#Team Perry - 4 Months PO - Booty still PHAT...

Hey Chicas…. I’m 33, married with 2 GREAT KIDS...

Hey Chicas…. I’m 33, married with 2 GREAT KIDS (truly blessed). I moved from NYC to Maryland a few years ago and started gaining weight and a pouch (gross.com).
In NYC, I did lots of walking, shopping, socializing etc..... and was soooooo much more active, now it’s strictly driving to get from one place to the next. I’m 5’3 and 152lbs. I actually like the weight, just not the tire around my waist… lol

Like most of you I’ve been contemplating this decision for some time now. I had Coolsculpting on my abdomen, flanks, and upper back in April due to a Groupon deal (WASTE OF MONEY). Went for a few consultations for Smart Lipo because it’s less invasive than regular lipo, but some of the results I saw were mediocre.

I had to keep it real with myself! I want a small waist and perky booty….POW! POW! So, I spoke with Nancy last week and put my deposit down for July 15th 2013….. Damn that’s far, but I guess that gives me more time to get my finances in order. Sad part is that’s the week of my 34th B-DAY, I would love a JUNE 2013 date or even early JULY and will keep hounding the office to see if someone cancels…lol

Any advice you guys have would be greatly appreciated. This blog is more addictive than Facebook and Instagram. TTYL

Contacted Nancy about a May/June date, nothing is...

Contacted Nancy about a May/June date, nothing is available yet but I'll keep on trying.
Hi justright2013, Let me know if you have any luck in getting a earlier appt. im scheduled for surgery 1 day after you. and its also the week of my B-day. Hopefully someone would like a later date, I would love to go in may 2013. Im sure something will com available. Good luck on your journey.
Yes..... I'll keep you posted! Who wants to be in recovery on their B-day??! Good Luck on your journey as well. July is so far way but it will be here before you know it.
Yep I agree, On the good side it gives us enough time to prepare be it finances, weight, supplies etc. Good look my bbl sister, we soon will be on the otherside (lol). I have a in-office consultation at the end of the month.

I've come to the realization that I'm not willing...

I've come to the realization that I'm not willing to wait until July 15th 2013 to have this procedure done. I've been in contact with Nancy a few times to find out if there have been any cancellations but nothing yet..... I'll keep checking in with her but for now I'm waiting for quotes from other doctors.
Do not give up. He has cancellations, he was second on my list and had a spot yesterday for NOV 6th, but I wanted Salz so I said "No Thanks". Always go with the doc you really want.
Believe me I'm not trying to give up and waste my deposit ;) I just want to see what my options are. I've been researching all 3 of these doctors for awhile and really want to get this done B4 next summer.
Hello justright2013. U and I have a lot in common. Both in our 30's , with 2 kids. Both Drs are great and don't use drains. I am going with Dr Perry because he lipos more areas for the cost and he is really smart, nice, and informative. Check out sweetlady results!! , good luck on ur journey and keep us posted!

Spoke with Dr. Perry yesterday for about 45...

Spoke with Dr. Perry yesterday for about 45 minutes and he is awesome. It felt like I was speaking with an old friend. He answered all of my questions and provided me with a great quote as well. I really like that fact that he doesn't use drains and he is great with sculpting that hour glass figure. Now I just have to figure out what the hell to do with the deposit I have with Salama. I'm thinking of using it to get some new boobies.

Dr. Perry is already booked up in May/June?
I'm not sure. Call his office and speak with Norma she'll let you know.
Hi, they have slots open in Feb :)

I haven't updated in awhile. Work, school and...

I haven't updated in awhile. Work, school and family life has had me extremely busy! Just wanted to give a Shout Out to all the Perry vets! BBeautiful2, Buttaluv, Sweetlady and anyone else I may have missed, your blogs and encouragement has helped me in so many ways xoxoxo.

I’ve been taking my Vitamin C and Iron pills daily since October. I also started going to the gym 3x's a week just to get my body prepped for this surgery. All of my supplies have been purchased and are already packed... :) If there is anything that you ladies think I’m missing please let me know. Also, I’ll be purchasing a faja when I get to Miami.

