BBL W/Salama 11/29/2012, Can't Wait to Be Able to Make It Clap! :) - Aventura, FL *****98days away*****

Hi ladies! I have finally bit the bullet &...

Hi ladies! I have finally bit the bullet & made arrangements for what I have been wanting for years....a BOOTAY! I chose Salama for his results, his price, & he's in the US. Up until the spring Campos was gonna be my man, but then I read a review on here I think, where he refused to do a BBL without a TT on a patient & that turned me off from him big time. I know the results aren't going to be as dramatic as others, however this is elective surgery, so the patient has the right to choose what's done within reason. Besides, with all the drama going on in MX, I felt choosing a US dr would be more beneficial for any followup care my PCP may have to do.

A lil about me. I'm 38, almost 39, 5'4" &.....212lbs!! *gasp* ugh! I've let my weight creep up on me over the last year due to my job. But I'm determined to get down to 175 by sx date. I was very hesitant about posting my before pics cuz they're so embarrassing, but you ladies are so brave to share your journeys & pics, that I can't punk out. Besides it'll help motivate me to push harder with my weight loss efforts & maybe it'll help someone else. anyhoo, as you can see from my pics, the majority of my weight is in my stomach. It's been my trouble area since I was a child. So the thought of removing some of those fat cells from that area means that even if my weight fluctuates in the future, ALL of it won't go to my gut anymore...hopefully! My boobs are ok, they're big but they go down some with weight loss so I'm ok with those, especially since they're still kinda perky given my age & their size. But getting a butt would definitely balance out my back with my front! lol

I'm a single mother & I'm finally at a place in my life where financially this isn't going to kill me & my child is about to turn 18 so I don't have to devote so much of everything to her; I can finally focus on me for a change. Like I said, I've been thinking about this since at least 2006, maybe even 2005, but there were so many other important financial obligations that took precedent. So this got pushed back year after year. But NOW....2012 is my year! I'm going to be FAB for 40 & this is all part of my plan. I'm sooooo excited!!!

Question..........I am currently doing a diet of...

question..........I am currently doing a diet of fruits, veggies, nuts, & lean protein only 3x's/wk. I am also juicing daily when I'm able. I'm trying to detox, lose weight, & transition into a more plant based diet in the process. does anyone know if i could juice after surgery? i know juicing helps heal your body while still providing you nutrients, but I'm not sure if this would be best after sx. if anyone has any experience with this, please give me some feedback.

also, where did the majority of you all choose to stay as far as hotel? i looked into a few of them but I'm also kinda thinking of renting a condo just because it would have a real kitchen so i could store/cook food. for those of you ladies that did rent a place, did you feel it was better than a hotel as far as comfort, privacy, etc? any recommendations? thanks & booty-ful healing to you all!

*side note* my pics SUCK! you never really get a true idea of how much weight you've gained until you look at yourself in pics. i punked out & posted pics in pj's but i'll take some in undies so you all can see the real deal of what i'm working with

So many things keep running thru my mind...I'm...

so many things keep running thru my mind...I'm constantly thinking about my new life with a booty...can't wait!

as of monday, i was 209, so i started thinking....i have enough time to get lower than 175. here's my plan: i'm gonna keep on with my eating plan, cuz i really am trying to make this a lifestyle change. but imma add 20min of HIIT 4-5x's/wk to accelerate fat loss. i figure i have 18wks to lose weight & if i go hard, i can lose 3lbs/wk to put me at 155 for sx. that's only 1lb more than the recommended amount & with the interval training, it can be done. i also started to track my food with got the app & erythang. the app says i can be at my goal by feb on a 1200 cal diet....since i'm juicing, i can get there faster & still be healthy. i was even thinking of doing hcg again. i did it back in 2010 & lost 38lbs in a lil over 2months & my tummy was the 1st thing to was great. but since im about to have major surgery, i kinda wanna focus on methods that are going to improve my overall health in the process. what you all think?

