Any BBL Sisters date around February 8th I will be Transformed. Aventura, FL

HI LADIES!!!!!! Im so excited to join and share...

Im so excited to join and share my journey with you ladies. At first I was scared to post pictures...but I tend to pass by the ones with no pics they are... :-( (My Husband would kill me if he knew Lol)

I couldn't get any of my work done because when I'm suppose to be studying, I'm reading the latest update about a BBL. So here is my story: One upon a time, I loved my body. My good ole early college days. Now Im like hand me a towel before I cry. I'm tired of feeling this way. So...Im doing something about it. I weighed 184 at 5'2 after two children. After this everyday hitting the treadmill and changing the way I eat. I am 164 with my goal to hit 140 before March. And I will do it because I have to help myself first before Dr. Salama can do his magic.

I emailed EPS last week and received a quote from Nancy. So I emailed her back and sent pictures and voila...Dr. Salama thought I was a good patient for this surgery and only requested I lose 5 more pounds. I was like (just 5!) At the weight I am now, I would be trying to get a TT and a BBL at the same time because I am traveling so far. But Nancy said they don't combine the procedures anymore. So...on the treadmill, steps, pavement, or where ever I will be until I hit 140.

I would like to say, Thank you ladies because your journeys have given me hope, found me a doctor LOL, and gave me a sense of not being alone. At the end of this, I will be the one on somebodies beach NOT hiding behind a towel. I probably throw it at my husband! Lol. Anyway, So, Im calling Nancy back in the morning to schedule my appt because she said she only has appts in March, BUMMER! But...Patience is a virtue. I was hoping for more like January/February.

Learning from you ladies I know to get: A reservation from Airbnb for my stay, don't take any ibuprofen or aspirin two weeks before/after surgery, buy depends for accidents, eat a low sodium diet a week before/after surgery to avoid extra swelling, take Bromelain or eat pineapple to help with healing, no smoking or drinking alcohol 3 weeks before surgery because it interferes with healing and blood flow. Make sure to walk everyday to speed up healing and have less swelling, O and tell Larry the driver my appts are 30 prior to be earlier for the days he is running behind.

I would like to get about 1100 cc each or more. But it could be more once he suck all the fat from my stomach and back that more than 1100 cc's right there :-) Hope I didn't forget anything...I'll tell you guys what happens tomorrow when I call to schedule.

Hi Ladies, I got my appt today!!!! March...

Hi Ladies,
I got my appt today!!!! March 14th!!!! I spoke with Nancy and she informed me that my consult would be on the day before which is that Wednesday. Im so excited. So I am waiting for my things in the mail now and she said I would get a packet two months prior to. I also spoke with her about being on the cancellation list also so if someone cancels or changes sometime in January or early February then they will inform me. Im so excited!!! My deposit was 780. I chose to use Larry the driver but she said that I could cancel anytime so..... YAYYYY!!!!

Super Excited which kind of sucks because I have...

Super Excited which kind of sucks because I have SO long to wait!!! March. I have my last semester of school to keep me busy until December then im free until August when I start working. I was planning on getting a part-time job but I don't want to work for three months and then leave because I AM LAYING ON MY STOMACH for however many weeks I have to! Lol The good thing about that is...I sleep on my stomach anyway so that isn't going to be the pain. The pain is going to come from the actual pain smh. Im taking all my electronics i.e. my kindle, ipad, and phone to keep me busy along with walking and all that. I shouldnt be so happy that I get to make my hubby watch all the girlie movies with me and cuddle..uh more like, lay beside me! Anyway, talk to yall soon!!! Tearing myself away from here now

Hey Girlies, Im telling yall, this is better...

Hey Girlies,
Im telling yall, this is better than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Ha! Im always excited to see any newbies like me and see all the updates as we are on this journey. That's all until tomorrow! Got studying to do!!!

Another Day Down Ladies, Another Day Closer!!! So...

Another Day Down Ladies, Another Day Closer!!! So today I found out that my family will be getting orders overseas next year. Im so excited but that also makes me fear for my new *BOOTY* lol O No! Im getting it. I may just have to let my family go first and I come later. This is me changing my life and no move will change now. I will be praying that somone in mid-december/ January calls and cancels or wants to switch because this sucks. I dont expect anyone too because as excited as we all are none of us are like hey girlie I'll switch lol (which I understand) LOL So tonight when Im praying I'll make sure to add in a quick plea lol. Anyway, how r u ladies???? I read a post talking about vitiamin c 1000 or more. What is that about? feel me in sistas

I had math finals this week. December graduation...

