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HELLO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, I have Not done my...

HELLO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, I have Not done my procedure YET, I have been researching about the BBL procedure for a couple of months now and was directed to this webpage when doing so, am SO GLAD i found it and most of all am so Glad i found Dr. Salama :) i've been looking at most of your before and after pics and i am amazed of the amazing and dramatic art skills of Dr. Salama, after looking at his work, and reading your stories, and finding out he is a board certified ps and has alot of expecience in bbls i look no further and have already booked my bbl and ba with him :)

I was kind of dissapointed though, cuz june 18 was the earliest available date i wanted an earlier date, but oh well i know time will fly. i already had my online consultation and he said hes also lipoing my outer thighs (they are super wide, hederitary ) for $400 extra, and i am also having a BA, just not sure of going for saline of silicone implants. am still undecided about that.

Well he gave me a quote of 8100 (that is choosing saline implants but if i decide to go for silicone then thats 900$ more, which will be $9000 total) for u that have already had the surgery, would u recommend me any hotels? that will be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

Butterbod, omg!!! How exciting! Lol i hope to meet you sometime over there :D. I havent booked yet, i wanna rent a vacation hope or condo just like Gottolove it depending on the prices, how many nights will i be staying in aventura for? And how much did the hotel charged u?
Yes Nini! We gotta meet up at some point for sure! Maybe a standing lunch or dinner? Lol! I land in Forida June 17 and leave the afternoon of June 26. The crowne was about $100/night. I booked my flight and hotel through priceline so separately it will probably be a little more. Is your husband coming with you?
Atlbabymamma, why were the reasons salama told u he cudnt do bbl AND ba on you? Am just curious about it, and also glad he agreed to do both at the end.

Well, 2 more months to go now, i received my...

well, 2 more months to go now, i received my package by mail about a week ago. I finally booked my flight today after going over my package with one of dr salama's office assistant (jeniffer). also, am just waiting on my invoice so i can pay for the condo my husband and i booked, we are renting at the Yacht Club, its a small, cozy and beautiful condo and its walking distance to aventura mall which will be great that way i can make myself walk a little more during the recovery. we also rented a car, my husband wanted to make sure we had a car in case of anything,cuz u never know, something that i might need in the middle of the night etc etc that way he can go to the pharmacy or store immediately, and also he says he wants me walking in the mall as a way to help me not to get blood cloths but does not want me walking to the mall.. he says it will be too hot for me to walk with that garment on and i agree lol.so i guess ill just lay on my side in the middle seat (the mall is walking distaqnce though) but my husband just wants the best for me :) i think we are starting to get excited now haha!
Hey ladies, congrats to you all whos got a BBL and whos already booked their date!!! I called dr. salama monday and had my online consultation, i had to send him pics of me and my dream body, now im just waiting for him to call me back to let me know how many cc's he thinks i can get, im hoping to get 1400 or more!! Ive already been buying the stuff i need to get the BBL. Im thinking about getting it done the end of feb cause i can take off 9 days off from work, i wish i could get it done sooner!! but my concern is after getting a BBL does your body or booty change after having kids? does anyone know whos got a BBL done and had kids after? I do not have kids but i def want kids and i dont wanna spend all the money and have it ruined so im not sure if i should have kids first then get the surgery or get the surgery and if it does something i can always get more surgery lol any advance? thanks ladies
yes butterbod, m husband is coming with me.whos going with u?

Forgot to say they changed my surgery date to june...

forgot to say they changed my surgery date to june 16 instead of june 18, AWESOME! :)

Also i forgot to mention that i've been wanting to...

also i forgot to mention that i've been wanting to post current pics of myself, and before my current weight cuz ive lost 11 lbs (the last time i weighted myself) i am 5'1 and when i send dr salama my pictures for consultation, i was weighting 152 lbs, yes ugh! i know, not good, but anyways, i decided to melt some pounds away, and by eating healthy and exercising ive lost 11 lbs so far in about 3 months, yes i know its not much but...... i am losing it slowly cuz i am actually loosing it the right way, HEALTHY! thats the right way to do it, i am just keeping a low calorie diet so right now i am 143 lbs. but of course, that its not what i am used to weight, long story but i used to weigh around 130-135 lbs and looked good, before i decided to get the "implanon" (birth control method thats implanted into your arm by a small incision) and gained about 18 lbs in just 3 months, so after that i had it removed but was unable to loose what i gained. i lost about 10 lbs, they gain them back and now lost them again lol i know i am like a roller coaster haha!
but i am now worried because the first thing that melts away is my stomach, and the 2 persons who know about my surgery keep telling me to quit eating healthy and start eating more because i no longer have the more to love handles, so i do not know what to do, i def wanna be close to my ideal weight before the surgery to make sure i dont end up with fat leftovers after it, what do you all think?

So i wanna post the pics i send to dr salama for...

so i wanna post the pics i send to dr salama for consultation, and also my current pics, but for us women that are overweight ( or at least for me) is like going the extra mile just to upload them, i know i can crop my face but still like that, its a BIG deal for me, so idk if i'll be brave enough to upload naked pics of myself, i have dents on the sides and lots of stretch marks which makes it even harder for me to be brave :(
i dont look that bad in clothes even though i dont look perfect which is the reason i am doing this, i wanna look FABULOUS cuz i am a fashion lover and that goes together ;;D
melissa make sure to lock in the prize because his prizes ( i am sure) will go up, and up, and up.
enjoyself thank you very much, i dont know why but i am not as excited as i thought i would be by now lol.. of course i still have 5 wks and 5 days to go, ( i had to check my calendar because i am not counting down). maybe when the date gets closer. the only thing that worries me now that am thinking is that i havent buy the post op stuff that ill be needing, i think ill make a list for that tomorrow and start buying it this weekend. enjoy i have read your profile up and down a few times and have done my research for a time now.but what you recommend me buying as clothes for recovery? ive heard maxi dresses, yoga pants etc but what would you really say is a must, and whats not?
i wanna make sure i have everything i need and also dont wanna spend money on clothes i really wont feel like wearing in recovery, any tips?
Wishing you the best on your upcoming surgery! You're in great hands.

Ok so if i keep about how bad i look , i would...

ok so if i keep about how bad i look , i would NEVER post my pics, and after giving it a brief thought today, i finally decided uploading my pics (not naked pics though, but here they are) as you see i already have the curves, i just need more butt(projection) and liposuctiion. when i sent my pics to dr salama he said he certainly will lipo my outer things for a more leaner physique, and give me breast implants to match my torso, he said he believed he can give an overall quite dramatic look. ive seen dramatic changes here on realseld done by him, so i am hopeful but at the same time, just because its ME , i think that that is not possible with me lol idk maybe its just that i think its too good to be true, but hes a GREAT dr and have seen great work from him so i know its possible :) (hopefully)! well to begin in the pics i sent for my online consultation, i was way overweight, then i lost 13 lbs and wow what a differeence, lol the only bad thing is the more i loose, the less butt am left with :( so thats why am doing this. so when i lost 13 lbs the 3 persons that know am doing a bbl starting telling to stop loosing weight and to actually gain some of the weight i lost :S cus my stomach dissapeared, and that the dr wasnt going to have enough fat for the bbl if i kept loosing weight . so the more they told me the more i was worried about, but the truth is i felt SOOOO GOOOD about myself without the love handles and fluffy stomach, i jusst wanted to be close to my ideal weight for surgery. i DO NOT want a ghetto booty, i just want a round, beautiful butt with more of an upside down heart shape, plump and juice with more projection, and a crease, but thats all, its not like a want an artificial bootay that drops on my heels, i want my butt to look natural. so i started gaining weight, it has been 2 weeks now, not sure how many of those 13 lbs ive gained back :/ but ive seen the difference in my JEANS , so am def gaining weight and i DO NOT LIKE IT!!!! am skeptical now, what do u all think ? please look at my pics and let me know what you all think!! i know i can easily loose what ive gained from here to my surgery date which is exactly in a month (1 month) . but at the same time i am afraid if i stay like this the dr will leave fat on me and i will be unhappy. (oh, 1 thing i didnt mention are my arms, ai got fat arms and want salama to remove as much as he can BUT he said that if i also want breast implants, he wont be able to do aggresive lipo on them because the recovery will be much harder, cuz i need my arms to move around, so thats a BIG dilemma for me :( i def HATE, yes, HATE my fat arms and do not want to end up with a cherry coca cola body with FAT ARMS!!! ugh! i was thinking about giving up on bigger boobs but this will be the ONLY plastic surgery ill go through (except for when i go to exchange my implants every 10 yrs) cus i am not willing to risk my life after this one becausse i have kids, and that scares me alot, so i want bigger boobs, i want them bad, but i HATE my upper arms, so i do not know what to do :( i cant decide, i do not know what i want slighty more than the other,, big yummi boobies or lea arms :( also ive seen arm lipo perfomed by salama and to be honest he did not do good there, even though i saw a couple of ladies here who did not have arms fat as mine but still wanted leaner arms and wasnt happy with them, one of them said it was not worth the pain, the other lady i dont know who did it on her but said she wasnt happy with the arms results eaither, so idk.. ugh!
@NICOLE- Thank you for the complement, i am aware of my curves, but iam definitely in need of a more plump butt , but yes i cannot complain, i love the shape i already have. nicole, i too have stretchmarks, specialley on the sides of my butt and they are horrible, cant do anything to fix them, i am not expecting to be a super model, so just an improve me, and i am sure you too wuould be content when you see your new you :) i cant wait, when is your surgery?
How did you loose your weight?
hello Da1unv, i lost weight with a low calorie diet, it worked pretty good for me, plus what we already no as to no drinking sodas, i actually wasnt drinking anything but water, and no munchies at all.. and of course, cardio exercising. when is your surgery date and with who?