i made another pymt on my sx today.....only $4100 left. that seems like such a big amt but imma try to have it paid in full by oct 1st....fingers crossed. i sat up here & jerked over some money last month & didn't pay anything on my sx, so i'm trying to play catch up. and when i called to make a pymt today, some kinda rude lady did it. i was trying to ask about getting an extra area added....inner thighs cuz i want a gap to go with my new bootay. she kinda cut me off short during my questioning & just said $500. i think if it had been nancy on the phone she may have gone a lil lower. i'm hoping dr s will either throw it in for free or only charge like $250-300 since it's such a small area. we'll see

thanks to the lady on here (i don't remember who..i was in my lurking stage) that recommended Pur Absorb liquid iron. i ordered some from amazon along with orange emergencee & some liquid vitamins. i have super heavy periods & i'm anemic so i already know i gotta start the iron ahead of time. imma start off taking it every other day for now then daily nov 1st so i won't have any complications.

sorry for all the rambling. no one in real life understands how important this is to me so i really don't talk about it with my friends. but my ladies on here are just as butt obsessed as i am, so i don't feel judged. Booty-ful healing to all!

Posted the dreaded undies pics.....ugh! also...

posted the dreaded undies pics.....ugh! also posted a pic of what i look like at about 165. that's an ok weight for me to be at & a about 10lbs over what i'm aiming to get at before surgery. off to the gym tomorrow for interval training & the rest of the week even though i'll be on vacation. i want to start off next monday with another 3lbs gone

So far, i have seriously slacking on the losing...

so far, i have seriously slacking on the losing weight. i was super focused, but then i went to ft lauderdale for vacation & was eating & drinking like i didn't have a care in the world. well i'm going to chalk that week up as a loss & get back on my just means i have to work harder to be on schedule for how much i want to lose. i was trying to see dr s for an in person consultation while i was in ft lauderdale, but he only does in person ones on wednesdays & i was leaving on tuesday. oh well, i guess i need to just bite the bullet & send in pics the office. id why it has me all scary, but i went ahead & posted my pics on this website where a bunch of strangers can see fear/phobia makes no sense

i've been taking the pur absorb iron for the past wee & so far i like it. the true test of how well it works will be once my period starts....if i feel alright with the world & am not lethargic like i usually am each month then it's a keeper. if i'm a zombie like normal, it's not working too good & i'll go back to using feosol

does anyone know what brand of garment dr s gives you? i'm thinking of just ordering a couple extra from his office since that's the ones they use for post op. OR does anyone know if you can use a squeem for your garment? i bought one that almost looks like the garments the girls who've already had their sx's have....the squeem is just a lil shorter on the leg

Booked my airfare today, got a good deal on delta...

booked my airfare today, got a good deal on delta flying into ft lauderdale instead of miami & saved about $170..........woohoo! also reserved the rental car online & made another payment to the office. i really feel like i'm making some progress. now i just have to get my crap together to lose weight. i have 104 days until my surgery & dr salama said i need to lose 30lbs. that's definitely a doable situation. so i'm on a mission. luckily i'm home for the next 3 weeks at least so i can get my workout on & juice like i want to. i travel for work, and that makes it really hard to commit to eating healthy when you're constantly eating at restaurants for every meal. so i'm using this slow period at work to work on me.

i ordered some padded panties *dontjudgeme*. i'm going to start wearing them to work after labor day so my coworkers can get used to the look. i'm thinking with some weight loss, the padded panties won't be so obvious, and they'll get used to seeing me with a lil extra booty so when i return to work after the surgery, it won't be that much of a shocker. i can just say i really did alot of working out while i was on vacation. that's my story & i'm sticking with it!

on another note....i made an appt with my doctor to have my IUD removed. i've had it for about 8yrs & i'm tired of the side effects. plus i want my body to be as natural/normal as possible before my sx so my body can just focus on healing. and i've decided not to have my inner thighs lipo'd. i think it's going to make recovery worse & i'm worried the results won't be worth it anyway. so that extra is off the table. heck.....i'll be more than happy with have a bootay!

