huh? Hopefully you won't feel that you need one in 6 months and if you decide to do it, then it will be because you truly want to. Take care and you look beautiful :)
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Okie so this thursday I will make 10 weeks.I was...

Okie so this thursday I will make 10 weeks.I was contimplating wether to do an update once I cum back from vacay but how I feel fresh in the moment now ima do an update ;) ...So I finally saw my man.we kinda in a long distance relationship so since I've had this new thang back here he ant see it.Thru skype and pikz he always told me it look the same and he made me kinda depressed but since I reached here he can't get offf of me. :) smiles ... Everywhere we go all eyes on me and da most memorable time was when I got off the plane and the bag men were fighting to who gets my bad than one walked me out and was tellin me how the pilot was trying to call me that he was amazed by my body lol ...all smiles...they got me so big headed ... When my man saw me he "aw baby ur ass looks nice " ;) ... Smiles... Now to what I'm sure u guys are prolly finna ask me ...
I've been sittin on this thang . I sat on the plane for the first time and I was freakin out it was finna shrink. Than on all the long car drives we have to go on here I sit. I still lay on my stomach and check my butt if it shrunk prolly everytime I see a mirror lol. Now my garmet I put it on every once in a while when I'm going to bed because mmy tummy is still getting swolen .
And when sorenesss kicks in I start massaging myself and use the ultrasound massager . My inner thigh is still a lil issue but its gettin better den before so I guess still only time will tell. My back and tummy still get sore from time to time prolly my back the most that I'm sensitive to touch .If my man grabs me it hurts . ┬╗Now to the sex part ...iprolly the last one from everyone that finallky got the chance to had sex how my honey is so far away most of the time but still I couldn't have sex as normal as usual.. I didn't exclude any positions but if he grabbed my waist it will hurt I only let him hold my butt ...ohhh and btw he just can't stop smackin it and he feels like my butt is his pillow that he's pissin me off how I still think its going to shrink lol.Oh well with all the smacking he's been doing and all the sitting I've been doing my thang still here :) soo all smiles ...


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Girl I love your last review lol. It is hilarious. I'm glad you are loving your new shape and all the extra attention from your Boo Thang and strangers. Hopefully the little area on your thigh softens up and smooths down some more.
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@hellonurse yea i hope so too

Hey guyz , been kinda lost and not updating here...

Hey guyz ,
been kinda lost and not updating here sorry .....
Im still not 100% , my stomach still has rough spots and looks weird at times .Im using the ultrasound massager still , just had to actually buu a new one cuz i broke my other one .
The healing kinda got rough for me 2 weeks ago as i was temporarily crippled in crutches cuz of an accident i had .During the time in crutches i wasnt able to work out and i gained weight quickly . I gained 8 pounds since surgery . It really shows in my face arms and my butt ...I mean the butt part i dont care of course lol ... but yeah i cant wait to be able to walk again and start working out ...
Im also nw either always sitting or laying down elvating my foot and my butt hasnt shrunk =)...Im gathering sum pikz to show u guys ... For now im just updating a couple


Lovee ur shape! Hips and curvs look amazing! Question though: I'm also havin surgery with Dr Salama and I also have my tongue and nipple pierced and I don't wanna take them out!! What did u do??!xx
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I don't have any piercings but you have to take them out.
Your still looking good, how is your thighs doing, I had mine done I don't see a differences yet.
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