8 wks. Postop

So Ive been doing alot of research and thanks to...

So Ive been doing alot of research and thanks to all of you on this site I feel that im closer to making my decision.I personally wanted to stay in my area (nj.ny) but i havent seen the work ive been looking for.ex.kim.k. J Lo amber Rose booties.I didnt want to travel but it looks like I may book with dr.Salama im florida.I also liked the work of Dr.Markmann but I heard he was alot m0re$.I spoke with someone from dr. Salamas office today for info and they qouted me 6500 for bbl.and appt.as early as august which i was hoping to have this done for summer .I also like dr.salama because I feel he has alot of experience and isnt afraid to put alot of fat in the back.ill keep you all posted once I make my final decision and have a date set.

Ok,so I just booked my surgery for bbl with Dr...

Ok,so I just booked my surgery for bbl with Dr.Salama!!!I am so excited and nervous I feel like throwing up lol.anyways I am scheduled for Oct.8th but was hoping for August only because I have a child who will be in school and its just very hectic time of year for me.I didnt realise how quickly they book up so my advice to you all is if your thinking about it just leave your deposit because they book months in advance.so far the staff has been very nice and efficient.I will keep you all updated.

As of today my body measurements are bust-37 waist...

As of today my body measurements are bust-37 waist 31 hips 40 .im only 4 ft 11in. Weight 135. My ideal weight is 115-120.I would like to lose at least 5 to 10lbs before surgery but was told I will need the fat for the transfer.im just worried that even after the lipo.I will still not be as contoured or slim as I want to be.I will post before pics so that you can get a better idea of what i look like.Also dr. Said he can get me 1100 cc of fat which sounds great to me.just worried that it wouldnt look good on my height?any help on this subject would be appreciated.

Im anxiously waiting for this procedure.I havnt...

Im anxiously waiting for this procedure.I havnt recieved my welcome package?its been over a month.I have to admit that ive have so many mixed emotions since making my decision to get bbl.Sometimes I get fearful of the recovery process.I just want summer to pass and get this surgery over because im already going crazy and want my new body like yesterday!!

So my date is coming sooner than I think and I...

So my date is coming sooner than I think and I havent done much preparations yet as far as accomodations.I have researched prices and locations but havent made any arrangments yet.Im having a bit of anxiety just thinking of everything.so all I know is my bf and daughter are both coming which i was kind of against having my daughter with me because i dint want to worry her with my condition after surgery.I intend on working out and eating really healthy avoiding alcohol and taking the reccommended vitamins until my surgery in hopes that I recover quickly.Im not worried about not being able to sit after surgery because I stand all day at work (hairstylist).I am worried about sleeping on my stomach because I am a back sleeper so that will be a challenge.I was told to buy weewee pads to put on the bad after surgery because you will be draining after surgery but I havent heard anyone on this site say anything about there bedding?I plan on staying in florida for 7days then home for 7 more days.I plan on going back to workafter 2 wks post op.I hope this is realistic.I may have to drive before then and this is also a concern for me.Im definately excited to see my new body.sometimes i even question this whole surgery because I know its going to be a long road but no one says this procedure is easy yet for the most part very happy with there results so there you have it .Pain is beauty!well ladies good luck to all of you who are just starting your journey.and for those who have went through itI have read most of your reviewsa nd appreciate all of your truthful experiences.I intend on sharing my experience as well,as soon as i have more plans together I will share that info with you,also my before pics.

Just wondering if anything is covered under health...

Just wondering if anything is covered under health insurance as far as bloodwork,or post op massages?As of right now Im just preparing my body because all I care about is recovering quickly.I feel awful when I hear of people with complications or just hating not feeling good so im just taking it all in and preparing!

So I'm going to be sharing my before pics which is...

So I'm going to be sharing my before pics which is pretty scary!!! But definitely necessary!I wanted to lose weight before surgery but I think I actually gained 5 lbs

Ok so I'm about 5 weeks out before my surgery. I...

