I am 5'6 163 lb. mother of 4 children, 38 yrs...

I am 5'6 163 lb. mother of 4 children, 38 yrs old and do not recognize my body anymore. I have muffin top around my waist, I no longer see my butt definition, it has disappeared and is aligned with my back.I have upper inner thigh fat pockets and no amount of dieting or excercise is helping the stubborn fat areas, Lunges and squats are not helping my butt. After much insecurity and shame, I have finally surrendered to the fact that a BBL is the only way I can be free from this situation.

I have been researching doctors on Florida's east coast for approximately 1 year, I have entertained the possibility of staying with a family member in Dominican Republic in order to save money; and I have had 3 consults thus far. FINALLY I have found my doctor and I am so exciting. The ironic part of this story is that when I realized that everything was pointing to Dr.P, he just so happened to appear on the today show that next monday with Kathy & Hoda. The results of the women that he worked on were so beautiful, and his mannerism along with his credentials were very impressive.

The next day I had an I-Consult with him in which I was able to send him pictures and see him morph my body into a very similar dipiction of results. The I-Consult that I had with Dr.P was more thorough than the hands on consult that I had with two other dr.s on the east coast. He is genuine, he about your satisfaction, he is harvard educated, and he is the One!!!! His Coordinator is phenominal as well..very sensitive to this major decison in your life.

I am so excited for March 25th.. Can't wait and I will be sure to keep you posted.

Well 1 more week to go and I am so excited. I have...

Well 1 more week to go and I am so excited. I have my pre-op on Monday and 3/25 is my day. Can anyone who has fatty abdomens with loose skin from pregenancy tell me what there stomach looks like after all that lipo and no tummy tuck? I am so excited to get rid of this "Sponge bob square butt".

My Procedure is actually 6500, but the surgical facilty, anesthesia, and garment are 2,050.

Florida ladies please check this site out before...

Florida ladies please check this site out before you select your doctor: https://apps.fldfs.com/PLCR/Search/MPLClaim.aspx

Before pics are coming on Monday night after my...

Before pics are coming on Monday night after my pre-op..keep you posted!

Surgery in less than 48 hrs!!! Today I had the...

Surgery in less than 48 hrs!!! Today I had the pleasure of having my pre-op appointment. Dr.Pazmino and his staff are phenominal.The doctor is extremely attentive, detailed and compassionate. They have made this very major decision a wonderful experience. I fitted for my lipo garment today, enjoyed a wonderful cup of cappucino, and had a non-rushed one to one with my doctor on our goals for Friday. I will keep you posted!! So ready for the new me!


IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!! I had surgery this morning, and i feel great. I am really swollen, but even with my swelling my body looks better than it did. The Doctor, and the surgery center were so wonderful. This has been a great experience and i oul do it all over in hearbeat. I will post some before an afters tomorrow for those women that have the same body type as I had. Ladies you will feel sore, but that should be it. i am able to walk and do anything just with soreness. This is cake compared to C-section. Well i am going to rest, but i will provide more detail tomorrow, like pics and how many cc's and all of it.. xoxox

He is a sweet talker and seems so sincere in his...

He is a sweet talker and seems so sincere in his desire to give you what you want. He is promised that in the event that you I need touch up or reconstruction surgery he would not charge me and is CHARGING ME TO FIX HIS MESS THAT HE LEFT ME. He is so greedy that he is charging me $4,000. I am DEFORMED!!!!! I plead with him and he would not bufge. This all seems like it cant be real, but it is. I am going to have this disaster fixed on March 12th, by the highly skilled Dr.S, and he is charging me less to fix it then the man who destroyed my body. I know tyhis may sound dramatic, but this is my body and I pray that none of you beautiful women ever have to endure this. I have 4 children and will have to go through all of this healing time and money that I dont have to fix this, but it happened, and that is why I need you to know my story, so that it does not happen to to you!! BE CAREFUL!

I am signing in as FREEME2 for my upcoming surgery.

I am signing in as FREEME2 for my upcoming surgery.



Dr. Pazmino has offered to fix the deformity and...

Dr. Pazmino has offered to fix the deformity and include the Tummy Tuck that I needed anyway at NO CHARGE. I will only be responsible for the Hospital fee.

I will be going to DR. Salama on MONDAY 3/12/12...

