Dr Salama Dec 14th anyone else around this time?

I have been lurking on this forum for the past few...

I have been lurking on this forum for the past few mths. I have been following the journey of most of the ladies here that have had amazing transformation and now I am ready to take that plunge. I have always had a decent shape but have lacked what I call a corn bread feed A** (lol)... I FINALLY scheduled my BBL w/ Dr Salama for Feb 2013. I am sooo excited and I pray that these past few mths fly bye. Although I wish I could get it done sooner, I opted not to do financing so I can save and pay for the procedure in full myself. My only concern is I have no one that I can rely on to travel with me and stay for a full week, however I am already located in Florida 5 hrs away so I am still going to fly in and just stay the week by myself, Dr Salama is going to lipo my abdomen, flanks, back and I am leaning towards my inner thighs in which I will decide on that at a later date.

Are there any ladies that have had this procedure done and traveled alone? If so PLEASE share your thoughts. Thanx


HI there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. You have quite a while until your procedure, which should give you a lot of time to get advice/support, which I'm sure the other BBL ladies will be happy to give. It's a great community here! Please keep us updated on your progress.


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im 8hrs away and i want him to do mine to. i as am along in this. good luck
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@sexyatlast, thank you. Have you set a date?

I have my BBL schedule with Dr Salama for Feb 21,...

I have my BBL schedule with Dr Salama for Feb 21, 2013 but I think I am going to change it to early Jan as I will have a break in between classes. As of now I am traveling alone and I want to know is it really necessary that I bring someone with me? Are their any other ladies going around this time, as I would love to split the cost of a hotel. I am currently located in Florida so I plan to stay for only a week following my surgery.


It won't be fun but u can handle it it's just nice to have someone get things for u and help u after anesthesia and change u drains , day one u will prob sleep all day by day 2 u should be feeling better , just make sure u set everything up the night before and it's all closed and food is ready for u move things around in u room so it's set , u should be ok if u were having tt I would say def get help
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Please message me!!!! I'm getting my BBL procedure early Jan and I'm coming from the carolinas and I would love to partner up!!!
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CCDIVA, I am scheduled for a revision in January too. What all you having done? I had my surgery in February but I am not really happy so he will be doing a revision.
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So I decide to move my date from Feb 21,2013 to...

So I decide to move my date from Feb 21,2013 to Dec 14th. I will be out of school during this time so I do not have to miss time from school. I'm still undecide if I will be able to bring anyone with me. Do any of you ladies have info on hiring a nurse? I am also looking for hotel recommendations as I only plan to stay a week. If their are any ladies getting a procedure around this time and would like to split hotel cost I am open to any ideas. Thanx Ladies...


Checking on you to see how your sx went and how you are doing?
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Hi how are you. I'm scheduled December 10th. Inbox me if you would line that date. Trying to exchange date for cash. Complete giveaway. Can't go anymore.
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