5wks post op ( Dr. S)

I have been dreaming about this procedure since...

I have been dreaming about this procedure since last year. I wish to improve my physical appearance after having 3 kids. I'm 5ft and weigh 133. My behind has never had any projection so it's just flat & square. I'am obsessed with having this procedure so I can finally have a booty. I'm scheduled for 12/14/12 and I just cant wait, but I know I have a long wait so I really hope it will be worth the wait. My goals are to have a nice round big booty. I would love to have the same results that ENJOYSELF had. I would just be delighted. Like many of you I spend hrs. on this website reading reviews of bbls while I wait my turn.

I am so excited about having this procedure done!!...

I am so excited about having this procedure done!! But the wait is extremely hard. I had a tt done earlier this year sooo that is why I chose Dec. I hope time goes by faster and that all goes according to my plans. I added inner thighs to my surgery but I will wait until the actual consult to see if I will add any additional areas. I am going to try to gain a few pounds but not too much I feel I have a good deal of fat for the transfer. My goals are to have a flat tummy, slender back, and a big round booty. Not too large though.... but my hubby would not mind that at all. I think I would feel kinda weird walking by people that have known you forever .. and all of a sudden bam. But we'll see what happens lol. I have ONE thing clear though... I would rather get stuck with a bigger butt that get one thats too small!!!! well back to obsessing over bbl's. lol.

I am starting to get really concerned about lipo...

I am starting to get really concerned about lipo of the inner thigh. I really hate mine and don't mind having an improvement.
But my esthetician recommended me not to. She said it's a very delicate area to lipo, and has seen several girls w/ messed up legs because of it. And to top it of I have read several reviews that do mention that. I need some advise especially if you've had this area lipoed. I don't know what to do Is it worth it???? I know that not everyone has perfect results...... but it's a risk we take. I am also starting to get really annoyed by the waiting game.... wish Dec. was right around the corner. Sometimes I ??? my self as to why is this so important to me and why I want it so bad. IDK. just crazy I guess. LOL.

Well time sure is creaping up on me.. last week I...

Well time sure is creaping up on me.. last week I recieved my packet in the mail and I was not expecting it at all. I don't have anything ready. (Last minute always) Even though I still have some time left. I jut can't wait!!!

Finally started looking in to a studio rental for...

Finally started looking in to a studio rental for my stay. There's a website for local studios and the price is very affordable. I'm going to pay $544 for a week.
If any one is interested the website is valgal.net .... time is going by so fast... I am trying not to pay to much attention to it and it seems to be working.

I am not mentally prepared. I am so confused as to...

I am not mentally prepared. I am so confused as to why I want this so bad. Things are coming along fine but I am just ignoring it until the day comes. So many things can happen until then sooooo I am pretending it's not happening until it does.

Well almost 2wks away...... and I'm still not...

Well almost 2wks away...... and I'm still not ready. Got my labs done today, paid off my balance... but I still need to get a good list of things I will need during my stay. I have also decided to ask for a more conservative booty rather than an exaggerated one. I am sure Dr.S will do the best for me and my needs. Back to ignoring this for a little while longer.... It really helps it to go by so much faster!!
Any suggestions on what I should bring?? Thanx Girls.

I forgot to mention that I gained a couple of lbs....

I forgot to mention that I gained a couple of lbs. not to happy about that. hopefully I wont have to much fat. I will update my measurements soon. Also I am soooo happy to know I am scheduled for surgery @ 7am.

Wow.... almost time for me to head for Aventura. I...

Wow.... almost time for me to head for Aventura. I am still not ready yet time is going so fast. Also having trouble sleeping at night.
I am very nervous and it seems so unreal.

I made it to the other side. Yesterday was very...

I made it to the other side. Yesterday was very rough. i felt sooo sore all over. and had a bad experience wityh some nausea. I hardly had any rest. it was so uncomfortable and painful. but i wasnt going to let that get the best of me.
today i feel much better. have been eating more and drinking and walking as much as i can. i am happy so far with my results. but i hope it goes down some because it is ti big now. i got 1050cc. well i will update later when i get a chance. iam going to focus on my recovery.

So I had my sux on Fri. and every day that goes by...

so I had my sux on Fri. and every day that goes by I feel a lot better. The hardest for me has been not sleeping well and how uncomfortable it is to lay only on my tummy. I consider my self as a strong person and for me the worst was the first day. The nausea was bad, the pain was 6 of 10. I was able to have a bm yesterday and it was easy for me. I also had my first shower..... the best feeling ever. it helped me relax my body. today i am just drinking a lot and walking a lot I feel good. :) will upload pics when I get back home. here are my current measurements.....

under breast pre- 34 1/2 post- 33
waist pre- 31 1/2 post- 30
hips pre- 38 1/2 post- 42
thighs pre- ?? post-23

I'll get the pre thigh measurements when I get back home.