Ok so I'm about 5 weeks out before my surgery. I tried to upload pics for you ladies but real self does not let you upload unless you're on a pc or laptop and my pc is broke all I have is iPad so I'll try to figure something out for you all.I have not received my Package yet??? I plan on purchasing my flight/ hotel today because I can't see me having any issues with my blood work and I don't want prices to jump.ive been taking iron pills vitamin b12 and vitamin c. Thinking of just getting a prenatal vitamin just to get everything in 1 pill? Idk? Have not really purchased much for sx as of yet.my weight has not really changed 140Lbs. a lot for me because I'm under 5 ft tall.ill b working on getting everything prepared in the upcoming weeks and posting pics . I am a bit anxietal too.thank you to all the ladies who updated there profiles it has made me feel a little better. Until next time xoxo.

Changed my name for more security especially when...

Changed my name for more security especially when my pics go up :)

Booked flight n hotel just now!!! This is becoming...

Booked flight n hotel just now!!! This is becoming very real. I'll be traveling with my man and daughter! Booked through cheap tickets. 7 days 1277$.staying at the ramada.I chose to stay at a hotel over a condo because of the deal I got for booking my flight n hotel together. It was more economical and this is a huge expense so every $ counts.

I called the office today because I never received...

I called the office today because I never received my pre surgery packet.i guess they forgot about me? Good thing I called so they're sending it out today and I have a dr. Appt for on Monday for clearance!!! Excited and stressed!!

Got my blood work and Ekg done today. Its amazing...

Got my blood work and Ekg done today. Its amazing how you wait so long to get this surgery and then when the ball finally starts rolling ,it seems to be rolling to fast!!!! You cant win. Oh well not much to update.still have alot to do trying not to feel to pressured.

I have serious doubts about this sx now. 1st off I...

I have serious doubts about this sx now. 1st off I feel like the universe is against me having this surgery. I have had so many trials this far. I feel guilty even though I shouldn't but I still do.and now almost everyone that goes with Salama wants a 1nd round and that's just something I am not willing to do. It's bad enough I'm putting myself and family through this but there's no way I could justify fixing something if it should go wrong. I am so sad right now.this sx is such a big deal to me and I've come so far but I can't ignore all the signs that maybe I shouldn't be doing this.

So I exchanged dates for a little later. I was...

So I exchanged dates for a little later. I was very sad to move my original date but I knew it was the right thing to do. I will feel more prepared by then. And hopefully dr. Salama would be refreshed from his vacation , I'm making that up lol.I still have to cancel my flight hotel package. Ladies beware of these things. I wanted to reschedule my itinerary and almost cost me 1,000$.instead I will just be canceling . I don't know what that will cost me but I'm sure it will be cheaper. Well that's all for today!

I haven't been on R s in a while. Unfortunately I...

I haven't been on R s in a while. Unfortunately I was effected by hurricane sandy and have been out of commision. Today is my first night home in about a week and I happened to watch t I and tiny show when shekina went to have a consult with dr. Jimmerson she had bbl done. It was kind of nice to see her preparation the day of sx. other than that I'm a little over 8 wks out from sx. Therefore I'll be starting my vitamin regimen AGAIN! Hopefully all works out for me. I just want to get this over and done with. I also want to congratulate all the ladies who had sx in the past week who I've not had the chance to support!

It's been a while since I've updated! Just...

It's been a while since I've updated! Just patiently waiting for my turn. I re- booked my flights. It was cheaper to book a new flight than to take the credit of my old cancelation so keep this in mind if you need to cancel.ive been taking my vitamins minus the bioflavinoids because I haven't bought them yet. Still need to get new bloodwork and book an inexpensive place to stay so if any of you know of a good deal to stay 8 days please let me know.As of right now I'm just focused on getting through the holidays then ill b able to focus on everything else to do with this procedure . I just can't wait for it to be over!for all the ladies of R.S. may you all have a happy healthy new year!!!

So I'm looking for a place for me and 2 others to...

So I'm looking for a place for me and 2 others to stay in the aventura area. I'm looking for something in the 700$ price range for the week that is clean and in a good location! If any of the past bbl sisters has any info on condos they stayed at or hotels with kitchen please help a sister out.i have about 3 wks left so I'm starting to get anxious !!