Ok, so i had all my blood work and ekg done today,...

Ok, so i had all my blood work and ekg done today, cant wait to hear the good news, hopefully!
You have a really nice shape, even with the extra 13 pounds. Your breasts are lovely, don't know why you want a BA. From what I keep reading, its better to have too much fat before bbl than too little.
you'll look great, but can I give you my opinion about something...I don't think you need a BA. I want a BA, but that's because I have mosquito bit-sized boobs. lol Good luck!
Nini! OMG I don't know why you were nervous to post your pics! You look good!! And omg Dr. Salama is going to give you the most banging body!!! You already have the curves. You are gonna be so hot!! I can't wait to see!!! We only have about 4 more weeks girl!!!!

Yay!!!! My dr. Called me this morning, my lab work...

Yay!!!! My dr. Called me this morning, my lab work and ekg results came back and EVERYTHING came up good, so i guess i am ready to go:) Thank God for that ;)
You almost there girl...congrats
Thank u very much Deedawnta :) 3 more wks .
Lords will we will look fabulous Teresa :) all of us bbl sisters. I really hope to run into you and also butterbod whos my surgery buddy, we are both scheduled on the same day.

Exactly 2 wks for the big day. I started feeling...

Exactly 2 wks for the big day. I started feeling VERY anxious, nervous, and scared since 2 days ago
I CANNOT help this feelings, i try hard to focus on other things but only works for a very short period of times. I know this is normal but still cant help myself :S anyways, am noy planning to take any wish pics, my results will be MY results and i know Dr. Salama is a true artist so i will just let him do what his best at ;;) idk buy i have a feeling that im going to LOVE my results!!! (Hopefully). What am sue of is am NOT looking for a ridiculously ghetto bootay, ohhhh nooo! Thays is NOT for me. I wouldnt feel confortable being around my dad and brothers looking like a freak. I want a plump and juicy natural booty. Propprtioned with my body. I love that i already have the hips n curves to match my new behind so i know it will look natural. (Hopefully, i repeat again). Oh, one thing, i do NOT care about cc's at all! Who am i to ask for a number of cc's if dr salama knows best what will look good on me. There too many women out there OBSESSED with cc's, fortunately thats NOT me. Thays whay some of them later complain saying that what was the dr thinking, lol i just find thay to be VERY funny lol. Go ahead and explain to your dr EXACTLY what you want and the look you are going for and let HIM decide how manu cc's will do it. So please dont bother to ask me about the cc's when i give my first post-op updates, as that is somethung i dont care about, i care about Results, not ccs. I will give that info as info when i find out about it. What i don't like is that some women take ccs as a trophy, competing against ea other to see who has the most ccs injected lol. Some dont even care about your recovery but pics and ccs. Or others dont even care to read, they just keep asking tge same questions ovee and over and OVER again :/ read ladies, READ!!!
Sooo excited for you!
Good luck :)
good luck on ur surgery girl. i hope u get the results u desire. its true the ccs dont count, its the overall outcome and shape.. and u have a nice one to begin with..

:''( why am i doing this? :( trying to stay calm,...

:''( why am i doing this? :( trying to stay calm, but really, leaving my kids really hit me :(

Surgery tomorrow at 2pm... preop consultation,...

Surgery tomorrow at 2pm... preop consultation, tomorrow at 11am, yes TOMORROW! Which i dont mind at all meeting the dr same day before surgery. My only problem is ill feel sick to my stomach for not eating at proper times. Anyway, ill have to deal with it. Oh, and thats due to the fact that i arrive in aventura at 6pm so thats late . That means my girl BUTTERBOD is first?! Am happy for you my girl :)
HI SWEETY!!! you look amazing!!! AHHH omg your results make me so anxious to get this surgery done and over with haha. How many ccs did you get?
Hi fleurblanc, Thank u so much for the compliment, i got 1200 ccs in each cheeck.
Hi lina, thank u! Am recovering perfectly! :) i got 1200 ccs in each cheek.

Hello my BBL Ladies! please excuse me for not...

Hello my BBL Ladies! please excuse me for not updating before but i have kids and a husband lol so for you that know how that is, you can imagine my 3 kids (including my husbad lol) keep me BUSY.

Ok, so now straight to the point.( am gonna try to make this short as possible). My husband and i arrive in Aventura june 15 2012, around 5:45 pm, oh, let me say that they did NOT call me to let me know when i was going to see Dr. Salama for my consultation nor my surgery time :/ i had to call the office when i was in Dallas waiting for my 2nd flight and they told me that i was going to see Dr. Salama the next day at 11 am, (the same day of my surgery) and that i was schedule for surgery at 2pm. i just thought that was something that i should have known a fews days prior. i did not wanted to seem too pushy so was waiting on them to call but never did, just thought this was something i should mention.

june 16 2012 (day of surgery)
my consultation was at 11 am, and since i wasnt schedule for surgery until 2pm, i got ready to go meet dr salama, so i wanted to look as pretty as possible lol so u know how that is, make up on, manicure, etc.. well, i received a call from Nancy, saying to meet at 11:30 instead of 11, or even 12 if i wanted to. but i still decided to get there at 1130 and i did, but dr salama was not there, let me mention that dr salama has 2 different buildings,one for consultations, follow ups, massages, etc, but his operating room is in another building , where it used to be a bank, at a fair driving distance tough. i think dr salama berly started on his own(but cannot say i am sure of that, that is just my conclusion), so this place isnt fancy at all, just a room where things get done! His office there is pretty descent though. oh, the restroom from there, do need to be in better shape, as my expience was not a very pleasent one, they need to keep it CLEANER (hopefully if someone from their office read this, which i know they read us, hehe, take it into consideration as constructive critism) :) i am sure Dr salama will eventually get a nicer place (me making conclusions again lol)

well back to where i was, so i arrive to the so called "consultation" but only nancy was there, ( i thought i was going to meet salama and discuss surgery etc but that was not the case) and i was there just to fill out a bunch of papers, thing that had to be done the day before, but they said it was too late. i filled alot of papers, almost felt like when we bought our house, never ending papers. Nancy is a very attractive petite women who has this "sweet" tone of voice BUT showed no professionalism( just want to state that was MY case). ive read lots of comments here on Realself about her, but for ME, MY experience with Nancy left me and my husband with an empty taste. being nice doesnt mean talk to me in a soft little voice,instead get your job done PROFESSIONALLY and SHOW me how profesional you are. well when i was filling all those papers she said dr had finished a surgery earlier than planned so that i could go into surgery as soon as i was done with all the paper stuff, (remember, this was supposed to be a consultation only so i had makeup on, nail polish on, earrings, etc etc) she handed me a paper and said those were my INSTRUCTIONS prior the surgery where it stated "NO MAKE UP, NO NAIL POLISH, NO DEODORANT, NO JEWELRY" ETC ETC, which i knew of everything except the DEODORANT part, but i was just going in for consulation right? so i had all of the above on me, it would of being nice if NANCY or someone else from the staff would have called me the DAY BEFORE to at LEAST let me know of these instructions. but NO, they didnt even call to let me know at what time i was going to have surgery, how in the world would they call me for instructions. anyways, i do not know what she told dr salama, but i was been RUSHED to go to the operationg rooom, i think she told him i was ALL READY to show up at any moment, which was NOT true!!! she unprofessionally told me to just remove the nail polish from 2 finger nails and to go straight there :/ i mean, i wasnt at mc donalds or any other fast food chain! i was literally putting my life at risk, and for some reason they ask you to remove all of the above for surgery, so why was she rushing me like that?! cuz SHE was in a hurry and had something to do afterwards so was trying to get me out of the way, so she could leave that office right away since she was the only one there, and she did admitted to have something to do after meeting me.(she even apologized for dressing sexy and not in her proper uniform, which i didnt care at all lol, not my business, but she did say it was cuz she was going somewhere) i told her i would need to go back to the place where we were staying at to get nail polish remover and take a shower because i had make up on and deodorant, but she then said "hmm... let me see your nails again, hmm..maybe you could go just like that,just take your earrings off " but i refused! so i went back to our condominum and remove nail polish a took a BRIEF shower(trust me it wasnt more than 3 mins) to completely remove the deororant and there was nancy calling again to RUSH me, and then again, i felt so unconfortable with the situation. dr salama was probably lied n told i was already on my way, when i was still filling papers, so he does NOT really know what is going on at the other office when he is not there. she called me again when i was berly going out of the condo, i am telling you this women got on my husbands nerves and lost his respect by acting like that. he was sooo irriated to say the least by the whole situation, besides finding out that i wouldnt get breast implants cuz according to NANCY that was something i shud of discuss with dr.. salama the day before haha! sweet! :/ the day they i arrived and if it wasnt for me , they wud of never called to give me info on my surgery, hillarious! plus they said i was arriving too late (5;45) but months prior to that, NANCY said it didnt matter at what time i arrive to aventura, that they will take me in to meet dr salama but was not true. so, she said that for me to get my implants, they would have to order them a day before to have them there on surgery day!!!! so it was obvious that i HAD to be seen the they i arrived. but oh well, at the end it didnt matter whether dr salama see me a day before or the same day, and i will tell you why next.

