BBL Part 1 - Aventura, FL

Met with Dr. S for an initial consult in March of...

Met with Dr. S for an initial consult in March of this year. He spent a lot of time with me and was very informative. Initially I wanted a BBL with tummy tuck. However, he advised that I would benefit more from lipo of the tummy. Because most of my belly fat is up top it wouldn't give me the results I want. i really appreciate that as I have seen several doctors who were willing to give me a tummy tuck. I researched everything he said about the blood vessels and that if he did a tummy tuck he couldn't do lipo of the belly and etc. He was absolutely correct.

I made my deposit and decided that I will pay the surgery off all at once as I am having the money come out of my check into an Ira. i have a shopping habit and don't want to touch it. I am super excited! I am a mother of 4 and since having my tubes tied I want my body right. Since seeing Dr. s I have lost 15lbs which is great because I can stand to lose a few for the results I want.  Currently weight 158 and plan on losing a few more by then.

He said, it won't hurt me. Lol which means I habe tons of body fat to spare. i will update before pics prior to surgery and after. I am super scared of th recovery process. I had lipo a few years ago and it sucked. Not to mention I had 3 kids sense then. Again. i will be having lipo of abs, flanks and inner and outer thighs for the bbl. Looking forward to my results. Kinda nervous about what people may think but hey I wanna be happy with my image.

Good luck! It will be here before you know it!
thanks! keep me posted after u have your procedure. please post pics as we are same height but i way a little more. now i'm debating if i should loose weight or not. I'm 158lbs and wanted to get down to 150 and stay there for surgery
Congrats on starting your journey, your lucky to get such a great date. Now the waiting game... ;)

Mymeasurements are waist 35 and hips 40.5. Need to...

Mymeasurements are waist 35 and hips 40.5. Need to find out my actual height

Im gonna startusimg cocoa butter on my buttnow....

Im gonna startusimg cocoa butter on my buttnow. This waythe texture and current stretch marks arent as visible by surgery date

Ladies, I am trying to make a list of things I...

Ladies, I am trying to make a list of things I will need for surgery. I like to plan ahead. Any suggestions are welcomed?
Im glad you got a spot in Sept...I heard he was booking up pretty fast so Im trying to put my dates in asap. How tall are you? Did you show him wish pics of what kind of results you were looking? Did you tell him how many cc's you want?
Thankfully I was able to meet him and he looked at me and etc. He is very knowledgeable. However, also pretty stern that he doesn't promist a specific size or cc's and etc. He explained the factors and the different butt shapes and etc and that he would do his best to make sure I was proportioned and etc. I respected that a lot because some doctors will say anything to get your money. But he did say I had more than enough fat to harvest, lmao! Anyway, when I went to see him I was about 169lbs or so and I am about 5 ft 1. He advised me that if I was losing weight to be as close to my goal weight as possible, I am now 158lbs and want to get down to atleast 150lbs by my surgery date in September.

So I'm addicted to this site. LOL! Anyway, I'm...

So I'm addicted to this site. LOL! Anyway, I'm gonna start taking my iron pills because I am usually anemic and should be taking them anyway. I wanna get my pre op clearance in August with no problems.
Im doing low cab and low suga plus working out

So i find myself checking out asses everywhere i...

So i find myself checking out asses everywhere i go. Lol! Trying to figure out wo had work and who didn't. It's funny and sick at the same time. I am on a mission to save this money for September. Decided not to post any wish pics because it's better that way. I won't set myself up for dissappointment as everyone has a different body structure. Shidddd, besides, I'm already fly. I just needa tad bit of ass to officially join the bad bitch club :-)
Good Luck to you!! I know you're gonna love your results, please keep us updated!!
@missmiami im locally in Miami too!!! Im scheduled with Dr. S on Dec 7th good luck to you hon!!! The days are flying by
September cant get here fast enough. Super excited about this. Not to mention i wanna have a boob job next year after this. Trying to hustle up this money is no joke. Keep me posted on your results. I really am worried about recovering at home with kids.

Ugggh getting so aggrevated. September is taking...

Ugggh getting so aggrevated. September is taking forever, it's taking forever to save this money and this weight loss is a mission when u work as hard as I do. So i'm gonna say dueces for a minute.
Goodluck in September!... But I wish I had made an appt earlier this year. All those great deals. But now Samala is breaking my bank and is booked thru. February. 2013!!
how much is it cuz he has it now for $7799
First I'll say that I'm happy for you :)) than I'll wish you fast recovery and beautiful result. Btw just checked ur doc b/a pics from patients and looks like he got golden hands. Good choice.

Thinking about adding lipo of the chin and taking...

Thinking about adding lipo of the chin and taking off lipo of outter thighs. I dont want slimer looking thighs. I actually like my outter thighs. I am concerned aout the inner thighs. Yep, that settles it. I am taking off the outter thighs and will think about the chin. I think I am becoming a bit obsessive. Toodles.

Hey GUYS I found some homopathic remedies to...

Hey GUYS I found some homopathic remedies to assist with post op swelling. Gonna try in September: LEMON TEA.

***note to self***Dont forget disposable...

***note to self***Dont forget disposable underpads, feminal, depends
Would u like my 8-2-12 date I won't know til tomorrow if i need to switch or not or when i can take off work for surgery
Thanks for the offer but i cant. Thats too soon as i am still saving for the surgery
Thanks for the post op swelling links!

I went crrazy shopping granny panties cuz they...

I went crrazy shopping granny panties cuz they comfy and bras, I also got my yoga mat, blue disposable pads for the bed, the feminal, surgical tape, neosporin, robes.

Maybe it's almost that time of the month and i am...

Maybe it's almost that time of the month and i am getting emotional but I wonder why getting this bbl is so important to me? Why do I have to have it to increase my self confidence especially if my hubby loves me the way i am?
yes we are!
Im hoping evrything goes well for us......Countdown......
I sure am counting down

So I dream about this procedure when I am asleep...

So I dream about this procedure when I am asleep and awake. Savingfor this is proving to bea scarifice but I have never wanted anything so bad.
I feel the same way I have never wanted anything as bad as this... Its crazy...
:-) atleast i am not alone

Aspiring to look like as good as a bag of $$$

Aspiring to look like as good as a bag of $$$

I swear I want this like I have never wanted...

I swear I want this like I have never wanted anything before.

So i ordered some arnica flowers so that I can...

So i ordered some arnica flowers so that I can make my own arnica massage oil. I plan on using this during my dreaded massage sessions. I think this should help.
I originally was 182 lbs 4yrs ago,but I had to lose weight in order for my ttuck to look right on me,i made it to 160,the time of my ttuck,i stopped eating after 7,and if I was hungry,i got 2 tablespoons of pnutbutter,to kill them hunger pains,i lived off of Lean cuisines,the turkey and veges,which was 140 cal,i worked out evry day for 30 minutes,i was a sz 16,now I am a sz6,i was a 4,but I'm tryin to put a lil weight on me for this bbl,im hopin to at least get 500cc,we will see,it is drivin me crazy to try to eat a lot
Danggirl that is inspiring. By 2013 i aspire to be atleast a comfy 6 with no tummy
I still dont know either and my surgery is Tuesday lol smh

I need to retake my height and measurements....

i need to retake my height and measurements. Determined to go into surgery @ 155-155lbs
Hey girl I feel u . I'm in the same dilemma but I weigh 215 ( but don't look it) n my height is 5'8 I'm definite gonna lost 15 pounds b4 sx but when I want 1500 cc n when I look at my fat it doesn't seem like I should but my weight says I should. I had a consult w/ another dr. Salzhauser he said the most I can get is 1000 n I was the same size now. Dr s. said I can loose 15 but he cant gaurantee how many cc I can get.
Thats right,and you will achieve your goal,one theres a will theres a way,it only takes a little determination..i will keep you posted on my journey,my preop is Tuesday,and i am soooo excited!!!

Found this site for foam rollers. gonna buy...

Found this site for foam rollers. gonna buy this instead of using boppy pillow

Got my Arnica AND Feminal in the mail. Nomie...

Got my Arnica AND Feminal in the mail. Nomie called and scheduled my preop appointment for August 10th yupyup. Can't wait.

So i decided I am gonna purchase the garment with...

So i decided I am gonna purchase the garment with the butt out by lipoexpress and this other garment i just found online. I figure in case I don't like the garment Salama uses.

Smoothing cami instead of a ribbed or textured...

Smoothing cami instead of a ribbed or textured tank top. This way it doesn't mark my skin

Found a thong compression garment and wondering if...

