Best recovery houses in DR? Help Needed!

Hello Ladies of RS, First time posting here,...

Hello Ladies of RS,

First time posting here, i'm usually on MMH! I just joined today but i'm not new to any of this. My journey started two years ago and i have finally decided on a Doc that is right for me! Thank God because this whole situation was becoming stressful!

Anyway, just to share a little about myself.

I'm 21 going to be 22 soon
185 lbs (All boobs and thighs with no butt *Rolling my eyes*)

I will be having my surgery with Salama in november and i'm very excited! I was hoping and praying i could get an earlier date because i'd love to have this done before my birthday.

Anyone else headed to Dr. Salama?

Hey Elizzy! Thank you girl, i think those booties are ideal for my body type! Wishing you the same and i'll def keep this thing updated!
Hey Sweet'Pea....Love the wish pic's....we are about the same height and weight. are waaaay more toned. I have a whole lot of stomach to work on...LOL! Best wishes on your procedure hun! Keep us all posted!
Not soon enough girl!!

I've been searching for someone to swap dates with...

I've been searching for someone to swap dates with but it looks like a lost cause .
I really can't wait until March, I'M GOING CRAZY LADIES!!!!!
ass4days is the name to look for good luck!
sweet pea another girl has a dec 7th date she just wants her deposit back...just posted check it out!
Sweet Pea lola3105 has a Nov 1 date and is looking for a later date!!

With every passing day I get more and more...

With every passing day I get more and more terrified of the pain. I keep having horrible dreams of waking up from sx in extreme pain. This entire process is starting to weigh on my mind.
How do you get in contact with Ms Ass4days?
Omg lol this Is going to be hard
Sorry wrong person, send her a private mesg

Smh, still looking for someone to switch dates...

Smh, still looking for someone to switch dates with.
I have a March 21st date and I'm willing to pay.
If you SERIOUS about swapping dates please contact.
Hey Sweet Pea! I'm just dropping in to say hi... I need to go to bed!!
goodluck boo =) and thanks for compliments!
See Lola3105 She has Nov. 1 and is looking to trade

Can any of you ladies tell me how long it takes...

Can any of you ladies tell me how long it takes for your butt to soften?
My boyfriend can't keep his hands off me right now, i can only imagine after the surgery.

The only thing is he's 100% against ANY TYPE of cosmetic surgery and i really don't want him to find out.
i just emailed you !
good luck w an early date hun!
Have you seen tprout11 page?? She has a Dec 10th date open.

I guess my nerves are starting to set in, i don't...

I guess my nerves are starting to set in, i don't like it. I've never been one to get scared or nervous about anything, but this has me on edge. I'm not sure if it's the going under that scares me or the pain!

On another note for the ladies who have gone, how is the reaction to your new bodies? Do you ladies get grilled? My buddy from MMH said she gets stopped and talked about constantly, men and women.
sweetpea, the attention you get afterwards its ridiculous! even at the grocery store guys follow me around , its anoying sometimes. my girls and i went out the other night and when i was in the restrroom LOTS of women approached me and told me how sexy i was... compliment after compliment.... the attention i get from men is crazy... and women compliment on my tiny waist :) i get i look like NINEL CONDE alot (u can google her up, shes a mexican actress, singer and model) ... the attention definetely multiplies X100 after a bbl.
Oh god! Lol, I'm looking forward to it but at the same time it makes me nervous.

So i have a new date and a new buddy! Thank You...

So i have a new date and a new buddy! Thank You Chica!

Thank you to all the ladies who commented and mesg'ed with advice and information!

Super excited, time to get things in order.
I took a train home. It was a long trip, but very comfortable.
I should add, a train with a sleeper compartment.
I was thinking abt taking the train

I'm thinking about buying a garment without the...

I'm thinking about buying a garment without the open crotch because i noticed it gives the bottom of the cheeks a square shape, idk what that's about..