Found a condo on the home away website. Total came...

Found a condo on the home away website. Total came to 760$ for the week. I'll post pics when I get there. Got my bloodwork done , waiting on clearance. Just need to finish getting supplies. Trying to keep my supply list at a minimum.so I'll let you all know how that works for me. Any vets want to enlighten me on the extra insurance dr. Salama offers, if you got it or didn't ? Was it worth it? I currently have medical insurance so I wasn't sure what the pros were. Also has anyone filed disability for the 2 weeks you take off from surgery? That's all. I'll keep you updated as my day approaches!!

So I'm 7 days from sx. I'm pretty much prepared. I...

So I'm 7 days from sx. I'm pretty much prepared. I haven't taken arnica or bromeline as of yet. I heard the dr gives you some but also to start taking it before sx so idk? Do you think it makes a differance?i must say that I'm a person who has really bad anxiety but for some reason I feel really good and unusually calm? Actually pretty excited, which can be confused with anxiety. I have been having a little difficulty sleeping.i know this may be a strange question but...... While away in fl.or wherever you stayed after sx has anyone been able to enjoy their stay at all?? Or are you too hurt to care about anything?i kind of want to walk the beach maybe catch some color since people know I'm going out of town and won't come back with a tan lol.Any info helps. Thank you to all the ladies on here that have helped me on my journey. Xoxo till next time.

My emotions are all over the place. Although I...

My emotions are all over the place. Although I feel excited , my stomach hurts? The next few days ill be trying to pack, clean and ill be at work as well so lots to do. I'm hoping my period will come to because its over do but whenever I'm stressed it comes late. I just don't want to have it while I'm recovering! That will really suck! Or worst if it comes the day of my sx? Has that happened to anyone?For the vets once I'm in town and get groceries , was there any foods or drinks that you feel we're life savers when your not feeling good ? That's all . Any advice is appreciated. I'll be keeping you all posted as much as possible.Later!

Times ticking!! Feeling good about the outcome of...

Times ticking!! Feeling good about the outcome of surgery. Worried about the weeks to come but I'll cross that bridge when I get there i guess. Emotions are all over the place. I've told a good amount of people about my sx. And everyone's been super excited and supportive of this so that makes me feel better. I haven't prepared myself as much as I would have liked. For instance initially when I booked I was told not to lose weight. I'm 4 ft.11in. Then I weighed about 138. I gained weight just from not working out I guess and the holidays so I'm around 143 now. I've been taking my vitamins faithfully but I wanted to work out more and eat better as well. I have been drinking Metamucil everyday which is fiber. It helps a lot because of the iron pills back you up so this helps if your not getting enough fiber with fruits and veggies and I believe it will help my bowels move quickly after sx . I'll let you all know how that works out for me. The next few days ill be extremely busy because I have to work and my flight is super early Thursday morning. So wish me luck ladies and as soon as I can ill update!!

I'm overwhelmed. Traveled overnight so I'm...

I'm overwhelmed. Traveled overnight so I'm exhausted. I've been naseaus all day thinking of tomorrow . Please send prayers my way ladies. I'm kind of freaking out. Trying to remain calm . About to go grocery shopping. I'll update the next time Im feeling ok!!

One more thing! I've decided to ask for a nice s...

One more thing! I've decided to ask for a nice s curve a lot of projection. Not concerned with a shelf or hips . Just a nice slope with more fat filled in the bottom. I hope I remember that tomorrow ;-).thank you all for the well wishes! Really need it!

Just keeping u all posted . Everything went well w...

Just keeping u all posted . Everything went well w sx. I'm at my condo now . Weak and uncomfortable but I'm powering through with meds!!! I'll update more once I'm stronger! Thanks for all the prayers and support!

I've been snacking and drinking on fruits n...