arrival at the operating room. ok, how do i say this? i have to be OBJECTIVE!
Let me say that was the SCARIEST situation ive been though in my life haha! Literally. my husband and i get there, Monica the nurse tells me to go into the operating room as soon as we saw her. Did not introduced herself, she only asked me" are you " " ? i said yes and kind of pushes me by my back(gently of course) and says "ok DR IS READY!!!!" and i looked at my husband, he looks at me, and i said "oh first we need to have my official consultation with him, can my husband come in with me so we can meet him first?" she says "NO, EVERYTHING IS READY, WE ARE JUST WAITING FOR YOU TO GET STARTED AND YOUR HUSBAND CANNOT COME IN WITH YOU, HE CAN LEAVE NOW, WE'LL CALL YOU SIR, WHEN SHES DONE" :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O
"BOOM!" i felt like my heart went down to my feet in a matter of seconds. i insisted my husband and i needed to meet dr salama BEFORE going straight into surgery... and when i was about to say that i would NOT go into surgery (because honestly i woudnt go into surgery just like that, and without my husband meeting the man i was gonna trust my life to, who would do that? not me!) then i found out it was all MISCOMMUNICATION between the staff, dont know exactly what happen but they OBVIOUSLY had no idea, they were just waiting to operate on me , iguess. my husband said he was about to tell to get the hell out of there lol he got nervous with all these going on, lol.

We finally meet dr salama, told him about my whole experience and said he wouldnt go into surgery either in a case like mine(but i insist it was all a misunderstanding due to lack of communication). He has a VERY serious character, at least with me, he explains he wont do breast augmentation because hes NO LONGER DOING COMBINED PROCEDURES WITH BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT. so i had no problem with that because i wouldnt compromise my bbl , but it would of being nice if they had let me know about that before, and not get me by surprise the SAME day. so he drew on me, told me about the procedure, what he could fix, what he couldn't fix , the risks, expectations etc etc.

I will continue my update later today or tomorrow,...

i will continue my update later today or tomorrow, sorry ladies, ask me questions if you need to, will answer accordinly to my free time, ttyl.

Oh, i have more pics to share with you all, i will...

Oh, i have more pics to share with you all, i will def post those tonight so stay tune lol and for those that care about ccs (cuz i dont) i got 1200 ccs in each cheek.

I have to cover up my buttocks because i still...

i have to cover up my buttocks because i still have alot of bruises, i have never seen buttocks as bruised as mine here in realself lol
How are you ? Are you okay ?
hey nini, were the same height, and about the same weight, and I was wondering if you are able to wear jeans with out altering them?
And if so, what size jeans are you?
Thanks mami
oh wow, you look awesome!!!! I am so nervous to get the procedure. I have scheduled a phone consultation with Dr. Jimerson on August 23rd, but I will definitely Schedule one with Dr. Salama after seeing your results. I am also worried about going back to work. I sit down most of the day and I can only take off 2 weeks smh, do you think that is enough time for before I go back to work. I heard about massages, and making sure that I keep moving :-/

Hello ladies! Sorry for not updating sooner, i...

Hello ladies! Sorry for not updating sooner, i have a busy schedule now that kids are in summer vacations so no time to sit (comfortably without them interrupting lol ) i will try to continue on with my bbl experience soon. I will be 5 wks post op this coming sat. I will give a brief update n upload pics. My butt continues to go down and dont want it to go down anymore :( i still look good but just dont wanna loose anymore volume. I get stares everywhere i go, from both men n women! Not just because of my butt but i know ita because of my SMALL waist AND nicely shape butt.
you look amazing nini! I'm actually considering this guy after seeing your photossss, thanks for posting!
oh and i used 3 garments from dr salamas office then changed to lipo express which are MUCH better in my opinion. and i also bought a cincher from another brand .
yeah im gonna order the butt out from lipoexpress. is that the one u used? if so, did u have to make the holes bigger? they look kinda small online

Hello Ladies! i am now able to upload pics again,...

Hello Ladies! i am now able to upload pics again, yae! so i am now 5 weeks post op and like i said before (many times) i feel GREAT. no problems. i always felt good and normal. so i will be posting random pics, so please read the captions so you know how long i was after surgery.
My butt is all soften now, that happened after week 3, i have lost ALOT of volume (i think, but my husband doesnt think so) i am really hoping not to loose any more. my advice to you all is to REALLY GO AS BIG AS YOU CAN! i kind of regret telling the dr not to go very big cuz i did not want a ghetto booty, because i am the more conservative type but you have no idea how much it goes down after all the swelling and the fat that you will eventually loose, but of course i am still happy with my results, and i now feel better than in a very long time :D

Oh, i wanted to mention that Celia and Ruben had...

oh, i wanted to mention that Celia and Ruben had been VERY helpful. Ruben has always answered all my questions and concerns since before pre-op and within a reasonable time and sometimes sooner than expected.i went and introduced myself cuz i almost did not meet him, so when i saw him i knew it was him, he asked me how i was doing and i told him how i was NOT having pain at all and he said it was prohibited to say that in the office (joking of course) cuz he said all he hears is "this hurts, that hurts" lol, hes so down to earth. oh, and am not saying this because he left a comment here, he truly is and i say things like they are :) Thank you Ruben! Celia is amazing too and very down to earth, the massages hurt SO MUCH but i was a good girl and did not cry or moan lol she said it was very easy working with people like me and that it made her job much easier. Celia, si me lee, MUCHISIMAS gracias por toda su ayuda y sobre todo por sus consejitos q me dio para hacer mi recuperacion mas rapida. Soy la muchacha mexicana ;) estoy segura y sabe bien quien soy. Gracias!
for all of you who dont speak spanish i just gave celia a big thanks! she asked me during one of my massages if i had kids, i say yes and she said thats why i was so strong and not complaining about the massage, because i already know about pain.

Something i also have to mention is that the...

something i also have to mention is that the everyone at the office were surprise to see me walking very normal within the next day of my surgery. they were wowed with me, and told me that i walked and behaved like i hadn't had surgery the day before. i thought that only happened to ladies who are fit and are at the gym everyday, which was not my case haha! yaseiry, one of the nurses told monica , another nurse "mira esta muchacha caminando como si nada" (look at her walking like nothing) and monica was surprised to find out i had surgery the day before, celia told noemi and jennifer the same thing and were also stunned by my "recovery" thank GOD that was my experience. even I PUT MY GARMENT ON without trouble, and turned on the massage table easily :) i did NOT needed help for anything, but my husband was very supportive at all times and helped me with everything i need it.

Am gonna post a pic of my belly so you ladies can...

am gonna post a pic of my belly so you ladies can see how it looked the NIGHT BEFORE MY BBL. i ended gaining almost all the weight i had lost because my husband kept saying that i had no belly left when i lost 13 lbs, so i got scared and gained it all back :/ which was i huge mistake because when i got there, dr said i had all 4 litters in my stomach, so he wasnt able to lipo my outer thighs which i paid for, but i still dont complain, i look fabulous ;D but if it wasnt for that, i would of added my arms boo! lol oh, i am having arm lipo this winter, i will start going to consultations here in my town, ive research about it, and they do it under LOCAL anesthesia which is GREAT :D its called SMART LIPO.
well let me know if you ladies have any questions.

Let me also put some pics of the condo i stayed in...

let me also put some pics of the condo i stayed in because of been getting alot of msgs wanting to see pics.

what kind of garment is that you are wearing
Your shape is amazing! You look wonderful!
Not really bigbootychuca, i learned or mastered the art of sitting on mt thighs lol

Ok so now that i am 5 wks post op my addomen is...

ok so now that i am 5 wks post op my addomen is almost all soft except for my lower abdomen , almost there but not completely yet. now that it soft i wish it would of stay hard l cuz i felt it look way better... like if i had worked out alot :p
its still not in the best shape, hopefully when recovery is all over it gets better :) i have no lumps though or anything else .
i am about to upload some pics of my belly but please ladies DO NO JUDGE MY RESULTS ON MY SKIN IMPERFECTIONS, STRETCH MARKS etc.... this was a bbl... NOT A TUMMY TUCK! i dont have the best body or skin , i already know that, but i am no model and am not interested in becoming one. the only person who sees me naked is my hubby so i try to like me as i am. just judge the results on bbl (shape, countour, projection etc) thank you! :)

Theres 2 photos where i am kind of covering my...

theres 2 photos where i am kind of covering my belly but wanted to clarify thats only because i dislike showing my stretch marks... am too self concious about them. no other reason but that! just wanted to show a pic without undie so you ladies can see the real thing lol.. lost alot of volume but still left with some. well i hope my pics are of help to some of you .

Just want to clarify that thats ME in all of the...

Just want to clarify that thats ME in all of the pics, i just dyed my hair, thank u.