Found a thong compression garment and wondering if it's suitable to wear @ maybe 2 weeks post recovery
im looking girl but i'm not talking about wearing it right after. more so about 4weeks into recovery. idk just as many options cuz i cant wear the bulky garment to work
Well the garment is not that bulky because it is a compression garmemt. Really, mines let me look much thinner. If I buy something new that I cannot get in, I always wear my garment to get it to fit. So its not that bad. I just cant stand anything to squeeze me like that all day so I dont wear mines. Only for special outfits to look sexy lol.
missimiami, check on Amazon, I found a good one with the legs on it. Dont know if I like the thong idea. It will be so tender back there then to go add a tight thong back there. You would be walking funny lol lol

So things are coming along. Not posting pictures...

So things are coming along. Not posting pictures until maybe that week of surgery. LOTS of preop photo's to help document my post recovery. Ideas so far are waist measurements, sideview, backview and frontal view. I have my appointment to get prescriptions and stuff in about two weeks. I'll make another payment then and go from there.

See the arnica oil video. i purchased my flowers...

see the arnica oil video. i purchased my flowers online from but purepro sells it too. However, I feel like I can benefit more by making it myself.
wow i love how informative you are. I love reading your stuff, it's like a drug. I am schedule for Sept 27th and i'm more or less wondering the same exact things as you. only thing is how do you know what size of garment to order. I also want the butt out but i dunno what sizes
Thanks! I wanna prepare as much as possible so that I can have a smooth recovery. I've had so many surgerys without really preparing so I am determined to do this the right way. Besides it's a lot of hard earned money I have had to save. That is the difficult part because I don't know what size I will be with garment. I was thinking of going to try one on pre op surgery and then maybe purchase 1 or 2 sizes down. My other option is I found a local store that sales the FAJAS so I can go by there at some point after my drains are removed.

I wanna lose a few inches from my waist prior to...

I wanna lose a few inches from my waist prior to surgery and I am starting a diet regimen to assist with a speedy recovery. This is based on some folks on here that have had very good recoveries. I can only pray to be so lucky.

Just curious how some of you post op girls have...

Just curious how some of you post op girls have answered questions from folks that ask if you had your butt done. Honestly, I think it's rude and wouldn't never ask anyone. However, just curious because I know my attitude and don't think I will tolerate a question like that too well.
(In response to your July 7/31 post )
I haven't had my BBL done yet. Though it would be rude for someone to come right out and ask that question- it's a honest question that deserves an honest answer. As long as the person wasn't being rude I wouldn't mind sharing my lil BBL secret.
i hear ya. i guess it does depend on who asks and how. either way i am sure it's gonna be an awkward moment. surprisingly the comments i have overheard from others is that your butt is fake and etc. most dont even know about the procedure. i guess i will cross that bridge when i get there.
To be honest our butts are not is our fat from our own let the haters hate.....You know there will always be someone who got sutn smart to say..we just got to be creative when we answer...if we choose to

Feeling good because I made a payment today....

Feeling good because I made a payment today. Getting closer and closer to paying this down.
That's a good one. Im not post op but For me , it depends who ask, if it's a stranger or not n how they ask,or there demeanor n the mood I'm n. depends on situation. I would probably say" yea" cuz regardless it's mine n don't matter if I had butt done.
Lol hey I kind of agree with sacramentogurli, they aren't fakes...we've just had our own fat moved around a little lol. But I don't think someone asking In a 'not putting you on blast, but a true genuwine question' manner is rude. I would tell them what I want them to know based on who it is. With answers ranging from ' oun ounnn, just lipo on my back flans and tummy, which mad the little butt I had POP, plust that bbl workout video and the gym' to 'yep, all $16k worth (so what I added 9k lol) and its worth more than you and your b**** combined, any further questions?' Lol and they're some ppl that I would be truthful with lol
@Forever far my boyfriend,my best friend and my 2 daughters son who is 8,has a big mouth...he will put me on blast!! i got to stay away from have been hiding my booty for awhile now,and the dreeses i do like,i wouldnt wear,cuz i had no ass to fill them thry are still sittin in the will see..

Must be my nerves but honestly I don't know what...

Must be my nerves but honestly I don't know what to expect after surgery. I have had surgery before so I have an idea of the recovery period and etc. I guess it's just my emotions getting the best of me right now. Still taking my meds and working on this diet.
Good one gurlie....
I will manage that question.

I m 5'8. The last time friends and family saw me i was 185lbs. Pretty overweight. I live away from home in another country. Ive lost weight in the meantime but nobody has seen me. i currently weight 160lbs. I will travel to the US for my procedure in september. The next time friends and family see me( in july 2013), I will be 145lbs. Thats a 40lbs weight loss!!!

I will just say i lost 40lbs. lost weight at the right places + been working out a lot. It kinda is more BELIEVABLE when u lost that much weight (40 lbs) :)

awesome plan. if only i could stick to my diet

Went to the gym today and I am feeling better and...

Went to the gym today and I am feeling better and more motivated to reach a goal weight prior to surgery.
Hey! March 2013 over here! Hopefully sooner though. Love ur blog! It's like waiting or Christmas.
its sooooooooooooo like waiting for XMAS
Thanks for the post ,
I also saw your buttocks, is really beautiful, and can suction fat from the abdominal area and put them in the buttocks, and I see that you need to put more fat in the buttocks, this is just an opinion, I hope to keep me informed

So I figured since I Have more than enough of...

So I figured since I Have more than enough of belly fat that I am gonna do lipo of the thighs another time. I want the best results possible and that means getting as much fat from my belly, flanks and back. I have in my mind that I will have lipo next year don't know if it's gonna be smart lipo or not so I can save the thighs and arms for the next go round.

Uploaded new videos. ladies we have to know...

uploaded new videos. ladies we have to know exactly what we are getting into. don't click if u have a low tolerance for gross things. looking at this latest video allows me to understand why your vajayjay gets swollen afterwards. omg!

So this why my tummy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

so this why my tummy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fat. i had lipo in 2009 and went through 2 more pregnancies and gained all the weight back and my stomach is huge. i guess it's more plump. ladies be careful after surgery because i know i am.......

Long-term, you should have a smoother, thinner and more shapely contour in all areas that you decide to treat. The fat that is removed with liposuction is gone forever. Liposuction removes fat cells, or lipocytes, that are plump and filled with fat. However, liposuction does NOT remove the thin, non plump lipocytes that left behind. So, if you do not maintain your diet and exercise, your thin cells will turn into plump cells, and you will gain the fat back in all of the original areas in which your body likes to store fat.

Feeling a tad bit emotional. I think we all go in...

Feeling a tad bit emotional. I think we all go in with unrealistic expections and I am so afraid that I won't be happy with my results. I have so much belly fat that it is ridiculous. The front tummy in itself is gonna take up the entire 4liters that he can remove by law. Being apart of the big girl club really sucks. I was soooooooooooo motivated working out and was doing fine but now I am just burnt out. Between work, the kids and wifely duties I don't wanna see a freaking gym. I am pooped. I hope Nomie has some good news Friday for my appointment to get my prescriptions and stuff. I'm gonna turn over a large some of money too so that could be what has me up in arms
missmiami, I'm concerned about how much fat will be left behind as well. From other reviews (I think it may have been a review from a Campos or Pantoja patient) I've read that if you can keep your weight in the idea range, the doctor can harvest more fat cells per liter and leave less fat in the lipo areas. It seems at times to be a gamble because you wonder if they'll really have enough fat to transfers if you lose too much weight. But anyway, I think you'll be fine and I agree it could be that you're putting a lot of money into this as well as the fact that your day is coming soon.

I was very excited at first and now I'm nervous and my procedure isn't until January.

Thanks for sharing the information about the fat accumulating in previously lipoed areas : (.......
Thanks for the tips about the fat and stuff. I am working really hard to shake off these pounds
Giiirrrlll.. I love your blog.. Extra informative, & the videos were a great touch. Good luck in Sept. I'm not scheduled till March 2013 ;(

So I have been using cocoa butter on my butt,...

So I have been using cocoa butter on my butt, tummy and thighs atleast twice a day and taking my iron and vitamin c. I am gradually reducing my daily sodium intake, have stopped all caloriec beverages and limited sugar intake. I am going to start bromelain and arnica atleast two weeks before surgery in hopes that this allows me for a faster recovery period.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Ladies please do as much research as possible so...

Ladies please do as much research as possible so that you can have desired yet realistic results. Dr. Salama is not miracle worker therefore he can only work with what you have. That's why it's important to know your butt shape. Some shapes are easier to work with than others. Plus you have to add in the legal limit of fat her can remove as well as how much fat your body absorbs and if each cheek will absorb the same amount and etc.

Hey girl,

Love that link to the article, read it and even asked my hubby to look at my booty and tell me which one I so by the looks of it im going to have a good outcome. Its all a matter of dr.salama and his magic touch...