I've been snacking and drinking on fruits n veggies every 2 hours . Drinking water Gatorade smoothies. Taking pain pills every 4 to 6 hours. Taking nasea meds . And vitamins I'm very sore so I don't want to feel a thing!i also trying to heal quickly! I haven't slept much. Been peeing lots every 2 hours so its painful when I get up and down. My bf has been the very best person I could ever have by my side he's been such a good caretaker. I threw up 1 time but felt a lot better after. I've been having trouble un screwing my drains. That's about all. I definitely am more sore and tired than anything else. And I'm super pale. As for the dr. He was very thorough and honest. He said I may have more than 4 liters of fat so I could have some left over and that I may need a tummy tuck in the future due to loose skin. The anestesialogist was a sweet heart he listened to all my concerns and it was a great experience . I woke up after sx with a heated blanket. The only thing I have to say is that I got picked up by Larry's wife instead of Larry and he had my pain meds and naseau med. so I had to wait about an hour after getting home for him to get them to me. Thank god I wasn't in any pain. I'm about to nap. Ttyl.

Today is day 3 and its been pretty rough. All I do...

Today is day 3 and its been pretty rough. All I do is eat drink take meds pee and walk repeat. I'm exhausted . Tried to go # 2 . No luck:-(. My tummy is starting to feel bloated from not going in top of all the soreness from sx. When u have my massage ill keep u all posted. Really not looking forward to eat. I haven't been able to really see my results yet hopefully I can get some shots today. I must say I'm kind of scared to look at my body. Because of how bruised I am and the drains are not cool. I'm sure ill be happy Once I feel better. That's all for now ladies!!

So I was terribly constipated . It's hard to eat 3...

So I was terribly constipated . It's hard to eat 3 meals a day and a gallon of fluids , take all your meds when u haven't pooped in 4 days! But I took exlax slowed down on the Percocet . And I've went 4 times in one morning. Had my massage yesterday. Burned really bad in the front . Changed into a smaller garment which I had to cut the butt al little so I could poop with it on! It's way to much work to have to undress every time u have to use the bathroom so I took care if that. Feeling so much better since I used the bathroom. I feel that I will like my end result but also feel like I have a long road ahead ! That's all for now ladies.

At day 6 I had my back drain removed. Celia the...

At day 6 I had my back drain removed. Celia the massage therapist said ill be ready for a new garment by next week? I'm wondering if I have to buy a new one or if it came with the price of everything? Does anyone know? I was given a board to start next week. I left with a drain in , and ladies I did have a problem at security check point airport. I just had to get a different kind of check. I had 2 flights home which sucked then hit traffic home so I was sitting for hours, hopefully I'm not damaging anything. I also cut my garment and I think from sitting it left weird indentations. Idk what I should do? I'm trying to see if it goes away since I'm not sitting anymore. My ankles are very swollen and my throat is very dry and scratchy . I actually feel like I have a slight cold. I'm thinking by Monday I should be ready to get my front drain out. Then try to get a good massage .im taking it easy today because traveling really took a lot out if me . I'm suppose to go back to work at 2 wks. I hope Im ready by then. I'll post pics once I have no drains in.

So I'm planning on going back to work at 14 days p...

So I'm planning on going back to work at 14 days p.o.. Thoughts on that ladies? When did you start wearing a squeem vest or cincher ? And is that in place of the full garment or worn under your garments? Dr. S said next week I can start wearing a board. Can the board be worn under the squeem vest ?and is the board worn in conjunction with foams?i still have my drain in :-(. Still hard to sleep because I'm not comfortable. Other than that I'm pretty independent aside from bending for things on the floor.oh I haven't had a massage yet . But I figured I'd wait for my drain to be out.

I had my front drain removed yesterday and my...

I had my front drain removed yesterday and my lower front pubic area has been very sensitive ever since making it hard for me to walk and get in and out of bed. I took a Tylenol in the middle of the night. Has anyone experienced anything like this after there drain was removed. I had the back drain removed at 6 days and didn't feel anything .

So today makes 14 days p. o.. I've learned a lot...