The ladies who went, are you guys sitting on your booties yet?
Hey I wld check with the vets like Nini, brickhouseny diaries or novastar. Or just abt anyone that you like their results. I would guess 4-6 weeks if not more. Fluffing shld come between weeks 6 and 8. I wld imagine without the clincher the garment would limit your waist getting smaller as your booty grows
Hey sweet pea Did anyone ever answer ur question about going out without the gurment??? Becuz I would like to no also. I was wondering the first 2 weeks I wear the gurment but after that can I just wear my wasit cincher only???
Now not yet, still waiting on that...I guess you have to go by how your body feels. I remember when i was on MMH some girl was like 9 months post op and she said she couldn't stand the feeling without the garment.

So i brought my garment today! http://www...

So i brought my garment today!

I like it, i can't wait to try it on. Just hope it fits after the surgery.
Hey girl, i was wondering if u would like to switch dates? im looking for a later date .. i just found out today i have court and wont be able to make it on that day. My surgery is on november 20th . please let me knoww
Girl I wish I could but I'm just barely making my date lol
Yes mam that is the truth

Yes from my previous post I purchased a garment...

Yes from my previous post I purchased a garment but now I'm thinking it may be too tight around the butt. Do you ladies have any suggestions?
im just like you right now!!! im willing to pay to change my date
Hang in there girl, god sent me my blessing and i know he'll send you yours! Just keep checking, stay on it. Alot of ladies on here will look at for you!
im just like you right now!!! im willing to pay to change my date

So of course I couldn't keep a secret and spilled...

So of course I couldn't keep a secret and spilled the beans to my cousin about my surgery in Dec. You know this chick tells me I shouldn't bother because the world is going to end 11 days after my surgery. I was just staring at her like "What you talkin' bout Willis".....

She was like I'm going to spend my last days really sore with a big ass.

Have any of you heard this garbage, now I'm not religious but I do believe in God. I also believe that no one knows when the end is coming.

Sorry for all this, I just had to share the convo I had with her
.. Good morning btw lol
Yes, the mayan calendar states that the world will end 12.21.12. and I'm getting my surgery the day before. Great! I would pick the day before the world will end. At least my mom will be with me
Well at least we'll have a booty
yea, I've thought about this too. I'm like - shoot! I don't want to be all alone and bruised on the other side of the country when the world starts to crumble to pieces! But I don't actually think it's gonna be all doomsday like that - and apparently since it's the end of the mayan calender that people are referencing when they talk about 12.21.12, well - I was told that if it's calculated/translated properly to the gregorian calendar that we use currently... then it actually was last year. haha. so..... Meh.

How many garments do you recieve from Salama? I'm...

How many garments do you recieve from Salama? I'm hearing it's one, the one you get right after surgery.
Do you ladies change your garment once you get home, or do you just keep the one you've had since Miami.

And how many massages are included? Do you have to buy them in a package like deal?
from my understanding according to my proposal you receive two massages and two garments in your quoted price. I spoke with Nomie from Dr. Salamas office and if im not mistaken the massages start at 75.00 each massage. anything over 5 you get the massages at 70.00 a piece I believe dont quote me on it though but I believe its right because I remember thinking to myself if it comes with 2 massages already and I pay an additional 350.00 that'll give me a total of 7 massages. I'm aiming for 10 total but I can always ask again about the massages and email you. @sweetpea
Ok perfect I need to know how much extra to bring..Those massages are going to be hell.
Thank you so much chica.

Post-Op Ladies i feel for y'all, i really do. I...

Post-Op Ladies i feel for y'all, i really do.

I just recieved one of my Post-Op garments that i plan on using while my main one is in the wash and DAMN. This thing is sooooooo tight, and it was like trying to put an elephant in a turtle neck. I was sweating and jumping and shaking to get into that dang thing.

Garments are the DEVIL!!!
Where did I get ur garment from?
Lmao at ur last blog!!!! I was trying on jeans the other day and felt the same way. I took them off and threw and said fine, next month u gonna be jealous (to the jeans) n walked out! I'm scared to be excited. I don't wanna jinx anything.

I've been on an ordering spree all week, i ordered...

I've been on an ordering spree all week, i ordered some ultra tight bodycon dresses as well as high waist pencil skirts.