So to me, Im thinking that we should try to get our bodies physically ready and try to bring it as close to the A shape or round shape body as possible, there are exercises out there that can help... Im waiting and deciding if I should do oblique exercises now or that we can help to to avoid round 2's.  what do you think?small work outs like torso twists help with the waist line, not just the abs. 

So I went today to fill out some papers and get my...

So I went today to fill out some papers and get my prescriptions for labs/meds. So I met Nancy and she is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Ruben whom I met before was super nice as usual and so was the receptionist. I can't remember her name but they are all gorgeous. Any who, so I had to sign my life away on all these forms and it's amazing how they list every possible complication that most complain about yet we still go through with it. I met two wonderful ladies there but didn't bother getting their names. They were post op and were standing. It's so weird because the thing about this surgery you're like how many cc's did you get and can I see your butt and etc and they show you. LMAO! Kinda cool too. So I ended up getting my surgery time which will be the first of the day unless something comes up. I am scheduled for 7:30am on September 21st, they gave me my lab prescription to take to my primary and if they can't do all the tests than I can use them and that is another $200, they gave me scripts for the antibiotics, percocet and nausea medicine that you stick up your butt. I seriously don't think i will use that. i will probably try zofran or simply puke my brains out. oh yeah, dr. salama is already booked through may and nancy advised that the price now includes the cosmetic insurance which covers expenses up to $250,000 for 30 days.

Ladies, I also wanted to take the opportunity to see what you guys are thinking going into this surgery. I spoke with Ruben and he really broke a ton of things down to me about our expections with the surgery and I agree. From the minute I planned this surgery I knew that I may need 2 surgeries to get me the desired results I want. It seems that Dr. S is taking a lot of slack due to unrealistic expectations. So ladies do your research and consider your pre-op butt as a canvas that he has to work with. I mean I haven't had surgery but I can say that I can't go in looking like spongebob and expect to come out looking like Kim Kardashian or Buffey the Body. I mean that's just plain crazy.

Until next time toodles.

Good luck hun! Less than 6 weeks away! I know you are excited!!
yes mam i am excited to see the new me.

Soooooooooooooo the days keep passing by and i...

soooooooooooooo the days keep passing by and i continue to get anxious, nervous and wonder why am i rushing this surgery. i am super excited but when i think about the money i am spending i'm like girl where are your priorities. but as crazy as it sounds; i want this bad!!!! so i am just taking a leap of faith.

First off, i am super confident in dr. salama. the...

first off, i am super confident in dr. salama. the emotions i am feeling are personal emotions about the procedure. i absolutely hate going under but what i hate the most is coming out. it's like you just wake up and you dont remember anything before that. u are super paranoid and shaking like a crazy person. then once u past that immense pain sets in and you wonder wth did i do this for. next you have no idea how you are gonna make it to the car and let alone through the bumby ride home or to the hotel. percocets make me sick because they dont dull the pain at all. they only make me nauseas and sleepy. i want this ass but relieving this gives me jeepers creepers.

wow @ 8/14.. you gave me goose bumps!
just keeping it real. i haven't had a bbl before but i have had liposuction and a breast reduction before so that's how i felt. every now and again i get nervous.

Still have mixed feelings. Mostly, wondering about...

Still have mixed feelings. Mostly, wondering about my results. Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about it all. But I want this so bad. I am super excited and comfident in Dr. Salama.

So my hubby is tripping about taking off work....

So my hubby is tripping about taking off work. Trying to figure out how many days will I need some help. I mean I know I need help with garment, drains and etc. But realistically how long will I need someone at my beck and call? I was thinking maybe the first 5 days and then from there just having someone home to help with kids is enough. For example, my surgery is on a Friday so I figure if my husband is off of work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday that should be enough cuz I when I get out of surgery Friday he will be off, he is off sat and sun and then take off Mon-Wed. Is that enough? He really isn't being as supportive as I thought. I mean he says he will take care of me but when he is home from work. He thinks I am being selfish with this surgery. Seriously, I am four weeks out and told him I will rent a hotel and let his ass deal with the kids. How about that, then take your ass to work while you find someone to watch the kids. Hahahaha but that would be wrong.
I didn't have drains but after the morning of my first day post op I really didn't need people on beck and call if stuff was prepared for me like food...taking a shower I did alone....putting on my garment I managed unless it like fell and i couldn't pick it up with my foot ....but your husband taking off working mon-wed should be FINE!
Thanks. I am a control freak so I am sure I won't need anyone with me for a long time. To monitor me maybe but that is about it.
good luck

So the countdown has begun. less than 30days...

So the countdown has begun. less than 30days to the big day. sigh!
it's gonna be here before you know it! i'm so excited for you.........just think, this time next month, you'll be a new you! i know you can't wait
Girl im excited and nervous
Im excited for you gurlie!!! 30 day count down has begun as well. (Sept 27)I am thinking about ordering the garmet with the butt out from lipoexpress as well. Did Dr. S tell you how soon you can wear it?

20 more days til surgery. Woohoo this time next...

20 more days til surgery. Woohoo this time next month I will be in recovery. Busy getting my house in order to prep for surgery. One thing is for sureI have more than enough body fat.

Started my regimen of bromelaine, arnica and...

Started my regimen of bromelaine, arnica and reducing carb and sodium intake to decrease preop bloating. Been taking iron and vitamin c forever so I am still doing that. Really just anxious to get this over with before I get really scared.

So I take a ton of vitamins a day and I am sure...

So I take a ton of vitamins a day and I am sure they make me feel sorta nauseous. Does that happen to anyone else? I take a multi, iron 324mg, bromelaine, arnica montana, thiamin and vitamin c. I am so sick of taking all these pills. Any who my hubby is coming around and seems a little excited too. Nothing much has changed except I am counting down the days. Sure I am gonna freak out the day of surgery. I may need a stray jacket. Lol! Oh yeah, my preop clearance is next tuesday the 11th and I am confident everything is gonna work out. I am paying off my surgery this thursday payday and i cannot wait! this has truely been a sacrifice. oh yeah, so i found out my mother in law is having a procedure the same day so that means my hubby will definately be tied up with us both. so i think i am gonna book a room overnight right near the center and just have a friend stay over that day. still brainstorming though. ok ladies, i probably wont update anymore until the day of surgery because i am sure nothing changes til then. gonna post preop measurement pics and that should be it until the big booty comes along. til then love, peace and blessings!
Congrats and I just said a prayer for u...U are going to be just fine and congratulations again....Looking forward to hearing from u after your sx... Much love...xoxo
Thx a lot. A prayer is the best gift u can give anybody.

Nothing new here. Just a lot of unexpected...

Nothing new here. Just a lot of unexpected expenses. I wanna get a hotel for the first night or two even though I am local. I have 4 kids and any mother knows that kids dont understand when mommy is sick. So trying to rest with them here would be nearly impossible. Other than that I am considering adding the bra rolls if I can come up with the additional $500. Idk I will see how it works out. I still have regular bills to pay and trying to pay for this surgery in such a short period of time has really stressed me out. But we all want what we want right. I figure after this I will focus on Xmas for the kids and start paying on another surgery around the new year. I am almost positive that I will have a round two because realistically the results I want cannot be obtained in one session. I am just keeping it real. Until next time ladies, love, peace and BIG OLE BOOTIES. LOL!
Missmiami, I am excited for you, your day is around the corner. You might as well just add the bra roll, so you don't regret not doing it afterwards. Sending prayers your way.
4 liters of fat is like 2 coke bottles of fat, do you think you have more than that?

So I went and did my medical clearance and doctor...

So I went and did my medical clearance and doctor says everything looks good even though they have to wait for labs to come back. So I am crossing my fingers. I am so happy he didn't give me a hard time and that I didn't have to come out of my pocket other than paying my $10 copay. Funny thing is everyone in the office kept asking what surgery was I having. So I told them a breast reduction and lift. HAHAHAHA. It's funny how boobs are more accepted than getting your booty done but I didn't feel like answering a ton of questinos and didn't want to risk the doctor not going along with this. Anyway ladies, I have 10 more days to go. woohoo.

Feeling kinda down today. I am supposed to get my...

Feeling kinda down today. I am supposed to get my cycle this week which is a good thing but also the reason why I am PMSing and on this emotional rollercoaster. Not to mention trying to get some things settled at home before surgery. My last day working is Monday and I have been blessed to be off through October. This way I can really heal without messing up my results. Although I am confident in Salama I am wondering what my body will look like, will I be satisfied because I am very vain and will I maintain my results. I guess at this point I don't have a choice. I have been holding on to some fat and stopped working out because I wanted to have more than enough for surgery but now I think I have an excess. Anyway, this is my latenight rambling session. My arnica oil came out pretty good and I am sure that is gonna work wonders. I take my vitamins everyday including arnica because I am preparing my body as much as possible. Starting monday I will be on solely protein and fiber. no carbs whatsoever because I don't wanna be extra bloated. Other than that nothing else. I haven't heard from the office but I assume I go by there Thursday the day before surgery to sign any pending documents. I am super excited about being the first surgery of the day. I am a woman of Faith so I am not afraid of going under just not up for the foolishness that comes with recovery.
Good luck on your up coming surgery!