I had math finals this week. December graduation here I come! I didnt get a chance to work out or anything. That got me to thinking "am i ok with my body?" and that made me sad. why would i settle. I have been doing so well. I even see changes even though they are small. So tomorrow back on that treadmill I go!!! Things we really want in life requires persistence and hard work. I hope I can get my date moved up. When I think about eating after 7 I go.."but I have until march" and i dont want to think like that! So I gotta FOCUS!!! Dream about *BIG BOOTY* ladies!!!...we can only say that on here and that be ok!!! Lol

Hey Ladies, Long time. Life has been keeping me...

Hey Ladies,
Long time. Life has been keeping me busy. I was getting so distracted my next summer and my BOOTY, real self gonna have to pay us as much as we sit on here and chat with each other! whats new? Any new pictures or posts I need to see???? March seems so far away. I called Nancy because someone had informed me of a closer date. When I spoke with Nancy she said, u know women have been calling because they say someone on realself is giving them dates. She was like unless someone is switching their personal date with u, wait for us to call u with opening. She was like that day you give me was a Saturday. Who felt stupid??? I DID!!! So yea..about that! Lol Any who.. R any of you ladies using care credit??? Is your credit great? I want to pay cash for mine but considering taking out a loan if the military moves us. Road tripping across the country is NOT fun, Im just saying. My credit is good. Not 700's but not 500's either.

159lbs today! Whew Looking for someone to do...

159lbs today! Whew
Looking for someone to do switch their December date. Anytime after the 8th is perfect!

I SO need to stop reading other teams except my...

I SO need to stop reading other teams except my own! I love ALL you ladies but Team J has got me biting my nails over here like DAMN! LoL and recently, I haven't been seeing any DAMN Salama's bbls. Apart of me is like "girl u messed up, u need to be with team J" the other part of me really believes that this will pass. I picked Dr. Salama for a reason. not just the butt. I may get that butt out garment though!!! I have a list of why I choose Salama so that's where Imma be and it's not because of the deposit even though that is a factor.
Anyway, I am trying to change my workout routine. My fall class has been kicking my butt and waking up at the but crack :-) of dawn is killing me.
BBL sisters...I need some comfort.

I just emailed Nancy about my concerns. I'll see...

I just emailed Nancy about my concerns. I'll see what she says...

Hey Girlies, I havent been working out like I...

Hey Girlies,
I havent been working out like I should this week, only once, so this weekend I gotta get it in!!! I went and got a tape measure so that I can take my before and after. I am so ashamed. smh. The numbers are 38, 39, 42. See that's the wrong shape. I did look in the mirror and even though I havent worked out I am still eating good. I can see my body changing for the better. I am still TEAMSALAMA, hell he can be SoloSalama and Imma still be there. He has a gift and I cant wait. How are u ladies???? Any new constructed BBL sisters??? I love before and after pictures. I love hearing there happiness in the, lmao. Im so happy for all of us and cant wait until it's my turn.

Hey Girlies, It feels like I havent been on here...

Hey Girlies,
It feels like I havent been on here in forever, been keeping busy. So being a military spouse, we got orders to JAPAN!!! So Im like WTF! Granted our "no later than date" is april but that means that I would get my surgeon than a month later be sitting on my new butt for all them hours...not even. So I sent Nancy an email to see if I can get an earlier date (fingers crossed) If not, I guess I will be seeing how them overseas doctor stuff women! Ha!!!
I hope all you ladies who are healing are doing well, you guys are in my prayers. And to the ladies who dates are arriving...WHOOP WHOOP!!! Lmao! Until next time!

Talk to nancy, she said December is a short month...

Talk to nancy, she said December is a short month because dr. Salama goes on vacation the 19th until the remainder of the month. She said I may have a better chance of getting a November date. So I'm praying for something in December after the 8th. (can't stand at graduation, would if I could)

The wait is killing me! I took a break from...

The wait is killing me! I took a break from working out until last week. I haven't gained any weight back but the long wait made me feel I got time to get in order. One of my students asked to take a picture with me and I did but I felt very uncomfortable in my skin so I went home and plugged my treadmill back in. So I'm a week in and the squats got me waning to cry every time I walk down the steps in my house. I'm still hoping and praying for an earlier date, I prayed about it and ill let God. Wish I could get a Christmas booty to rest on before this flight but my backup plan is to share and lay in my seats with my girls lmao...but I'm SO serious! Until next time ladies!

Hi Sisters!!!! I NEED to give a shot out to...

