I had my first BBL a little over 7 months ago with...

I had my first BBL a little over 7 months ago with Dr. Jimmerson. I have a wonderful booty butt my lipo wasn't the best. He doesn't include much with his BBL and lipo at the time I got my surgery was $900 per area. I did opt for bra roll and hips which put my surgery at $11,200.

I love my booty the most when I am in my garment. I have the projection that I want and I get compliments from both men and women. But when I take that garment off, the projection and lift is not as prominent. So I am going to try again. This time with Dr. Salama.

Why Salama?
I was considering to go out of country to get better lipo with with Yily or Campos, but I just love Dr. Salama's postop results. To me, you get the biggest bang for your buck. Gorgeous ass and flawless lipo without any hidden extra costs. Now that he puts his patient in the ass out garment, it is even better.

I am scheduled for 10/18/2013 and the cost for R2 BBL w/ additional lipo to arms and thighs is $9500. I wish I would have went with him the first time. But his wait times were outrageous and I fell in love with Dr. Jimmerson personality during our phone consultation. Which was a different story the day of surgery, he didnt say two words to me. Maybe it was too early or he had a bad night. But all I could think is, this is not the friendly doctor I spoke with on the phone. He was better during the time we spoke briefly after post op.

I love Dr. J and I can't say anything bad about his asses. But in my case, my lipo wasn't good and now I have to go in for round two. I was 181 pounds before surgery with Dr. J and carried most of my fat in legs. I seen him perform miracles on other ladies. Case in point was the hispanic lady that is on his site now. I was nowhere near her size but I still have rolls.

I tried to call and speak about my concerns but no one responded to my emails or returned my calls. I guess after the show, his staff only responds to the new ladies who want a bbl. Because I haven't had a postop, even after multiple attempts of trying to reach him. I wonder if Salama's staff is the same way. If he does it right then he wont have to worry about me calling him. :)

I hope Dr. Salama can round out the bottom of my bottom and get the rest of the fat out of my midsection.

Has anyone had a round two with Salama? How are your results?

I just read a review that made my night.. She had...

I just read a review that made my night.. She had her second BBL with Dr. Salama and she looks absolutely amazing. I am going to take my thighs off of the surgery after reading her review.

Anyone going to have their surgery around 10/18? Please inbox me if you want to connect. I am going to stay at the Marriott Residence Inn. I got a government rate of $105/per night super excited about my suite. I hope they give me an ocean view. Purchased my airline ticket today for only $17 bucks because I had credit from another flight and that was the difference.. Whoot Whoot! I am looking for a package of 10 more massages when I return and then personal training package for 3 months beginning 6 weeks post op.

I am on this journey to a more confident, beautiful me. I got clear braces in March, getting ultimate breast lift and starting laser hair removal in May.

The amazon Dr. Salama did a round 2 BBL is...

The amazon Dr. Salama did a round 2 BBL is #Orlando7193. Please read her review if you are large girl and need inspiration about your results.

BA/BL W/ DR. Salama

I leave for my BL/BA in 2 weeks.. I am currently a 36DD and will be getting a lift with a very small implant to maintain the shape. After looking at the lifts alone, I don't like the shape at all and want the upper pole fullness. I was going to go to Dr. Horndeski, but I just don't trust his technique and after looking at many of the ladies the boobs look a little flat from the profile. Have any of your ladies gotten an implant with fairly large breast?