Don't read if this is too much info but for those...

Don't read if this is too much info but for those that have had the BBL how in the heck do you have sex following the surgery. Seriously, I tried just to see if and how that would work and nope cannot see it happening without damaging the booty. I am sure this issue may come up so I guess I am thinking ahead. I don't see anyway to not damage the butt and/or feel pain in that region.

Lmao I know all the positions but I cannot get...

Lmao I know all the positions but I cannot get past hitting your a$$ at some point. Like there is no position that I can think of in which your butt isn't going to be touched or hit at some point. Either way, it's safe to say I'lll wait til I am past the 3week mark because I am not gonna risk any unnecessary damage. But thanks for the tips ladies :-)

Man I never thought I would pay this surgery off...

Man I never thought I would pay this surgery off but glory to God I did it. All cash baby!!!!!!! Lord knows I have been sacrificing. Lmao, I went to the office today and it was empty which is fine. My hubby was rotf cuz he said I a, desperate to have this surgery. Yep I went there in the pouring rain. Imma get a Fajas next week from this local store and a few last minute items. Super excited. i have gained weight so I am super insecure but I know this surgery will motivate me. Also, I have real expectations and just wanna look better than how I look now. I am gonna be vocal and tell him what kind of butt I want. Rather he gives it to me is another story but atleast I know that I said something in the event that I am slightly disappointed. i hate my current shape and am praying for a miracle. Will post measurements next Thursday before surgery.
Good luck
u ladies are too funny i love it! Got me over here dying! But it is a good question. i waited between 2-3 weeks i dont really remember but i was scared lol the best advice id give anyone is if its with someone new, WAIT IT OUT! i kept thinking omg thank God im comfortable and been with my man long enough bc u dont know how how its gunna be, if you'll have to keep switching positions or stopping and readjusting lol but if its with ur man/husband whoever then just go with it. U can try to take it easy but come on how realistic is that? U can say dont do this or this w/e but dont give too many "NO'S" lol you'll kill the mood. Men dont know too much about all this. I came back from miami my man thought it was gunna be soft and giggly from day 1. Ummm not happening hunny lol I first did it on top "reverse cowgirl" on my toes like someone else mentioned. Doing it from the back in theory is good but not if your super obsessed with pressure being applied back there bc ummm idk about yal but theres some slapping that goes on and i dont mean with hands lmaoooo You're not gunna be able to throw it back or make it clap right away so maybe thats why some people wait lol but that takes a lil more time (take it from the 2 month post op girl with the 1 hard cheek still) lmao but just make it work! They got those cheese wedge shaped pillows you can get too and then u can be on your back that will take the pressure off it too.
lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo im dying of laughter after reading that omg, too many funny things to re quote but dam it was funny, lol

FYI, I was going to simply delete this page but...

FYI, I was going to simply delete this page but figured I owed it to some to continue to document my progress. I will not be responding to comments.If I could delete comment settings I would. However, if at some point there is something you are inquiring about you can PM me. This blog was once a support system for me but now it is pretty much drama affiliated  Now I see why some chicks don't update once surgery is done. I have met some really cool folks on here and even text them occassionally but this blog seems to be filled with negative, dillussional, liars. It is sad that a few rotten apples can spoil the bunch but hey it is what it is.

Anyway, if you wanna follow my progress do so and if not then DUECES!!!!
Missmiami....I'm fairly new here & it sucks to hear you are getting negative BS, just wanted to say thank you tho for continuing to update on your journey because I'm on this journey too just you are further ahead of me & it helps to hear others experiences etc. Don't let negative nellies get u frustrated & I hope you are doing good :)
that really sux if ppl cant keep ish positive. i really do look forward to following everyones experiences and sharing insights. like you said if you can delete em do it and keep staying positive.

amen to todays post, thats why i wont b on here much longer. 

Still no menustration and I am pissed. I cannot...

Still no menustration and I am pissed. I cannot bare the thought of having a period during this ordeal. Ugghhhhhhhhhhhh Please come on tomorrow. BTW, my tubes are tied so my cycle has always been irregular.
HEEEY friend!!!! Please don't leave me :'-( LOL, J/K, you know I know about these crazies, and totally understand where you're coming from! But I am beyond excited for you!!! Really can't wait!!! And that video.. I'm still cringing!! I can't believe we are doing this to ourselves!!!!
Never, i am gonna help someone else. Imma post pics preop and post op

So my clearanc was good and thank GOD I got my...

So my clearanc was good and thank GOD I got my cycle today. The thought of enduring recovery with my period made me cringe. So I pretty much have everything that I need besides a few things. I am gonna check out a local Fajas store tomorrow hopefully. He Arnica oil I made is amazing and I cannot wait to use it. It has been sitting in Arnica leaves for Two months or so. I have extra Arnica flowers if anyone wants some to make there own oil pm me. Oh yeah, my surgery was originally scheduled for 7:30am but they moved it to 11:15am which I am kind of upset about but then again it's cool. I am not got rush surgery or complain about the time because I believe in fate. With that said, I'm out and will chat later.
Good luck to your new BIG BIG BOOTY .....I will keep u in my prayers

So I am sooooooooooooooo tired and actually...

so I am sooooooooooooooo tired and actually looking forward to recovery in a weird way. trying to prep and clean my house before surgery and it's been nonstop between it all. anyway, 2 more days to go officially.
thanks everything u said was correct. guess i am getting cold feet cuz surgery is in 2days
Overall, I think both doctors are great! If you're looking for projection and fullness, Dr. J seems to do better at that. If you're looking for sculpting, hips along with an overall bigger butt, then Dr. S all the way. Dr. J also seems to do a really good job on heavy set ladies
Great response

So I have one day to go and I wil post preop pics...

So I have one day to go and I wil post preop pics sometime tonight. Unfortunately my plan to lose weight sisn't work out but hey. I am still on my cycle and praying for light flow today so that it is gone by friday before surgery. It usually lasts about 4-5days anyway so that is good. With that said, I am extremely bloated which is not how I wanted to go under the knife. I have pretty much everything as well as some errands to do today. I am exhausted from prepping my home for surgery. I have been cleaning and doing laundry from Monday because after surgery i wont be able to do so. My nerves are statted to settle in and I hate that especially becaus I cannot drink to calm them. Oh yeah, I am going by the office today because I cannot find my scripts and I need to fill them prior to I have to add the insurance. So ladies my surgery is friday at 11:15am and again I will repost pre op pics and have my hubby take measurememts tonight as well. Keep me lifted on prayers as with any procedure you need the help of God's angela watching over you.

Oh yeah I forgot to mentionthe wonderful ladies...

Oh yeah I forgot to mentionthe wonderful ladies that have encouraged me on/outside of the blog: Fabnewme, Meelee, Hunnybooty, ninifernandez, nicki86, miamimom and justjuicy. If it were not for these special women I would be lost as this is a hard journey to take alone. I started this in April and I knew nothing until I found this blog. So lets not forget the reason we gravitated to realself in the first place. Most folks who dont have the gutts to have this surgery already make it hard on those that have the courage to get the body they want. So regardless of the doctor and/or personal preference remember who u choose is simply your choice. if you don't uave anything nice to say just don't say anything at all. til after surgery at some point dueces *__________*
Good luck I will say a little prayer for u happy healing
Reply need to trip. You've got've been prepared for this journey from jump. I'll have you in my prayers for a safe sx and recovery. Can't wait to see your results!
Good luck, Miami :) I know that you'll get the body of your dreams and work it out!!! Stay calm, Salama has never had any complications with anesthesia before so you'll be just fine!!! Sending my love and prayers :)

Decided to take my measurements first thing this...

Decided to take my measurements first thing this morning before eating for the day. This way they are pretty accurate. Not much has changed in my appearance so I am posting the same previous pre-op pictures.

Measurements are as follow:

High waist (under boobs/above navel) 33 :-(
Mid waist @ navel is between 37 1/2 to 38 in
Hips are betwen 41 1/2 to 42 inches
Pre-op Weight is 167.5 and I am 5'4

Anyway off to get my hair braided this morning. Figure if I am gonna be in recovery the last thing I want to worry about is my hair. Also, have some last minute items to get. So far I purchased depends because yes my nasty lazy behind will be peeing in a diaper the first two days; not gonna lie, disposable underpads for my bed because I cannot lay in a bed all day on a plastic shower curtain, a urinal just in case the depends dont work out, pads for vajayjay swelling, earplug for my navel so it doesn't collapse, comfy socks, tons of vitamins, pineapple juice, made my lemon tea, tylenol because percocet alone does nothing for me anymore, ambien because I will sleep the first two days away, boppy pillow I got from the office, two yoga mats I already had, homemade arnica oil for bruising, smooth tanks to go underneath my garment, sweatpants because thats all I am wearing, and well that's all I can think of for now. TOODLES til later.