I'm down 3lbs....only 27lbs left to's a...

i'm down 3lbs....only 27lbs left to's a start! i've been juicing since monday & over the weekend i just did a fresh fruit & veggie fast. i was so full of of just that i didn't even miss eating meat or starch. i'm going to try to do a 3wk juice fast just to break my cravings, then continue with lo carb. i did a juice fast before for 8days & felt amazing & lost 10lbs.

this pur absob liquid iron is the bomb! this is the 1st period in months that i haven't felt like a zombie & no constipation like regular iron pills. i'm taking it every other day right now & i'll start taking it every day come nov 1st. i've also been taking this source of life gold liquid vitamins and man i have alot more energy thru out the day....i just feel better overall....maybe cuz they're getting absorbed into my bloodstream better than regular vitamins....idk. i also started picking up some things for the my arnica gel, antibacterial body wash & hand soap, & benadryll. imma go get a couple extra maxi dresses this weekend. i wanna buy a little bit every week so by the time my sx comes around i should have everything

a word to any ladies thinking about doing a vacation rental....steer clear of the one on labeled "May special in Miami - Sunny Isles Beach Florida" & it's for LeCartier vacation condos. the price is great but outside of paying the deposit via paypal, they want you to pay cash for your stay. i told them i didn't feel comfortable traveling with a large amount of cash, nor just handing over $1000 cash to them when i checked in, but i was more than willing to pay the balance in certified funds like a cashier's check or a post office money order, or even via debit/credit. the woman i was communicating with, Natascha Mohandes basically told me too bad. i b*tched about it & got off the phone to look at other rentals. less than 10min later, she emailed me back saying the "owner" of the unit decided to stay in his condo for nov & dec and it was no longer available for my timeframe and they were refunding me my deposit. then i received the paypal confirmation of the refund. lol....i guess they already knew that pay in cash method wasn't gonna fly with me. i want a traceable transaction so if anything goes wrong there's a paper trail....they must be fooling.
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Hey Hun. How was your surgery?? .. I hope all is well :)
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Hey girl :) I am so glad you went with booty genie Salama! I am in for the summer with him and I know how much of a b***h it is to lose those pounds! I want to slim down to get the best results though, and also have more energy, and look BOMB naked! Whoop whoop! lol! I thought I would need a TT too but the doctor said the lipo and compression will really change my bod (along with weight loss of course) and that he doesn't do TT and BBL at the same time anyway. Good luck to you hon.
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Hello bbl sisters!! I am so happy to hear of other women whom are a tad bit over weight and our trying to have this surgery. I am 5'6" 200lbs+. I sent Nancy my photos @ Dr S office and she emailed me saying he requested that I lose 65-75lbs!! I love my natural curves(not my gut) so I cant imagine being that. I want to lose 25lbs but thats all. Hope u have a great experience and please keep us posted..
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yeah they be scheming. my advise is check out a reputable hotel that offers a full kitchen if that's what you need
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OMG makeitclap. I admire your courage to post your pics. Just like you I carry my weight in my stomach and boobs and back. ALL my weight. I felt so discouraged on how my body fat is distributed thru my body I no longer began to track my journey. I definetly want to see you after pics b/c this will give me a clear vision of how I would look after a BBL. I love this site b/c you can connect with people just like you. I know how you feel TRUST ME. At first I was set to have my BBL in March 2013 but then when it came time to put down deposit something came up to where I couldnt pay. At the time Dr. Salama was charging 6799. now he's at 7799 :-( Also I'm currently 206 pounds 5ft 7. I would like to be at 160 by the surgery. I'm hoping to be able to make a deposit by my birthday next month. That will be a gift to me. I'll be following your journey with weight loss. Maybe we can help each other.

