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So I have been stalking this website for months...

So I have been stalking this website for months (seems closer to a year) and I finally booked with Dr. S. I am 5'3 and I weigh 198lbs. So now that I paid more than a third for my treatment, I really need to lose weight. The problem is, i can't get motivated. Since this community is so supportive, I am hoping I can get some motivations from you guys. I went to the doctor to get the HCG drops, but I cant stick to it for even a day.

Hey BigBootyGal. I am in the military. I suggest to eat the right foods and drink lots of water. Google foods that help you lose weight. I think you should do a lot of cardio workouts. PX 98 is a very good one. I have been in for 8 years working out everyday, but when I did PX 98 I seen a big improvement in my weight and overall look. I wish you luck. I am waiting on feed back from nancy to book a date. Dr. Salama is the best. Good luck
Hey Nicki86, so my date is Jan 18. I am going to try to get to 150lbs as suggested by the doctor's office. 4 years ago, I went on a diet to lose weight (BC this strange man walked up to me and said - Gal you are too pretty to be so fat - I weighed 226lbs) I was so embarassed, so I lost weight. Anywho, I got down to 160lb and I was wearing a size 6/8, I've been obsessing over every girls actual transformation and pic. I am going to try to work out every other day as you mentioned and only drink water for the rest of the summer.
hey girl congrats on getting started... do you have a date set yet? how much weight are you trying to lose? (motivation for you -> this may sound kinda funny but look at the other pages on here, specifically the dr you want to go to and... look at his/her work) after you have your wish pics look at them then look at yourself and ask yourself if you truely want this... and if so that should be enough motivation to go to a gym and run for 30 minutes every other day, I forgot the name of a powder that you can take but soon as i know i will let you know... otherwise its time for the waiting game...

I am thinking about getting a Mommy Makeover now...

I am thinking about getting a Mommy Makeover now (I know I scheduled a BBL). I was mostly getting a BBL to help me feel better about myself and save my marriage, but you can't save something that is already doom. Because I was planning on having more children in the next year or 2, I didn't want to get a Tummy Tuck. Now I am thinking I need to forget about the big booty and just worry about a flat stomach and perky boobs
No problem. I hope you made progress. All it takes is a little dedication. You can do it trust me. Keep up the good work. Proud of you. Remember NO PAIN NO GAIN!!! If it hurts it's working.
Hy Queen Solider, thank you so much for you advice.I puchased a kickboxing and belly dancing dvd so I hoped that work. I had insanity and that joint was too intense for me, so I know I cant do Px98/90. I am going to weigh myself on Monday and hope I lost some weight. Only water for me

Congrats on having a date girl, gl with the weight loss...

So i just received my packet - and I can't believe...

So i just received my packet - and I can't believe in three months I will be receiving my body transformation (SALAMIFIED). I am super nervous, because my tolerance for pain is a one. I still freak out when they draw blood from me.I am thinking if I pushed out a child I can do anythig..

I regret telling my friends about the surgery - some of them have judgment in there eyes. I mean they would notice once they saw me, since I will be going from flat to POW. I decided to post something (with no pics for now - i will prolly post in december) since I stalk everyone's page, EVERYDAY. My husband is beginning to think I am real creep. The body stalking also happens on the street, I take mental pictures of everyone booty i think is cute. I know we all do it.

As far as weight loss goes, I did not do the HCG thing - it ws not for me.. So there goes $400 dolloars down the drain. I do plan on drinking lentil soup everyday for a month - I should lose about 20lbs --- I will def keep you informed of my weight loss, no more stalking you guys - i will be more involved.

Until next time...

Insanity is no joke that ish will kill somebody!!! I just thought I should put my two cents in, however I wish you the best of luck and pray that you will see the results and weight loss your looking for. I am from Brooklyn, NY too! but I currently live in MN.
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