So today I am 9 days post op. I am feeling much...

so today I am 9 days post op. I am feeling much better every day but...... this recovery is a long process. It has been a very rough recovery. for me it has been in parts physical but also very emotional.right now the hardest thing not to do is to sit. and the hardest thing to do is sleep on my tummy, I get a lot of back pain. ONE THING i DEF. WANT TO SHARE IS THE IMPORTANCE OF DRINKING A LOT OF FLUIDS AND WALKING A LOT DURING THE RECOVERY PERIOD WHILE YOU HAVE YOUR DRAINS. it is very hard to do but it really helps. well it did to me.. I had both my drains removed on day 6. drinking helps your body remove a lot of the build up fluids in your body and so does walking. my legs are still swollen but have been going down. and talk about ANNOYING.... this garment is trully annoying but I have to admit that it is giving my booty a crease. and also when wearing tight clothes it gives your booty an ugly shape. (notice on my pics with the blue dress) but with out it it looks fine. I also like the old garment better...because it is more comfy.

Hi ladies... Sorry it's been a while . I am now...

Hi ladies...
Sorry it's been a while . I am now 3wks and some change. Well couple things have changed since my last update .
Bad news first.... I seem to have accumulated some fluid on my lower back. :/. I might have to go back to aventura to see Dr. S to have it aspirated.... Bummer. To make matters worse my booty has shrunk too much.... But. I must say though Dr. S did a great job on me. We are always going to find all kinds of flaws because we want to be perfect..... But I know that is impossible . My tummy is flat and even though my booty has gone down (much more than I wanted it) it still is soooo much better than before.
I am now using a small garment and let me tell you it is a pain in the a... To get it on and off. And let me say I am already tired of driving its really tiring on my thighs. I have to drive 30min each way every day to see my massage therapist. :(
Sleeping for me is still not fun at all..... It's going to take a while to get used to it. Any advice on the fluid build up please,,,

So i am 5wk post. Not much has changed since my...

So i am 5wk post. Not much has changed since my last post. My lower back is much better now. :)
I am still dealing with the same issues...... Not being able to sleep through the night. :/
I have been getting my massages .. I go 2morrow to get my 11th. Massage, it really has helped me.
I am still very happy with my results... Love my new shape.
My recent measurements.....
Under bust 33
Waist 28
Hips. 40 1/2
Thighs. 21

Will add pics later....
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Beautiful booty! Congrats!
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You look great... Booty big! Huge difference from pre-op!
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Thanks. :)
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Wow! You look amazing!! I too have a square bum :(. Sent my pics out yesterday!! Hoping to get a response soon! Happy healing my dear! ;)
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Thanks bootydoll..... Best of luck to you!!!
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Compress, compress, compress! I seen him today and had a little fluid but not enought to prick me for and he gonna keep a eye on it! Your but looks good girl and yes you are right our expectations sometimes are really way out of the ball park..lol Your only 3 weeks, i'n sure your still going to be changing.
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Thanks for your advice... It's right where the triangle goes and now I also added the little square on top of it. Going to keep checking on it.
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You look beautiful! Love your results! Xo
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Thanks...girl :)
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I think you look great! wow! Your shape is beautiful.
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Your booty looks weird?? Girl, I don't think we're looking at the same pictures because you look fabulous!! Even with the garment and foams. :) You're rocking that dress for real!!!
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I meant because of the butt out garment... It kinda gives it an odd appearance. Thanks girl.
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Did u add any other areas for lipo? He did a great job & u look amazing
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Thanks girl.. Yeah he also did inner thighs.
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I'm going to try to tone my arms. If they aren't as I want them I will get them lipo'd I don't wanna have small waist and big arms :(
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Happy Healing girl!!! Hope you recovery fast and can enjoy that new bod you got!!!! :)
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Happy healing hope u have a speedy recovery!
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Congrats!!! Im having mines done Monday... super nervous. I already have all of my prescriptions filled. Any suggestions on what else i should get? How do u upload pics? I have been trying to post before pics
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Thanks, you have to go to ur profile and update. there's a section to upload pics. Good luck on ur sux.
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Happy Healing!!!
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Wishing you the best. I'm on my 2nd day and today isbthe worst for me. Percs don't help. Keep the fluids down love. Eat high protein/iron rich foods. I've been eating like a pig since the second I got out of recovery. Stay strong. It sure is a roller coaster ride.
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