Hi Sisters!!!!
I NEED to give a shot out to MSTMILLER on here ladies!!!! She and I switched dates so now I'm JANUARY 8th, 2013!!!!!! We spoke on the phone and it's crazy because we couldn't figure out our three way to call Nancy but we finally got it right and switched!!!! I didnt receive an email from Nancy yet as confirmation but one of the other ladies called me today to confirm. Im so excited!!!! It seems so soon but Im so ready. So all Love and Hugs go to MSTMILLER! Thank you girlie! So Im really on the grind. Gotta kick my little 30 minute of cardio and 30 minutes of the weights back up to and hour of each. I dont want saggy skin after the skin has healed.

Ok Ladies, my last date change. Isn't God good???...

Ok Ladies, my last date change. Isn't God good??? Thank You Tprout11!!!!! I wished and I prayed. Now time to prepare. This doesn't seem real. What do I need now?

I got my packet!!!!!!! I'm so excited! It's surreal!

I got my packet!!!!!!! I'm so excited! It's surreal!

Ladies!!!! Got my package!!! I will be sending...

Ladies!!!! Got my package!!! I will be sending them back in tomorrow!!! I started my vitamins and now imma just sty busy until I graduate. I leave day after surgery for aventura. I could use this break. I plan to walk and read and enjoy sleep, something I haven't been able to do all semester. Girls I'm scared to be excited! I don't wanna jinx anything. It feels too good to be true. I'm excited about my new body. I hope my stomach skin retracts :-(
Until later! Toodles!

Omg, So many of our Bbl sisters will have...

Omg, So many of our Bbl sisters will have Christmas booties. I'm so excited, I can't wait. I was denied credit care :-( so I had to break down and ask the parents. That was a mess in its own. But all is good! I have been looking at all of u guys posts about what to bring but I have broke down all of them and settled with this packed list: waist clincher, fitted t-shirts, compression socks, panties, sweat pants, dial soap, arnica, gauzes and tape, peroxide, paint roller, pads, (toothbrush, toothpaste, Vaseline, iPad for entertainment, cup to pee in, and the medicine) Am I missing something??? Let me know!!!!

Hey ladies, what brand of bioflavonoid and b-100...

Hey ladies, what brand of bioflavonoid and b-100 do y'all use????

As the date gets closer I find myself wanting to...

As the date gets closer I find myself wanting to shot it to the world how I'm excited but it still feels unreal. I got all my vitamins and I ordered my waist clincher...I'm too excited to pack. I'll wait until the day before. As of now I have a pile on my closest floor on a blanket. I don't want to pack too much because I am flying back alone. I'm waiting til next pay day to get my tickets then it will feel SO real. I need to lose 10 more lbs but my family is here from Texas and its almost thanksgiving so it's going to be a lot of FOOD! I'm just going to eat in moderation until then. Idk when I will sleep. I have school until that Wednesday before graduation, graduation on Saturday then Sunday fly out...too excited!

15 Days!!!!! So I'm fully packed except a few...

15 Days!!!!! So I'm fully packed except a few things to get left. I was so excited last night packing. Then I got on the treadmill after not looking from thanksgiving and omg! I gained 7 lbs. so now I'm 170 even...Crap! So after this post I'm doing a salt water flush and I'm on 2 a days for 14 days so I can get back to my weight lose pic at least. My butt always looks nice when I'm heavy but I hate the way every other piece of my body looks like my damn stomach. I almost threw up looking at it. I have hopes for Dr. Salama that's y I chose him but I'm still worried. I am not taking any wish pictures. I brought this dress (o imma show y'all next post I didn't even think of it) but it was so pretty until I seem my gut it so messed up the look lmfao. So I'm taking that dress with me and trying it on for him so he can see what I'm looking for in the front too not just the butt...o my new booty! It still feels unreal. I'm finish school on the 5th of December, meetings for seniors the next two days, GRADUATION on the 8th and flying to Aventura on the 9th...whew...ill sleep when I'm there.
On another note, I emailed Ruben this week with no response. I emailed Nancy two weeks with no response... Ummm....

Idk y the pics came out sideways. It didn't load...

Idk y the pics came out sideways. It didn't load like that and of course there is no delete button for me to fix them............ Anyway, when I clicked it they loaded right so try. #sorry on behalf of realself :-)

8 Days! 8! Time is flying. I'm packed. Still...

8 Days! 8! Time is flying. I'm packed. Still buying things here n there. Found a traveling pillow at purchased! It is designed to go under your thighs too so I'm use it on the flight back during take off. Got my tickets for the back row. I hate tilting so far back but it gives me access to stand more and not look extra crazy for standing.
Can I vent for a second? Everyone in my family has bad credit. It is ridiculous and horrible. I needed a co-signer until my bank could verify that I had paid my student loans and no one could. Like if they had decent credit they would but no one does. Luckily, a few faxes of my bank statement and an email concerning my credit report and I was good. That makes me sad though. I have two daughters, one of teachings will def be have your credit right. Granted we all fall short, I was just sad because my family always needs me and When it's my turn no one there could help. Anyway, my day is coming soon, I'm just ready to see a new body and hope I'm not one of the ones who is unhappy (knock on wood) until later girls!

