**YAYYYYYY!!!!! JUNE 24th Team Salama!!!!!!!!! Thanks Nancy!!!!!!!!**

I'm new to the family and just getting my feet wet...

I'm new to the family and just getting my feet wet. I've been searching this site for about 8 months and know that Dr. Salama is my creator. My schedule is not what I expected and want a earlier date than May so if someone wants to trade let me know ( looking for October or November 2012) . My friend and I would like to go at the same time if possible so any suggestions I'm listening. For the most part I'm excited ,nervous,scared, all at once. I need some HELP! Holla at ur girl.

@AzzSoPhat- Good day. This is Ruben, and just wanted to let you know that we're here for you all the way through this journey. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email me. Email address is rubensalama@epsmiami.com. In regards to weightloss, just do the best you can. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Have you put yourself on Dr. Salama's cancellation list?

Congrats Ms Phat!! Is your quote for the procedure recent??

Double Booty Duty scheduled for MAY 9th!! It's...

Double Booty Duty scheduled for MAY 9th!! It's official my bbl sisters! Like I said before my friend and I are going thru this together and we can't wait!!! Like most of our siblings(bbl sisters) we would also want an earlier date. Maybe October at earliest. Remember it's two of us. I started my list but need suggestions on nurses and hotels!!
Hey girl welcome!!! Love you post title lol :-)) good luck girl it will be here soon, I'm sche. For feb and I scheduled 2 months ago...seems like yesterday! Well...kinda :-) xoxo keep us posted
Thanks girl! Good luck on your venture as well

Ok bbl sisters I need ur help ASAP! My friend and...

Ok bbl sisters I need ur help ASAP! My friend and I are in need of a earlier date! It's our last hoorah before she moves out the country. Inbox me if u have any insights. Salama is in high demand and our date is May 9th, 2013! He is the only one that has the total package so going with someone else is not an option!!!! Sisters please help!

Anyone interested in a May 9, 2013 trade for...

Anyone interested in a May 9, 2013 trade for something between October and March?

We need two sisters interested in trading with the same dates or dates within 1-2 days of each others. With the price of hotels and airfare we know that compensation would make this deal more attractive so we are willing to negotiate a price for the trade. Also, any interested parties could link up and share a room or a nurse plus have a sister to support you on this life altering journey.

Ok sisters We're looking to swap for a December or...

Ok sisters We're looking to swap for a December or January date! If you know of any TWO yea 2 sisters that have sx within the same few days ,that want to swap, please inbox us. We are willing to compensate. One of us is getting married and other moving out of the country. We've been "Frick n Frack" (as Nancy woulld call us) for years and this would be our last adventure. SISTERS HELP!!!!!!!!!
Hey girl. Were you able to switch the dates? Mine is January 28th with dr Salama, and I desperately need to switch. Would love your May date! Please let me know! Thanks!

Anyone wanting to trade for a MAY 9th for JUNE...

Anyone wanting to trade for a MAY 9th for JUNE DATE 2013 contact me!!!!!
I would love to have your May 9th for June 14th :) I inboxed you please email me ASAP
I might need to have it a little later than the 14th. But I will keep you posted. If u come across some with that date we can do a swap aka threesome lol

Just got my new date!!!!!

Just got my new date!!!!!

Roll Call TEAM SALAMA JUNE 24th 2013

Ok bbl sisters... It just finally hit me that in 30 days I will be a whole new me!!! I'm nervous, excited, frustrated all at the same time. I have most of my pre op stuff done as far as supplies. I have a condo booked but kinda skeptical about paying the entire amount 30 days in advance. Any of my sisters (twins( sx date JUNE 24) have any recommendations please let me know.
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