So everything is done. I went by the office to add...

So everything is done. I went by the office to add the insurance. Surgery is tomorrow @ 11:15am which makes me about the 2nd patient of the day. I scheduled my first massage and it is with Celia on Monday who will come to my home. Thank God it's at my house but then again I don't want my hubby to hear me crying. I spent all day prepping and I got my hair braided for easier maintenance. I can honestly say that I have prepared for this surgery far more than any other that I have had (lost count). I am not afraid to be vocal either tomorrow about the look I want. So ladies I am gonna shower and shave in a bit becuase I am just getting the kids to bed and then I am gonna have my hubby take some pre-op pictures just because. I am kind of bloated because I totally pigged out today. I didn't make it to the grocery store but hey whatever I guess I can send my husband to the store for me or we can go prior to surgery. I am sure I am not gonna want to eat but the nurses all say tons of protein and hearty foods are needed post op in order to avoid a possible blood transfusion in the future. I have all my prescriptions and everything else. Really hope I haven't forgotten anything. Oh yeah, didn't have time to purchase an extra garment but I may order the one I saw on

Oh yeah before I leave I must say that I honestly don't have any expectations because I know that I am not the ideal weight. Honestly, I will be happy with whatever he gives me at this point. I just wanna see past my stomach. Pretty sad that I feel like I am trapped inside of the wrong body. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing myself in pictures. Not to mention getting undressed, walking confidently into a room of people and I could go on and on.

Well I have attached a link to the stages of anaesthesia and wow that totally makes sense.

Stages of anaesthesiaThe Guedel's classification by Arthur Ernest Guedel described four stages of anaesthesia in 1937.[11] Despite newer anaesthetic agents and delivery techniques, which have led to more rapid onset and recovery from anaesthesia, with greater safety margins, the principles remain.

Stage 1
Stage 1 anaesthesia, also known as the "induction", is the period between the initial administration of the induction agents and loss of consciousness. During this stage, the patient progresses from analgesia without amnesia to analgesia with amnesia. Patients can carry on a conversation at this time.
Stage 2
Stage 2 anaesthesia, also known as the "excitement stage", is the period following loss of consciousness and marked by excited and delirious activity. During this stage, respirations and heart rate may become irregular. In addition, there may be uncontrolled movements, vomiting, breath holding, and pupillary dilation. Since the combination of spastic movements, vomiting, and irregular respirations may lead to airway compromise, rapidly acting drugs are used to minimize time in this stage and reach stage 3 as fast as possible.
Stage 3
Stage 3, "surgical anaesthesia". During this stage, the skeletal muscles relax, vomiting stops , and respiratory depression occurs . Eye movements slow, then stop, the patient is unconscious and ready for surgery. It has been divided into 4 planes:
1.eyes initially rolling, then becoming fixed
2.loss of corneal and laryngeal reflexes
3.pupils dilate and loss of light reflex
4.intercostal paralysis, shallow abdominal respiration
Stage 4
Stage 4 anaesthesia, also known as "overdose", is the stage where too much medication has been given relative to the amount of surgical stimulation and the patient has severe brain stem or medullary depression. This results in a cessation of respiration and potential cardiovascular collapse. This stage is lethal without cardiovascular and respiratory support.

Oh yeah, i almost forgot the most important thing...

oh yeah, i almost forgot the most important thing and that's thanks to you supporters. seriously, i could not have imagined i would be doing this. until i found this blog i was so all over the place. i have taken tips from every person on here and truly appreciate you guys regardless of the "drama" at times. in the end we all more commonalities vs differences. i read all of the comments and appreciate every single one but because i am on an ipad it can be a pain in the butt replying. darn touchscreens. anyway xoxo
missmiami, you are in my prayers mami, wishing u the best bootay :))))
Miss mia I wanted to come give you my blessings and well wishes, I'm so excited for you and I know you will be fine and look great. You will be in my thoughts tomorrow I'm a worry wart so please update with anything so I know your alright when your up to it. Until next time and good luck w/ love
ow ow owwwwwwwww your time is here!! so exited for you

So my surgery was initially scheduled for 11:15am...

So my surgery was initially scheduled for 11:15am and because the patients came late and etc I now have to be there @ 1:30pm. Kind of sucks because I am starving and thirsty. Being nervous this makes me even more nervous. Guess I will lounge around the house for a bit. Ladies, with that said know matter how much you plan things never work out the way you want. Waiting and praying I get the results that I want.

Heading to surgery center. See ya ladies. Nervous...

Heading to surgery center. See ya ladies. Nervous as hell
Hope you're feeling okay.
Sending prayers your way babe girl.
sending prayers for you miami...

Hey guys cant type on ipad but wanted u to know i...

Hey guys cant type on ipad but wanted u to know i made it. Will updae later. Btw salama is awesome.

Omg I spent 30minutes typing a review and it didnt...

Omg I spent 30minutes typing a review and it didnt take. Ladies imma have to do it another time when I feel better. But I posted a few pics that are not the greatest because I cannot stand straight. I will take more tomorrow when my garment is changed. I cannot believe my review was lost :-(

Reading every single comment. Thanks for the well...

Reading every single comment. Thanks for the well wishes and prayers. Appreciated more than you know.
I'm so happy for you! Please don't forget to let us know all the details! I can't wait til it's my turn! SAFE HEALING!
You look so good. Its nice to see you up and walking around already. Keep it up. I pray I am up and walking like that.
hey girl I hope you get better., wow!! that headline really scares me!! is it really that bad!!!???

Morning guys: Friday they called me back a little...

Morning guys: Friday they called me back a little bit after 2pm. I undressed, took a pregnancy test and met with Dr. Salama who was honest and explained that I had more than 4liters of fat but he would do his best to shape my waist. With that said, I would still have some back fat and fat in my inner thighs. Going in I knew I was over the legal limit but I did expect his honesty. He assured me that I would be pleased with my results. He proceeded to mark me and than I was taken to the OR by Monica. Ladies, Clayton the anesthesiaolgist, Yeneisy the nurse and Monica the OR manager are sooooooo nice and helped put me at ease. Oh yeah, I asked Dr. Salama if I could tell him what kind of butt I wanted and he was cool with that. He also said the rumors about wish pics are not true. you can bring wish pics. It just gets frustrating for him when(this is my example) when you come in shaped like spongbob and you have a wish pic of Kim Kardashian or someone. Then girls blame him when he is strictly an artist working on a canvas which is your original body.

Anyway, I went in the OR and Clayton started my IV and explained what he would be giving me. Next thing I know I was awake and it was after 9pm and Yeneisy had me sitting on a boppy pillow laying back. What a sweetheart because I started fussing about sitting on my butt and she turned me on my side :-). Dr. Salama and Clyton came in to see how I was doing and explained some do's and don'ts until my appointment on Sunday to change my garment.

My hubby came to pick me up and I was rolled downstairs which wasn't too bad because my hubby had a blanket and pillow laid across the back of the seat for me to lay. So we made it home and I swear I wanted to die that night. Seriously, words cannot explain the pain and discomfort. Your ass literally feels like it is going to explode so its soooo painful. I cannot even walk straight. Ladies, you need someone at home to help adn I wouldnt advise getting arms lipo because you use your arms to assist with your body weight. Your legs feel like bricks if you get those lipo so you can barely move them without someone helping. I vomited a few times so it is important to eat and drink. Also, walk every hour because when you get stiff it is the worst. I tried using the depends diaper and that disnt work. I pissed ky garment and all over the floor. Even with the depends off I used the urinal and that didnt work because the cooch is so swollen its shut so piss goes everywhere. With that said I scoot over the toilet and the piss goes everywhere and hubby being a sweetheart just cleans it and wipes me down. My garment is filthy but i cannot take it off yet because I am going to change it today. So i am gonna take my smooth tank to wear underneath so it doesnt mark my skin. I havent pooped yet but dont feel backed up either so i guess that is a good thing. My ass randomly twitches so imma see if he can give me a muscle relaxer. The percocets dont really help. They just take the edge off and make me sleepy. I sleep pretty much all day, get up to walk back n forth to kitchen and bathroom to help loosen up muscles.the arnoca pills are working because i dont feel as swollen as friday. The drains are a major pain because i feel them tugging. One drains better than the other but i guess thats ok for now. Ayway i have to get ready to head out to my appt to change this filthy garment. I am dying to take a hot shower. If i forgot anything its because i am kneeling on my knees typing on this ipad and it hurts. Imma try to take undressed pics today and post them later. Ay questions feel free to ask.

