4 WEEKS POST-OP!! BBL W/ TT, LIPO May 11th 2012 - Aventura, FL

I have also posted in the TT forum but thought i...

I have also posted in the TT forum but thought i should put 1 here also. I'm 30 with 3 daughters 7,8,10. Having a BBL w/ TT then in a later date having a BL w/ BA. I cant wait. Profile pic is dream pic.

Also i am thinking of doing the TT w/ the BL/BA...

Also i am thinking of doing the TT w/ the BL/BA instead cause im nervous i will have too hrd of a recovery. I will ask my doc for options



Sorry, tried to upload a countdown

sorry, tried to upload a countdown

6 more weeks :)

6 more weeks :)

4 more weeks. getting blood work done april 18th

4 more weeks. getting blood work done april 18th

3 more weeks. Blood work completed. I get...

3 more weeks.
Blood work completed. I get results next wedneday the 25th

I dont know if its just me but am i the only 1...

I dont know if its just me but am i the only 1 that wants to lose 5-10 lbs before the surgery? i'm scared that i will still feel overweight after the procedures. i am 20-25 lbs from my ideal weight and thats scary. If i dont lose a few lbs now what happens when i lose 15lbs like 3 months after the surgery? im soo confused...smh :(

2 weeks to go :)

2 weeks to go :)

6 more days to go.... spoke to Larry today to...

6 more days to go.... spoke to Larry today to confirm my flight arrival wednesday. Speaking to him made it hit me that i'm really going to be having sx. I'm soo ready to have a flat tummy, itty bitty waist, plump bumm bumm lol. i must remember to take measurments.

Ok, so i fly to Aventura tomorrow. I'm 3 days away...

ok, so i fly to Aventura tomorrow. I'm 3 days away from a new body. I cant wait to get there and soak up some sun before the big day. i'm all packed and whats not packed is getting picked up in FL. I have my pre-op appt thursday morning and looking forward to meeting Dr. Salama :) Here are some bikini before pics.

Tomorrow at 1pm is surgery time. went into office...

tomorrow at 1pm is surgery time. went into office to pay my balance and ask some questions. they gave me arnica and to take 2 pills a day. received all post op instructions. every1 in the office is very nice and pretty i might add. I met a patient that also had the tt/bbl combo. she's not on this site. she said it wasnt that bad and when she had pain the percocet took it away. she made me feel very at ease about surgery. she is very happy and said her tt scar is super thin and healing well, and she also said to not rush taking out the tt drains because she took them out after 7 days and had a lil fluid buildup. did a lil food shopping and my mom will restock every few days
FOOD: (griiled chicken, veggies, salad, fresh fruit, pineapple juice, red gaterade, water).
MEDS/Supplies: multivitamins, vitamin c powder drink(emergen-C), antibiotics, percocet, extra strenght tylenol, cough drops, baby wipes, anti-bacteriaal soap, neosporin, colace

24 HOURS POST-OP I feel surprisingly good....


I feel surprisingly good. Tummy is tight and feels like too many sit ups when i get in and out of bed. I'm laying on my sides switching every 1 hour, 1.5 hour when i get up to walk. i try to walk for 5-10min but i get very nauseated. i recommend they give u meds for nausea when u go home. I vomited the 2nd time i took percocet. i took 2 pills right when i got to my room, 6.5 hour later i took 2 after eating then vomited. now i take 1 percocet every 4-5 hours. i would say the nausea is the worse part, i hate that feeling. feels good to switch sides cause i get very stiff. my butt is big, i luv it. 1100 cc each side. its hard right now thanks for the well wishes, will update soon

3 DAY POST-OP: just had my massage with celia, i...

3 DAY POST-OP: just had my massage with celia, i feel good right now. i took 1 percocet an hour before massage. massage felt good till she reached my back cause i have most swelling there so it wlow,as very tender and sore. im still in just a binder, i think i get cg wednesday which is also my 2nd massage and 2nd follow up with dr. i may try to just take tylenol and see how i feel and jus percocet at night. pain is minimal and nausea is gone since yesterday. now i have heartburn but that should go away when off percocet. im actually surprised at how good i feel, i was expecting the worse. i eat about everyother time i get up, its not much but must keep eating. apetite getting better. i also go peepee everytime i get up, no bm yet just pass gas. butt is still like a rock. my tt scar is really low and thin, the usual swelling and bruising. overall im very happy. just taking it day by day

9 DAYS POST-OP: overall TT im happy, still waiting...

9 DAYS POST-OP: overall TT im happy, still waiting on BBL, LIPO results because as of today i have few concerns

TT- ok i'm now having mixed emotions. my tummy is super swollen so right now i cant be happy about it. It was super flat day 1 n 2 now is like a basketball so i know it will be flat again just have to be patient with my body. No pain just soreness in muscles when like getting off/on the bed, random spasms and shooting paing. both drains come out tomorrow. Still only in binder, get cg for sure tomorrow
BBL- i'm having concerns with the roundness of my butt. i like the side profile and thats all, has good projection. rest of the angles i can see where its flat and looks square and i deffinitely feel it needs more fat placed there. i cant imagine where its flat will magically plump. No pain just sore with random shooting pains from nerves
LIPO- I'm very swollen in my back and still very sore there. i still feel fat in area above bra, hoping its swelling. i know overall it will get smaller with time due to swelling so have to be patient. inner thighs r smaller but also still swollen and very sore. back drain came out day 7

4 WEEKS POST-OP Let me start off by saying this...

Let me start off by saying this is a long recovery. so far i'm happy with overall improvements. im in a size medium garment. would like a small but booty wont fit. I'm looking for a smooth waist cincher to go under garment. any i find is too long and fall right into that lower roll crease i hate. scared that it will be permanent. any suggestions would be appreciated.