So yea, I went from overly excited to crushed....

So yea, I went from overly excited to crushed. With this overseas move my hubby put his "priorities" first without consulting me taking most of my payment for Dr. S. after crying, fussing, and all that I called Nancy. She le me cry on the phone with her for a good 30 minutes today. Needless to say, my date is now April 16, which will be sooner than that cuz we move in March. But I'm back to the drawing board. I guess I can get back to my diet. I'm so so sad right now so imma give RS a break for awhile. At least from posting. @sweetpea girl... I'm praying we get better luck!

I'm visiting DC soon. Most of my family is there....

I'm visiting DC soon. Most of my family is there. My birthday is coming up! But all I can think about is my surgery. My date is so far. Nancy made a mistake...I'm July. Thing is: I won't even be in the US then. So I'm patiently waiting for one of our BBL sisters to inbox me and say Hey, you can have my February date! (Big dreams huh) LOL I am not going to stress about something I know it is my forecast. I'm willing to help share a room with another person who wants to split cost or stay with my sister in Miami. My day will come.

Ladies! So here's where I'm at. Tax Time....

Ladies! So here's where I'm at. Tax Time. Re-enlistment bonus. U think it would be an easy answer to how I'm paying for my surgery right? Why do I feel so guilty then? My hubby is really scared of the idea of surgery even though he supports me. We agreed to split the money 50/50 after savings. Finally this year we have no bills. But y do I feel guilty. For New Years I was so sad because EVERY amazing dress I brought was tainted my my belly booty. Since we are moving overseas I wanna fit in everything and look amazing. I wanna look on the outside how I feel inside. I feel guilty because I feel selfish. I told my daughter I would take on her a cruise. I am! She is 4. Even with all the guilt I feel like....this is my body. My hubby his sexy. And I'm not just saying that. He has the six pack, sexy back, great butt, all that...fresh waves, 6'4 and a heart to match. I want that for me. I mean I know I'm beautiful! Lol but when it's Dress up time it's find a shirt to cover my stomach and rolls. Still rocking my cute maternity pants or dresses. Then I feel insecure. I don't wanna be one of Salama's art pieces either that ends up still flat or whatever. But he is a genius. But he is still human.

ANYWAYS, Nancy talk to me yesterday and there were three spots open for January. But then by the time I emailed her back w date I wanted was gone. But I want an early feb date so I'm not worried. I anyone wants to share a room or anything let me know. My sis is there but she is leaving sometime in feb and I don't have time for her bs.


Since we r moving overseas we have to visit home....

Since we r moving overseas we have to visit home. I'm so nervous and excited. My plan is to go straight to DC from surgery. I know I can rest up for maybe a month. But after that my friends n family will be ready to disown me if I'm not hanging out or lots of sitting. Go over everyone house and lay on there couches! Lmao hahaha I'm so serious! What r things I could do without sitting? Has anyone sat at week 4 and been ok? I haven't been home in a year so...everyone will be pulling my family all ways. I feel like everyone will know lol maybe I can say I had lipo and it hurts to bend...

Thanks to Ms. WannaButt220 I now have March 15,...

Thanks to Ms. WannaButt220 I now have March 15, 2013. Life. I have come full circle. Started with March, turned December now I'm back to March. Lord help me. It will be worth it in the end though. Nothing new.

Hi Ladies! Is there any lady going in February who...

Hi Ladies! Is there any lady going in February who would like to trade for an earlier date. Mine is the 8th. I need about a week after. I'm paying for my surgery with my taxes and now I'm pissed because I filed them last week and they say they won't process until the 30th. Don't they take two weeks to come back?....I'm freaking out! No I can't pay you I just need someone in the kindness of their heart to switch please

Hey Ladies. Im keeping my date. God must have...

