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I've been doing tons of research and I am happy to...

I've been doing tons of research and I am happy to say that I'm ready to jump on the bbl wagon!!! I'm 5'0 120lbs. Asian, no backside or hips whatsoever!! Basically I'm over looking like sponge bob. I want dr. Salama to do the procedure!! His work is beautiful. I don't want a big ol donk, just a shape & more fullness in my butt.

i'm Asian and spongebob is also my distant relative. 5'5" 125lbs. i'm going with dr. jimmerson in GA. he has good results. i'm a little concern that he doesn't show any results of Asian patients. you know how, we are much deflated in the butt area. I have huge breasts but no hips or butts. 38-30-34. no where near hourglass, its spongebob status.

Hey there welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Have you had a consultation with Dr. Salama yet?

Welcome newbuti55. Good luck on your journey.
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I've been doing research and following other women on real self that have gotten their bbl done with dr. Salama. I'm am very pleased with his work!!

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