I stumbled across the Vedette 340 garment and i fell in love y'all, it keeps your booty rounded at the bottom and i think that will protect you from having the bottom of your butt square out. It would keep it nice and rounded. I personally think that comes from have that open slit at the bottom of the garment. I know that the opening is helpful when using the bathroom but honestly i'd rather have to wash my garment repeatedly then be round at the top and square at the bottom. I think the reason it gives that look is because it pushes the fat toward the hole, i don't know but the garment is worth checking out.

Peace ladies..Oh i'll put a pic of it up...

I think this whole surgery thing is finally...

I think this whole surgery thing is finally starting to sink in... it's like I knew was getting surgery but it didn't really hit me until I saw my name on the scripts!!

Omg, I'm so excited ladies!!
❤ #Obama
Number 1!!!!

Just purchased and started my vitamins, it seems...

Just purchased and started my vitamins, it seems like a lot to take. The guy in GNC was looking at me sideways and he was asking so many questions.

I had a question for you ladies about how to go about telling my doctor about this surgery. My Dr. is a older straight laced religious Jewish man. Then here I am a young bback women coming into the office asking for clearance so I can have lipoed fat stuffed into my booty. I feel so awkward about this and I don't know how to ask him.



Woman* Excuse the typos, I have auto text...

Woman* Excuse the typos, I have auto text...

Thank god for being the first surgery of the day!...

Thank god for being the first surgery of the day! I know i can't fast for too long lmao!
Plus being the first keeps me from thinking too hard about the surgery, super excited.

Going clothing shopping today too WOOT!

High waist skirt, bathing suits and bodycons....I can't wait for summer!
How did u find out your time? I wonder what time I am
I called Nancy today and she told me!
I feel the same way going to base to ask. I hate when the appt line asked what the appt is for. I'm like...None of your business! But I know it's their job. It's intimidating but in the end, it's my body. People will do what's best for them and I will take the route that's best for me.

Just really down.

Just really down.
Breaking up can be pretty difficult, but try to stay positive. I hope you're ok...
Yes Cinn, it was the worst. I'm trying to stay as positive as can be, i'm bad now but i'll be ok soon.
Girl dont feel bad im going through simular problems with who is going to care for my kids when I leave but just keep pushing boo try no patient left behind I think they approve everyone from what I read you just need to pay half of your sx

I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind...

I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words and suggestions.

I was truly hurt a few days ago, my mom told me she might not be able to help me with the surgeyr and that i might have to reschedule. I thought i had a shoulder to cry on but instead he ripped my heart out, and pretends i don't even exist. I won't turn this into a soap opera because this post is supposed to be happy.

I've picked my head up, I'm feeling much better today and just trying to move forward. You have to be a very strong person to make it through this surgery so i guess this was Gods way of testing that. I would of failed if it wasn't for you guys!

Thank you ladies again!

And to all my Dec. chica's i'll see you soon!

These are so many freaking vitamins! As i get...

These are so many freaking vitamins! As i get closer i have more to take, UGHHH...I'm looking at the iron intake and i can't lie, i'm actually scared. That's a ton of iron to take, any of you post op ladies had any problems taking all of it?
i sent you a pm yesterday.... PLEASE RESPOND ASAP
I PM'd you. lol
Oh, hun - I am so sorry you are going through this. I was freaking out when I was denied by all the lenders too. The only one who accepted me was nplb. Is this an option for you? It's true that you must have 50% of the bill upfront, plus a 10% total fee, PLUS an additional 10% fee charged by EPS... So it does add up, but if you have even half the money you need, it's still a possibility. And yes, as much as it SUCKS A CRUSTY BALLSACK to hear (eww.. sorry but it's kinda true) You don't necessarily need to give up, but just postpone for a while. Hey, if you believe everything happens for a reason, then its true.

Very sad.

Very sad.

Hey! How did your surgery go? I saw your post about your mother don't worry my family disapproved and it was hard but definitely worth it girl. Hope you're doing well. Best wishes.