Ok so here is the link to the condo we rented,...

ok so here is the link to the condo we rented, hope is of help
its only about 5-7 mins away from drs office.
NINIIIIIII...YOUR RESULTS ARE TRULY BREATHTAKING! I'm like speechless, your body looks like a piece of artwork! And in thepic with the long black gown...an hourglass has nothing, I mean nothing on you!
And as for the stretchmarks, I have them and I have no kids and I actualy embrace them! May sound craxy, but since one of my guy friends told me he thought they were sexy, I think they're kinda "sexy" too lol, I feel like once someone sees my body (post bbl lol) after salamas done with me, they won't even notice them from being in awe by my lovely curves lol....YOU AREE THE ISH GIRL!
Omg your body looks amazing in that blue dress Kim k... I had a quick ? I weight 134 and I'm 5'4 in height do u think I should gain weight for my bbl I'm also having my inner thighs n arms lipo
You look wonderful! Thanks for the informative write-up~ It helps those that are coming behind you~

Ladies RS is having technical difficulties that is...

Ladies RS is having technical difficulties that is why we canNOT read the photos captions, but they are working on it so lets be patient. i now will take some time to reply to ur comments/questions. i will be going on vacations in a couple of days so i will reply acordingly to my time. :) and thank you all so much, i never thought my results would be loved by so many ;D
umm.. one more thing, i will be updating on things i think might be useful to you as info since i had this procedure done, i just havent had alot of time to be here.

Ladies i just love tight fitting clothes as you...

Ladies i just love tight fitting clothes as you can see lol...
Nini just checkin in - how are u doin do let us know :) Thanks
the pic of you in the white tee & gray jeans is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! girl.........YOU are killing them! he did a bomb job on you ***TEAMSALAMA***
I look at your before and after pictures often as a reminder of the great work salama has done when I doubt! Thank you for sharing your journey

Ladies i am still alive! Lol. in am now 9 weeks...

Ladies i am still alive! Lol.
in am now 9 weeks post op, YES 9 weeks hehe :) phew! 2 months already, i feel like it has already been 6 months or so.
i dont feel like writing a whole essay so just throw any questions that u may have. wanted to mention that i am now driving without a boppy pillow. i do NOT freak out about volume loss if i do not use the pillow like some ladies do, i know its all in my head.
i went on vacations, i flew so i sat the whole flight(no boppy pillow) without panicking about my buttocks, ladies the mind is so powerful, so do not let your mind win this "game"!
anyways, i felt better than ever, i even wore a 2 piece bikini with a sarong BUT after drinking a few pinas coladas i got tipsy and the sarong was gone haha! of course, that was after sunset , am not that crazy :p that way my flaws wouldnt be that much visible lol
so ive already attended parties, (lots of them), a wedding, a sweet 16, a graduation, went on vacacation, and i have to say that people dont stop looking at me (blushing) everywhere i go i get all timid, i am a very shy woman and it is a bit uncomfortable for me seeing all the stares and all the attention on me, i get ALL nervous, some of you might think its cool, but for me it VERY uncomfortable, thank God my husband is a very secure man and knew it would be like this so he tries not to pay too much attention to those situations. even though i have notice that he hugs me at ALL times when we are in public , and holds my hand everywhere we go.this is a behavior he did not have before, he kisses me like every 10 seconds to let everyone know that i am with him lol... i feel SOOO special now, and so pretty and so good, something i was lacking before, even though people have always thought i was pretty, i didnt feel comfortable with myself...cus i knew exactly what was under my clothes. but i now have all the confidense in the world, and now i dont even need to TRY to be sexy,now i know i REALLY am because i feel soo good about myself with my new body dr salama gave me, and that is just priceless. :)
now the cons,
i LOVE how i look in dresses and skirts, i LIKE how i look in jeans but i HATE so much how i look in shorts , and i now feel very UNCOMFORTABLE in workout leggins, BLAH! I think its because i dont like what i think its called my "crease" hopefully i m using the right word, but its the bottom backside of my buttocks. i think i am lacking volume there so i am not liking how certain clothes fit me from there. i already let dr s know about it and he recommended me a retouch. i am still thinking about it, so i will let u ladies know what happens. besides that i am happy and this surgery was totally worth it, without a doubt even though i would of loved to get it all right the first time (i am taking about the crease).
oh, i have been expiriencing a terribl burning sensation on my lower back when i bend or stretch, i hope it goes away soon. well this is all for now :)

Oh, i forgot to mention that i have lost 12 lbs...

oh, i forgot to mention that i have lost 12 lbs ;;D yae!!!!!!! wooo!!
i got there at 150 lbs, left aventura at 152 lbs, and 9 wks later i am down to 140 lbs!!!!!!!! i am soooo happy. i have been eating good, not exercising yet but cannot wait because i do not want to put pressure on my butt when doing sit ups so i guess il wait another month toi start even though i was already given the green light ;D

Also wanted to let u know that i am NOT wearing...

also wanted to let u know that i am NOT wearing the garment in any of the pics i have posted today.

At times i feel like showing a complete pic of...

at times i feel like showing a complete pic of myself (with face) cuz thats how good i feel about my self but i know that is NOT a good idea lol i am afraid friends might run iinto this site n see my before pics oh no nooo nooo nooo!!!! haha!
that is NOT me lol DENY DENY DENY! HAHAHAHA!!!
OH MY God, lmbootyout! :) some people have told me that i look like a pitbull model, and some other have said i look alot like NINEL CONDE (a mexican "actress and singer" who is all plastic lmbo but i know they say it cus of the tiny waist n huge butt, not because i look plasticly :p now i just need how to dance like them pitbull models lol
Thanks jsass :) abd ur right, i dont get tired of it :D
Youll feel the same way after ur procedure too ;)
And to answer ur question my breast are WAY smaller now but thays because i am down. 12 lbs. U know how tgat is, u gain weight n ur bteast grow bigger or smaller with weight loss. Thats basically what is happening to me (unfortunately) . Now i lost a size (band) went from 36 to
34 which is great for me, amd that is certainly because of the lipo :)
Im sure you dont get tired of hearing this! You look amazing!!!! Your still a pic for my wish pic ;) Thank you for letting me use it :)
I wanted to see if you could answer a question regarding your breast, how has after having the procedure have they changed? thats one of my questions, im a 34DDD so im wondering how the back lipo affect them? have yours stayed the same size just the band size changed? sorry i have just been wondering lol
Thanks for your time girly! Im so happy n excited about your result! :)
NINI..I just don't even kno wher to begin...u look better n better with each pic...I have a couple of questions for you...I tried looking for them in your review but couldn't find so I'm sorry if you did mention and you have to reiterate them. So anyways, I am worried about gaining the weight and as I see some of the girls with back fat and big stomachs before sx that Dr. S wasn't that aggressive in the lipo bc they still have ... I have back fat and stomach that when Nancy told me to gain weight i don't know if thats a good idea I'm afaid dr. s wouldn't be able to suck out all the fat....I def want a big booty but first n foremost I want the curves and all this fat sucked out. How much did you weigh before surgery?? I know we r about the same height but you had the curves to begin with I don't...i kno everybodys shape is different but I just pray that he gives me the results I want and leaving me with no fat at all....

Hi ladies, i am 10 wks now, and nothing has change...

hi ladies, i am 10 wks now, and nothing has change lately, still 34 (chest)27 inches (waist) and 42 (butt).
i have received lots of emails asking about the recovery. i never had ANY kind of pain. the first day the onlly thing that hurted badly was my butt, it felt like it wanted to explode, it was soooo soooo hard and tight... it was awful, but immediately after i got to the place i stayed at, i took a perc and took the pain away, i aet and immediately started walking ALOT. i walked like for 4 hours (continuously) and felt MUCH BETTER! i also did NOT eat the saltine crackers for nausea that ur supposed to feel after the anesthesia, i did NOT have any nausea of dizziness. nor did the ride back to the condo was hell.. my butt just hurted but thats all... i was wayyyy hungry as soon as i woke up from anesthesia, and just felt cold. no nausea or anything else.
that night, i did not sleep at all, the discomfort from my butt was too much. but the lipo did NOT hurt at ALL. no pain no pain no pain. that night my abdomen only felt VERY LITTLE pain when i was laying in on it and only at first, i wud say a 2 on a scale from 1-10, after that i did not feel that pain ever again.
the next day i was allowed to take a shower because they said i looked sooo good, and was walking like a normal person.
it wasnt even 24 hrs after my bbl and i was already showering. i wasnt scared of it , it actually felt great.
then i went ti target (yes, the very next day after my bbl) and walked for about and hour and a half, and i found out that the more i walked,, the better my body felt :) i ate good, and had no nausea from the pain killers like other ladies. on day 2 i went to walmart and walked for 2 hours, then on the 3rd i went to aventura mall and walked for another 2 hours lol
i only took my meds the first day n night, and then the next 2 nights just so it cud help me sleep and also before my massages with celia, but thats it, no more meds for me cus i had NO PAIN at all i repeat. i moved around by myself without struggling, so if u ask me how was the pain................ what pain? i wud just say that the discomfort sucks ! ok ladies just wanted to answer the questioons for so many ladies that have asked me the same question, thought it was better here than msg by msg. let me know if i missed something, good night.
You wlc, I'm booked for October 8th, am soooo excited.
@ Getabooty, I feel like getting mine done right now if possible, when I see after pics of all these beautiful bbl sisters.
awww! thank you sooo much afrobeauty :) did you already booked ur bbl?

