Robles April 3rd!

I'm looking to have a shape similar to Amber Rose....

I'm looking to have a shape similar to Amber Rose. I also don't want a wide and high ass, just a bit bigger and most important is a smaller waist. I love the look of a small waist and curvy hips and butt. My husband thinks Im fine but I want it anyway!!! Please let me know ASAP!! if you want my date. I don't think I will be ready by Jan. So I know some lucky lady would love an earlier date.

Sorry Guys. I switched with SkytheStallion. Best of luck!!!
Ok.. thanks for letting me know and good luck to you
Are you still looking to switch your date? I am scheduled for June 6, 2013 and I would LOVE to LOVE to switch with you!!

Hey Ladies, Where are you staying??? Have you...

Hey Ladies,

Where are you staying??? Have you gotten all your paperwork and labs done?? I'm so overwhelmed!

Hello Anyone going in April? What are doing now to...

Hello Anyone going in April? What are doing now to prepare?? Please answer ladies!!
I'm waiting to schedule my date, if I can get close to yours I'm definitely interested!
Great let me know!
Would u like an earliee date? I have Feb 14th

Excited and scared! My sister and I are planning...

Excited and scared! My sister and I are planning for April 25th and I will be sending in my deposit Feb 15th. So much planning to still do i'm having anxiety.
Hey, check your inbox

I really want to go to Pantoja or Campos now....

I really want to go to Pantoja or Campos now. Please!! The last 2 weeks in April or the week of 12th of March.
ill pay for your date
The avatar u have BBL fan 93 - her booyu is huge ... Real ???
Booty ^*

NY Girl looking for Buddy in April 2013 ...going to Robles. What's your date?

Had my baby my journey continues.

Closer to Robles!

I have to get better at this blogging but I am scheduled for April. I now need to buy my ticket.
I'm praying for a smooth, Safe no complications for us ladies girly :)
I seen your comment on another Robles patients...I pray your surgery tomorrow is a BREEZE...and, can you post before pics when you feel better...Thanks
I'll be there April 2 surgery the 4th :) with Duran

Double Robles Dolls coming at you.

Well it's April 3 get in yesterday with my husband and sister law.

Met Laura and handled the financial portion. She informs me that I'm having surgery tomorrow and that my sister is going in fri. That's was a shocker bc we were both thinking we were booked for fri. Oh well I think yo myself .. Let's do it.

We get labs done and EKG with that funny machine.

We are hanging out in the room when Robles comes in and wants to mark me up. My hemo is 13.9
All those days of upset iron stomach paid off.
Bad news is my sister is 12.9 they will give her iron shots to boost her up.
What recovery house are you going to be in?
I'm at armonia
Good Luck! I can't wait to see your results

Post op pics

Recovery is no joke. Please bring strong meds!!
Wowww!! You look great! I love your waist' nice clean incision. How do you translate the language? I would like a quote from the DR doctors however I have a android phone and tablet and I would like to get a quote for my husband gynomastia surgery and myself a bbl.
Ugh I hate recovery :( you are looking great though girly wow :)
Looking good.

Real armonia

We were lucky to have the private 3 bedded room away from the other guests. I'm really sensitive to noise, so it's quite. Mayra and the girls really take care of you. The food is not all that to be honest.
But I didn't come here for 5 star dining.
Your tt is to died for!!!
Your tummy looks EXCELLENT! Im glad you are doing well.
That stomach is so flat housemate. And those curves are coming in nicely. It was a pleasure meeting you. We will certainly all be having a reunion very soon!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Going to Robles

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