Girl! What is your date again? Is it still in May? Mine is the end of January. Do you want to switch? And if you were able to switch, how did you do it? I'm doing it both through office and Rs, and no luck yet! And it's been weeks, and my date is approaching! Thanks!!!
Hello. I am scheduled March 12th and I am looking to switch. Interested in that date?

Hello Ladies, I've been MIA lately. I see alot...

Hello Ladies,

I've been MIA lately. I see alot of my girls have either left the board or are healing in peace.

Happy healings to those who have went and good luck to those who are going.

I had my date pushed back and i'm actually glad, it gave me time to shed a few pounds and get down to my ideal weight for this surgery. I've studied results and in my opinion the smaller the better. I still have enough fat for the round shape i want in the back but i lost enough so that my skin can bounce back after surgery.

I found some new garments i can share with you all. I'll find them and post them...Until then..

Happy Holidays ladies..
I have January 24th if anyone is interested I need to swap for later date as well.

You ladies know any good hotels near Salama?

You ladies know any good hotels near Salama?
there is a lady on here with a March date and she was wanting a May date
We will get earlier dates. Don't worry. If we're lucky we can get down there at the same time.
I'm hoping so, i really want something in March

Nervous as hell..

Nervous as hell..
Me and you both...:)
Girl, your mind can be the worst. I'm really trying to keep calm but between the pain stories and the hard recovery period i'm buggin out.
For some reason I thought you already had surgery...but I see you're having surgery on my bithday...:)) I'm nervous too and mine's in june (BBl).

Everyday i come on here it's like Media Take Out,...

Everyday i come on here it's like Media Take Out, people trying to "AIR" other member's out and for what? Very juvenile if you ask me, i'm not here to argue with people or fight back and forth over stuff that doesn't even matter. The person in question isn't even on the board to defend herself.

People may consider other peoples actions are misleading or "lying" to the members of RS but in all honesty if a person makes a hasty decision to go with a surgeon just based on pictures from another patient then they should reconsider having surgery. This is not like picking a puppy or buying a new car, this is your body. Pictures alone should not be your deciding factor. We are all grown women and i hope we are able to make INFORMATIVE decsions on our own.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.....

Ladies, vet and newbies alike what are some of your hotel choices in florida? Everytime i find a place they either have bad reviews or cost like 400 a night.

I mentioned NO ONE personally so don't come with the jib jab and non sense.
I missed all this drama, what happened? Someone accussed somebody of photo-shopping their results?!
March 15th now girlie! Craziness...
OMG!!!! YES GIRL! I should see down there, i'll be there the 21th. My surgery is the 22nd! Aren't you excited!!! I really can't wait!

So i'm down 10 pounds, wow. I hope i still have...

So i'm down 10 pounds, wow.

I hope i still have enough fat, i put more pre op shots up but really need opinions. Should i gain some back? Did i get too thin?
Funny because i wasn't even dieting just trying to eat right so my body is prepared for this surgery and the next thing i know BAM! Ten pounds lighter.

Opinions ladies?
Thank you ladies so much! So i'll just stay this size, maybe i'll lose a little bit more. My stomach looks a little bigger in person.
NO!!!! Salama will find the fat on you and I am firm believer that his best results come from women who are on the slimmer side, closer to their ideal weight! 
SXWallex, I agree with you. I honestly think the only girls who need to gain are very thin. I think losing weight is the way to go and you lost ten pounds which is fantastic! Congrats on that! His lipo is crazzzy good and if you think that only for liters can be taken out in my opinion why gain if you want the best bod possible? That is just what I think personally.

I wanted to know how long it would be before my...

I wanted to know how long it would be before my stomach started to look presentable?

I ask before my surgery date is approximately 5 months before my Aruba vacation.

I wanted to know if I could safely wear a two piece without looking crazy.
Ok now! Look who has pixs up!
Lmao! As soon as i get closer to my date i'll put up better ones
Anyone want to switch dates? i have Feb 14/2013...please inbox me!

Tax won't come back in enough time for me to go to...

Tax won't come back in enough time for me to go to Salama, i'm very hurt but i've come too far to just give up.