-Boiron Arnica Pellets
-Boiron Arnicare Gel
-Benadryl Extra Strength Gel
-Compression socks
-Compression sleeves *Perry does not provide sleeves and I’m getting my arms done*
-Pstyle (*This little device allows you to pee while standing straight up LOL* - Buttaluv mentioned this in her Blog)
-Foam (Contourmd.com) $7.50 per sheet
-Board (Lipoexpress.com) $20

*For Liposuction Incisions*
-Kelo-Cote Scar Gel & Bio-Oil
-Large Band-Aids

*Items for leakage in my hotel room, rental car etc..*
- Wee Wee pads
- Assurance underpads
- Depends
- Maxi pads (will use to stuff my garment)
- Plastic shower curtain

*Miscellaneous items
- Summer’s Eve Feminine wash
- Assurance Disposable Washcloths (we can’t shower for a few days)
- Plastic gloves
- Hand sanitizer
- Nivea q10 Firming lotion
- Heating Pad
- Peroxide
No boo the heating pad will burn u, ur skin will n numb so u won't feel it . Btw did u get ur pprwrk from norma?
I received my paperwork 3months ago. You need to stay on top of Norma, she can be a lil forgetful. I won't use the heating pad until I'm a few weeks post op. I read on a few blogs it helps with recovery
Ok ill call her tmmw

RS has been getting a little catty lately, but...

RS has been getting a little catty lately, but this will pass. These shenanigans seem to occur every few months. Let's continue to support each other regardless of which country, state or PS we go to. I wish all my sisters the best of luck! March girls where yall at?

FYI - Any ladies who are scheduled with Dr. Perry, the garment he provides is a Maidenform Control it Wear Your Own Bra, which is very similar to a SPANX but it has straps. I personally am not a fan of that garment, so plan on purchasing a Fajas Disenos D’Prada (same garment Dr. Yily provides) after my surgery. I have no idea what size I’ll need so I rather get measured post-op.

He also does not believe that compression for the arms is necessary (for those who are getting arm lipo). I purchased some compression sleeves from Makemeheal.com and I swear my arm felt numb! I sent them things right back.
i love ur list, whats the Peroxide for?
All the blood and nasty stuff that will be leaking all over you.... LOL. BeBeautiful2 recommeded it to me.
hi doll, perry gives 2 garments and 2 free messages if u mention realself right?

Time is flying and I'm getting super excited.... I...

Time is flying and I'm getting super excited.... I just picked up 4 cheap Maxi dresses and a sun hat. I've been to MIA plenty of times and that sun is no JOKE, so a cute sun hat is a must! My medical clearance is at 1pm today with my PCP wish me luck ladies...
#TeamPerry. We in the building! I take my pulmonary function test today at 3:30. Lets just pray these lungs are on point n ready
Yes... Good Luck Boo! Keep us posted.
Took my pulmonary function test today but won't know the results until I have my follow up appmnt next Friday grrrrrr :-(. I get my EKG this Saturday n my labs on the 16th. I should know ALL my results by the 18th. How did yours go today?

I thought I'd pass this info along since I know...

I thought I'd pass this info along since I know many of my BBL sisters are interested in the Fajas Diseno D'Prada garment. There is a store in Miami that sells them if any of you would like to purchase one post op. Also their prices are a little cheaper than others I've seen online.

Catherine's Fashion
6448 NW 186th Street
Miami, FL 33015
Miami was cold when I was there in Feb 26th through march 4th
Really? I'm packing 2 sweatsuits just in case.
How many days left???

Headed to NYC to drop off my kiddies and catching...

Headed to NYC to drop off my kiddies and catching my flight in the a.m. So excited ladies.... I'll take some real post op pics when I get to MIAMI. Looking forward to meeting my other Perry Sisters TURNT UP......
Hey girl I might c u tmmw!!!!! r u ready perry vixen
Nikki I'm so ready....
Cant wait for u girl

Hey ladies! My flight was delayed due to Delta...

Hey ladies! My flight was delayed due to Delta overbooking & maintenance issues blah blah... Anyway I just landed and Norma says not to worry we can do everything b4 my surgery tomorrow. Headed to my hotel now. Surgery at 1pm tomorrow #teamperry
Sending prayers to you!! :)
Good luck tomorrow can't wait to see ur after you'll be fine...
Thanks Jamaican, just a little annoyed but I'll be ok.

It's 4:53 and of course I'm up lol. Surgery isn't...

