Im 33 with 3 kids - 4 days post op - Aventura, FL

Im 33 with 3 kids, im the biggest ive ever been im...

Im 33 with 3 kids, im the biggest ive ever been im 200pds 5,6. I have been on this site following others for about 3 weeks now i decided to share my journey as well. i paid my deposit back in march after being on this site i got caught up in the hype. ive never had a booty but now that my stomach is huge i look awful. Im doing this so i can look better and get my confidence back. I was advised to lose 20 to 30 pds and also i have to stop smoking 60 days prior to surgery. i have not had a smoke in 3 days its hard but it has come to surgery to get me to stop. i dont want any problems. if anyone can share some diet tips please do. i have some diet pills but was told no fat burners 60 days prior to surgery so i will have to stop taking them in may. I have read some mess on some of these pages im not hear for that i simply would just like to share and read to make the time go by.

Im at work online trying to figure out where to...

Im at work online trying to figure out where to stay, i was thinking the hampton inn but my friend girl is comming for a few days and i want it to be nice enough for her but i dont want to spend to much money either since im not going to be on vacation. still on the search for hotel or condo. Does anyone know how far Larry will drive to get you?
Thanks, im glad they made this site as well it help me move foward in choosing Dr Salama. Were you told to lose weight and if so what are you doing? im already not smoking im not sure if i can give up the food to...
Welcome to the site I definitly have no mess lolol we have alot in common I am getting mine done same doctor July 9 I think its a wonderful thing it was ever invented wwwhhheeewhhewwww

My date is for july 23rd if there is anyone who...

My date is for july 23rd if there is anyone who has late june or 1st of july that need to switch or cant make there appt let me know asap thanks...

Well ive seen some unhappy people on here latley,...

Well ive seen some unhappy people on here latley, when i 1st got on this site there were no bad reviews on my dr now i see atleast 4. I know you cant make everyone happy but i dont want to be 1 of the unhappy people. I hope its that there expected to much to soon and it takes some time. Gosh this makes me just want to chop my deposit up as a lost and keep it moving. Im going to have to pray about this... Ive talk about this so much and im sure it would just make a few ppl day if i didnt go thur with it. Decisions ugh.........
Good luck on your BBL journey! I really hope you get everything you asked for! ;) -AlohaLisia‚úŅ
btw- can u inbox me about the new tings u learned about him. im still deciding between him & campos
hi, i am also at 200 & he told me i had to lose wait be h would consider me so i dont even have a date scheduled but i plan on doing the hcg diet which is hard bc its srict but u really do lose the weight. but bc u dont want alot of laxity in the skin i would suggest doing more calories than the diet requires so that you can do some toning execise too

I would like to change dates with someone mine is...

I would like to change dates with someone mine is july 23rd im looking for the 1st week of july or end of june please keep me in mine. i have purchase my plane ticket but i got insurance on it so i think i can change it. have not booked a room yet hoping that someone witll contact me and like to switch dates.
Thanks i am going to get a personal trainer i was to scared to take fat bunners, im 5,6 200 pds but most of it is in the stomach area so i guess thats why he ask me to lose 20 to 30 pds. im going to shoot for 20 i stop smoking a month ago so all i do now is eat but glad i dont have the desire to smoke, I thank God i was strong enough to do that.
Honestly yall I was 190 and my results came out fine and im only 5'6. i think it just depends on where you carry your weight. I think it is better to be as close to the size you want to be after surgery since you cant work out for a while afterwards. But lose weight the healthy way because girl your body is put through so much afterwards you need to be healthy to recover as fast as possible. :)
Good luck :)

Well my day will be here b4 you know it. my packet...

Well my day will be here b4 you know it. my packet came in the mail 2 days ago, im starting to feel nervous but im going to go thur with it God willing. I want to go get all the test done now just to make sure im good b4 i spend anymore money i was told to wait 30day prior to the surgery but i would like to know now if im good, think im going to sched something soon just to put my minw at ease. i guess im going to start shopping this weekend to get my things together, the time will be here b4 i know it.
Good luch on your big day, it's almost here
yes honey you will prolly see me there i cant wait, i just hope my blood work comes back ok. i have not lost any weight it seems as if i gained i sure hope he still makes me look good.

My blood work is done and i had my ekg today and...

my blood work is done and i had my ekg today and it was good as well so i guess its a go. i was told today that i will not be able to do the tt and bbl so i will do the bbl ofcourse and hope the lipo makes me look better until i can go back and get the tummy tuck. im very upset about it. me and my friends were so excited to see the outcome, they were all waiting on me to get it done and then join me but not sure if they will use my dr due to the fact he is not doing the combos anymore. i mean if you think about it he make more money spliting it up like that but its cool. more than likely i will use a dr here in my city for a tt i dont see the need to fly back for that and spend more money. to be honest had i known he was going to switch it up i would have use someone different. i think he does good work but its just to much i have to find things out on this site. i was told to take 100mg iron pills and then i call to ask a questions and there like its 300mg now and then i read on here about the combo not going down anymore smh. it is what it is. i just hope for a good outcome without the tummytuck im very nervous about that. i cant wait to see my new body/booty. price is diff now so i guess thats a good thing til i have to pay for tt in 4 to 6 month.
Cant wait to see pics after. What are u having done

Ok so ive been searching alnight and i think i...

ok so ive been searching alnight and i think i will go with the hyatt on dania beach, only 99 a night and 16mins from the office i guess this works if you have a rental car which i decide to do. now i have 1 problem my sister is comming with me, my surgery is monday the 23rd she is leaving wes and my friend flys in on friday. the airport is 32mins away from where im staying and a cab will be expensive. not sure how my sister will get to airport and how my friend will get from the airport. i need to check for shuttle or i may be trying to drive. is this poss for me to drive on third day? i could stay by the aiport but dont want to stay to far from dr office. ugh i may have to reconsider but i like the room and the price.

I decided to rent a car and stay at the hyatt. Now...

i decided to rent a car and stay at the hyatt. Now im just trying to figure out what i need to take with me. i need to make a list im such a last min person.
I hope u are doing well! I cant wait to see your new body!
Hope u feeling ok. Have a speedy and healthy recovery. Can't wait to see your post op pics. How much did u weigh before surgery??
hi msnewnew! i hope u are doimg fine amd having a smooth recovery, eat, drink alot of fluids specially gatorade, walk alot n rest when u can, hope to hear from u soon :)

Well ladies im doing good im still not on my butt...

Well ladies im doing good im still not on my butt and still trying to figure out how i like the new me. i do look better but my butt is not shape the way i would have liked it. 1 side is a lil bigger and im not mad they tell you that before you have the surgery however it is something i notice and afraid others will as well. i was told i could get my tt in 6 months bit due to my job im not going to be able to do that maybe in 9months but im going to want something done to this butt as well so im not sure how thats going to work. im thinking about DR jimmerson in ATL but he is so costly. i just dont know if i want to go back to DR salama. He is a good dr and i think his staff was very nice but i just didnt get what i was looking for. ive been waiting to post to see if it gets better. i do look better but my butt is just not sitting the way i hoped. i may call them and see if he will combine my tt and a 2nd bbl. i dont want to go to several different dr. i will try to post pic there all in my phone.
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