So i started researching Yily, but as many of you already know she doesn't answer right away. I'm very impatient, so i've sent her at least 4 emails and i've called a few times.

Today was the first day that i actually got through, i spoke to someone and they told me to send pictures to Cabral. I was on makemeheal before this and i will not get into the drama that happened with him, but i'll just say he is not the surgeon for me.

Why would they give me his email if i wanted Yily? confused.
ALSO I WANTED TO MENTION sorry for the caps. sweet pea its better u speak to theresa ill be really honest with u YIRA is only a translator and she is not yilys assistant, theresa is yilys right hand person and is the patient corrdinator. so if u can get someone to call in spanish for u. u can hire a translator to call for you. yily and theresa are the ones who look over yr medical results determine even when and who can operate on u. you can ask anyone who has gone to dr for surgery. i know yira tells all these girls everything but when u guys get there u will see she is just the translator and at times lets it get to her and says things she shouldnt say. i never go thru her because i know nothing is forsure with her!!!my friends who went in beginning of jan yira gave the order of how they were suppose to go into sx but EVERYONE CAN TELL U YILY MAKES THAT DECISION THAT DAY UNLESS YILY OR THERESA TELL U THAT THATS THE ONLY TIME U WILL BE FIRST. SO WHEN U GUYS SEND YR DEPOSIT MAKE SURE IT IS CONFIRMED WITH YILY OR THERESA AND U GET SOME KIND OF EMAIL BUT PHONE CONVERSATION WITH YIRA IM SORRY TO SAY BUT R NOT PROOF OF SHIT!! A EMAIL WITH PROOF IS THE BEST!! OR EMAIL FROM YILY OR THERESA IS YR TICKET AND RECEIPT!! TRUST ME ASK ANYONE ASK THE GIRLS THERE RIGHT NOW!! im also going to pm this other number to call okay!!
Thank you so much girl!!! I just want to get a hold of someone!
I'm so glad I read this cause I'm truly sick of talking through Yira for her to be the translator she sure is confusing as hell. I want to speak with Dr yily or Theresa myself but can't speak an ounce of spanish. I'm so irritated right now smh

I finally got my quote from Yily, i'm so excited...

I finally got my quote from Yily, i'm so excited.

Me and my mom are going to take a two week vacation in DR while we're there, her idea. Would love to soak up some sun rays while wearing that hot ass garment! *Sarcasm* But i'll do it for her, i've stressed her out with this surgery so....

I'm considering a Breast Lift, but i haven't really seen too many of Yily BL'S. Anyone know where i could see some pictures?

It doesn't matter where you go, surgery is surgery...

It doesn't matter where you go, surgery is surgery and is dangerous everywhere. Ladies i implore you to make sure you are in tip top health before even thinking about having surgery. A small waist and big butt doesn't even begin to compare to your life.

The young lady i mentioned in the title died here in NYC after having lipo, her surgeon performed the surgery KNOWING she had a history of heart disease and a heart transplant. He forged documents and told her she could have the surgery done. Two hours later she passed away. My heart goes out to her family, it is very sad.

This is the reason i'm posting this, even though i do not know any of you ladies personally i don't want anything to happen to anyone. PLEASE take care ladies, research and have your test done. Be open with your doctor and your surgeon and let them know if you have any issues.

No matter where you go, here or abroad you still have to do your part. Don't think just because your in the US surgery is safer.

Surgery is sugery.

Much love ladies.
Thank you for sharing prayers for her family and safe journeys for all the ladies/gents having surgery.
Very sad may God bless her soul
Yea, i still have the article. It's really sad.

Following my last post i've decided to make sure...

Following my last post i've decided to make sure i'm of sound mind and body before getting on that table.

Went to GNC today to get more vitamins and started chatting it up with the store clerk. I told him i was considering surgery (didn't go into details) but he starting telling me how his mom actually had surgery not too long ago.

Anyway he gave me this recipe for all green shakes and a list of vitamins plus the other vitamins i already was there to get. He told me that his mom was super healthy going into surgery and it helped ease and cut her recovery time.

