Well here it goes! I have been dreaming of having...

Well here it goes! I have been dreaming of having the perfect booty forever! I'm all about feeling sexy and looking good! I make women feel and look sexy everyday, and now my husband says its my turn! :)

I want to thank all of the ladies for all of everyone's stories it has really help to inform me in what to do and expect. I am also grateful for all of the pics that every one and posted through out their journey. As well as the details of their recovery. Its very informative and educational. Also I really don't have a wish pic right now cuz his work is just so amazing and everyone's results are perfect! Also I will be posting before pics soon. I'm sure that I'll have some questions for you ladies, so it would be great if you can help out. Peace & Love!

Good luck when is your date
Welcome I'm getting salamafied March 5
I have to put some pics of me up

Well ladies I think I should tell you a little bit...

Well ladies I think I should tell you a little bit about my self. I'm 43, 5'0 . I was weighing 144 but now I have lost 4 pounds. :( But i still have time to gain it back. I was wondering if any one could let me know of a good place to stay while I'm there. My husband will be going with me. So i will have an awesome care giver. I will be posting pics soon. just waiting to take the pics. I hate the way my body looks. So I'm a little reluctant.
Thank you love!!Sept. 3rd i can't wait!!
well good luck I'm sure you will look great
you're a lucky girl!! I'll have to check out your profile!

So I have been letting the people I work with know...

So I have been letting the people I work with know about my BBL adventure I will be going on. I had a TT a few yrs back w/ lipo. And everyone was so supportive & really helped me out. Of course a few of the ladies have asked me why I wanted to get a BBL since I "have a butt"?? Yeah whatever!! I only look like I have a butt when i wear tight jeans! LOL!! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!! TAKE TIME FOR YOU!! I have been dreaming almost every night about my sx. I know that it is approx 6 months away. But I'm always so busy. So, maybe the time will go by fast. Every chance I get I'm on this site trying to learn everything I possibly can. I want to thank everyone for their time and experiences that is being shared. Its extremely educational.

Oh my god it's 1am and I cannot sleep thinking...

oh my god it's 1am and I cannot sleep thinking about all those beautiful booties I can't wait for mine!!
Welcome and all the best on ur journey. I know exactly how u feel about ur body, but dont worry about it we are or were all in the same position thats y we eneded up here in the first place so no one will judge u :) We are all here to support each other and to ensure that each of us journey is as smooth as posible. Once again the best of luck on ur journey honz...xoxo
Ok ladies, I have a question??? What is fluffing? I have heard the term a few times on some of the profiles
Hi sweetie, after time not exactly sure how long but after hardness is completely gone ur booty tends to fluff n girls say they grow an inch.... I think it may b due to weight gain;) but that's just my opinion;)

Well I'm going crazy wanting to hit the gym hard,...

Well I'm going crazy wanting to hit the gym hard, but I just can't :( I have been losing weight and not wanting to. Dr. Salma I wish Sept would hurry up and get here so I can be sexy!!! Well I posted some pics up. You can tell I have no butt. I will try to find my pre op for my TT and the after pics so that you ladies can see my transformation from ~ Lil K~... to ~Lil Coco~! I'm only missing my BBL (of course I wasn't born with it lol). Cuz if I was I would have been ~Lil Coco~ long time ago!
Lil Coco, i have just sent an email to Dr Salama .. :) I have to admit his results are amazing. waist isnt that tiny as Yily does but maybe girls havent asked for that. Ill let you know what happends :)
Good Luck On Your Journey. I stayed in a condo about 5/7 minutes away from his office.. it's super cute. It's 1 bedroom, 1 bath, full kitchen, livingroom, two tv's, utensils, washer & dryer and it's on the 1st floor and the first door to your left as you walk in. So convienent especially after surgery and for recovery. Private message me for the info ;-) I love Salama's work. He did a good job on me. No regrets over here. I just wish he was closer to me. I need a tt but I may go back to him or I may go about 2hrs away from where I live. You will not be disappointed in Salama's work. He's such an awesome person.
Oh and the condo has some fast free WiFi.

Omg! Ok so i'm going to be playing a part in a...