Hey Ladies. Im keeping my date. God must have admired my persistence and rewarded me. Things worked out with Medical Financing so...February 8th will be MY time!!! Details: Ppl say that it is expensive for NPLB and it has a lot of negative reviews but my experience so far has been great. My agent is nice and on top of everything. It did cost me a little. my total at the doctors office is 7799. i had to pay half of that (my 50%) plus a 10% fee which was 700. And a EPS fee which was 10%. So in all I payed 1400 extra for having not great credit...not too bad. My interest is 12% high right. BUT there is no early payment penalty which is good for an extra 3500. I have four years to pay it off and my monthly bill is 147.05. Which gives me wiggle room to pay big amounts when i can or just pay the bill when i need. So Far So Good...But Im keeping my fingers crossed until Im in Dr. Salama's office.
Another thing. Nancy is Great. When I see her I will be bringing her a beautiful arrangement of flowers because I wouldnt have been able to have it without her love and support.
Aight Ladies...until next time....
Oh....and. I notice many BBL sisters dont respond and encourage sisters who are not yet posting pics of their after date. Thats fine. I will not post pics so yall can see my after results if I dont feel like (those ones) didnt give a damn before hand. Im just saying....Peace!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Um Hello, RealSelf and Ladies! :-) I learn, found out about and research about Dr. Salama through this site. So...Thank you. I'll rate him when I meet him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Congrats on your date Chang I'm going in March too
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Congrats baby girl!!!!!hope u are doing feeling well!! Best wishes xoxo
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How are u?
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Did u have surgery? How r u?
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Best wishes on your journey ! I noticed I didn't get any responses when I didn't have a photo. I checked the news feed and I wasn't even in it! I guess you have to have a photo to be on the main screen. Idk !!! Congrats on your date also.
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good luck with ur journey girl, im also a military spouse and also worried about gettting a date early enough to heal before having to pcs or hubby deploying. feel free to inbox me if you just want to chit chat or need someone to vent to :)
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check your inbox please
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sooo happy for you hun good luck with everything
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I feel the same way I get very few replies on my page as well.. Good luck on your surgery
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Thank you Neisha5
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Thanks for posting about the NPLB, I needed that info
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Thank you. That's how I felt that's y I did it
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Lol!! girl you done came a long way with the dates, welcome back to the march side again, lol!! Just wanted to give you a shout out on your page and also say thank you again for your support when I had my rant. BTW, girl who aint ready to show that new ass off to our husbands and boyfriends, I can't wait till your turn and I will continue to follow your story:D
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Awwee! Girl it's hard not being able to share our joy with the ppl around us but that is what RS is suppose to be here for. And for us to share our stories. Thank u for ur support!!!! It does mean a lot.
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No problem mama:) what are bbl sisters for:D
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Hey girlie! I just read your entire post, and I went from feeling so happy for you to feeling so bad for you all in a matter of minutes! I am so sorry that your date got switched, something you were so excited about! But like the girls said, everything happens a certain way for a reason. I'm about to send a message to your inbox, so check it and let me know if it's something that interests you. Best of luck either way honey :-) And happy holidays!
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LOL sorry! It is an emotional roller coaster for me too. My hubby and I were "loving on each other"...and all I could see in the mirror was my stomach and my butt and how the fat needs to be switched. He was like is this a bad time...I was bad! I couldn't help it. LOL
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Lol girl I know how you feel! My guy didn't even want me to get it, so at least you have the support of the person closest to you. I sent you a private message, so check it out and write back to let me know if it works for you.
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Ignore the response from "BeautyIsHerName", that was actually me writing that lol! Not sure how it went through under a different username.
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Keep your head up sweetheart, Iife has a way of throwing you curve balls when you think you have everything planned out. Stay strong and find comfort in knowing that everything happens for a reason.
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Stay positive!!! God has better plans for you right now..... even though it might be hard for you to understand it right now. :)
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Thank you girls, y'all r trying to make me start crying. Eyes already watering. I mean I just don't understand right now. I pray, I work hard, I'm finally graduating on Saturday and a good mom and wife. I pray none stop, good times and bad. And my luck sucks! I try to be grateful for the things I do have. Right now I'm like Rose calm down breathe and enjoy life. My day will come. All of ours.
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Girlie, I am so sorry to hear this!! Let it out, girl. Everything happens for a reason. You'll get yours soon :-) April ain't too far out. XOXOXOXOXO
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God is Good girly and trust me he knows what he is doing even when we might not understand. Stay strong everthing happens for a reason. Jus count it all joy. Stay busy. Ur date will be here in kno time :) Xoxo
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:-( im so sorry that this happened to you, life happens i know girl but its okay!! everything happens for a reason and dec. was not for you... Jan 10th was my date it is now may 2nd as of 2 days ago! the hurricane destroyed the date of my dreams!!!! luck was just off :-(((( its time to look up and keep it moving sis!
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