Ok, so some ladies have asked me about the scars i...

ok, so some ladies have asked me about the scars i was left with, and let me tell you that they are minimal. the scars from my upper butt (one incision on top of each buttock ) are smaller than the size of a Q-tip (the tip) as well as the other 2 on my lower buttocks but cant even see them because of the slope fall from each cheek. The one from my back (1 incision only) is the exact size of a Q-tip (the tip).
i will try to take a picture of them and upload them asap .
@ nini.. Omg I can't close my mouth! Girl ir body looks perfect!! I also have 3 kids. 4 months old the younger1. I'm 5'.0 use to weight 120 to 125 but I'm 141 right now Wich I think is good. I have my bbt date May 21 and that is bad for me bc I was looking to have it done before my birthday Wich is on February Pero estoy cruzando dedos espero ke algien cancele Su fecha . I'm crossing fingers I hope some1 can swap with me to an earlier date. Lol again wow! Congrats :D
Nini did you have any loose skin immediately after surgery ? My stomach skin is a little loose and I'm wondering if it will tighten up...
Nini, as you already know your results are amazing.

Hello my beautiful bbl ladies =] I am gonna try...

Hello my beautiful bbl ladies =]
I am gonna try hard to update my blog tomorrow. I just havent had the time to do so. Be patient with me and i will answer every question and also all the pm's. Good night ladies xoxo!
Hey nini, how long did u wear your garment and cardboard for your stomach?? I see a lot of the girls talk about the cardboard and how it really helps, I haven't been wearing one and I'm 3 weeks now maybe I should get one tomorrow when I go in for my massage. Oh yes and how many massages did u get?
correction: I love your review. :+) .
I love you review. you give us lots of infomation. thank you. Happy life. Beautiful pictures too.

Ok i'll try to update tomorrow lol sorry...

Ok i'll try to update tomorrow lol sorry ladies!!!! ;D xoxo....
what were your measurement before surgery?
your curves are bangin! way better than kim k girl ;)
aww! ur so sweet miss.kae ;D
Hello! I'm just wondering what week do you think you stabilized and stopped losing fat as far as you could tell??

No more burning sensation for me, wohooo!!! ill be...

no more burning sensation for me, wohooo!!! ill be 3 months post-op this saturday.
and i'll start exercising tomorrow, light cardio and ill work my upper body hard, i want those sexy abs and leaner arms :) idk but i LOVE the way my butt feels, sooo plump but yet soft and at the same time its HEAVYYYYY!!.....cus its BIG HAHA! sometimes i feel like i have no butt and then others i see how men look at my butt so i realize i do have a big butt right? ive gotten lots of complements on my tiny waist and big butt so then i say, well there you have it, you DO have a butt lol
Lately, every time i go to the bathroom i stand in front of the mirror, pull my panties down, turn on my back and just stare at it, and then i kind of push or touch the crease just to see it jiggle haha, yes ive become a fan of my own butt (blushing) :$

The other day my daughter (11yo) caught me in...

The other day my daughter (11yo) caught me in front of the mirror with pants down and i trying to take a pic of my butt :$ she was like "mooom what are u doing?!!! =O it was sooo embarrasing.
I love your shape!!

I also really want arm lipo now! I know I can work out and lose it but I'm scared to lose too much weight now!

My arms are really the only thing bothering me now as far as my weight.. I am used to being 30 pounds less than I am right now and I haven't lost any weight yet since the surgery. I think if I lipo'd my arms my new goal weight would be around 130-135 instead of 115 like I was before..
It never ends.. it seems like the better we look the pickier we get! Lol
Yesss you have a butt! And yayyyyyyy you have the jiggle (I can't wait for that) (wait, so it did form the crease/cuff for you??)

Hahaha your daughter made you embarrassed lol too funny!

hi thanx :) i paid $6300 but the dr i went to has raised his price to $7900. and of coyrse i still have stretch marks, i only had a bbl done, not a tt.

This sunday marks my 3 months post op and my...

this sunday marks my 3 months post op and my gluteus have droped even more, they now have more shape and are more plump and rounder :) not too big, just a nice size of a butt, i would like it bigger but oh well thats a different story lol

I want to give out info on some of the dresses am...

i want to give out info on some of the dresses am wearing in my photos because i have received LOTS of pms asking about them lol this is CRAZY, i mean in a good way lol it'd be cool if i was getting paid to advertised them lol ROTFL!
both black gowns are NICOLE BAKTI. i cannot remember the style number from the one that has the silver detail by the chest because i did NOT buy it, i only tried it on but decided to buy the other dress with the train(backless).
now, that long sleeve, backless with the train dress is style 6302 , you can google it, and it looks nothing like my dress because the model is THIN AND TALL but its that one. (i bought it at a local boutique in my town and paid $475 with tax, BUT thats because they have to make some profit, its cheaper online, i think its $379
the royal blue dress is from CACHÉ, i think they now have it in sale for $129

what else?hmm..

Ladies, i am thinking of going to Dr. Salama for...

Ladies, i am thinking of going to Dr. Salama for more lipo, i want my thighs lipoed (inner because they rub, outer because they have always being tooo big and wide and its just miserable when buying jeans, most of the time they dont pass my thighs so i just hate them, and my posterior thighs). and also to have my upper arms lipo AGGRESIVELY!!!!! and my auxilary sides as well.remember that when i got there i had more than 4 litters of fat, so can only lipo so much, so i will be going back so salama can finish hes work on me. i also want more fat injected in the bottom side of my booty to improve the crease. i have already talked to Dr. salama, he called me the other day and told me that he wants me to be completely happy so if thats what i want he'll work on it :)
i just want to feel COMPLETELY comfortable with myself, and yes, it is like luvlylady1981 said "the better we look, the pickier we get". i CANNOT believe i actually want to go back, i told salama moments before my surgery, "just do your best on me, pleeeeeeaaassseee!!! because i am NOT coming back, no matter how i end up" baaaawahahahahahahahah!!!!!! OH MY! ***BLUSHING***

Oh yeah, i remembered what i wanted to say. The...

oh yeah, i remembered what i wanted to say. The $1,000,000 (million) dollar question that i have been asked a million times ; YES LADIES, DR. SALAMA DOES FAT GRAFT THE HIPS and YES, HE DID INJECT MY HIPS. Some are confused because is also called LATERAL BUTT INJECTIONS, but is basically the SAME THING. Dr. Salama injected fat into my hips to make them rounder and fuller because i had lateral depressions (dents). i think i got most of my cc's into my hips.
np : ), picmonkey.com ive only tried on pc never on the phone
@foreverbooty @beautyandbooty through your phone or pc?
thanks in advance girlies :)
Pic collage is in my iPad, I'm going to try pic monkey, and also try to find onion my phone.

I know this isn't facebook, but i am having one of...

i know this isn't facebook, but i am having one of those nights :( :(
awe! :(:(
i would eat a whole bag of gummi worms, twizzlers, hot cheetos with nacho cheese on top, a bag of doritos dinamite, and a cherry coke, all together if i had them with me right now, night ladies...................
Do you have any pictures straight on from the back? I'm just curious.. I'm very happy with my side view but I wish my creases were more rounded and even..
Nini I want pretty much the exact same things as you! Even before you said anything I have the same issues with my body. I went into this thinking I would not do another round but I have the same exact problems with my arms, outer thighs and I'm more self concious about my crease now and want that fixed.. I know 100% what you are Talking about with your outer thighs!

I can't believe I'm even thinking of another surgery when I haven't even recovered from this one yet and still going through issues but after we spend and go through so much for this we want our results to be as perfect as possible!

The weight gain for the procedure has made me more self concious about my arms especially but I'm just so scared to lose too much weight now!

Aww.. hope your doing ok! What's wrong?
Wow! Your results are amazing. Looks like a totally different body.

Lol i was such a baby last night, sorry ladies i...

lol i was such a baby last night, sorry ladies i am PMS'ing lol
am glad i did NOT have all those munchies i was craving for, no no....my body doesnt get along with munchies anymore :p that would have been devastating =O
gotta keep this beautiful waist in its shape ;D
Hi Nini I want to say your results are amazing. I do have a question. Did you lose or gain weight after the procedure ? I was told to gain weight and read somewhere you lose 10-20 pounds after surgery... I hope that's true.
hi fleur ! thanks once again :) :) cant wait for your transformation chica! you too will be banging. i have lost 12 lbs so far . but i have also been watching what i eat :)
Bahahahaha omg Ni, jut now seeing your post from last night about the munchies, and urge to pig out. That's soooo funny haha, but doesntit feel good to look back and say, 'wow, gladi didn't eat that?!' that's just made my night lol

Grrr!!!!! I gained 5 lbs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!...