TT- tummy muscles still tight. i'm also still very swollen so its not truly flat as of yet. i may need to remove some fluid so am seeing a doc in nyc for that. scar is healing well, using my nesporin then switching to silicone gel strips. still nub down the middle. i still have plenty of strtch marks left which was expected becausei had plenty of stretch marks just from becoming a teenager. so having three kids i knew my tummy had no chance

BBL- my booty really has taken shape. im 100% happy with the amount of projection so far. but as i mentioned at 9 days there are some flat areas still so a touch up may be in my futuer for 2013. its getting much softer but still tender if touched more than lightlly.

LIPO- believe it or not this is actually the most painful part of this whole process. my whole back still hurts but mostly the lower part. i get sharp shooting pains and burning feelings throughout the whole day. i take tynenol extra during the work day, which i started at 3 weeks. sometimes i take a percocet at night to help with the pain. also i feel like the bra roll is really reduced but there is a new roll by lower back. i think its from the garment where the fabric gather. i have a short torso so this may have something to do with it. so hope it all gets smooth once all the swelling is gone. inner thighs r good, getting thinner.

just waiting for the 3 month mark to fully judge my results!

3 Months post OP. 8/24/2012

I was really starting to love my new body. Booty still has a shelf which i want to go away. Love my flat tummy. The 1 and only down side is that i'm starting to see some unevenness in my back. It's not completely smooth and flat. It's a little tweak that i want to fix no big deal. I'm overall very happy.

1 year 3 months PO. 9/1/2013

So i booked revision for my back January 2014. He is also going to do a touch up on my butt to lightly try to fill in the slightly flattened areas that were caused from laying on my sides. It's super minimal i mean it all looks pretty amazing so its just a little tweak. Other than my back everything is pretty much 100% awesome.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Salama and the staff are awesome. Salama explained all the risk very well. He made sure i had realistic expectations for the results. No sugar coating, said it can be a difficult recovery. Office is very clean. Surgery center very clean. I'm only 24 hours post op so will update later.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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I'm having my surgery in Sept but i'm still undecided if i want both of them done or separate the surgeries. So far, i'm booked for the BBL first and TT next year. But dam after seeing you, i feel like maybe i should do them BOTH together!!! Arghhh, the struggle lol ... You look GREATTTT!!! One question, how did you sleep? How did you lay in bed? Some say that even with the TT, they layed on their tummy to avoid messing up their booty.
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You look ausom im thinking what are my options go to DR or stay in the United states ladies let me know. Ill post a pic
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Kim, please post updated pics when u get a chance! You look great! Would love to seen your end results! Thanks!
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Hi Kim! Hope all is well! Found your profile when I was searching the site. I am having a TT w BBL on 12th of March 2013... I was wondering how you are doing now? Also, what position did you sleep in after your surgery? Thanks and take care!
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hey sweetie how are you?
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U look good grl. Happy healing can I ask u how much u weighed before sx? The reason I ask is bc we almost look like the same kind of frame just tryin to pic me :)
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Hey Kim, you look great! I'm still really swollen in my stomach too. Yours actually doesn't as bad as mine. Are you using the paper tape on your scar?
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yes, still using the tape, waiting for the scabs to come off before i move to silicone strips. i love how thin the scar is. how r u feeling?
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You looking good girl. I can def see your curves. I am still swollen too really bad in the lower back and lower abdomin/ private area. I am only 21/2 weeks though. How long does the swelling take to go down there? Is your private area swollen?
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yes private area is swollen still. i dont know when it will go down. im just trying to be patient until i hit 3 month mark
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Kim hope you feeling better
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hey... How ya feeling now Kim?
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I hope your doing GREAT;)!!!!
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Hi there. I hope you are feeling better. I understand your concerns and think you should give your body a little more time. Lots of ladies are saying how their tummy is flat one day and bloated the next or how some areas are not to their satisfaction. Hang in there, I can already see results and you will be gorgeous :)
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Did u go to the drs office yesterday??
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How are you?
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Hey Kim I hope everything is better and that each day you are healing well. I wanted to say sorry because I've been stalking your page so much! Lol I have so many questions since I will have the same procedure it's like I feel I'm living everything you post! I feel your pain and concerns! Lol just wanting to ask if you know how much Dr. Salama lipoed? I read that someone was told only 1 liter of fat could be removed when doing a TT w BBL?? But I see you were injected 1,200 per cheek so it seems he lipo more maybe 4liters? Plus the TT? just curious
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@hot stuff, i didnt ask how much was lipo'd. and follow me all u like. i know how it is going into surgery, u want all the info u can get ur hands on
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Hi I'm not sure if you are from Florida or not. But how long did you have to stay there for?
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u r told 8-10 days but im stayin 14, im from nyc
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Oh ok did he tell you how much he was able to lipo? to my understanding they can only lipo 4000cc at a time but I need wayyy more lipo than some 4000cc lol
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Hey Kim glad to hear your doing better! besides your tt & bbl exactly which areas of your body did dr. salama lipo?? Im having the same sx done soon & I need all details!
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inner thigh, lower/upper back, side, flanks
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you look amazing thks for posting
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Happy healing :)
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