Went to see Dr.Salama and he took of my bandages...

Went to see Dr.Salama and he took of my bandages and stuff. That crap hurt. He also put on my shirt and told me i could take a shower. So tonight imma take a shower and wash this filthy garment. I will take pics then. Ladies please take this surgery serious and not lightly. Idk how women have this surgery and then walk the mall, beach, etc right away. If I am up for too long I get light headed from all the blood loss. I eat and nap every two hours and simply take it easy because I dont want any setbacks. U will have plenty of time after healing to enjoy your butt. Trust me. As for post op care Dr. salama and ruben have been great. When i text i get a prompt reply. Although in pain i dont regret this one bit.
missmiami So excited for you!! Your gonna have a sexy body for the holiday's!!! Thanks for all the info. I really appreciate it being that I am new to all this..Feel better soon!
Umm I am now so nervous!!
goose bumps you didn't glamourize it at God I hope i get to my ideal weight by june....gosh sweating!!!

Celia was great. sad i needed a smaller garment....

Celia was great. sad i needed a smaller garment. cant type too much cuz all these pills make me vomit. attached are pics. i will try to pack my navel when i get the gutts. hopefully i change garment tomorrow.

So my vajayjay is discharging some yucky fluid...

So my vajayjay is discharging some yucky fluid with an odor. I am positive it is a side effect from so many antibiotics according to the pamphlet. I am going to Salama tomorrow so will tell him. I hope they don't prescribe another pill because I am so over pills. Maybe I can buy something over the counter.
YOU LOOK GOOD! I was sooo rooting for you and it will get better with each day.... Try some pineapple juice if you like to help with the lightheadness and also nausea- it was my lifesaver~ Hang in there girl.... that bootay is BIG and Lovely.......... Congrats!~
U r so right about tue pineapple juice. I have been drinking that more than gatorade and it helps. I had some before surgery but my "wonderful" husband managed to drink it before my procedure. Lol! But i have some and am drinking it so far i can see a difference. I have never been a juice drinker so that was kinda hard.
Yayy new pic... I just got excited for you!!! girl ur results look great!!!! N I almost ALWAYS get yeast infections w/antibiotics so I will definitely be packing some meds! I was looking at ur incision marks and I like that they are tiny! I see 1 on back 2 above cheeks and is it 2 more below cheeks? I didn't see any in the front ... I'm wondering where are the incisions for lipo of the inner thighs and stomach! I scar because my skin is light so I'm not to happy about the incisions ;/ although I know it's necessary

Up late night wishing I could cuddle with the...

Up late night wishing I could cuddle with the hubby. I ak a cuddler and we usually cuddle in bed at night but having to sleep on my tummy is a bummer. No cuddling for me :-(
Hugs to you.... I pray everything went okay today and hope the babies are feeling better!
Hey missmiami you look beautifully big bootied! Did you get the board for your stomach? I read that he no longer gives them out.
Idk about not giving them out anymore but i havent gotten them yet. Will ask today

So I took my first ooop today and it wasn't how I...

So I took my first ooop today and it wasn't how I planed it. Prior to surgery I would practice sitting on my thighs, yoga matt under my legs or etc. that mess didnt work out. I guess because I had them lipoed too so they were bruised. I ended up having to scoot over the toilet the entire time while holding on to a rolling table in the bathroom. Wiping is a major pain in the butt i was there for like 20minutes and still dont feel clean. So looks like i need hubby to help when he comes in. I hadto takea break before getting in the shower because yesterday I over did it and darn near passed out. I have my second massage and will schedule them for everyday from here on out. They really help. Ecause yesterday was horrible. Will ttyl baby crying

So I went today for my second massage and garment...

So I went today for my second massage and garment change. This massage was no better. Hurt like hell omg words cannot explain. But Celia did get alot of fluid drained. I felt good afterwards. I got my second gafment which a garment by lipoexpress model #1619. It compresses a lot more which i like but it also compresses the butt too and i dont like that. But i need the compression to drain and i am too afraid to cut the butt out for fear of messing up the garment. I actually need to pee right now but am afraid to take it off for fear of not getting it back on. I tried to pee with it earlier and it was a disaster. Anyway, nothing new to say. Pain and discomfort is still the same although yeaterday was worse. I am supposed to go on Friday for another massage and to have my drains removed. Celia told me to do yoga stretches and Imtry at night but that shit hurts. I havent been anywhere or attempted to put on any clothes. I have 4kids home and 3 are sick as we speak. Thank God for my hubby. Will post pics I took yesterday. They are not the best quality but hey. Anyway questions ask.

Oh yeah i got my foam. They saidi will get board...

Oh yeah i got my foam. They saidi will get board when drains are removed. I pray i dont have a seroma afterwards cuz celia was working on a pocket of fluid that had me screaming for dear life. It burns like hell and the percs did nothing,

Oh yeah I got a precscription for the yeast...

Oh yeah I got a precscription for the yeast infection but since my last day taking antibiotics is Friday I think, they said dont start the yeast infection pills until I am all done with antibiotics. Otherwise it defeats the purpose.
Omg i am so scared about these massages, every post I read says they hurt bad & I haven't seen anyone that says there's a way to prevent them. I was thinking doubling meds but I don't want to make myself sick *sigh*.. On another note you look wonderful! I love your new curves hon :D Congrats.
U need the massages. They hurt but i feel so much better after

So aggrevated. I am tired of these drains and the...

So aggrevated. I am tired of these drains and the muscle soreness. Cant master the art of excuse my french "taking a shit". No matter how much u practice before surgery. Sitting on your thighs, rolling up a towel, yoga mat and etc none of that mess works. U have a cord hanging near the a$$hole which gets absolutely dirty of course. Your ass ismhard and stiff and so are tummy muscles so u can barely reach back there to wipe. Even wiping from the front u are liable to use an entire pack of wipes. Ou use your arms tomsupport your body for everything so thank God I didn't get those lipoed as well. I am just over this recovery. I took vitmains before surgery and during and have not noticed a significant recovery period. I wake up during the night as stiff as a board and that sucks because even ambien cr isn't making me sleep all night. My piss smells like dope from everything in my system. Ugghhhhhhh this is the pitts. But hey atleast I have my a$$ (hence sarcasm). Btw, this is my vent and has nothing to do with Dr. salalam's wonderful work or staff. It has to do with how fucked up we are in America that we would butcher our body to achieve perfection when perfection doesnt exist. Sick part is I dont regret doing this. Just regret that I have to go through recovery alert. I would rather be high and on a pain drip in bed.

I am not feeling the new garment. It compresses...

I am not feeling the new garment. It compresses the butt too much. So I gotta find another garment. I dont mind my butt being covered but no extra compression is needed. As for my previous post guys I am human and I AM WOMAN. I have good days and bad days. Today started off being not such of a good day. But on a positive note the foam is doing it's job at sculpting me because I see that already. In the meantime I am gonna wear my old garment until I get another garment. Lipo Express is great at compression but it compresses the butt too much. I want a round bubble butt and that is just not doing it for me.

My butt is itching like crazy and i have no...

My butt is itching like crazy and i have no benadryl or anyway to get some tonight. Omg wtf. Will get some asap tomorrow

Ok I feel bettr. Took a hot shower and just let...

Ok I feel bettr. Took a hot shower and just let the water run. Then I usedthe back washer brushand scratched ever so gently. Omfg that was amazing. Seriously amazing. Man I felt so much better. Then I raided our medical supply and found some hydrocortisone anti-itch cream and benadryl cream and rubbed my booty down. That ish felt soooooooooo good. If I didn't know any better Ai would have had an orgasm. That is how bad I was itching. i couldn't even sleep. i was awakened from my sleep with horrible itching. Dammit man thank God for me being quick thinking. I soooo didnt want to get out of garment for having to wake hubby tomput ot back on. But I went ahead and used the time to wash it. So for tonight I am letting booty breathe and hydrate and he can assist with garment in the morning. Ttyl ladies.
Being real so we all know what to expect - I like that - not to mention if u have kids it's even worse for recovery - missmiami do u Hs r to drive ur kids to school ? I do and I'm just thinking how am I going to this. He doesn't ride the bus - n I saw people using some make shift pillows for driving - I need to know some suggestions - it's a 15 drive back n forth each way
Thank goodness they take the bus and as for my daughter at daycare I have been blessed to have someone drop her off and pick her up. It is tough and these are things we really don't think about when we plan surgery. I cannot imagine driving. Seriously, I cannot even use the bathroom right how the hell am I gonna drive. Practice sitting on your thighs and stuff and see if it works for u. It just may. But i had my inner thighs lipoed so they are bruised so me putting pressure on them is a no-no. So u can imagine my frustration. Thank goodness for my arms btu I had no upper body strength prior to surgery anyway. Again, everyone's recovery is different so maybe you will have a great one :-)
Ok I hope that I have good recovery / I'm getting arms /full back / flanks /upper n lower stomach/hips/in and outer thighs/ I do not know how I am going to drive ... But lucky I may only have to do one way / someone can drop off in the morning and me pick up at afternoon - but u have 3 kids - I have 1 / so u still have to b mommy and so do I / seriosly u r strong for taking on the surgery with 3 little ones !! Praying fir fast recovery !!! U got this

So,today is day 7 and i go for my 3rd massage...

