Nov 6th

I'm scheduled for a breast implant exchange &...

I'm scheduled for a breast implant exchange & a BBL, with additional lipo to the inner knee and inner thigh areas. Considering upper arms as well. I'm 5'3" and 135 lbs, 28 years old. I've been anywhere between 100-145 lbs in my adult life, yet never happy with my shape.

I currently have 325 cc moderate profile silicone implants that are 4 years old. They're very soft and pretty natural looking. My previous surgeon did a good job, but I feel my implants are somewhat too narrow and my incision scars (infra mammary fold) are too thick. Dr Salama said he could make smaller incisions and improve the look of the scars, also improve the asymmetry and give me larger implants. I'm also concerned about some tightness in my right breast/pocket, so I'll see what he has to say about that when he physically examines me. I suspect being right handed may be the cause. It sometimes flexes and distorts when I'm using my arms and I hate it. Hopefully it's not capsular contracture, because that's a big fear of mine!!

As far as the BBL goes, (the exciting part!) I have a decent sized butt and thighs at my current weight thanks to genetics. In fact my thighs are a bit too big for my taste. However, my butt & hips shrink dramatically with weight loss. I want what we all want. That ideal hourglass shape. Tiny waist, wide hips, plump round butt, healthy thighs. Weight loss and exercise will not give me that naturally. I don't care what fitness obsessed people say. That stupid Brazilian butt lift work out will not necessarily give you a better ass. *insert eye roll here*.

I have many concerns regarding the liposuction. My friend has had lipo in her mid section, and she's very unhappy with the leftover lumpiness. She didn't do the post op massages, didn't even wear a garment. Her shape still looks fantastic. I plan on being very pro active with post op care. Hopefully that will help my results. I've been doing a lot of research, and I'm considering investing in a Wellbox. They're so damn expensive! $1500! I think it would be amazing for breaking up lipo scar tissue and preventing lumps, so I might go for it. It's great for cellulite too.

Anyway, I'll be posting much more soon I'm sure. So much to think about. I'm so nervous about anesthesia and liposuction complications. :( Lumps, scars, burns, fat embolisms, bruising, fat necrosis, lidocaine toxicity, so scary! I can't stop reading about this stuff.

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Keeping weight on for this surgery has been...

Keeping weight on for this surgery has been depressing. Everyone keeps commenting about my weight gain. Some people are even asking if I'm pregnant. I don't even have a lot of fat on my stomach, (I gain weight ALL over, not just one area). I guess being cruel makes others feel better about themselves.

Oh well! Only four more months until I get some of it sucked out. I'm not going to dare try to lose any now. That fat needs to go to my butt! :) Hopefully the next four months will fly by while I'm busy hustling and planning for my surgery.

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Reading a lot of the reviews lately has me nervous...

Reading a lot of the reviews lately has me nervous. Patients keep stating that Dr. Salama no longer does double procedures. I Emailed Nancy, and she said that was only in the case of tummy tucks and breast lifts. Breast augmentation alone is a pretty quick procedure. I really hope I don't end up with last minute surprises like some patients. I'm adamant about getting this done all at once.

I plan on booking my flight this month. Both of my parents want to go with me now. I guess they see it as a vacation opportunity. Fine with me! I might go ahead a rent a car since my Dad is going. He's good at navigating. Leaving my boyfriend at home. He's not really 100% supportive, and he's a bit squeamish about plastic surgery in general. He can stay home with the pets.

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Booked flights today! Yay!

Booked flights today! Yay!

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Obviously this is something I should discuss with...

Obviously this is something I should discuss with the doctor, but I'd love imput from patients too. Should I quit taking birth control pills before surgery to decrease the risk of blood clots? I hate being off the pill, because my skin breaks out and my cramps get awful. Birth control pills can cause blood clots alone, so it's probably best to have it out of my system before surgery I suppose. However I've been on and off the pill for several years with no issues. I've read that the risk of DVT or blood clots significantly decreases after your first year.


Hey there,

Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us and congratulations on booking your flights, etc. What is your surgery date?

Re: birth control, I really would ask your doctor. Some doctors may differ in their advice or their requirements, so it's always best to get the advice of your particular doctor.

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Thanks Kirsty :)

My date is November 6th. I should be getting all my paperwork in September, as well as my pre surgery tests/blood work. So I guess I'll find out if I should stop taking my birth control then.

Awesome, well keep us updated on your progress!

I've decided I definitely want to add my upper...

I've decided I definitely want to add my upper arms & axillary area. Possibly chin & jaw as well. I'm hoping the price per area hasn't gone up too much! I don't want to spend more than an extra $800-1000.

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If you've had outer thigh lipo with Dr. Salama,...

If you've had outer thigh lipo with Dr. Salama, please leave feedback.

Are you satisfied overall?

Did it increase/decrease cellulite?

Where was the incision made?

Was it worth the fee?

I'm already paying off the BA, BBL, inner thighs & inner knees. Considering chin, upper arms, axillary, and outer thighs too. I'm not a big girl at all, so I'm hoping multiple areas won't keep me under too long. I don't want to get unnecessary lipo either. I want it to be worth the pain and recovery. :)

Thank you!

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Added several wish pics, but those pics are more...

Added several wish pics, but those pics are more like inspiration or fantasy to me. I'm not going into this with unrealistic expectations. I know Dr. Salama will do what he does best, and it'll be up to me after that.

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Forgot to add, I will likely post before and after...

Forgot to add, I will likely post before and after pics. . . however, I'm a very private person with very obvious tattoos. So I might not post nudes.