I will be going to DR. Salama on MONDAY 3/12/12 and will keep you all posted. I am super excited and for updates to my transformation please see Freeme2. I could not post another reciew under Freeme. Thanks xoxoxo
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pazmino was willing to fix the irregularities at no charge and was very sincere and helpful during our last conversation.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Pics please!!
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Hey ladies I posted a question . I would love to hear from you.

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Yeah, Butterhoney, I want to know what the deformity was too. Well, I actually want to see the end result of what Dr. Salama has fixed!! He is my doctor too, cant wait.
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You will be soooo happy with Dr. Salama and staff. Just look at everyone else's results.
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I agree w/Freeme2!
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FYI, I am post op 3 wks and will update soon. Dr. Salama reconstructed everything and my experience with him was so much more than expected. I know this is brief but I will give more details soon.
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Omg . I'm late . I didn't get to see the pictures . What was the deformity ? How long did it take to happen ? Can someone fill me in please
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I am scheduled for THIS monday 3/12/12, BUT I am going to stick with Dr. Salama, Review after review displays the work, experience and skill this man has. I am super excited and cannot wait to put all this behind. LOL literally. Also for those that are going to Dr. Pazmino I would imagine if there where other women that went through what I did, we would have hopefully heard about it. It seems as though I was an isolated case. God bless everyone in there transformations. I will keep you posted.
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You have such a great outlook. I really hope everything works out for you! I will be sending you happy thoughts on the 12th and following your new review. :)

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Well ladies...Dr. Pazmino contacted me last night after Real Self and others called about my review and sounded very concerned. He apologized for having dropped the ball, and advised that the office and he missed some communication about the price for revision. I at the time plaeded for my revision to be at no charge, but they insisted that I would have to pay for hospital, anesthesia and 2 more areas of lipo to draw from. I begged them to reconsider and at that time they said the quote was firm. Yesterday, Dr. Pazmino called and was extremely sorry for not responding differently and offered to do my tummy tuck at no charge and my cost would be for the surgical time. I am grateful that he did not ignore the situation and that the was very willing at this point to fix what needed to be done. If this is ever a situation that you come against, please speak to the surgeon immediately and express your concerns clearly. I hope this has encouraged people.
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That is great news! So what did you decide? Are you going to allow him to correct? What went wrong!?
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That's good! I hope your revision goes well. When are you scheduled?

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Why on earth would you go back to the same doctor that messed up?

That's insane!
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Divaish, No worries. My resond time may have been late but everything has purpose. I just didnt want to scare the crap out of you and I also had mixed emotions; I kinda wanted to stay in hiding about it. I am super vain and so that was an issue. I created Destroyed to talk about what happened to me and then felt like why shouldnt I just be honest. The new one FREEME2 is completely for updates on my surgery with Dr. Salama. I couldnt write a New sperate review under FREEME bc Dr. Pazmino was already the listed doctor. I really hope more than anything that he gave you the most bangin body ever, bc I never would wish this on anyone. Hey I could have been a freak instance. it is what is..but my aftercare was anal. I didnt sit for 3 weeks and I got a standing desk when I cane back to work, At the end of the day Doctors mess up they are human. I hear of tons of review even on here where women may not have come out deformed, but they lost everything they paid for. It is not about what happened, that is the risk we all take. It is all about Dr. Pazmino's HORRIBLE response to his mess up. I should never have been charged for him to fix this and I never got a phone call asking what I decided to do with this jacked up body he left me with. So Divaish I wish you the best and I am super excited for 2 more weeks. Ket this all be over and Let the healing begin. :-)
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I understand. It is my prayer that round 2 places you and your body where you want to be! BBL and TT blessings! Keep me posted.
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Freeme2 - thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am now PETRIFIED!! I am flying in from Asia on 7th March to have my surgery with Dr. Pazmino on 12th March (interestingly enough the same day you're having your revision surgery with Dr. S)... and I don't know WHAT to think!!

I have researched this as thoroughly as I could over the past year or so, and had an iConsult with Dr. Pazmino in Decemeber 2011. I, too, was impressed by how sincere he was and the time he took with me. I also checked on sites such as RealSelf, and found nothing that would warrant concern ... until today.