So,today is day 7 and i go for my 3rd massage today. Not looking forward to it. This front drain is aggrevating but i still have a ton of swelling and fluid so I doubt if they take them out. My butt is still itching like crazy so after my massage I am gonna ask Celia to put some Benadryl on my butt. I cannot take off this garment unless its a last resort or emergency because I am home alone and getting it back on is a major bitch.

So I got my 3rd massage today and man was it...

So I got my 3rd massage today and man was it painful as ever, partly because I slept without my garment lastnight because i washed it and had a ton of swelling and fluid build up. This massage burned like omfg there was no tomorrow but the bright side is i drained alot. The massage was so good that i took a nice long pee afterwards (sorry but it was that good). After the massage nomie removed my drains and boy was that front one a bitch. She said it was attached to scar tissue inside so that shit hurt. Dammit man just thinking about it pains me. Immediateky afterwards i took another percocet and thqt was a huge mistake. Because i had taken one before the massage and now i am nauseaus as i type this. The office was pretty quiet because no one else was there besides me and a really nice girl i met that was having surgery this afternoon. As for the garment, i actually love it because the compression is amazing. Celia said my back is super flat and even. I am used to wearing girdles and stuff so i always feel better when everything is nice and tight. So today ahould be my last day of antibiotics which should be a total of 63pills.just they thought makes me wannabarf. My butt is still itching like crazy and celia said that will last for a few weeks because the body processing the fat and the skin stretching and stuff. Seriously, the itching is annoying because nithing really stops it. Oh yeah idk id they are giving boards anymore but but they gave me foam for the front of my tummy which is cool with me. I have my next massage on tuesday and in the meantime celia told me to start using a heating pad for the front of my tummy to start softening up those muscles. I am also scheduled to see dr salama on wednesday which will be nice because i havent seen him since a few days after surgery. I think because i am local he may be able to follow up with me more which is cool and i dont mind.

Anyway cannot think of anything else at the moment. No need to take pics because nothinghas changed. I havent even taken new measurements yet. Maybe i will take some this weekend. Ttyl

If yall could see me. Garment halfway down with my...

If yall could see me. Garment halfway down with my butt up rubbing cream, and alternating the ice pack. Man this butt can itch. Seriously funny. Imma letit breathe a bit out garment.
I've noticed even now,the more time I spend out of the garment the more it hurts...I just take my straps off at night.. the neck pain is a killer
Yes the more u dont wear garment the more u swell.

Waist @ navel is a 34 Hips: 44 Bust: didn't do...

Waist @ navel is a 34
Hips: 44
Bust: didn't do cuz i am letting the twins hang lol. Will do later. Being in this house with these kids is driving me nuts. If only I could drink it would be better. I am definately going to make up for lost time when I can sit. This not sitting and me afraid of using the boppy pillow blows. I have had nightmares about sitting and rolling over in my sleep. Lmao, who would have thought. Oh yeah i will measure my inner thughs later during recovery because they are so swollen that it is crazy. They are really feeling like thunder thighs. Til my next venting session guys :-) enjoy tour saturday
Wow!!!! Missmiami ! You look great girl!!!! The booty is Banging! He shaped you Nicely!!!! I hope your recovery is quick !
I didn't see your new pics! You look great!
;-) thx

This surely is an emotional Rollercoaster. Anyone...

This surely is an emotional Rollercoaster. Anyone that has been through this knows the emotion as that follow and one is depression. My tummy is marked because my smooth tshirt isnt long enough which means i need another one. So i have to fix this ASAP. Plus my butt is softening up which means swelling is going down which means i am losing inches. The thought of having to endure this again is sad. This has nothing to do with Salama. It is simply my body going through the motions. no pity party for me just blogging. ttyl ladies.
Just go to FORVER21 them shirts are like $5 there order them online if u can't go hope u feel better
Thx yeah imma try to go tomorrow when my hubby gets off. I guess today is ist one of my down days
You look great miss Miami!! How are you managing at home with kids? Are you able to do things after 7 days.

Today isn't a good day. Officially it is day 10...

Today isn't a good day. Officially it is day 10 and I feel horrid. I have been throwing up all day which means I cannot keep anything down. I am home alone waiting for hubby so as soon as he gets here I am going to send him to the store for some gatorade. I woke up this morning feeling extremely weak and experiencing hot flashes. Maybe I am coming down with something considering my kids had colds these past two weeks. I may have to reschedule my massage for tomorrow if Celia cannot come to my home instead because I definately cannot drive like this.

So i havent been wearing my garment today because...

So i havent been wearing my garment today because of all the barfing. Boy i feel stiff and can feel the fluid in my tummy. My massage tomorrow is gonna be a biatch. I swear I pucked my brains out and darn near tore my lipo incisions from all the pressure. On a lighter note, Celia is gonna do my massage at home which ROCKS. atleast i can feel crappyin the comfort of my home :-)
Hang in there!!! 10 days post op u still feel like crap but think about how u felt 1 day post op. and in 10 more days how much better ull feel!
*e-hug* thx so much. Yeah it has been tough and thank God for my supportive hubby and parents. This has put such a strain on my entire family but i am forever grateful for them stepping and doing what families do. I can see the sunshine through the clouds :-)
Thx sooo much. This blog is so supportive

So I was really aick yesterday and didnt wear my...

So I was really aick yesterday and didnt wear my garment because i was home solo and wouldn't have help getting it on and off in time. I was back and forth vomitting and sorta pooping. From the looks of it my poop tells me what my insides look like and that means TOXIX. No wonder I am sick. I guess my ody is ridding itself of all the chemicals placed inside. Today I am better and am waiting on Celia. I disn't bother to put the garment on because she is gonna take it off anyway and I have been using a heating pad. So after today I will make up by wearing my garmwnt two days in a row which is fine. I need to order a smooth tank bodysuit or something and since this is two weeks imma investin the assless garment this friday. I see salama on wednesday so will ssk him for suggestions. I domt wanna cut my garment. I prefer to just make the butt holes larger. Anyway waiting on Celia so I will update u guys on the orror agter she gone. Immapop a perc in a minute. Oh yeah imma c if Dr. Salama will give me muscle relaxers to help with stiffness and stop me from taking pain meds instead.

So Celia came and did the massage. She is soooooo...

So Celia came and did the massage. She is soooooo nice and sweet. However, her massages are brutal is a good thing. I swear I squirmed, kicked and cried more than usual today. I had a ton of fluid and she said that I uave to get it drained tomorrow. I am so scared. She said that he will numb the area first and then use a syringe to drain it. She said the massage hurst worst which in a weird way made me laugh. I am terrified of needles. As usual the massage lasted for about an hour. How I manage to get through them is beyond me. But amazingly I feel sooooo relieved afterwards. Seh said my current garment should last me about another week or two and then i need it taken in or to purchaseanother. Compression is gonna be keyso that the seroma heals itself. I am not blaming Salama as this is a complication that comes with aggressive lipo and I definatwly needed it in the tummy. My seroma is on the lower rightside of my tummy. Celia says my back is good but my sides and tummy are extremely tight so i gotta comtinue stretching, using the heating pad, getting massages and wearing my garment all the time. This is fine by me. I didn't throw up today but oddly enough as I type this I feel nauseus. I will try to post before pics of the seroma tomorrow and then pics after it is drained. I will have my 5th massage on friday. Oh yeah, the site where my drains were is still open so i drained a lot suring the was gross cuz i heard it gushing out. But then again that is a good thing. I have to continue using neosporin and gauze on both areas until they close which should be in a few days. As I endure all this I am so happy that I was blessed to take so much time off of work. Although the days are passing by quickly i cannot imagine going back to work so soon. This really takes a toll on you physically but more so emotionally. Until later ladies, of u are planning this procedure please consider everything good and bad. Any surgery is a big deal and the body even though it may look fine outside it takes a pong time to heal internally. I think a majority of my rough recovery is due to the fact of having an 18monthold. I had my child via csection so it does take the internal organs longer to heal and thia is something that I did not take into consideration. With that said be honest with yourself and your doctor.

Sorry for the typos guys but i am using an ipad....

