1 year and 3 months post op and loving it!!! Aventura, FL

I decided to go with Dr. Lagrasso at Dr. Pascals...

I decided to go with Dr. Lagrasso at Dr. Pascals wellness and medical spa in aventura!! I'm scheduled to go to meet with the doctor this Friday the 3rd, going forward I will be having the surgery at the end of the month on the 30th!! I can't wait to see my results! I'll post before pics the day before my surgery and I'll also post pics through out my healing process!! I researched a lot on my doctor and also seen some of his work it's amazing especially his body sculpting skills!! So we'll see guys I'll keep you updated promise!!

Just came back from seeing Dr. Lagrasso, he is...

Just came back from seeing Dr. Lagrasso, he is such a sweety!!! He explained the entire procedure and what to expect after!! He really got me excited today, he said that my procedure would be a piece of cake after examining me. I cant wait to see my results and im ready for the 30th to be here like right now!!!! LOL Anyways BBL sisters ill keep you all updated with my progress. Oh yea I forgot I did get some what a little bad news, my hemogoblin is a little low so the Dr gave me a prescription for some iron pills!!! Other than that its a GO!! Ill also be sending them a few pics of what size I would like to be!! Later girls

Omg!!!!! I'm to excited sisters!!! I just switched...

Omg!!!!! I'm to excited sisters!!! I just switched my sx date to the 16th in exactly one week!!! I'm excited and scared at the same damn time!!! I go in tomorrow morning to pay off my balance!!! Can't wait to get this over with!!! Wish me luck sisters I still have to get some items for after sx, suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

Ok ladies my balance is paid off and I'm...

Ok ladies my balance is paid off and I'm definitely scheduled for the 16th!!!! I'll be going in for sx in the morning at 9:45am omg can't believe this is really going to happen!! Excited, nervous, scared all at the same time. Wooooooosssssaaaaaaaaa I can do it!!! Included with the price is 2 garments, 3 complimentary ultrasound massages and all of my follow up appts!!!! I'll post all before pics the night before and hopefully when I get home after the sx I'm well enough to post a few after pics!! Keep me in ur prayers sister, thanks a million!!!

Ok ladies its about that time. My surgery is...

Ok ladies its about that time. My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow and I have to be there at 10 am yayyyy. Im so nervous because I dont know what to expect after it is all done. Just keep me in your prayers girls, here are some before pics and after surgery I will post after pics. Thanks sisters for all the info and reviews

Hey ladies just a little update! Just got of bed...

Hey ladies just a little update! Just got of bed to walk around the house and get something to eat. My nurse advised me to be on a low sodium diet for now due to all the swelling because it will actually make u swell more, so she told me to eat high protein foods for now. I don't have any pain just a lot of soreness around the areas I had lipo so it's hard to get in and out of bed, other than that I feel pretty good. I have some post op pics with my garment on that I will post in a little bit, I'll post some pics with the garment off in a few days!! Thanks ladies ttyl

Hi sisters it's day 3 and I'm feeling do much...

Hi sisters it's day 3 and I'm feeling do much better the soreness is already starting to go away. My abs and butt are still kind of hard but they are starting to soften up a little. Can't wait for my drains to be removed that's the only real issue I have right now, my stomach is super flat and I love it my butt sits up pretty nice and is very perky and I cant wait to try some clothes on lol. I didn't want a donk I just wanted a much more noticeable butt that stood out from what I had and my doctor gave me exactly what I wanted. I haven't noticed any volume loss everything pretty much looks the same and I hope it stays that way. So sisters so far I love my results cuz my body is banging, my sis in laws can't believe how great I look already!! I'll update you guys in a couple of days tyyl

Hey ladies today is day 4 and I feel good!! Tried...

Hey ladies today is day 4 and I feel good!! Tried on some of my favorite jeans and I can't believe how amazing I look in them. I love it sisters, I go in tomorrow for my 2nd ultrasound massage and can't wait. My lipo areas are still sore and I massage them on my own from time to time and it makes it feel so good. So can't wait to go in tomorrow, as each day goes by I feel better and better and can't wait to be fully recovered. I absolutely love my results my butt is not huge it's just the right size for me and I love the way I look. With my new flat belly it makes it look bigger than expected but its ok because i am definitely satisfied with the entire outcome. I'll update u ladies in a couple of days when I meet with the doctor, I really want to know how many cc's I got and if he used everything he took out!! Ttyl

Ok so I was scheduled for my second ultrasound...