So today makes 14 days p. o.. I've learned a lot from The Vets of R.S. and I've invented things that worked for me personally so that maybe u can learn from me. As far as what I brought for my sx and what I actually needed is as follows. Dial soap. Toilet wipes! Absolut must ! I used a 2 liter bottle with the bottom cut out to pee and peed through the bottom end. Some what practical. Going to the bathroom forces u up and walking is best for u.arnica gel after my shower. Tight fitting tank tops. If your staying somewhere with a washer and dryer u may only need about 3. I brought travel size detergent. I brought a mini blender which was very useful . I mad a smoothie every morning for breakfast and I'm still doing that till this day. Lots of fruits and veggies are key also yogurt so you can get a lot of servings through smoothies!. I did not buy suction hooks for my drains. They have clamps on them so I simply clamped them to the inner shower curtain liner and it was fine. I also didn't buy a liner for the bedding. I was given a pad by the drs. Office but it didn't leak at all.i bought dermoplast spray which is for pain and burns I sprayed where my drains were and the pain was gone. I also brought things that were not used at all out if town such as gauze tape neosporine maderma. You will eventually need these things but not at first. Dresses are best. Definitely long dresses . I brought a few knee length and it wasn't long enough to hide everything.just trying to help with not overpacking if your from out if town.or overspending.i didn't wear panties or bras. But I have big breasts and they started to hurt so I started wearing a sports bra.as for garments. I got 2 from the dr. And bought 1vest and that's all I plan on spending. As I get smaller i just keep taking in the waist of the garments and the vest is a small so I'll just add foams and boards for extra compression.sleeping!! Where do I start. I've been up every 2 hrs for 13 days! But I've found a way to trick your body into thinking its in a different position. So listen carefully. You'll need a body pillow fold it in half length wise and place 1 leg on top and the other flat on your bed so your laying face down but it feels like your on your side. I took a Xanax and did this and sleuth through the night . Woke up without stiffness. As for my current status. I have not measured myself but plan on it later . I'll keep u posted. I was having pain at the front drain area and swelling so I've put extra compression down there and with time it's feeling better. Still swollen but better. As for massages I joined massage envy in sept. I pay monthly 60$ and if u don't go that month you can still use your massage so I've been paying monthly but saving my massages for this time so I have like 6 massages paid for. I absolutely loved my therapist and explained my condition and she was great.i plan on going 1 a week.i love my booty and my tummy will take some time but I have faith that ill love everything. I just want to thank all the lovely ladies who've helped me this far!! Muah! Post pics and measurements later.

Measured myself new sizes are 36 bra 28 waist 43...

Measured myself new sizes are 36 bra 28 waist 43 butt. Previous was 37 bra 31 waist 43 butt. Still have a lot if swelling. I apologies for the pics. I took them bymyself without good lighting. I'll post better ones later.

I'm 17 days p.o. And I just wanted to talk a...

I'm 17 days p.o. And I just wanted to talk a little bit about dr. Salama and Elite plastic surgery.I originally chose this dr. Based on his work and credentials.but this dr. Has exceeded my expectations. While I'm still recovering and not my results are not final yet, I'm happy with what I see.Dr. Salama really cares about all of his patients has made the time to answer any of my concerns . The office is very busy and they can take a little while to get back to you and maybe a little forgetful but I think they're overwhelmed . They're very friendly and get you prepared for sx. They genuinely care about your well being as well. Post op care dr. Salama has been phenomenal and I couldn't ask for me. So I just wanted to put a personal shout out to elite p.s. for being awsome.as for me , I did start working yesterday. I have a standing job so my lower back felt really tight and by the end of my day I was dieing and had to take perc.i did take Tylenol during my shift but that didn't help. I also started driving today and that was awkward . I felt very strange on my boppy but it is what it is.thats all for today!

I sewed up my Xxl garment so it's tighter and my...

I sewed up my Xxl garment so it's tighter and my xl garment is pretty much ruined. I purchased a small vest that offers a good amount of compression but I can't button a few of the top clasps and its not offering as much compression as a full garment so I'm wearing the vest under the garment with foams but I feel the compression is all uneven and I could be ruining my results. So I want to buy a smaller garment until I can wear the vest alone I just don't know what size? I'm about 28-29 waist 43 butt hip area?