He said she bounced back so quick from her surgery, so i've decided to try this thing out. I've already been on a diet to maintain my current weight, so now i'm just adding more vitamins and nuritents.

All i can say is this stuff taste like ass, OMG. I love veggies, but when you blend them together and add vitamins.........YUCK. I'm going to try some different combos maybe even add some dark chocolate to my next shake.

I'll add a shake recipe just incase any of you ladies want to try it out.

Green Shake

Collard green

Add any fruit you like, plus ice.

You can also add milk or water.

I purchased some Chia seeds to throw in, they are VERY high in protein and Omega 3's.

Lol. I love green smoothies. Using a bananas as ur fruit will rlly help to sweeten it up a bit. Ull get used to thm tho. I jus started back drinking thm a cpl days ago. Good luck with ur sx.
Are you ready to be SALAMAFIED he is in a zone right now I love my results 4 weeks po
im confused with these prices i see for dr s some posts i see are 10,000 some i see are in 6 something this is the cheapest ive seen...what does he base his prices on

Long Overdue: All of my girls have come and gone, except me. October 25th is my official date, question about recovery homes? Te

Hello ladies,

A lot of new faces!

Hope all is well with the ladies who have went and best of luck to the ones who haven't.

I am here to say I'm finally going, had a lot of issues with choosing a doctor and funding my vanity but where there's a will there a way. Finally my way has come.

Anywho, I'm down to a healthy weight (I'll post pictures very soon) and I'm all green still. Body is beyond ready for this.

I had a question to ask about recovery homes if anyone of you lovely ladies could help that would be great. Looking for a great one, that has hot water and great care.

Happy healing chicas.
good luck boo
Thank you girl! I'm hype!

Date Booked!!!

I'm so excited! FINALLY!

2013 Duran Doll!

Only thing to do now is maintain weight and stay healthy!

Blessing and prayers to all my dolls going and healing!

As usual, much love to you all!

new wish pictures

This is my ideal and desired look
Yay good luck! Congrats on ur healthy weight/body! I will c Duran in 51 days! Can't wait! Will continue to follow ur journey :)
Thank you love! Sending massive prayers and good vibes your way! I know she will take care of you! Ill check in with you during your healing process. Moral support goes a long way!
Thx boo! :) prayers n happy thought to u too :)

Vitamin & Supply List


Zinc (Mineral)
B-Complex 100
Vitamin C
Bioflavaniod 1000
Arnica Montana

Ladies careful with the Iron. It hurt my tummy and I was pretty dizzy certain days. Plus it made my poop green, which was strange.

Supply List:

Baby wipes
Lysol disinfectant wipes
Wee wee pads (To cover sheets)
Sanitary Pads & Adult diapers (For drainage and discharge)

*Funny, I saw the cutest guy in the store while I was buying those damn diapers. EMBARRASSED*

Arnica gel
Heating pad
Tampons (unfortunately I'll be on my menstrual cycle)
Extra panties (Sexy and Granny)
Sweat pants, gym shorts, tank tops, and sports bras.
Maxi dresses
Hair ties
Antibacterial spray, ointment, and soap
Bandages and scar strips

Food items
Cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and Gatorade.
Protein bars

I think thats all I need for now.

supplies cont'd..

Forgot about the female urinal and common toiletries.
How much are you paying for the bbl with dr.salama?
Hey love, I'm actually not going to Salama anymore. I'll be going to Duran in DR.
When exactly are you going? Im going the 13th!!

Booty Buddies?

Any takers?

Would be nice

We could split some costs...
Hi what do I need to do for after care
Sent you a mesg
Me to please ?

Healthy Inside & Out

Been awhile since I posted, as usual good luck to the ladies who have upcoming surgeries and happy healing to those who have gone.

I have actually gotten down to the perfect weight and size.

Surgery fast approaching, excited

Recovery Houses

Can anyone offer some advice or info?
How hAve you been since surgery any post op tips for when you get back to the states after surgery I know some people have done post opictures massage
Hello! Thanks for the review! Can we see some pics? Seems like you forgot about us.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Going to Dra Duran, not Salama.

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