Grrr!!!!! I gained 5 lbs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ugh!!!! No wonder why my behind is almost 44 inches now :/ .... i dont believe in the so called "fluff" as ur behind growing magicly :/ months after bbl... i have my theory which makes more sense to me than ever... it grows because u gain weight. Remember that we now have more fat cells there, so even the slightest weight gain will make ur butt bigger. But of course ur butt will not be the ONLY part of ur body that gets bigger everything else will too thats why iys very impottant to maintain our weight :/ idk what i have being doing wrong cuz i am eating good :( n started exercising, am blaming it on the protein am consuming idk :S also, to me its more how u look not what u weight but .... i am just not happy knowing i gained it ugh!!! Sl i was 141, and now 146 :/


Your body is soooooo proportionate. THE ASS FITS. the stomach is impeccable !!!! the hips.... OMG, your my wish pic :)
i want your new body honestly this is what i want and if he can give me that i will be so greatful....**round of applause ** is due
i just wanted to ask you if the waist cincher you have on . on the last third pictured was purchesed yourself or given by the doctor

Hello ladies! wanted to give out info about the...

hello ladies!
wanted to give out info about the waist cincher i am wearing in one of my last pics. have received lots of messages asking about it.


This is a mexican brand waist cincher, paid $80 for it.
do i recommend it? HONESTLY NO! maybe its just the size the lady gave me but this waist cincher its toooooooooooooooooooooooo TIGHT, and pokes my left rib. i run out of breath after wearing it for more than 20 mins.
i do not have this small waist due to the waist cincher,(i berly even wore it) my waist is dr salama's amazing work. :)

I just added some new photos. i am now 15 weeks...

i just added some new photos. i am now 15 weeks post operation.
Daddy says i have an upside down heart shape booty meaning i have a
small waist and round full hips :)

OK so my page is under major construction lol will...

OK so my page is under major construction lol will be back tomorrow, its late now. nite!
Salama baby!!! Give credit where it's due :-) he did his thang and made u his masterpiece.u look amazing
I want to give your genetics some credit as far as the small waist along with Dr. Salama. I see in your pre op pic that under your fat, you have a small waist. As soon as he removed the fat, you came to life. I knew looking at you that your curves were going to pop. I kinda have that crease where my waist is, so I am hoping I get the same affect, if not close.

I meant *Dr. Salama says i have an upside down...

I meant *Dr. Salama says i have an upside down heart shape butt. (NOT DADDY) lol ROTFL .am sleepy as you can see ..ciao!

Just wanted to update with some pics wearing a lil...

just wanted to update with some pics wearing a lil bit of everything. someone told me that Salama's butts are too ghetto. that they only look good for clubbing, and not classy at all. that we(salamas patients) dont stop and think about our every day lives so here are my latest pics wearing workout clothes, jeans, and even professional attire(black skirt/blue shirt). just gonna say if YOU are ghetto, you will look ghetto even in a CHANNEL dress, sorry! precense is something you CANT buy ;)
so its not about the butt, its about the way you display yourself, done!

Correction on the waist cincher.... i DO (its a...

Correction on the waist cincher.... i DO (its a YES) recommend it as long as you get the right size. It has ALOT of compression so it REALLY helps your abdomen get flatter. Just get one that fits u right.

Realself is having technical problems and the...

Realself is having technical problems and the comments are going crazy!!! and some are not even displaying ugh!! i will try later on.

thank you ladies for all the beautiful comments you always leave for me :) i am flattered by each one of them. i really never thought my results would have such an impact, yae!
i just went there without even any expectations and was given more than i could have ever imagine, Thank You Dr. Salama!
thanks to my husband who obviously made this possible (financially, physically, and emotionally) because without his support i wouldnt have done this.
and thanks to all of you who made it easier for me to learn about all this process through your experiences.
and am glad my page also helps other future patients. ;D so good luck to all of you who are behind me :) i wish you all the BEST of the best :)
I have never seen your page before!! So glad I did now!!! Girl you look so freakin hot its ridiculous!!!...lol.....and that pic with the jumper and the one in that black blazer with sequence..smh...you KNOw you look good!!! I bet you just love going shopping now, girl you are such an inspiration.cant wait for mine.....thanks for you post :)
Nini looking fabulous as always......love ya results.......and I love my Dr. He is the best...TeamSalama All day baby........
Nini hands down you are my favorite Salama result. He filled in your hips nicely, u really have an hourglass shape. Who cares if some people don't like Salama's "ghetto" butts. I'd rather have a ghetto bootie than a pancake ass..lol and lime my grandma used to say "aun que la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda." I know u understand. Have you tried the fajate fajas, they r Colombian. A lot of girls use them, I just can't find them.

Am hating realself since yesterday GRRR!! when are...

am hating realself since yesterday GRRR!! when are they gonna fix the comments issue?!!!! >:O
check PM! please
ladies, this is so frustating... i thought rs would be fix by now :/ please let me know if i left unanswer questions... i tried but they are not posting where they shud. i just dont want you all to think i am being rude, no no... rs sucks! also i had an amergency, just got back in town, didnt even have time to check pms.. i will but please understand i need some time to get back to ALL those msgs... just not right now... i will answer them accordingly to how i feel.... sorry, and thanks for understading :)
Oh my I thought you were leaving us...hope all is well!!

Just a cropped pic of myself because ive been told...

just a cropped pic of myself because ive been told that they would like to see how i look ... no way :p but at least you have an idea ;P ill remove the pic in a couple of hours though
oh and my mom asked me if i was wearing BUTT PADS!!!! ROTFL.........................ou my!
great results! I can't wait to actually go through with mine why can't there be a Dr. Salama in NEW YORK!!!!?
I love ur blog n results girl you look fab!
thanks bootyjudy88 :)

I will be 4 months post operations tomorrow...

i will be 4 months post operations tomorrow october 16, 2012...
nothing has change since the last time i updated.
my butt went from 42 inches to almost 44 BUT i also gained 5 lbs and dont know if i have drop any of that weight yet. i THINK i did but will weight myself tomorrow and let you ladies know.

one thing i do want to mention is to (tmi) be prepared to have MORE intimacy after your bbl....honestly we(my husband and i) have ALWAYS been a VERY active couple, like ALWAYS... we are not the usual marriage that has intimacy about 3 times a week, no no.... we seriously have intimacy almost daily ( i am sorry if this is too much info) which i highly enjoy but after my bbl this "activity" has multiplied x3 or x4.... :S it seems like my husband can't get enough of this booty and body to the point that i now feel harrased by him lol, i laugh but seriously i sometimes feel a tad annoiyed because i feel that he just doesnt give me a break "nowadays". before i had my surgery i knew that my bbl will lead to this and that i was going to love it even more because of the confidence i was going to gain but hey i just cannot deal with this anymore , my husband should replace the bunny... the energize bunny :S so now i cannot stop thinking how it is going to be after i get my breast augmentation :/ i really CANNOT imagine that!
i just wanted to let you all bbl ladies who are just behind me how this bbl will really changes your sexual life..............

I will be 4 months post operations tomorrow...

i will be 4 months post operations tomorrow october 16, 2012...
nothing has change since the last time i updated.
my butt went from 42 inches to almost 44 BUT i also gained 5 lbs and dont know if i have drop any of that weight yet. i THINK i did but will weight myself tomorrow and let you ladies know.

one thing i do want to mention is to (tmi) be prepared to have MORE intimacy after your bbl....honestly we(my husband and i) have ALWAYS been a VERY active couple, like ALWAYS... we are not the usual marriage that has intimacy about 3 times a week, no no.... we seriously have intimacy almost daily ( i am sorry if this is too much info) which i highly enjoy but after my bbl this "activity" has multiplied x3 or x4.... :S it seems like my husband can't get enough of this booty and body to the point that i now feel harrased by him lol, i laugh but seriously i sometimes feel a tad annoiyed because i feel that he just doesnt give me a break "nowadays". before i had my surgery i knew that my bbl will lead to this and that i was going to love it even more because of the confidence i was going to gain but hey i just cannot deal with this anymore , my husband should replace the bunny... the energize bunny :S so now i cannot stop thinking how it is going to be after i get my breast augmentation :/ i really CANNOT imagine that!
i just wanted to let you all bbl ladies who are just behind me how this bbl will really changes your sexual life..............

Dont get me wrong eating and sex are my two fave...

dont get me wrong eating and sex are my two fave pleasures in the world, nothing else can compare to them, not EVEN shopping lol thats why i state that i have always been VERY active but i guess is really like they say, too much of anything is not good lol i now feel like a sex machine and beg for a break!!!! *blushing*

Dont get me wrong eating and sex are my two fave...

dont get me wrong eating and sex are my two fave pleasures in the world, nothing else can compare to them, not EVEN shopping lol thats why i state that i have always been VERY active but i guess is really like they say, too much of anything is not good lol i now feel like a sex machine and beg for a break!!!! *blushing*

Dont get me wrong eating and sex are my two fave...

dont get me wrong eating and sex are my two fave pleasures in the world, nothing else can compare to them, not EVEN shopping lol thats why i state that i have always been VERY active but i guess is really like they say, too much of anything is not good lol i now feel like a sex machine and beg for a break!!!! *blushing*
Cute update i wish u both The best. Lol cute :-) Good Issue thought.
Lmao! I just new you was gonna say ur but interfered with adult time lol lol... But Girll I feel you on this! Just Throw up the " time out " signal lol ... I have a feeling I will be dealing wit this same issue but for me ... I think he will be Tryna but it down overtime so his name is allllll in it! (Tmi) lol i kno men secretly have insecurities ;/ but I ain't going nowhere so I don't know why he would be worried!
Can't wait to be on the other side with you :) and I have a feeling ill be in your sexual dilemma lol cuz bf is already too much

Today is my 4th month anniversary lol (bbl) just...

today is my 4th month anniversary lol (bbl) just added a few pics with the same dress i tried on 3 days after my bbl. (my butt was very swollen back then) idk what you think of it now, bigger or smaller idk... but i still have a descent size sexy booty lol
oh.... i have to say this new pics are withOUT the garment, back then i was wearing the garment AND cardboards and foam.
omg, I cant get over how amazing you look, you're making me want to change my dr. LOL, its seriously ridiculous how insane your body is now!!! Congrats doll and I'm happy that your recovery went well with little pain!!
No pm.. I will try now. :) also boobie surgery a walk in the park compare to BBL.. I'm scheduling May or June 2013 for mines with Dr. S..
omg, you look amazing girl!!