Ok so I was scheduled for my second ultrasound massage today and I couldn't get it :-(. This morning I suddenly felt a really bad burning sensation on the left side of my stomach and I was so scared. It hurt soooooo bad ladies the pain was unbareable, when I got there as soon as they touched that spot I was in the worst pain ever. They told me that it was the anesthesia and it's nothing to worry about but I couldn't take the pain. Another assistant came in to see where the pain was and to see if he could help, he figured out exactly what it was. It was the drain he said that sometimes the feeling in that area is numb for a few days and when the sensation in those nerves come back it could be very painful. He removed the tube and I immediately felt relief I couldn't believe it. I'm feeling soooooo much better ladies my ultrasound was rescheduled and my other 2 drains will be removed this Thursday!!! Can't wait, well that's all for now ladies ttyl

So today I've jumped a big hurdle ladies!!! Yes no...

So today I've jumped a big hurdle ladies!!! Yes no more pain pills for me and I feel great still sore but great!!! Lol I took my last pill yesterday afternoon and I was so scared of how I would feel after they wore off but nothing yet feeling good. Got my extra strength Tylenol just in case but I doubt that I'll need them. Super excited about tomorrow getting my drains out and getting a tighter garment because my current one is loose which means I'm shrinking!!! Yayyyyy I'll update tomorrow sisters ttyl

Ok ladies its been 1 week and ill be 2 weeks on...

Ok ladies its been 1 week and ill be 2 weeks on thursday. I feel great and i love my new body, I look amazing in most of my clothes! I have a few dresses that dont fit like they should because of my back being curved in now, theres lots of space back there and it looks real ugly. But thats not bad news I just have to get a smaller size now which is great, the bad part is that I havent even worn those dresses yet!!! :-( Anywho I have another follow up on thursaday as well as my last free ultrasound massage, ill decide on thursday whether or not im going to purchase a few more. I posted a few new pics my waist seems to be getting smaller and smaller as the days go by and Im so happy. Ill update again in another week to let you ladies know how everything is doing. TTYL

Went in today for a follow up and my 3 ultrasound...

Went in today for a follow up and my 3 ultrasound massage!!! Had some fluid build up on the right side of my stomach do the doctor drained it for me. I was so scared because I hate needles but it wasn't that bad at all since I'm still kind of numb in that area. I found out today that I get one free session of smooth shapes I'm so happy and excited. Can't wait for next week the doctor says I look great and for 2 weeks my results are incredible. I was told by the assistant that a lot of patients don't see my type of results for about a month or so she was surprised by how I looked today!!! I'll update you ladies on how the smooth shapes goes next week!! Toodles sisters ttyl

Uploaded a new pic for you ladies!!!

uploaded a new pic for you ladies!!!

Hey girls sorry I haven't been on in a while,...

Hey girls sorry I haven't been on in a while, first off I'm so pissed at the staff at lagrasso office. I think I have given them more than enough time to get the info that I requested about the amount of cc's taken out and put into my butt. Still I have no info and I'm pissed to the core, I called and was told to come in today to get the info and when I got there they had nothing besides the amount that was taken out which I already knew. I'm not blaming lagrasso because it's the responsibility of the surgical techs to make sure that they put all info into my chart. They told me that they will have the doctor call me tomorrow but that doesn't make things better because it's been 4 weeks already and that info should of been in my chart from the beginning. Anyways I'll be waiting to hear from lagrasso tomorrow, I went for a consult today for the exilis treatment and the specialist told me that it was not an option for me right now since I just had surgery. She said that I'm still recovering and my stomach still has some swelling and that I should wait at least 6 months for the treatment. She advised me that it's still early and from the looks of my results with time and recovery I may not even need the treatment. My stomach will continue to lose inches and my skin will continue to tighten for the next couple of months so I shouldn't be worried about my loose skin right now at all. She kind of gave me a relief with her advise so I'll just wait and see she told me to continue with my massages and to wear my garment for a couple of more months. Other then that everything is all good still loving my results, my waist is super small smaller than its ever been and I'm so happy. I want to shout out nycutie for her post about the garment she got from lipoexpress, I just got mines today and that thing is the real deal Holyfield!!!! Lol u girls need to check out the site their garments are the best, I've tried 2 others and they don't compare what so ever. I got a 2xs just to give u guys an idea of how small my waist has gotten. Thanks nycutie for the tip, ttyl sisters!!!! :-)

Hey ladies!!!! I'm 6 weeks post op today...