Omg! Ok so i'm going to be playing a part in a movie. On of the people i spoke to said that we should be done shooting film by the end of Aug. Which would be perfect cuz I will be going for my sx on Sept. 3rd. Yeah.... WHAT EVER!!! I just found out that we won't be done shooting til late November!! HELLO!!!! I'M GONNA HAVE NO BOOTY IN THE BEGINING!! but in the middle to the end of the movie, I'll be like BAM!!!!! LMAO! What the hell am I going to do???? Oh well. life goes on.

Well I work in a very high end salon and and I...

Well I work in a very high end salon and and I told every one that I';m getting my BBL. when I got my TT a few yrs ago, I told them and they really helped me out a lot and my clients were so patient with me. Its funny cuz some girls would tell me wow you have big tits, and you're going to get a big butt too?? Why do you want to get your butt done? Well ummmm.... I don't complain to them cuz they have a big belly. they need to understand that every one is different and we all come in different shapes and sizes. So If we have the ability to change what we don't like, than why not.

Well I have been losing sleep over thinking about...

Well I have been losing sleep over thinking about getting my new booty!! Today i just happened to call Nancy and ask if there was by any chance any cancellations. And she gave me April 1st. So last night I took some HORRIBLE before pics and after what I saw... I said Dear Lord!! What the hell happened back there???? So I have decided that some how I needed to get this booty fixed real quick! My husband is SOOO AMAZING!! I think he is just as excited as I was!! he said Baby book that BBL!!! So my parents are coming for vacay Next week. I'm so stoked!! I have not seen them in about 5 yrs. and when they leave for home then I drive to Miami!!! I have already booked my hotel. And waiting on Nancy's package!!!!! Yeah!!! I'm finally fixing to jump on to the BBL train and ride out!!! Every one at work has been so supportive and they watched me bounce off the walls at work when I got the ok to get booked April 1st. So for Easter and my B-day... I'll be getting my new born booty!!!!!!
Goodluck My sx is in April too :-)
when is your sx date?

So ok I was told that i need to take 325mg of iron...

so ok I was told that i need to take 325mg of iron a day. Does that sound rigth? Please help me out with this question. I'm taking one a day at bed time and I'm sooo sick to my stomach. yuck!
YOur supposed to be taking 5 a day. I would take 3 in the am after food and 2 at night after dinner. Do not take all of them at the same time they will make you super sick!
When I had my TT in December I called Dr. S office and they told me 5 a day...no joke! Please call them, they know best!
Sorry for repeat typo the pharmacist explain the mg vs milliequvalient to me I hope this helps

Hey ladies I'm sorry I haven't been posting on my...

Hey ladies I'm sorry I haven't been posting on my profile. I have been really busy at work. trying to get all of my clients done before surgery.I'm buying everything I need to for recovery. Went and filled prescriptions today and the pharmacist called me and said that I couldn't have perks cuz they have codeine in them. So I'm hoping that good ole Advil will work. I can't wait for my new booty to get here! I'm so dying to put on all my new little dresses for my hubby. I some times think he's more excited than I am. I just watched a video of some one getting a massage at Dr S office. OMG!!! It looks so painful!!!! I'm more nervous for that than the surgery! Cuz for the surgery I'll out knocked out!
good luck hun

Well ladies I haven't been posting lately cuz a...

Well ladies I haven't been posting lately cuz a lot of family are here visiting. and I'm just loving my time with them. So I get a phone call this morning about one of my lab test. It turns out that MY doc. office did the wrong test!!!!! So Nomie called to let me know that with out this test I can not have my sx. So of course I'm calling the office and getting totally nervous. Long story short I had to go take my test and have it STAT to Dr S office. Thank God I did it in time!!! My parents are leaving early tomorrow morning. to go back home. I'm so going to miss them! Well Tomorrow I work all day and then I have LOTS to do to finish up getting ready for Sunday to Miami. I know that I am already going to forget somethings and I'm running out of time. So if any one knows what I MUST HAVE
PLEASE let me know. Thank you to my bbl sisters. xoxo
Good luck
how are you
Hey girl, is everything ok? Did u get your procedure? Hope your healing well!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Extremely intelligent. great listener, amazing office staff, and most of all...He has a great eye for artistry like no other that I have seen. I know that he will make my dream a reality! Nancy and Lily are such sweet hearts!!!! I love them dearly!! Such Munecas!!!!!

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