I'm also so confused as to why something like this would occur 6 months AFTER the surgery? I'm so worried now.

Freeme2, would it be okay for me to call you & speak about your experiences? I've paid the $500 deposit, my flights are booked (and non-refundable), as is my hotel, but if the experience you had is enough for me to lose the money I've spent, it would be better than being stubborn and going through with the surgery, only to spend a ton of money later to fix something that could have been avoid - to say nothing of the emotional cost.

My thoughts & prayers are with you ... I deeply regret that you've gone through this ... I could only imagine how I would feel.

Please do inbox me your number and a good time to call, if you're willing to share what you've been through. I would be very grateful ... and I commend your courage in speaking out.

Many blessings. xxx
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I will inbox u my number.
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Freeme/freeme2/destroyed... I'm addressing all names b/c I thought a couple of weeks ago that you were the same person and you just confirmed that you were. First let me start by saying again I am so sorry that your results did not come out as favorable as you would have liked. I must take the time to clear the air on what you stated we spoke about... The first time you messaged me, I message you back immediately asking you the same questions that starr3 asked you: what were your post care regimen... You never responded. If I were you, I would have posted my results immediately to let the ladies know if I really wanted to help. Not almosta year later under the name "DESTROYED" that was created days before I was scheduled to go out. So yes, it did make me question your message. When I received that message on 1/30/12, I asked can you call me b/c I was scheduled to go out soon. I don't recall mentioning investing money and not being able to cancel, I made a $500 deposit, $200 rental car reservation, $400 flight and hotel reservation. Out the deal I would have forfeit the $200 rental so that's not true. I even called Salama and Mendietta the next day in panic mode and explained my situation. One lady from Salama called back and said they were booked, a 2nd from his office called from my detailed email submitted the night before and said she can take me on the same date the previous lady said was booked for $9500 w/o asking what areas I wanted lipo'd which was odd... Dr Mendietta lady (whom couldnt find an available surgery facility) gave me words of encouragement and advised me to stick w/my original choice and I did. Like I said I'm not doubting you nor your claim I'm just stating that I would need more consistency from someone who's trying to sincerely help me... U have 2 logins created within a month with your opinion of Dr P and one you created prior to a year ago. Why? That can be confusing to reviewers... On 1/31/12 I gave u my number and asked that you please call me. You didn't until 2/8/12... Yes I was going on a/my procedure and praying for the best... When I talked to you, you stated you were ashamed. I asked that you take pics of the deformity (that u stated your husband said was not bad) and text them to me and to date you never did. For those reasons, I questioned the validity. I am genuinely sorry for your results and hope that you would come out in March looking better than what you imagine! 3 weeks out I'm feeling ok and happy thus far. I pray to God that I continue to heal properly and my body exceeds my expectations! Take care
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Hi Divaish,
I too am completely confused with all the different login names.

Anyway, back to you. It's good to read you are doing great after surgery and I hope all your expectations are met.

Tace care...
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Me too, I get confused on which ones I am responding too. :-) Let me make it simple. Freeme is a review of what Dr. Pazmino did to me and Freeme2 is a review of how Dr. Salama fixed me. Realself.com will only allow one user login to review one doctor. I do not think they anticipated multiple doctors and procedures for one surgery. At one point I logged in as Destroyed when I was still suoer ashamed about what happened, but I felt that was a little dramatic. Hope that helps.
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I get it, but you could have explained earlier, we are all not living in your head. Now, I'm happy to read the other doctor fixed the problems you had and I hope you are happy with results.
Take care :)
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I'm sorry about what you had to go through. I wish you all the best with Dr. S :) I think you will be happy with your new results
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I'm sorry you went threw this, thank you for posting and letting the girls on here no, this is what we need on here, your reveiw. And I know Dr. S will do a fantastic job on you, i have seen so many girls on here with a fabolous shape.
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Thank you! It took me a whole year to post his because I was so ashamed, but I knew if I didn't that it would never be told and I am sure that there are others who are angry and ashamed. Honestly I got my family to support me, including my husband, bc the first thing they sd was thats alot of money and also what happens if your not happy. Well look what happened and now I have to dish out more money. Anyway, we need to keep it real, these are hard working women that are on here not celebrities and peopel need to talk about there results so others know where to go and where NOT to go.
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