Today I'm 3 wks p.o. And I'm managing pretty well....

Today I'm 3 wks p.o. And I'm managing pretty well. I'm still waking up during the night but definitely getting more rest. I go weekly for massage and it helps alot! I started working at 16 days p.o. And I don't think it was time for me to go back to work that soon. Maybe 1 more week would've been better.im also driving with boppy. Sucks because with the garment and foams and board you feel very restricted but I don't have any choice. As for my body! I love my waist and I love my booty:-). I still have a big hard mound of swelling above my pubic area that does not seem to be getting better? I do massage myself but not as good or as often as I probably should.bending is still hard.i don't think I'm doing good in the garment department. I think I need a small full garment because I'm wearing a squeem vest under a lg garment and its leaving marks all over my stomach and I'm afraid Im doing permanent damage? Has this happened to anyone and how did you get rid of it?also when is it ok to have sex??? I heard 6 wks but I've heard of others doing sooner? Does anyone know why your suppose to wait that long?other than this my life is slowly but surely getting back to normal.

My phone is broken so i dont have any pics for u...

my phone is broken so i dont have any pics for u at this point but as for my healing. Im definately alot more comfortable. My mobility is alot better. I use the boppy pillow still for driving. Still getting massages weekly. My skin is feeling extra tight and dry theses days. Im using alot of lotion and arnica gel but it still feels tight and burns when i stretch. Other than that im healing fairly well. I have sat n a pillow which im aloud to do at this point. It doesnt hurt but my butt just feels bruised when i stand up.bending is hard with the board in.im loving my results. My stomach has gotten pretty soft and my booty to but my skin is very sensitive still.im waiting for a new garment and ill get some new pics as soon as my new phone comes in.

Not to much to update but I have heard some ladies...

Not to much to update but I have heard some ladies saying they used heating pads? I haven't used 1 , or bought 1. Is it really necessary, do you really feel like it was essential in your recovery?

So I have a family affair coming up out of town...

So I have a family affair coming up out of town and flights are a little pricy because of Easter and booking so late. Has anyone went on a road trip that soon after sx?

Today I'm 8 wks post op. I have not been feeling...

Today I'm 8 wks post op. I have not been feeling good for about 1 wk and may consider making a drs appointment. I have been fatigued 24-7 and cold. My joints ache as if I'm getting the flu . I had a massage yesterday and it made me feel a little better but because I'm so cold I feel my body is constantly tense so maybe that's why it hurts?still no Period?? After 2 months! I haven't worn my garment in about 2 days just the waist cincher during the day. I have swelled up so I may put it back on from time to time. Just tired of everything. The skin on my low back burns a lot especially when I'm sleeping. It's ok with the garment but the skin gets super tight in one position and when I move it feels like its ripping and burns. I've been putting vitamin e oil on my skin and lotion even in the middle of the night. I have been sleeping on my back now and occasionally sitting without a pillow. As for feeling exhausted of switched up my diet and upped my vitamins but I haven't seen any difference ! My guess us that I'm anemic? Has anyone felt like this or missed there periods for this length of time. I know I'm not pregnant but I sure do feel like it with this exhaustion! As for my results , my bootys still lookin good. My stomach is soft now but still has some fat I think my back has fat too but that was to be expected! Dr. Salama said I may have more fat than the recommended amount but hey I look tons better that before. As soon as my energy level gets better ill really hit the gym and focus on my diet. That's about it! Any questions/ advice always appreciated!

5 mos. post op deleting my account !

