my date is up for grabs if anyone wants to switch!!

Its official, im on the Salama train!!! omg i cant...

Its official, im on the Salama train!!! omg i cant even describe how excited i am. I originally had a pending date for the 18th of March and something told me today to go and start research on hotels and rentals, and thats when i realized it was during spring break.....HELLL NOOO!! the prices for the hotels were outrages!! Since my initial phone consults and emails, i have been dealing with Nancy (who by the way is awesome), and i called her today to see what we can do as far as rescheduling. Hoping and praying that i did not have to push it to far back. Once i called, i was put on hold. No problem, assuming they are always busy being that Dr Salama is becoming so world renowned and all, you kind of have to expect a little of that. The receptionist did jump on and told me that she was still on the other line that she could have her call me back, I choose to wait, way to anxious. She soon jumped on and said that she was just on with a few ppl who canceled!! Yes girls can you believe th irony! One cancellation was for January the other for February. I choose the February. For one, gives me more time to regroup after the holidays and for two, thats one of the worse months to live in the northeast with snow and all it would be a great time to get away from all of that. I cant even begin to describe the excitement!


Happy for you...Congratulations FingaX... I will be glad when I can set my date. Keep us posted...xoxo
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hello queensoldier. love that name! Yea i have to take new pics and put the up because the pics i sent in had all my tatt's on there and id rather not expose too much. But yes the atmosphere on RS is very positive and supportive, exactly what we need during this process. Are you also on the Salama train?
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Hey fello bbl sisters. i havent been on lately...

hey fello bbl sisters. i havent been on lately (sorry). doing that whole back to school thing, but i can tell you this much, i havent stop counting down the days to my sx. I will be posting my before pics up soon, as well as my measurements so that i can track my whole journey and maybe others with my body type can relate.


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Hi JusMii Feb 21rst in so anxious! lol
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Hello everyone. ive been off lately because i have...

hello everyone. ive been off lately because i have just been going thru some things emotionally, and truthfully started feeling a bit gulty about getting this done when i could be putting that $$ into my family (house,bills, etc.). i know that i deserve it but i still cant help feeling somewhat it buyers remorse i guess. i honestly thought the emotional rollercoaster would have kicked in during and after procedure. i hope it gets better before it get worse.
anyway, i have no idea if i should be on any other vitamin regiment other than what im doing which is drinking ensure daily and taking a multivitamin periodicly. and im only taking it every so often because vitamins make me terribly constipated if i take it routinely even if i take it with some form of fiber (prunes, raisins, etc).
if you guys have any ideas as to what i should be doing or taking to make sure my pre-op exan goes smooth pls let me know.
today i will be attemting to put my pre-op pics up but i have to figure out how to cover all of my


I ordered the MMH vitamins from amazon.. I'm still very sore and I'm swelled up in random places in the lipo-ed areas..Recovery is starting to wear on me, I'm ready to be back to normal. I'm loving everything so far,and thats what keeps me perky.. it will only get better and better..
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goodluck to you on your journey and thanx for the info! i saw your pics you look great!!
well from what I was told.. you need to stay away from vitamin e and green teas... just take iron and vitamin C...I ordered the make me heal pre-op,post op vitamin kit.....I like them pretty well.. Dont feel to bad about the emotional roller coaster your on.. I went through the same thing,but it didnt kick in for me until about 3 months away from surgery.. I had to go to the doctor because of panic attacks and he put me on Xanax.I was told to take a half,when I started to feel over whelmed. I am 4 weeks post op now, and for me, after the surgery was over,the weight of the world got lifted off my shoulders.. it was to late by then to second guess myself and have doubts..Hang in there!!.If it gets to bad, go to your GP and see if he can give you some kind of happy pills for a while.
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Having such a hard time editing thes pics im not...

having such a hard time editing thes pics im not tech savvy at all but whatever thats my wish hips pic!!! lol


I know how u feel.....I havent even had my consultation yet and I b feeling so quilty about having my sx...I have never been away from my girl for no more than 4 days. and to have this surgery and have to go out of state number one, secondly to be put to sleep. I never want to do anything that could take me away from my girls. I love them dearly.....Lord knows Im praying for healthy,safe, and wonderful results type of surgery....keep your head up.
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133 more days.....yes i am counting down the days....

