BBL 1 Week Countdown-August 13th w/ Dr. Salama

I honestly have been considering the surgery for...

I honestly have been considering the surgery for years but was always too afraid to go through with it. Finally decided to go for it as a gift to myself for my 30th Birthday. I'm 5'9" and right now at my heaviest weight Im 160lbs. Not sure if I will actually have enough fat but I will soon find out. Kinda upset that the soonest opening is in October. Especially since my 30th Birthday is September 29th. Don't know what to do! I will upload my pictures later.


Yay!!! Good luck girl I cant wait either !!!!
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Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Dr. Salama seems to be very popular, based on the number of ladies here that use him. I know the newer community members all have dates in September/October so he must be pretty busy. I've heard you can ask to be put on a cancellation list, you may also find someone who wants to swap dates! Please keep us updated on your progress.

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I paid my deposit and booked my bbl for Friday,...

I paid my deposit and booked my bbl for Friday, October 5, 2012. I am so excited!!! I'm so grateful that this site exist and that you girls were willing to share so much of your journey. The information was invaluable! I felt confident selecting Dr. Salama as my surgeon. Now I know what to expect pre and post surgery. Thanks again!

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I believe that I found my ideal butt. I came...

I believe that I found my ideal butt. I came across the wish pic on another profile so I do not know who the woman is. Please let me know if you know her name. I would like to google more pics of her to be sure that is what I want.


@sandy & @dimples... I am so happy that there are other bbl girls who are my height. The height on the majority of the profiles were 5'5" and below. I'm all legs with a short torso. Dr. S wants me to gain more weight.
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Who is your wish pic? I love her shape
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I don't know. I found the pic on someone else's profile. I've been trying to figure out who she is.

I've uploaded my before pics. I'm grossed out...

I've uploaded my before pics. I'm grossed out looking at them but my fat will soon be put to good use.

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I also included (a before I was fat) my normal...

I also included (a before I was fat) my normal weight pic.


Hey girls.....FINALLY FOUND 5'9 & up. I am also goin to be scheduled around need of a travel buddy even though im local lol
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Iam really Xcited for you. im booked for aug. 27 so we just missed each other. and this is for my 26 bday.! anyway imn 5'10 155. have 3 months to gain more weight. gud luck to you
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Thanks and I'm excited for you as well. At least your countdown isn't as long as mine. I'm already sick of being fat and eating like a pig. Don't know how I am going to make it. I keep reminding myself that it is for the best results but my goodness it's hard.

I'm excited and upset at the same time. Once, I...

I'm excited and upset at the same time. Once, I settled with my October date and made all of my travel arrangements I just found out that I got accepted into the Masters program I applied to. Bad news is that it starts in September and there is no way I would be able to have my surgery in October. Please, Please, please switch with me! I need a August date desperately!


Yeah, I did all of that. Waiting...
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Im so sorry to hear about your dates. But its still early and people may want to cancel or resechudle for a later date so you still have a chance. I really hope you get the dates you want. I know how you feel...Im trying to get my dates switch to an earier date as well from November, but Nancy is so sweet is she told me she doent mind if I call in to see whats avaiable every once in a while. Im praying you get your dates for Aug

Hey BBL Ladies! I'm excited to announce that I...

Hey BBL Ladies! I'm excited to announce that I was able to switch my surgery from October to August! Thanks to the wonderful Nicki86. I'm so hyped that I don't know what to do. My nervousness seems to be kicking in as well. Whatever, I have to get past it. Now I'm on a mission to take care of my important details; travel arrangements, husband schedule, taking my vitamins, packing and finding a clinic to get my clearance for surgery. I will keep you all updated.


@ dimples99- if u don't mind sharing... How/ what did Ruben say/explain to you that helped ease your mind bc I have been very concerned about complications especially PE being that i justheard about recent incident in mx :((( you can inbox me or share inches others are concerned too... Thx in advance!

Hey Ladies! I'm prepping for travel to florida...

Hey Ladies! I'm prepping for travel to florida for my August BBL. As I gather my items and make shopping list, I was wondering...Do I need to pack panties? If I do need them...what size should I buy to accommodate my new booty? I feel silly asking but this is probably the best place. Please let me know what is the most comfortable option after surgery. Also, let me know if you have any tips for items that you couldn't live without during recovery. Thanks Ladies! I can't wait to hear your suggestions.

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I'm officially on the less than a month away...

I'm officially on the less than a month away countdown to my new body. The good news is that I gained all of the weight that Dr. Salama requested plus some additional. Last week when I weighed myself I was 188 lbs. I have never been this big in my life. It's too hot for me to be fat. I'm also tired to my thighs rubbing (which they have never done), I'm tired of hiding from people I know, and I'm tired of eating junk food. I have become friends with the staff at Taco Bell. They have to know my order by heart, lol! I can't wait to eat healthy and workout again. Grilled fish and I come! Luckily, my husband doesn't notice the weight. Everytime I complain about the fat he tells me that he doesn't notice the weight and compliments me on my beauty. The positive comments help me stay confident. I love him for that!


Hi Glam gurl...i also have my bbl August 6,i have been trying to gain weight too..iam now 158lbs...uugh...and i feel horrible...i have more love handles,and now my inner thighs are even rubbing more...i am counting down,but i am reaaly hating how i look in my clothes...especially with a flat ass...i will keep you far i was told i can get 400 cc per cheek,but im shooting for 600cc....PLEASES...we will dr. did notice i put on weight thats a plus..good luck to your weight gain...
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Hi Dimples...yea its hard to keep wait on for me. im a workout fanatic but i cant shake this big Torso... my mother is my best friend & supportive in everything i do. she once wanted breast aug. so she understands. blessed to have her. whens your SX date? dont mind sharing her...
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@Dimples99 and @mullattoqueen - I'm excited that you gals are also representing for the tall women. I will definitely be watching your profiles because I can't wait to see your results as well.
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Hey Ladies! Only 21 days left until my BBL...

Hey Ladies! Only 21 days left until my BBL surgery. I can't believe that is right around the corner. I went to have my blood work and EKG done today. Lab work takes about 4 days. So until then I have to wait. My next posting will be to let know if I was cleared for surgery or not. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Where are you going for surgery?
im going to Kaufman and Clark in David Kaufman...he did a bbl for a young lady on here...and she looks amazing.....
Oh wow. Ok. I can't wait to see your results. Your surgery is around the corner. Are you excited, nervous or both?

Hi Ladies! I found out this morning that I was...

Hi Ladies! I found out this morning that I was cleared for surgery. I immediately booked my flights and finished buying my items needed for the trip. I went to fill my prescriptions at Sam's Club but was informed that they wont fill the pain killer because the dr is out of state. Now I have to wait until I get to Florida to get my prescriptions. Just one week left until I leave. I have a redeye flight on Saturday and arrive on Sunday morning. My pre-op appointment with Dr. Salama is later that day. My surgery is Monday. All I have to do is pack. I'm so nervous...yikes!


Hey girly, how r u ? How r things going?
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Good luck girl!
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ok so im 17 in west palm beach and im trying 2 find out how i can get this surgery done because genetics blessed me with a big bust and big hips and thighs so that i look like the hourglass from the front bt then i turn to the side and my butt is flat and saggy...i just want to be able 2 go 2 the beach and have my butt look round and perky like it should for my age.. and add more volume to it so my bust doesnt overpower it like it already does.... help?
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