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thats my excuse also, working out. Im away from my hometown but I tell my people that I workout on the regular, so the next time they see me they wont be in such a shock, and I have a lil booty so it wont be such a suprise with the bubble n flat
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also, idk how many cc's i can get cuz i haven't given him pics yet. i'm hoping for 1200-1300 just so once some of the fat reabsorbs, i'll still have a nice phat booty. i waited this long to get this done so it's go big or go home
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@BabyCheeks to be honest, i haven't sent in pics yet. i booked my sx w/o the initial consult cuz i wanted to lock in the price. nancy told me to just email her some pics later, but i never did. i was really afraid dr s would tell me i'd have to get a TT. i really don't want one & i actually know what my tummy looks like when i lose weight & i'm ok with it. i felt like lipo would give me the results i'm looking for w/o having to go the TT route. now dr s doesn't even do the TT/BBL combo anymore so i'm safe from that. as far as dr s stating i should get to i just feel like at 155, i'm still 15-30lbs overweight for my height & bone structure, so that would give him something to work with. and i heard the most they can lipo in FL on an outpatient basis is 4L which i think is about 8.8lbs. if that's correct, that would put me right where i want to be weight wise
@Denell37, i was team campos for the longest time. but i'm older & just can't risk having any complications & not having it covered by my insurance cuz i had sx overseas. plus dr s was one of the most reasonable ones in the US that actually gave good consistent results. nancy quoted me $6799 for my BBL including anesthesia, 2 garments, 2 massages, boppy, & transportation. i got my quote 5/31 & gave them a $700 deposit the same day in order to lock in the price before it went up
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coming to america is my movie!!!! lol, dont worry nick86, it will be here sooner than we think. missmiami, thank you sweetie for your post! lol, i'm not old, im just well but for real, face-wise i'm always told i look around 28-30 & that's being fat! if i slim down AND get a booty?? y'all lil young girls are gonna have to watch out cuz imma give y'all some serious competition! imma about to show y'all how it's done! lol but in all seriousness, i'm finally able to do me, & i plan on doing me to the fullest. by the time i turn 40 nxt yr, i'll be ready to prove 40 is the new 30........grown & sexy
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Lol that's right! Get it boo!!!
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How much was your quote? I'm still trying to find a doctor...I've gotten quotes from Dr. Campos and Dr. Fuentas but I'm scared to have my surgery in Mx and then something goes wrong when I get home. I got some quotes here in Dallas but 10,000 is too much for a bigger butt.....I love Dr. Salama's results....I'm waiting to see if he sends me a quote.
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Hi makeitClap ? did the doctor state that at your height you should get down to 155 and if so did he say how many cc's you could get at 155 pounds
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woop woop I AM SO GLAD U DECIDED TO POST. Not trying to say you are old but someone of your age who isn't afraid to LIVE inspires me. It's truly a blessing when u are at a place in your life where u can start to embrace yourself and do what pleases you. so often we live for others and I am sure that as a single mom you had to put yourself last so many times. KUDOS TO YOU FOR THE COURAGE TO TAKE THIS JOURNEY :-)
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thank you ladies! "I am very happy to be here" *in my Eddie Murphy coming to america voice* :)
@Nicki86, Team Salama for big booty dreamers! @smiley12, i'm hoping since the number of belly fat cells will be reduced from the lipo, that it will no longer be my biggest trouble area....belly fat sucks! ppl don't understand it, even when i was younger & at an ideal weight, if i gained 10lbs they went straight to my gut. i got tired of this neverending battle & gave up which is how i gained so much weight
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Lol... @ coming to America... That is my movie. But yeah #teamsalama... Im jus like u stalking the site n kinda excited n my date n it's not for a few 
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Welcome :) .I feel your pain I carry my weight in my belly and back :/ I read an article that says if you gain weight after bbl it will go to the recipient area and not the area they harvest the fat from(as long as the doc removes the "slow burner" fats and don't leave alot behind.Thats great news to those of us who carry weight in the upper body.I'm also on a weight loss journey.I just brought a body media to track my daily calorie burn/calorie intake and monitor my goals.Good luck on your weight loss!
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Hey girl, 

welcome to the bbl sisterhood. Congrats on starting your journey, I'm team salama also. N your date isnt too far away...yay
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