133 more days.....yes i am counting down the days. I feel like i did when i was pregnant being so anxious to see my child. I got so much going on next yr and this is the only thing for me (thats my selfish tendencies). But its a positive anxiety. Lol.


I definetly feel you i got 2 little ones myself and im even thinking bout staying a few extra days so they dont see me like that, they get real emotional when im not up to par (so cute how they love they mama). But stay strong and positive.....we are in good hands with dr.S.

Well i still havent told the hubby yet and its...

well i still havent told the hubby yet and its starting to bother me that i havent. i plan on telling him but im nervous to see his reaction. dont get it twisted, my husband is VERY supportive but he loves me the way i am. he knows im getting lipo in the tummy area since i took a devestating hit after having my second born (boys do it to you). next wk im gonna do it. he has the wk off from work and the kids will be at school ( im a stay at home mom) so we can discuss it then.
you guys already know.....FingazX'd!!!


I pray all goes well with revealing your big plans to the hubby!
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me too


i have this one and another high waisted garment that i currently use only during special occassions


Hey girl! WHere do you recommend getting some corsets from?
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try contacting this brand, this cordet is great it has 3 rows of hook and eye closures and the construction is strong and sturdy and doesnt change form (ive washed it and worn it a few times), its still like new. otherwise try your local formal dress shops, or fredricks of hollywood and find the one thats best suitable for you. hope this helps!
I like this corset.. how do you place an order? have you ordered one yet? fingazX
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Ok so i told mu hubby this past wk and it went so...

ok so i told mu hubby this past wk and it went so well!!!!! im so excited now its unbeleivable. i actually showed him the dvr of the Ti and Tiny show. and he remembers me researching between Jimmerson and Salama earlier on.
anyway i am starting to have some weird dreams and nightmares of the sx. its the anxiety of it all but it was triggered when i recieved my packet last wk. thats when reality really started to settle in. i am really about to put myself in gear and start prep. this month my goal is to have all my necessary meds and items for post sx on deck. next month i will focus on necessary clothing, pillows and anything else that will make me as comfy post sx as possible. January (my birthday mth) i will be focus on medical clearence and booking accomadations. debating whether to use my marriot reward points or condo rental. i do plan on staying for 2 wks.
But i will say this, i do anticipate my results to be top notch because i am willing to do whats necessary to extend the most optimul results possible ( eating right, going to the gym, etc). by the time spring/summer comes around i want to feal so comfartable in my skin that im damn near walking around naked ( not that i will) but you know wat i mean. Point is ladies its up to ourselves to make your results the best they can possibly be. No matter who the doctor is. (jimmerson,salama,salzhaur, or whoever).
stay positive and focused my sisters!!


So excited! I received my package a while ago and i'm also scheduled for Feb. I'll be staying two weeks leaving on the 16th. Too bad I won't get to see u. I still haven't told my BF about BBL, I don't want to hear any neg. talk so i'll wait till the day I go in, lol. I already scheduled my flight and it still doesn't seem real prob when I see the doc it will hit me. Good luck, TTYS
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You know what, i was gonna do that with my hubby but i was just like fuck it im tellin em and hopefully hes on board if not oh well lol. Thankfully he was. He knew i was doing something but i didnt give him the details til now. Im madd that we wont be able to meet up im planning on flying in on the 20th. But im still gonna wish you the best! And trust me when it hits you, it really hits you. Lol goodluck and ttys

I do appreciate whatever feedback i can get as far...

i do appreciate whatever feedback i can get as far as this sx goes but everybody is not created equal!! i have seen some pros and cons on Dr S patients, Dr J patients and other Dr's as well. i truly believe its the patients responsiblity as well as the dr's to promote the best individual outcome. trust if i am uncomfartable about anything i will voice my opinions to the dr but i will also go with my instincts as well. if you feel like the compression garment was to tight then you should have requested another or better yet use one that you can order yourself. the dr's can only give you what they offer and make a recommendation but its up to the patient to follow thru. Now, i would love to come out of this thinking im going to get that beutiful halle berry waist to hip ratio and an ass like a super star but the reality is im not!! im me therfore i would like to get to the best ME i can PERIOD!!! i also beleive that it is the responsibility of the dr to learn and improve as he grows with his practice and pay attention to his patients concerns and work with that as well as include his medical expertise. Example: if a girl comes in with a Kim K wish pic but is shaped like Justn Bieber tell them staight up its not gonna happen but show them what they can acheive with what god already implaced as a foundation and build on it to acheive a better you. with that being said im remaining team salama because i do believe he is realistic with making a woman look even more womenly.

