Dr. Salama Sugery date 2/1/2013 looking to switch with someone for much later date

Looking forward to having my BBL! I have been...

Looking forward to having my BBL! I have been wanting this for a few years now and finally i have made my appointment with Dr. Salama. Im in a very supportive relationship with my fiance and it is wonderful to have his support with this. I also have my mother who might be able to trave with me :) I have done my research and im most comfortable with Dr. Salama too bad he is booked out so far. If anyone has an earlier date and would like to switch with me please let me know! Im starting nursing school and would have to put that on hold a quarter and i would rather not. Anyone considering this procedure, i wish you luck and best of healing!

Hey girl,welcome to the bbl sisterhood. Go team salama!
Hi Nicki! So excited to get this done!! Cant wait to see your results :)

I can't wait either 

I found out someone i trusted, someone i thought i...

I found out someone i trusted, someone i thought i knew.. betrayed me. I put all my trust in this person. I gave this person the benefit of the doubt. A chance. And when i put this person to the test, they failed. Why cant people just be honest and true? Why not just do and say what you mean. Maybe, just maybe i would be totally fine with it?! I would respect you for being REAL. Not pretend to be something your not. I guess sometimes the people that you love the most, hurt the most. Sorry for the negative msg today just had to let it out.

Hey there,

How you doing? Are you all prepared for your surgery? Won't be long now!

I'm glad to hear you are in better spirits! Thank you for your compliments. Very much appreciated. It will be here & over before you know it.
Hey girl. Hope you have recovered from the drama. Unfortunately some people are so fake & we don't always see it right away. But once they show you their true colors its up to you to decide if you want them in your life or not.

Hi girls! I have to switch my sugery date which...

Hi girls! I have to switch my sugery date which is Feb 1st. Unfortunately something has come up and i will need a later date. Please let me know if anyone wants to switch. Happy Holidays to everyone!!!! :)
Hi are you still looking to switch dates
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