I am sure there are perverts everywhere and rs is...

I am sure there are perverts everywhere and rs is no exemption but I am NOT interested in having sexual encounters with anyone, nor 3somes or any kind of orgy "Thanks!" Dont even bother to send me those kind of stupid messages because i am not even replying.

I knew everything couldnt be pink roses, colorful...

i knew everything couldnt be pink roses, colorful cupcakes, rainbows or cotton candy lol
my husband told me that he doesnt want me to wear anymore tight fittedresses (bodycons) when going to a girls night out (or any other place that hes not with me). i have always like to dress like that (before i gained all that weight that u all have seen in my pre-op pics). i used to be in my ideal weight a yr and half back then gained about 20 lbs and stopped dressing sexy so now that i am even in better shape than before of course i am gonna want to dress THE SAME! he never had a problem with that before so why now? he said it is not the same. i guess he is starting to have insecurities? or just afraid someone might be disrespectful? idk , has anybody else been throught the same thing after her surgery?

And just to clarify, NOT ALL the tight fitted...

and just to clarify, NOT ALL the tight fitted clothing, but more like the club wear clothing. (that of course u wear to a club, what else would you wear for a girls night out?!!)
Doesn't real self monitor those inappropriate comments? Can you report them? Like a spam scenario. This is not what this forum is about! It's about supporting & sharing our journey to a better self >:0 smh
U couldn't have said it any better.. That is very true.. How pathetic ate they that they have to resort to website like this ( that has nothing to do with sex). Lame!!!
Wowwwww the nerve of ppl ! (Inboxing sexual offers) I don't kno why I am surprised, but I am :/ smh

HELLO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, i know this might be a bit...

HELLO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, i know this might be a bit of a surprise (or not) but i want to let you all know that i am closing my account for good.

Heyyy Nini gurllll ... Thanks for providing us ladies with the pic of your body perfect cincher!! when u have time can u post a link to where u purchased it? I googled it and was unable to find ... so do u still wear it? If so how long did/do u wear it? And if not, when (post op) did u start and stop wearing it? Hoping to start wearing one immediately after surgery if its recommended! Thinking it may help compress to my chances of getting a sarcoma are less likely!!
hey girl, thanks for being so helpful with everything you are doing for us up and coming girls.
your are welcome miss incredible. btw, did you receive the reply to our pm? just wondering because u know rs was having technical issues so not sure if you got it.

Hello beautiful ladies, There has been a...

hello beautiful ladies,

There has been a misunderstanding, i did NOT purchase the waist cincher online, i bought the waist cincher at a small shop in my town (location i wont disclose for security purposes). theres a wedding gown boutique that have all kinds of services for weddings (bridal gowns, video/photos, etc, to waist cinchers and garments for the brides to be) thats where i bought it. i think the ladies there are all related so they all have their bussiness going on.
someone told me she tried to google the cincher by the brand but was unable to find it. and i dont know of another place where they sell them :( i would just recommend buying any other cincher that has LOTS of compression. i think that'll do the job.
what your hubby think now
Nini, you look so amazing on that striped dresse!!! Do you mind if ask you where you get it? What brand name?
Thanks! I bought that dress at BCBG.

RS needs to fix whatever technical issues they're...

RS needs to fix whatever technical issues they're having. i typed a looong essay and it didn't post! will come back later, am so stressed out, i have to make a big decision SOON and really dont know what to do.
hey nini, I hope that all is ok with you and believe that whatever it is, its and obstacle in life and you shall overcome it..
I hope you're okay Nini... and I agree with Forever to copy and paste (I forgot to do this and had to retype as well)
am ok, just hate it when i have this kind of a dilemma. i think about all the possibilities all the time before making a final decision. what if this, what if that...

Hey ladies! i am very concerned. i believe i have...

hey ladies! i am very concerned. i believe i have a lump (fat necrosis) in my right butt cheek. i feel a lump/hard bump in there. it is VERY uncomfortable when i sit!!! and it even hurts, not bady but does hurt, i can feel the hard bump when i press it with my fingers. am guessing is fat that didn't survive? not sure but from what i have read it feels like it. and how did i get that after so long? i am now 4 months post-op and this is stressing me alot, just wanted to share this with you all .

*badly (not bady)

*badly (not bady)
More info :) Aspirating fat will depend on the type of hard lump you have developed. Fat necrosis is caused mainly by a large amount of fat injected into one specific area. This fat will certainly die and create a mass of dead tissue that can be painful. When fat is injected in the buttocks, it needs to be done in multiple passes. This gives the best chance for the fat to survive. Now, the hard lump is not necessarily fat necrosis (dead fat); it can be fat that creates an internal scar, organized hematoma (blood), or a sterile abscess. First, the cause of the hard lump needs to be defined in order to determine the next step in management. I typically recommend an ultrasound to define the fluid collection. If its liquid, then, it can be aspirated. If it is not liquid but an organized mass, then, either excision or ultrasonic liposuction are two options. When you remove this mass, it might create some contour deformities depending on how deep it is located. If it is superficial (closer to the skin), it will cause a deformity. If it is deeper, then, you might not have a problem. If the mass is an organized hematoma, then, ultrasonic lipo might not work and doing an excision will be necessary.
Hope your doing well Nini here is some info I read about fat necrosis Hi. Fat necrosis is quite a bit different than skin necrosis. First, when fat has low blood flow or gets traumatized (as in TT) it swells and can get hard. You can usually feel this a week or so after surgery. Some scar tissue may follow. As time goes on the fat necrosis lumps get smaller and more rounded, often feeling like little stones depending on size. By a year, it amost always resolves. I recommend early massage to encourage blood flow and waste removal from the tissues. Fat necrosis in the breast can be a bigger issue as women (rightfully so!) need to be concerned about breast lumps. Usually (but not always) mammography can sort out "good lumps" from "bad lumps." My opposition to fat transfers to the breast are based on the fact that some fat grafts inavariably die, and may form lumps that are difficult to sort out later. I find it very irresponsible for so many non-plastic surgeons to be jumping on this bandwagon, especially when their training and background have nothing to do with managing breast disease. Sorry. Just my 0.02
Hope your ok as well..! Have you schedule an appt to get it checked or call doctor s office inquiring about it?.

Now my left butt cheek has started to hurt too...

Now my left butt cheek has started to hurt too :-(
Thanks for the positive vibes. I hope this resolves on its own SOON .
I prayed The Lord to take care of these lumps. I know he's going to have mercy and help me with this too, he has NEVER abandon me before and he never will. Thank you Lord! And hope to give you the good news soon that my lumps have disappear :-) am positive and believe he can do all things. Good night, xoxo.
serrapeptase is a supplement that is good in healping break down the dead tissues if it is necrosis.
Hey Nini first off I have to say you look amazing. I will be going for Dr Salama for my rd 2 in July. How is the fat nercrosis coming along. How is it being treated. I had a ruff recovery with my rd 1 so Im trying to educate myself on all the possible things that might happen so I dont go in so ignorant this time around. Thanks in advance
@Nini I haven't even stressed that To Dr Salama about the lumps on my thighs I'm hoping they will go down. Upper back fat I have told Dr S about that he said he wasn't real aggressive on the upper back fat. Nini I'm 7 weeks almost 2 months on Nov 10 so he said give it 6 -12 month to see results.

Ladies ladies!!! lol a short update tonight, happy...

Ladies ladies!!! lol a short update tonight, happy halloween! (to those of you who celebrate it). well, am going to upload some pictures of me in my "costume". i really didnt buy one this year( yes i STILL DRESS UP, LOL JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT) i just got a few pieces i had in my closet and BANG! Decided i will be............................................................................."NICKI MINAJ" *blushing*
Last year i was "snooki" cuz i had a gut so this year with my tiny waist and wonderful hips, why not "nicki" hehe.....
I received soooooooo many compliments ;D

Also, my doctor called me today and YES, it seems...

also, my doctor called me today and YES, it seems like i do have fat necrosis :-) just trying to be positive. ill keep massaging my lil fat ball lol and take it from there. He didnt rush me at all (even though hes a very busy man), we actually had a very loooong conversation on fat necrosis and my future touch up and we even chit chatted a lil bit about other stuff too ;)

Btw, since my butt grew 1 1/2 in (now 43 1/2). i...

btw, since my butt grew 1 1/2 in (now 43 1/2). i thought my waist had grew too so i measured it today and .............. my waist is still 27 inches ;D , so i dont know where them 5 lbs that i gained went :S

***foreverbooty*** told me i shud upload a...

***foreverbooty*** told me i shud upload a complete pic of my face as "nicki" (face included) you need to see my facial expressions.............lmbo!!! i dont think thats clever, she saw it and she was stunned lol....
Girl your body is banging!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks prettyphysique! I wish you the best , and fabulous results ;)
Thanks girl!!! I'm trying to get fine like you ;)

Will update soon :)

Will update soon :)

On another quick note I am biting my nails!!...