Hey ladies!!!! I'm 6 weeks post op today yayyyyy!!! Anyways I'm feeling great swelling is almost gone completely, today I had another smooth shapes and it hurt like hell!!! I also saw the doctor and he took some pics, almost everyone in the office can't believe how small my waist is and how great I look!!!!! I'm super satisfied with my results and wouldn't change anything. I measured my self this weekend and my waist is 27 in and butt is 40 in, I wish I would have measured myself before the surgery but I didn't!! If you ladies have any questions feel free to ask and enjoy the new pics!!!

Hey ladies its been 8 weeks and my results look...

Hey ladies its been 8 weeks and my results look better and better!!! My stomach is fonominal my bf is even like whoa you sure you didn't get a tummy tuck, I'm like hell no!!! Lol, I still have some stiffness and numbness in my lower back and still a little sore but not really. I still wear my waist clincher and the board with it, not really sure when to stop but I am tired of it though!!! Anyways ask any questions if you have any and here's a few more pics, excuse my grandma's lol!!! Later sisters

*phenomenal spell check!!! Lol sorry

*phenomenal spell check!!! Lol sorry

A couple of more pics for you ladies, ill do a few...

A couple of more pics for you ladies, ill do a few with some clothes on really soon!!! Later

Hey ladies here are some pics with some jeans on,...

Hey ladies here are some pics with some jeans on, I was determined to put these on lol!!! I had just purchased them and only worn them once before surgery, after week one I tried to put them on and they would not even budge over my butt. Today after all the swelling is down I finally got them on and it took foreverrrrrrrr, It kind of even looks like the jeans are squishing my butt. Well idc I spent $200 on those jeans and I'm not giving them away anytime soon!!! Lol

Just a few new pics!! These pants are the bomb!!! Lol

Just a few new pics!! These pants are the bomb!!! Lol

Hey ladies just a little update today I'm 3 months...

Hey ladies just a little update today I'm 3 months post op yayyyyyyyyy, went in for a follow up with my doctor and everything is fine!!!! Took a few new pics and finally got the info that I've been waiting on, soooooooo the doc removed 3500 cc's of fat out of my body which I believe is the legal limit and drum roll pleasssssseeeee......... I got 750 cc's injected into each cheek!!!! Like huh???? I was confused for a little bit and disappointed at the same time, I was hoping that he would say that I got at least 1000 cc's injected into each cheek. I'm not saying that I'm not satisfied with my results but damn!!!!! I mean I guess I do have to take into consideration that all the fat removed could not have possibly been used, after its extracted it does have to be purified and only the good portion can be injected. Also I'm very petite I'm only 5 feet, weighed 130 lbs and had some butt before I went into this :-( I guess thats the amount my cheeks would take. Anyways overall I'm satisfied with my results EVERYONE notices a difference in my butt especially and I really don't have any complaints. If I had a chance to this all over again I would definitely get it done with no questions asked, maybe it's a good thing it's not bigger than it is because I've had ppl ask me if I got butt shots and I was like HELL NO!!! Lol, if it was any bigger they would really think its fake!!! Ill be updating my pics soon with the before and after pics from my docs office I'm so excited I can't wait to see them. Here's a few pics I took tonight, if u ladies have any questions feel free to ask. Until next time sisters smooooccchhheezzzz

Oh yea I forgot to mention ladies I no longer wear...

Oh yea I forgot to mention ladies I no longer wear any garment or waist clincher all day. I work out 3-4 days a week and that's the only time I wear my waist clincher now and I've been doing that for the past 2 weeks!!

Ok ladies so I just the first set of before and...

Ok ladies so I just the first set of before and after pics from the doctors office still waiting on the other angles that were taken. I will post them as soon as I get them, but ladies I want you guys to be the judge and let me know what you think. In my opinion I think the doctor could have done a better job with my butt, like I said before its not like I went into this with a flat booty. I mean I'm no saying he didn't do a good job I just think he could have done better, he didn't give me a bigger butt in my opinion he just made it more fuller than it was but bigger I have to say I don't think so. Yes EVERYBODY says my butt looks bigger but I concur, maybe it's just me but I don't know I'll let you guys be the judge. Honest views and opinions ladies I love you sisters thank you!!! :-)

Hey sisters this will be my last update for a...