So I haven't been on real self in a while . The last time I posted I wasn't feeling well. The reason being, I was pregnant! So being as I'm pregnant I have nothing more to add to my surgery progression. My booty is still in tact don't think that's going anywhere ! I don't know how being pregnant so soon after surgery will impact my skin? But we'll see I guess,I wish all you ladies well on your journeys , I hope my review may have helped some of you.maybe ill be back one day after this baby! Take care and good luck ladies.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I found dr. Salama through realself . I researched dr.s for bbl and I was very impressed with his work.When I emailed the office with my initial inquiry they were efficient and I felt comfortable so I put my deposit down and am very happy with my choice. Dr. Salama is very professional, talented, and a great over all dr. He is very busy but does not make you feel rushed. He gave me realistic expectations to my end result. Which I appreciate .The only cons I would say is the wait to see him post op is quite long because that's the only day he's not in surgery so there's a lot of people waiting for him.But he genuinely cares about each patient and I'm happy with him and the whole staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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OH EM GEE! Lol u look awesome!
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Lol i got prego too after surgery was angry lol
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Sorry, you are leaving but congratulations on your pregnancy . Best wishes and thanks for sharing .
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OH no! too bad. I wouldn't mind learning about how your body reacts or changes after a bbl. It would be nice to learn about this, I know a lot of RS girls would like to know as well just in case but.................. Good luck and take care. Thanks for your reviews.
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Good luck
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hey chicka! nice to c that ur checking in. sry to hear about how ur feeling but i do understand all this garment mess is ridiculous at times and i really question what its doing this "late in the game" because like Nargas88 said once u take it off u c a difference so idk. i went and bought a medium waist cincher and that thing dug in me like some1 was trying to kill me. guess im not as small as i think lol. anywho try to stay positive. overall ur outcome is great! take each day at a time. and make sure u stay on top of ur symptoms. u don't want things getting any worse...i didn't get my period for one month. i didn't know that could be a side effect.
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Hey krazyray good to hear from u. I had my garment off for 2 days now with the intentions of never putting it on again. I was just over everything . But I'm super swollen now so I guess I'll b puttin that damn thing on. I can hardly bear to just wear the cincher. Other than that I'm taking my vitamins , still no period after 2 months my energy level is just very low so I'm doin the best I can to feel better. Hope your managing ok and feeling good.
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if yr feeling like that right now u dont need to DIET DONT DO IT FOCUS ON eating foods with energy its yr body adjusting!! just be patient its the recovery taking its tole on u!! they say u dont really start feeling like yrself until 90 days after aggressive lipo!! if yr cold it could mean doll yr not eating enough or even driniking enough fluids. they recommend to not diet until after the 3 months just so yr replenishing yr body. do u have ppl or family around doll?? u sound kinda in a way like yr giving up please dont this is the hard part. if u do go to dr u can ask for vitain b-12 shot its actually for energy. try to drink pineapple juice and eat pineapples. but PLEASE PLEASE EAT DONT WORRY ABOUT YR CALORIE INTAKE RIGHT NOW YR BODY IS TELLING U SOMETHING ELSE!! im anemic and u have all the sings of needing to feed yrself and some TLC for yrself not yr " lipo or bbl" i hope u do what i say. eat some good food, put yr garmet back on. if u can eat some steak it has alot of iron!!take iron and vitamin and slowly build yrself back up. hey u said u feel pregnant r u sure u didnt get pregnant ater with yr big booty lol?? i hope to hear from you. drink alot of fluid BUT MAKE U EAT ALOT OF FOOD WITH IRON!!!! i will be checking on u so i hope u update and tell me about the food yr eating!! u can diet after the 3 months dont worry about that!! put yr garmet back on. take some bromelain!!
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Aww thank you for this! I really appreciate it. And you are right I was totally giving up. By diet I mean eating healthier not so much starving myself.im taking my vitamins also. I'm starting to feel a little better but not 100% by any means. The garment ill be putting back on ASAP because not wearing it for 2 days I'm super swollen. So as much as I want to give up. My body is not letting me. I appreciate ur encouraging words. I'm just tired of not feeling well.
