August 16th almost here!!! BBL with Dr. Salama - Aventura, FL

So excited about my surgery. Ive been following...

So excited about my surgery. Ive been following you ladies this whole time and my day is finally approaching ! My scheduled date with dr. salama is august 16th. My in person consult is August 15th and I fly in the 14th. Im staying at the marriott residence until the 26th. I figured this was a better experience since it had a full kitchen. i'm going with my entire family basically so its helpful to have an apartment like hotel. I am super excited and not nervous yet. Trying to lose ten lbs, I'm down 5 lbs. I'm also very nervous about spending all this money and not having a butt that lasts. I'm sure anything will be better then what I have. I all post pics very soon.

Yes I am!!! I a little nervous but Ooo soo excited! I obsess over it every day.
hey girl welcome to the bbl sisterhood... just stopping by to say congrats on starting your journey and also august is right around the corner, are you excited? yay...

I have 2,000 left to pay and I'm still thinking...

I have 2,000 left to pay and I'm still thinking I'm too fat. I'm 5'6 and I weigh about 170lbs. i feel like my arms are so fat and I need to lose weight bc I'm not getting lipo anywhere else other than my back and stomach. I will post pics soon.

Hey there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. You really don't have long to wait at all! Please do keep us updated with your progress.


So im 5'6 and 170 lbs I feel like I'm too fat!! I...

So im 5'6 and 170 lbs I feel like I'm too fat!! I don't know if to loose weight?? Ive posted pics of me before. I know they are gross! trust me. I would love a better shape at minimum. A nice butt at best. I feel like i have to shift the fact and curves down some in order to get hips and a butt. i really hope he can fill in the empty pocket i have where my hops should be!! and of course i hope I can get a damn butt already!
lol me either about the iron pills! and I am too on a budget. Its getting down to the wire and I'm scrambling to make this work! But Im gonna do it. I have 2,000 left to pay on my balance. My whole family is coming down with me. My mother and sisters so they are going to help me out as well. How long are you staying until and where are you traveling from?
Im trying to get the cheapest price somewhere close that has a kitchen on Hotwire ... I am on a serious , serious budget !! I have not been taking my iron and vitamin C regularly ... I am horrible at taking pills !! But today is the day that I get on everything !!
I'm staying at the Marriott residence inn bc it has a kitchen. i figured that was more economical. I so have to do a crash diet! i can loose weight easily when I take diet pills but they said i shouldn't have any diet pills 30 days prior to surgery. i wonder why that is. where r u staying? have you been taking the iron pills and stuff?

All payed up, hotel reserved, flights booked!! Soo...

All payed up, hotel reserved, flights booked!! Soo excited! Just waiting on my lab results and need to create a shopping list. All i can think of right now is the female urinal lol. I'm drawing a blank on some of the things I've read on here that i need.

hey girl,

how are you? you had your surgery... hope everythings ok...
Good luck to you as well Jlove422!
hey we are staying in the same hotel, but i will be checking out on the 15. good luck with your up coming SX.
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