On another quick note I am biting my nails!! Hoping ROMNEY wins tonight :) I NEED him to win. Don't wanna start a debate here lol watching the presidential elections...

@Nini thanks for the review. I appreciate the honest points made. U look gorgeous. Thanks for the heads up I too am married w/ 3 kids. Take care.
ummm (clearing throat) not gonna comment on the Romney business. But Nina, you going for round 2??? Are you serious? My round 2 will be in just 2 months. Cant wait.

Soooo many pms i have received lately from other...

Soooo many pms i have received lately from other bbl sisters. (i prefer using the word "concerns" subtituting other major word).
i have nothing positively to say at this moment so i am not saying anything for NOW. idk how i'll feel tomorrow or the day after tomorrow but for now i am keeping all this to myself but i am SURE i am not the ONLY one going through this or who is aware of this matter.


Hi Nini! Question do you still wear your compression garment? If not, how long did you wear it? Also, thank you for always showing support to the other bbl sisters and for sharing your journey with us. It definitely helped me out. :o) I appreciate that.
Hey Nini, what's wrong? Hope you r feeling better and remember you have all the bbl sisters here for support. Best wishes
Nini, Are you talking about election or BBL problems? You've got me a little worried.

Am P! right now, i really really HOPE this is all...

am P! right now, i really really HOPE this is all to technical difficulties RS is having, but i was told i cant delete my pics anymore, and so i come here thinking it must be an error and try to delete a pic and i CAN'T!!!!! wth i s going on REALSELF?!!!!! i find it absurd that i CANT decide when to delete my OWN pics.... i dont think i ever signed an agreement stating that whatever pics i post will be yours to keep FOREVER?! did i? i do not know any others social webpage where they do that..... please help!!!!

I just send a message to Kirstly asking her to...

i just send a message to Kirstly asking her to please explain whats happening (biting my nails and waiting impatiently) i REALLY HOPE this is a technical difficulty rs is experiencing... i promise you all that since monday ive been WANTING to delete my pics, now i know it was intuition, i just hated when i dont listen to it immediately .... i have a very well develop intuition that never goes wrong. (fingers crossed)
i dont mind about half of my pics, but i do about the rest because those are picture spots i have used for my social webpages and someone my recognize my bed etc(if this site keeps them ).... am so overwhelmed right now.

I have a feeling this is no technical issue and...

i have a feeling this is no technical issue and that indeed we cant delete our "own" photos.
i think EVERRTHING (including photos) we decide to post here belongs to RS once posted.. one thing for sure, as soon as this is confirm i will STOP POSTING/COMMENTING here is RS. i really hope they take this into consideration, not only me but others will do too. this just doesnt feel right to me and to other users. rs will loose some serious traffic.

Ladies, first of all i want to thank each and...

Ladies, first of all i want to thank each and everyone of you who has supported this "strike". it is very sensible matter when it comes to our privacy, especifically our photos. i email kirsty (the bbl community manager).

i appreciate that they will delete my photos after i ask (which i am about to ask) BUT it STILL does NOT feel right to have to go through a "third party" to have my photos deleted. The 'delete' option/tab should be there so we can delete any of our photos i repeat at ANY GIVEN TIME! i dont feel comfotable having to ask someone else to delete them for me. also, what if they later decide we just CANT delete our photos at all? that is the million dollars question in the back of my mind right now. I dont like RS having tooooo much control now.
This site was great until they decided they would control what can and cant be posted, or what can't be deleted.

I asked kirsty to please remove ALL OF MY PICS for...

i asked kirsty to please remove ALL OF MY PICS for now. i dont care who says what. and everyone is entitled to their opinion, this is MY decision and i want ALL of my photos removed from my page. IF rs later adds the "delete" tab THEN ill give it another thought but for now i hope they take all of my photos down. It is not like ill be here forever so why not take them down now, gotta listen to my intuition now or ill regret later =-)

I also agree with you 100%.
Hey Nini I agree with you 100%!! People complaining about folks taking down pictures it's my photos and I should be allowed to show or not show. Pics are a small part of the journey since no two bodies are the same! Ibasked to have mine taken down also I just don't like if you put your pics up your now locked in.... Guess what this isn't a book it's our lives and our journey/story to share once you take away my option of what you will force me to share I will share less! I'm totally annoyed my this!
Wow!!!! I really can't believe this so RS is saying due to other complaints by Visitors of the site that want to follow our progress we can no longer delete our photos??? WTF are they serious??? I really don't give a damn about that their my pics and I can do what the hell I want with them and if a visitor has an issue with me taking my pics down so what!!!! Don't follow my review and kick rocks, find someone else to STALK!!!! Pissed to the MAX because that is BULL

Just like my title says (or like Paulo Coelho...

Just like my title says (or like Paulo Coelho says) If EVERYBODY Loves you.............SOMETHING is WRONG! You cant please everyone.

Do u hve any pictures?? So we can c n match your words with pix
Do you have pics?
Hey girlie, I have a ? How do you feel about the recent negative reviews on Dr. S ? Do you agree ? I have read 2 of them and have had opinions on both. But since you are a vet and have had this experience and me waiting on mine, I would love to know how your honestly feel?

Hello bbl ladies, as you all know i berly come to...

Hello bbl ladies, as you all know i berly come to rs, i left this forum back in november if i am not mistaken ,( at 5 months post operation) and removed all of my photos, but...... someone gave me the heads up about someone stating that my pictures were PHOTOSHOPPED! she had the guts to ASSURE my photos have been photoshopped. were my results that good to be true , or to believe my post operation photos have been altered? its a shame someone would dedicate 2 updates in her blog to post FALSE INFORMATION about me and my photos. why would i do that?! whether you ladies think my results are impressive, or good, or just ok, or even bad............THESE ARE MY TRUE RESULTS and it is what it is. someone even said my results are too good to be true , Lol i must say thats one, if not the best comment i have ever received , THANK YOU! :)
I dont know why this person came up with such ridiculous difamation, thats what i would like to know, other than jealously i cannot find another answer, (some other rs users think the same).
now, blaming me because other patients with my similar stats (age, height, weight) do not get the exact or almost similar results as me (with my ps, ou! even though i have seen similar or even BETTER results than mine, imo) is a joooooke ladies, wth? is she SERIOUS?! UMMM....i thought we ALL had DIFFERENT body types, bone structure, frame, fat distributed DIFERENTLY, rib cage diameter, hip bone width/circumference, etc etc, and that ALL OF THIS influenced our UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL results!! but little did i know that the human body is like a production (a dummie, a toy, whatever you want to call it) that goes into a factory and they all come out looking exactly the same :S
i have NEVER altered my photos (other than to crop/blur my face and in some cases to blur the surroundings and i have done this in my windows photo gallery, i dont even have any kind of photoshopped software, lmbo), and i want to leave that clear right now, do NOT believe everything you read ladies! there are and will always be people that will distribute false statements! dont ask me why because i do not know that... oh, and this is not MY truth, THIS IS THE ACTUAL TRUTH! i have NOT ALTERED my surgery results and she will NEVER be able to back it up because they werent!!!! :) at the end it is up to you to believe what you want to believe, just needed to clarify this right now. sometimes people will believe things if no one stands up. ou...before i forget let me just address 'maryhadalittlelamb' by saying that i am sorry that she has such negative feelings towards me when she called me a "H" (fill in the 2 missing letters) . let me say i have indeed been in a healthy , successful marriage for almost 13 yrs. i truly hope you come out with the results you are hoping for and......that you wont suffer such defamation as i have for obtaining such results. thats all ladies , have a great afternoon , i will continue to k.i.t. with the positive ladies that i have met on here , via social networks, phone, email as i have been and continue to refrain from negativity. XOXO! Love, Nini.

Hi, see you had this done over a year ago. I'm considering fat transfer and looking for long term results. Would you mind sharing your experience at this point? Thank you so much!
That's the issue with people...they get jealous and start spreading rumours. I have experienced false accusations in the past and it has been the worse thing ever...keep shaking your results in their face!!!! Happy new year hun
I'm sorry you had to go thru that and have all your pictures removed. I was really interested in seeing your before after and during because so many ppl used you as a wish list pic. I would love to see your results. Even though I'm not using this dr. I would like to see the outcome and how one look after 1 month. I hope you can send me some. Thank you
Miami Plastic Surgeon

The only reason i do not give Dr. Salama, Moises 5 stars is because he did not spend much time with me, i only saw him twice post operation, and for not more than 2 minutes, i say 2 but i probably saw him for a minute or less, seriously, i know he was busy or maybe i was healing perfect and didnt needed much time, i dont know. Also, on my consultation i felt he did not bother to look at my husband on the eyes at all, it was if like my husband wasnt there in the room with us, like if he was ignoring him, it was weird. the dr is professional BUT didnt not give that comfort i was expecting. he did not talk to my husband at all.. other than when he asked a question, he gave my husband his back at ALL times, it was just weird i insist. so those are the reasons he did not EARNED 5 stars. other than that his work is fabulous.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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