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I here you, i'm close to 6 weeks and i'm tired of all this. I just want to be back to normal already. How does it feel to sit and lay on your back? Do you notice any difference after sleeping on your back? I have the same issues. I get tired easily, everytime I lay down my skin tightens up and has a burning sensation. I still get itchy here and there, some days my stomach looks flat other days it looks swollen more on the right side and its very noticable when I look down. To me all thegarment does is squeeze you in temporarily because as soon as I take it off its not as flat. It also leaves deep indentations that I have to massage. I didn't have an issue with my period. My butt hurts and tingles mostly on the right side when I sit on boppy so I dont like sitting only when in a car but I do sit sometimes with a rolled up towel under the area between thighs and butt cheeks to keep pressure off booty when i'm tired of kneeling or lying down on my stomach. My joints ache too but I thought it was from being in certain positions too long. I stretch every morning and massage myself. I still don't sleep well at night so maybe that is why i'm always tired/fatigued. I would suggest you see your doctor just to be sure. Goodluck! TTYL
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Nargas88 ,I'm a back sleeper so all this stomach sleeping was killing me. I started with the boppy underneath but now I don't use anything. I'm still waking up because when I change positions my skin is sooo tight it hurts but I haven't seen any difference in volume loss. My booty only hurts on hard surfaces.oh and make sure u don't have hard lumps in ur booty because they will cause pain and sensitivity it's like built up fat.i found 1 on mine and massaged it out.it tingled and was sensitive to the touch. I'll keep u posted on my condition.
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When did u start sleeping on ur back w boppy? I'm a back sleeper as well and sleeping face down gives me HORRIBLE lower back pain. I have used pillows under my belly, body pillow, kneeling to sleep (which then hurts my knees). I am out of ideas and cannot sleep thru the night. I'm so ready to sleep on my back!!
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I think thats what I might have in my right cheek but its hard to tell. It isnt hard but just a little firmer than the left and it itches. I didnt want to massage it because I though it would make the cheek flat or something. IDK. If im not able to sit in a couple weeks then thats probably what it is. I'm also a back sleeper but I could sleep on my stomach too but prefer on my back. I think i'll try sleeping on my back tonight. KIT
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I know how you feel. It sucks! I didn't get back pain from sleeping but it just keeps me up at night tossing and turning. I can't imagine adding horrible pain too. Hope it goes away for you, you should prob try sleeping on your boppy to see how you feel. I tried zzquil but it didn't work for me. TTYL
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I would say close to the 8 wk mark I started sleeping on my back placing pillows were necessary. I'm def more comfortable .
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I tried to watch tv on my back but it didn't last long. Even though I used the boppy and pillows my butt began to hurt/tingle so I don't think I can sleep on my butt just yet, it was a little relieving though.
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U def. have to ease your way into it because we haven't been in that position for so long. Ur body will let u know what it can handle . This is such a long process!
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Hey, Your results are absolutely amazing! I'm sorry you're not feeling good.. I didn't have sx, but reading your last post, I would agree about going to your doctor and ask him/her to check your thyroid levels. I wish you all the best! Xoxo
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Thank you!! I didn't even think about my thyroid? Good luck with your journey!
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Hi sweetie, how long do u usually sit when u sit? How do u feel? Yesterday was the first time I sat in a restaurant n funny thing is that I sat for like 4 hrs just talking. The good thing is that it was very cushioned:) but I also had a couple of drinks n perhaps that's y I wasn't even thinking of my butt!! Lol!! Anyway when I finally got up my butt felt numb! I have to say I'm scared I will lose volume!! I have been babying this booty like crazy!!! I have asked many times how much more volume ppl have lost after 6 wks but no responses:( anyhow Luv I think if u could stop every now n then just so u don't get stiff n circulate ur blood flow u should b ok:) ask the dr n see wut he says:) keep me posted:) xoxo n good luck sweetie!
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Thank you! I haven't sat for more than 40 min. And that's on my boppy. I will ask the dr though. Are u still wearing garments?
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Hi baby grl:) did u talk to the dr about ur road trip? I will b going on a 3 hr rd trip this wknd so I will let u kno how that goes.... Cuz my booty usually starts to hurt after an hr of sitting on my poppy in a car.... Xoxo
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I haven't because the trip is up in the air now? Hope all goes well on ur trip!
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Love Love your results! I can't wait til it's my turn!
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Thank you! Ur time will b here before u know it!!
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