Sorry for the typos guys but i am using an ipad. Not the best when typing a review.

Thx u ladies. I already feel encouraged...

Thx u ladies. I already feel encouraged. after i get this seroma drained tomorrow it's on like donkey kong!!!! i am gonna compress the heck out of that region.
Love that video. It always pushes me at the gym. Haha
so I just finished this video you post..kanye workout plan LOL so funny...I wish a bigger butt would get me a nba player! LOL
no.bueno girl, i just hope it goes away soon. please try to find somethimg with more compression, BEFORE your garment loosens up.

So I am washing my garment now before my...

So I am washing my garment now before my appointment and although I had on my garment all day yesterday with a ton of foam i must say I need more compression. So I definately have to get this garment taken in the tummy area ASAP. I took the garment off and the seroma just popped right back out. Getting kinda of frustrated as well because the foam is marking my tummy which means my top I am wearing underneath isn't working. I will browse online today for a better one. Even though I am in Day 12 I am definately reaching the stage of not liking my body right now. I understand it is going through the motions. It does look better than what I started with and again this is not dr. salama fault. I am just ready for the finished product which takes patience. The body is weird and you have no way of knowing how yours will react until after surgery, I am noticing some areas absorbed more fat than others already and it's driving me insane. So I will ask him about this today. In the meantime, I attached a picture of the seroma and hopefully u can see it. It's basically the bulge. I will post more after it's drained today.

Got my seroma drained and it didn't hurt. Dr....

Got my seroma drained and it didn't hurt. Dr. Salama was nice and explained to me that he would be monitoring my progress and taking care of the seroma. He is pleased with my results so far. My stomach does look gross for the time being so I have to continue with the foam and I got my board which is great.

This board is the fucking pitts!!!! it works...

this board is the fucking pitts!!!! it works wonders but with this and all the foam i am miserable. i had to take it off a bit and use the heating pad because if not i was gonna go insane. but the board does work. i see a difference in my tummy already. will put back on in 30minutes. had to take a pain med because there is no way i can sleep with it sober. sorry, imma big baby.
Hey I'm curious about the board. What is it exactly? I don't think my doc uses those and I am wondering if I should make/buy one.
U know i trust u girl. I will use it. Using the heating pad now. One side of tummy is inflammed per dr salama so i am trying to soften that up asap. Also, imma buy a massager tomorrow from walmart.
I will post a pic in a but. Dr s says they changed manufacterers so idk how it use to look but its covered in black fanric and super hard. It flattens the tummy when u wear under the garment and with foam.

I have put up a picture of the board. It is doing...

I have put up a picture of the board. It is doing wonders for my stomach althought a bit uncomfortable. But I will continue to wear it.

I am super nervous that i have to drive tomorrow....

I am super nervous that i have to drive tomorrow. Although it is day 14, i have not dat at all. Not even on the boppy pillow so the thought of drivingis freaking me out. However, i have to because it is unrealistic to think that I can have someone drive me around everywhere for the remainder of recovery. Anyone has that has sat on the pillow to drive if u have any tips I would appreciate it.
Wow you're looking really good, that's a huge transformation!! Happy healing dear
Hello gorg, let me start by saying thank you for posting your details of your surgery for all of us. I too am having the procedure done in the near future, however I am getting a tummy tuck at the same time. Is it true that if you're getting a tummy tuck you cannot get lipo to the abs?
Aww thx

So I ventured out only to say forget it and come...

So I ventured out only to say forget it and come back home. Driving around in an suv with the boppy and a back pillow was a bit much. Very uncomfortable and draining in this hot weather. With the compression garment on, the heat and my head darn near hitting the ceiling I said forget it. I got to my appointment and they were packedso the thought of standing for atleast an hour with everyone staring at me was unappealing. So I left. I decided to go over to lipoexpress to purchase the butt out garment. After trying it on and realized the holes were to small and I did not want to risk paying $130 to make the holes bigger and possily damage the garment I decided to stick with what I know. Besides, the garment had already started marking my butt with lines where the holes were. So i purchased the butt covered which is fine. i really dont think it is shrinking my butt. Although I do wish we didn't have such a har time finding suitable garments that fir our huge butts. I was gonna get the thong compression butI need compression for my inner thighs so for now this will have to do. I also purchased a board from my tummy and foam for the sides. The boards at lipoexpress seem more durable and cover a larger area. I will post pics of the boards for comparison later. Anyway ladies after todays adventure i am physically drained. Seriously after being in the house for two weeks and constantly taking meds and etc getting out was not what I imagined. I was onlupy gone for maybe 2 1/2 hours. I think I will just take my time healing before my next outting.

Finding the perfect garment with major compression...

Finding the perfect garment with major compression int eh abdomen and no compression in the butt does not exist and is so frustrating. Dr. Salama should start making his on garments. Garments with the butt out that don't produce lines. I feel like my butt has went down soooo much due to these stupid garments. I am getting frustrated.
yes girl it takes me forever to pack this garment.
well if your getting tired of the pads, the thong garment works good in place of the foam pads I wore it under the one issued by the doctor.......... I got tired of the pads,and having to keep packing them in.. It was taking me an hour get my garment back on after a shower..
there is no perfect garment.. I bought a squeem thong and it works for now. I'm going to move to a corset in a couple weeks

So i found a garment that i am happy with today....

so i found a garment that i am happy with today. sucks because i had already purchased a garment yesterday and shelled out more money today. oh well i am investing in my future waist so i guess i gotta do what i have to do. i am pretty thrilled with this garment because it has 3 rows of clasps which is great. so far i am so swollen in my tummy that i can only use the first row which is to be expected. however, i felt great once i put the garment on. as previously stated my butt has went down tremendously which is normal and has nothing to do with dr. salama. right now it measures at 44 so i hope it doesn't go down anymore. if i could get my waist down more i would be more pleased. anyway, i have posted updated pictures of the board comparison and week 2 pictures. either way i am pleased with my body after surgery vs before surgery. but i definately think if i can build up the nerve i will be going for round 2. i knew this going in that for the results i wanted that i would definately need more than one session. i really want to encourage you ladies to please consider your pre-bbl butt shape as in my opinion no doctor can change the shape of your butt. in my personal opinion whatever the shape of your butt is pretty how your fat will settle in after awhile. for example, if you have a short butt pre-bbl don't expect for you to have a long butt after surgery. again, that's my opinion. i am anxious to get back into the gym as well. anyway, til later. btw, i will post pictures of the new garment later tonight.

Its not posting pic of the board

Its not posting pic of the board

Btw, I do think Dr. salama and his staff are...

Btw, I do think Dr. salama and his staff are receptive to the feedback and him being more hands on and personable. However, it is hard to be that way when most patients are not local. As a local patient he and the staff have been great. They know me on a first name basis as other patients who are not local because I have seen that first hand. I have seen this first hand. Dr. salama has also assured me that he will continue monitoring my progress as I have my 3rd or 4th visit with him this coming thursday. So I do think he is doing his best and they are making the effort to address some of the complaints that have been made. Also, if you are not local you can reach out to them for follow ups via facetime, akype and etc as this was something he mentioned to me on the day of surgery. Just a few ideas for u girls.
I can see from your latest pics you have a GREAT s-curve and projection!! Thanks for the photos of the boards and garment.
As others have said before gomin with realistic expectations. Your body is simply a canvas. I wanted a bubble butt and because my original shape is totally opposite of that it seems kinda hard to get in one session.
Dr salama gave me exactly what i asked for. I mean dead on. However, i still want more volume which is not his fault.

So I still find my tummy extremely sore. I don't...

So I still find my tummy extremely sore. I don't sleep all night and again my tummy is soooooooooooo sore that I still take the pain meds occassionally. I use the heating pad, wear my garment, stretch and etc but to be honest I don't take well to discomfort/pain. With that said, I prefer to medicate. I am thinking maybe a muscle relaxer may help. I am sure my tummy will continue to feel weird for quite sometime but for now being functional around the house and keeping up with my kids requires me to still take my meds. For anyone that has had the surgery at what point post op dis u stop needing the medication?

To continue reading about my journey, please go to Part 2, by clicking here.

Hi, I was just catching up on the rest of your story since I only read part 2. You should consider changing your rating on this PS since you were not happy with your results.
Ok I just watched the BBL video and cringed. I know the lady is out of it, but geez do they really just jug so hard in you like that?
I feel you, I can not wait to be back to my normal self either!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama and the entire staff are amazing. Dr. Salama thoroughly explains everything and he listens to your expectations and has no problem telling you if they are obtainable or not. Ruben has been so helpful. All in all I am pleased with the office and staff thus far. Would definatwly do business with eps again. Very pleased with my results. Just wish I could have gotten the procedure when his prices were cheaper.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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