Moises Salama

Real Self.com I am only giving one star because I haven't had surgery yet. Once surgery is complete I will let you know how everything went.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Dayam he is glad i chose him
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Dr Salama did that I love it
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Where was your black butt out garment from??
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How did round 2 with Salama go? I'm interested in seeing how your BL turned out.
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Dr. S is the truth! I love my results and positive you will too. Dr. J did give you a nice butt but if your willing to endure that pain again, go for it! I will not be getting round two if it came free! The BBL was torture recovery for me...no thanks! Good Luck and my Bday is 10/19 :)
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You hve a great foundation for Salama so trust and believe your results will be great .....CanCan't wait to see your R2
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I think you look great already! So you never got in contact with Dr. Jimerson and his staff about your concerns?
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I did, emailed and called, no response.
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Sorry to hear about your previous experience you made a good choice with Salama he is aggressive with lipo I love my results
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I'm sorry to hear about your experience with Dr. J. Maybe He's feeling himself a bit since his surge in popularity from TV??? Who knows? I'm pretty sure Salama will do an awesome job on you.
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Sorry u didn't get the results that u wanted wit Jimerson.... I hope Salama can give u what your looking for! I go to Jimerson in oct and I hope I wont need a round 2 I'm a lil concerned that a lot of ladies are complaining about his work
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He will give you the ass of your dreams. It has truly changed my life. If I could let Dr. Salama lipo the fat and Dr. Jimmerson inject the fat, I would go back to him.
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Hi my surgery is scheduled the same day at 11am we can connect if you want that sounds great my husband isnt my biggest supporter right now
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I hate to hear that you husband isn't supportive. Inbox me and we can support each other. I am still trying to determine who will come along to help me.
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Yes I love Salamas work he is really aggressive with his lipo, it is really hard finding clothes I get most from the shop I posted the link to on my page
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Thats just plain crazy about these Dr J Fans. This man has gotten real cocky real quick. I have seen some Donks produced by him, but I agree his lipo is very shi**y. He performs as if he just dont give a fu*k. Long as you come out w/ more a$$ than you came in with; done deal. Salama is a great choice! But I do believe the Dr's outta contry are better choices when your #1 priority is "sculpting". They dont have the low limits and just overall produce better results as far as lipo goes. Have you looked in to Dr Duran in DR @ all....
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Has anyone had a similar experience with Dr. J's lipo? If you have gained 20 lbs for the surgery like I was told to do then bad lipo would be a disaster.
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There has been others that has voiced their opinions before but have quietly left the room due to retaliation from his fans. That is why I was trying to be as nice as possible about my areas of concern.
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Wow thats crazy. A lot of people have been complaining about his work.
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I am salamafied love it look what he did with my back rolls
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You look absolutely amazing. I read your journey and so proud of your results. Your surgery progress was instantaneous with Dr. Salalma. Which is why I decided to go with him for round 2. He offers the biggest bang for your buck with the better results. I actually prefer the heart shaped asses he gives vs the J curve. I am gitty with excitement waiting for my date. I posted my story to let others know, exactly what they will be getting with Dr. J. He is great with booty shaping but his price of 10K is for ass alone, even if you pay for bra rolls. Dr. Salama, lipos your entire torso, gives you a ride to and from the airport, lymphatic massages, a preop prep kit, boppy pillow and an overall beautiful body. I know I am paying more, but I am so ok with it, if I am getting the results. Where do you buy your clothes with 47 inches hips? I am 48 now and I have a hard time finding jeans.
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Which garment is that you have on in your pic, the black butt out kind?
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Hey Honey boo!! ( I like that name;) I ordered if from lipo express. It was $120. But Ebay has them in certain sizes for $25.. Just type in lipo express in the search engine.. I love my garment.. I just ordered a thong one with a lifter last week for $50. Take a pic when you get it.. I can't wait to see.. :)
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Will do! I ordered the Vedette 301 from orchardcorsets.com (they having a good Vedette sale) and that thang is too tight on my thighs. Grant it, I wanna loose about 15 more lbs, but it was rolling up my thighs, LOL. But imma check ebay out. ThankZ!
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That booty looks good girl! After Salama get thru with u, all they gon say is GOOD GAWD! But that's why I choose Salama, I need aggressive lipo on my back and belly and I already know he can shape and sculpt a big juicy booty. Can't wait to see your results, best wishes {~:
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