Hey sisters this will be my last update for a while I've uploaded pre-op and post-op pics for you all. I'm still happy with my results overall, my butt is much fuller and more perky than pre-op it's not huge but who doesn't want a huge butt!! Lol, anyways I'm happy with my results my clothes look amazing on me my butt looks so full and juicy I don't regret having this surgery it was definitely worth it. My stomach looks awesome can't believe it's so flat, hopefully I won't fall into my bad eating habits and develop another gut lol we'll see. Ill update again and post pics at maybe 9 or 10 months!! Talk to you ladies later thanks for the support smoochezzzz

Not really an update I was just trying on some...

Not really an update I was just trying on some clothes and I just had to post these pics of this dress. I love this dress and it compliments my new shape so well I just had to share!! Oh yea I'm now wearing a 3xs corset now yayyyyyy. Team tiny waist!!! Lol enjoy sisters!!! Smoochezz

Hey sisters just rearranged my pics to give you...

Hey sisters just rearranged my pics to give you guys a better look at before and after!!

Hey ladies its been 7 months now and everything is...

Hey ladies its been 7 months now and everything is going great!!! I love love love my new body, I get compliments every where I go and I love it. Here's a few pics with some jeans on, I use to wear these jeans and they would come up all the way over my butt but now my butt barely wants to stay in them. Lol enjoy ladies xoxo

Hey ladies its been 9 months and I'm so glad I did...

Hey ladies its been 9 months and I'm so glad I did this surgery. I have no regrets at all I love the way I look and everyone else does too!!! Lol, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask my body is 100% back to normal I'm so happy. I still wear my waist cincher from time to time just during the day when I'm at work and while I'm working out. I get compliments on my waist and how small it is all the time. Women always ask how did u get your waist to be so tiny I just giggle and say nothing!! Lol, people think I model I'm like no I wish!!! Lol anyways good luck to all the new comers and the ladies that are still recovering its a long road but its worth it. Later gals

9 months and loving it!!! ;-)

1 year and 3 months!!! Still loving my results!!!

Hey gals, it's been a while just stopping by to say hey!!! Lol... Results still holding up, love love love my body. My boo can't get enough of grabbing that a**, people tell me everyday that my butt is huge!! I still don't see it, it's a nice size perfect for me. I'm real petite so maybe that's why people say it's huge but I don't know. I've seen much much bigger but I'm satisfied with it. Any questions shoot ladies, talk to you gals soon. Love y'all

It's a photo shoot!! Lol

Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

I gave him 2 stars in responsiveness only because of his staff still not being able to give me the info that I asked for!!! Smdh

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Love. Your results. I had about the same amount of cc's hope my results look like yours in a year.
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Love your results. Very natural looking. Your before looks like be now (only my stomach is worse) and your after looks like me before it deflated.
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you look great girl! Glad to see that overtime it gets better and better!
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you look gorgeous! thanks for sharing so much of your story =)

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Thanks Hun!! Glad to help
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Thanks babes!!
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You look lovely doll, did you get your thighs or arms done?
  • Reply
Thanks Hun, I only did my stomach back and flanks. 
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You look very nice.
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Thanks sweets!!!
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You look GREAT!!!!
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Thanks Hun!!
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Looking fierce! If u don't mind me asking what're ur measurements ?
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Thank you babes!! 34-28-40
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you look great.
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Thank you sweets!!!
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I love your pics! I am going November 4th!!! Did you ever find out how many CC's? How did the payments work?
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Hey Hun so sorry for the late reply, congrats on your date. I believe I got 750 cc's each side, I put it in my review it's some where there. I didn't do payments I paid in full. 
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Sorry I'm soooo late!! Thanks hunny
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Your results are amazing!
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Your results are amazing!
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Thanks hunny!!!
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Hey I loove ur results. I went w dr. Salama last year in July. I love ur curves and how small your waist is. How did you get it like that? How long did you wear the garment? Let me know cuz I wish my waist was smaller.
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