Three Weeks Away! Salama Booty - Aventura, FL

I have been wanting a nice round booty for as long...

I have been wanting a nice round booty for as long as I can remember shaking it. I finally have a chance to do it and have been fortunate enough to find Dr. Salama. I have paid my 10% down payment and have an official surgery date. I am nervous even though its 3 months away. I want to be prepared as much as possible. I love his work and cant wait to see my outcome. I am undecided on how many CC's, I want a BIG BOOTY but of course dont want to over do it. I will be taking you on my BBL journey... I currently weigh 140 and I am 5"2


Girl your so luck, I was looking to come that week but they were booked. I'm schedule for Nov 6.
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Awesome! I'm super excited!! Do you know where you're getting your SX Clarence done? I'm researching my cheapest bet since I don't have any insurance
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i will have mine in august 31 and i live in miami too
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Does anyone know a cheap place in Miami to get Pre...

Does anyone know a cheap place in Miami to get Pre OP clearance?


@karmazbiach Its crazy how fast time flys. Im not prepared what so ever. I'm planning on doing the "things I will need post op" shopping 2 days before. Right now, I'm just trying to eat as healthy as possible. Have you called back the office after your consultation?
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Please keep us updated,we vicariously prepare for the experience through everyones reviews and accounts!!! I still gotta find a day job so i can get approved for financing,then imma do the damned thing!! But i live on here dreaming about having a cant wait for your updates girl!! Hope time flies for ya!
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I will, no worries... I'm going to post pics of before when time gets closer. I'm super excited. I hope you get that job soon and just focus on the hustle for that booty! :)

3 weeks away!! :) i did all my lab test today,...

3 weeks away!! :) i did all my lab test today, just praying everything comes out fine and its a go. i will find out in about three days. the lab test were 277 dollars since i didnt have any insurance. a little pricey but who said urgery was cheap? my pre op day is july 25, which is next week wednesday. i still have to call the office and see what time i can come in, completely forgot.

i wanted to throw in lipo on my arms, but reading everyones reviews no one seems to be satisfied, so my case is... will it be worth the money? im getting super excited, but nervous. i just want all this to be woth it.

please ladies, im open for any advice you have to give me!


Everyday im hustlin!!! Lol :)

Lab results are all perfect!! :D

Lab results are all perfect!! :D

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