It's 4:53 and of course I'm up lol. Surgery isn't till 1pm! Just posted my pre-op photos.
Yayyyyy congrats boo! You went in at 1 n just getting out? Please don't tell me it took that long lol
lol nah goodz remember I was like that too. u c dr p care for his pts n don't let his nurses tend to his pts when their waking up ,so when ur set for the afternoon appt.he will have u put to sleep after 1 pm but he will wait n monitor his a.m patient who is .finish before 1 pm but still sleeping, so when they wake up he is helping them up (bc those nurses can't lift u lol they about 100 lbs each,) put u in ur garment,wheelchair etc. then he will start u soooooo she may have start 3-4 ..... sexl sx was at 7 n mine was at 1 when I walked back to the sx room she was in the recovery room still sleeping I went under after 2 n started at 4 finish at 8 woke up after 10/finally able to stand up quarter to 11 ... my friend went to walgreens n got my Percocet filled(which they did right away bc she showed them me laying in the back seat) n.we got.to.the room.by midnite.So yea lol. I love dr perry so much tho lol

I'll give a detailed review as soon as I can but I...

I'll give a detailed review as soon as I can but I just wanted to tell you ladies the deal. If your looking for a doctor who will not try to nickel and dime you, listen to your concerns/wants and not treat you like a number give Perry a call.
Also make sure you have help after surgery. My hubby is here with me and he is doing a great job. Perry does not use drains so the leakage is crazy! Make sure you have Depends and plenty of Chucks. You will need them... I'm typing on my iPhone and my hand is getting tired. I'll give a detailed review later today and post pics. I'm scheduled for my 1st massage with Eric at 9:30am uggghh...

Just a few pics... I'm still leaking so please...

Just a few pics... I'm still leaking so please excuse the pamper lol.
Doctor perry delivered right u look so hot omg congrat in I only thought there was one Buffy I guess not any more drop it to the floor
JR i can't to see you when you're fully healed....i think your gonna awesome .....show me the booddie!! Lol hope you're healing well I'm torn bet perry&salz. O_0
Wait and look lol* typo

Feeling so much better. Headed to get another...

Feeling so much better. Headed to get another massage. Here's a day 6 booty shot!
Does the faja compress your hips and butt? Im waiting on mine to come today but im worried about too much compression in those areas.
Nope... I got mine a Size Large just for that reason. I took it to a seamstress and just got the waist taken in because my waist is shrinking so quickly.
Thanks girl

Took this picture today when I came home from work...

Took this picture today when I came home from work. My booty is 100% soft and is so round and juicy! I wear my Faja and foam 23 hrs a day and I have no lumps, bumps or fluid build up. My waist currently is 27inches.
Your results are amazing!!
hey hun...u look really good and Natural too. I just did mine a week ago, did ur butt drop down after awhile? cuz mine is sitting up in the air, all the volume is up top....will that even out after my butt softens???
Thanks..... Yes, my booty was a little high at 1st too. Now that it is soft it has dropped and I love it.

Made 1 month yesterday!!! I'm 110% happy with my...

Made 1 month yesterday!!! I'm 110% happy with my results thus far. Headed to the mall to do so damage... Updated pic posted
Hi looking fab, saw you use the yoga mat, did you ever get the boppy pillow?
Thanks! Nope just a yoga mat for my thighs and small pillow for my back.
what size garment did u get. I've butchered mine and I need to order a new one, also is the garment you have butt in our butt out?

Hey ladies, what kind of jeans are you all wearing...

Hey ladies, what kind of jeans are you all wearing after your BBL? I'm a True Religion, Joe Jean type of chick. Looking for the best brand jeans to fit over my hips and booty.....
hey perry doll... I'm ordering things now and wondered how many of the foam i should order?
Wow, I'm in awwwh with Perry's wrk. It just keep getting better and better!!! So cant wait untill Nov... U look great girl
Hey do you have any updated pics?

TEAM PERRY#10 Weeks PO - Booty still PHAT...

Hey RS'ers I hope everyone is doing well.... I'm doing great and feeling 100% back to normal. I've been going to the gym 3-4 times a week. I do about 30 mins on the Stairmaster, several sets of squats, deadlifts and lunges to keep my booty nice. My diet consists of lots of fish, chicken, veggies and lots of water. I really wouldn't call it a diet because my goal is not to lose weight - I just want to be as healthy as I can.

Remember ladies once you have your surgery it’s your job to maintain it!

10 week Photo #Team Perry

10 Week Update

Omg love love your results .
You look great!
can u please post more pics ?lovin ur results so far. happy healing to you!

4 months PO

On vacation in Mexico
Any updated pictures
That's where I got my faja I love the owner his awesome did the garment work great I feel like its so comfy
U look fabulous !!! Glad u like ur results !! 
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