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


So moving on, i am focusing on my travel...

So moving on, i am focusing on my travel arrangments this wk and have a few condo locations estimates. trying to get the best estimate for my 2wk stay. if anyone know a place please send me the info. scheduled for a physical for next month and a consult with my PCP so we both are on the same page as to what my plans are. Im also planning to do a BA after probably by next fall if im paying out of pocket but im gonna try thru my insurance first. as the time nears im getting more and more excited!! Almost have all my arrangments as far as my children and household goes. my mom will be staying with my kids the entire time (shes retired), and my hubby will be with me the first wk and the second wk he has to return to work so i will be on my own after day 9. but i think i will be good by then for the remainder. with the hoildays being near and me accomplishing something for myself, im just so positive and happy these days!!! as a woman we neglect ourselves so much sometimes with being stay at home mom first and foremost, wife secondly, and a good sister/freind. ive been in that role on heavy rotation for a long time and now i want my sexxy back lol! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday wk!!! Remember to give Thanks. :-)


Hey sweetie I'm excited for you!! Good luck! Have you tried tripadvisor to get quotes on condos?
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Hey lady, thats were i found my condo rental im staying @. Best price i could find for a nice rental. I was searching for a bit from a few different websites. Im not on the beach but across from the aventura mall. Im hoping all is well because you just never know but by the reviws and pics its nice, How you doin with travel arrangements?
I've already had my sx. :-) I may be going again next year. We will see.

So i have just 8wks til my transformation. Im @...

So i have just 8wks til my transformation. Im @ 160lbs. Very ready to hit the gym. Im toning up starting January until sx date to hopefully give me the upper bidy strength that will be needed as well as toningband defining. Im a gym buff so i stopped going for a while to gain some weight and im happy thus far because my weight gain has been centralizedin my mid region. I will continue drinking my protein drink bevause i actually like this one, it taste so good and digest so well aka no gas lol. None of my jeans fit past my thighs so ive been wearing alot of jeggings. Let me say this, the time definetly goes by fast. I locked in my condo but i still have to purchase my plan tix which i will after the holidays. But for those who are still a few mths out, trust me, before you know it, you will be counting down single digit wks! Happy holiday butt buddies ;-)


Would anyone be interested in Jan 22 with Salama? I'm trying to help a friend. Her date is Jan 22 and if she can't switch to a date in February or March, she can't get the procedure done. She's been trying since October to switch with someone, and she still hasn't been able to... So if anyone who's scheduled with Salama in Feb or March is willing to switch, her name on here is almostgotit. Thanks!
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Im sorry hun i cant thats my daughters birthday and her party is the 26. Goodluck.

Things might be changing for me and my family and...

things might be changing for me and my family and i might have to reschedule but i am waiting to see. im not trying to take out any loans and pay in cash (i have been saving) but i might need to switch my attention to some important family matters that might require me hiring a lawyer. family always comes first but i am looking forward to doing me this yr. something always seems to come up. well see. im not taking out any credit because my hubby and i are trying to buy a house and a fresh clean credit with no new debt increases our chances of obtaining a mortgage. thats my main goal this yr and this sx is my own personal goal for this yr.


Good luck on your future home search. I wanted to tell you I did lay with the pillow last night. I'll upload the instruction sheet later this week. So you're supposed to leave your bra off but I couldn't since my sx requires I wear one for 6 weeks. Despite this it was comfortable. I only layer on my stomach for 20 minutes though because my bra & drain were poking me. So I used the pillow to help me lay on my side, which it is also very useful for. I slept whole night on the side without drain with pillow & I was very comfortable. It didn't feel like I was placing any pressure on my boob(s) at all. Make sure you check with your Dr on this pillow too. Mine said it should be fine to use. Good luck with everything :-)
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I do matters are always more important...good luck....It will happen for you...Your home and new booty:) thats my goal this year as well
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good luck!
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I have some major things on my plate right now and...

i have some major things on my plate right now and it takes priority. anyone interested contact me let me know.


If your still looking to switch inbox me please
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Should i call and let them know im taking this date??
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