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Hi all, so I've always wanted a nicer, rounded...

Hi all, so I've always wanted a nicer, rounded booty but I was born with a wide flat butt, more hips than butt. I have always wanted to do this surgery but didn't want to spend all that money. I came on here and have heard so many great things about Dr. Salama.

A friend of mine said that he use to work at Vandidades Cosmetic Surgery and did her BBL and she was super satisfied. But when I called them they said he no longer worked there :(. So they tried to put me on this other doctor Raul Rodriguez but I couldn't find anything on him on real self and a couple of the reviews I read had me thinking that I should just stick with Salama.

Vandidades was only charging $3,800 but the special I got with Salama is 5,800 and includes anesthesia and garments so I think I will roll with them. Besides I had already deposited my 500.00 to lock the deal in so I feel more comfortable with someone that is known and has great reviews. Besides Vandidades Dr. Raul Rodriguez only did local anesthesia. Have any of you guys ever heard of them or tried them?

Hi, so excited because I am so close to my...

Hi, so excited because I am so close to my procedure. So far I have paid 3,000 dollars I have 2,800 to go before I am ready to get my BBL. I heard that Dr. Salama is amazing! I am also going to pay the extra 500 (for each area) to get the fat sucked under my armpit, I hate that little meat that stays there. I have wanted this for soooo long and now it is possible. I am so excited and I can't wait to walk around with my new round beautiful bottom.

Date set with Dr. Salama

So, I am finally getting my BBL done with Dr. Salama June 26! I was suppose to get it last year but got pregnant with my son. I am excited for my new body, however, I am nervous because this is still surgery. I am nervous about the pain and not being able to sit for thirty days. Also, I heard about burning and someone who had their BBL done by Dr. Salama said he made her stomach lumpy. I don't want to get burned or a lumpy tummy. I am also going to pay an additional one thousand to get both my arms lipoed. So any advice is appreciated.
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