Also some of my favorite wish pics include a few of Dr. Salama's patients, but I don't want to use their photos without permission.


hi i just wanted to know if you would like to switch surgery dates,if your ready for oct.10th..that's my date. If you are interested just hit me up.
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If only I had a little bit more notice. I'm sorry, but I still have to pay off my balance & my flight & hotel are booked. I hope you find someone who wants to switch. Good luck!
aw well its cool Good Luck to you tooo

I'm so sad lately. :( People won't shut up about...

I'm so sad lately. :( People won't shut up about my weight gain. I have no excuse, since I'm being very private about this operation. They think I'm letting myself go. I have to keep in mind it'll all be worth it in the end. On a positive note, my face looks about 5 years younger with all the baby fat. Hehe. I look 21 again, & I'm always carded. My boyfriend likes me at this weight too. He loves thick curvy women.

I have $2500 saved to put on my balance this month. Hoping to make it $5000 by the 15th. Then I'll only owe $3500. I'm sure I'll owe another $800-1000 by the time I add the arms & chin (if the Dr allows it!). And I still have to book a hotel. Time to hustle! My Dad isn't going anymore, but my Mom is. I'm hoping I can show her a good time, even though I'll be feeling beat the hell up after the surgery. I do have a very high pain tolerance. If we can just do relaxing activities, I know she'll be happy. She's a CNA, & a hard working woman. She'll enjoy a nice hotel room, good weather, the beach, dinner, etc. I told her to bring books to read, & I'll send her to the spa if I'm feeling too awful to leave the room.

I keep having surgery nightmares. I'm sure that's pretty normal. My subconscious stress is dominating my dreams. I'm laying in the bath on my iPad at the moment, thinking of how I won't be able to enjoy baths for weeks after surgery! I love my bath time. lol

Time to get ready for work. Hope you BBL ladies are doing well.


@bettertnattoday if ur renting a car buy a pillow or two so u can lay on them in the back sit. Its more comfortable with a pillow trust me. The supermarket is across from the hotel as well as ihop mcdonalds stuff like that. Walmart is across from the surgery center so u can buy stuff there too.
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Good advice. I'm thinking I might buy cheap pillows while I'm there before surgery. Hoping to travel kinda light, & only check one suitcase.
@bettertnatoday thats wat i did. Bought towels and rugs there and pillows. Btw buy ur own rugs i dont trust washing with hotel rugs

Surgery Goals Breasts -   wider rounder...

Surgery Goals

Breasts -  
wider rounder breast shape
natural profile slope
moderate projection
little upper pole fullness
generous lower pole fullness
cleavage improved/breasts sitting closer together
generous "side boob"
previous incision scars improved (thinner/flatter)

Butt - 
BIG! BIG! BIG! I'd like to lose 10 lbs post op, & still have a nice big butt.
Enhanced gluteal crease
Enhanced projection
Fullness added to the lateral gluteal depression ("hips")

Torso - 
Lower back sculpting/enhanced arch
Flat tummy
Upper abs reduced as thoroughly as lower abs/tummy
Rib fat & small of waist reduced 
Hourglass shaped waist

Legs - 
Inner knee contouring/reduction
Inner thigh bulge reduced (no more rubbing thighs please!)
I don't think my outer thighs are a big issue, but I do have very slight bulging & cellulite at this weight. Probably won't add outer thighs.

Additional areas I might add 

Arms -
Reduce the size of upper arms
Reduce bulge above elbow
Axillary lipo

Chin/Jaw - 
Reduce chin fat
Sculpt jowls/jawline

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I'm upset because I might have mono. My Sister...

I'm upset because I might have mono. My Sister was diagnosed with it yesterday, and I noticed just now that my lymph nodes are swollen. I've felt very fatigued lately too. I use my Sisters make up sometimes, and share meals and drinks.

I have to get my lab work done in about a week, and if mono effects my results I won't get cleared for surgery. There's no treatment for mono, because it's caused by a virus. I'm going to push vitamin C, echinacea, zinc, and water. I hope I kick this quick!! I'm so scared and sad. :(


@bettertnattoday congratulations on your date coming up...I know your excited! Question, earlier this year I was really sick and went to hospital to find out I had Strep but he also said I tested positive for MONO. I had no clue what the hell that was til he said that. I rteally thought I had a decease and was gonna die. I was freaking out, Doc said it was a kissing virus and I was like I don't even like to kiss. (I'm sorry but the mouth to me is disgusting and just don't like too...I will pop kiss but giving you tongue ain't happening!) So you can't get surgury if you had/have MONO??? Please advise and thanking you in advance! Cuz I know this discussion isn't easy.
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If you had it earlier this year, and your symptoms have cleared you're probably fine. :) The virus stays in your system forever, but it really isn't a serious illness for most healthy people. They call it the "kissing virus" because it's most easily contracted from saliva. You can catch it from sharing a drink, a drinking fountain, sharing make up, food etc. Kissing someone with mono of course would be a risk, but so is kissing someone with a cold. It can be extremely painful when you first contract it, (horrible sore throat and swollen glands, I'm sure you remember). It usually causes severe fatigue. I'd let the doc know you've had it in your medical history paperwork. It shouldnt effect your surgery if you're no longer sick. They'll be able to tell if your system is ok according to your lab work. I'm sorry the doctor that diagnosed you wasnt more clear about mono! Im honestly only worried because my date is Nov 6th, and you can stay sick for weeks from it. Let me know how things go. Sorry if this is loopy and long winded, I've been awake for a long time. lol Wishing you good health!

Got approved for Care Credit, thanks to my...

Got approved for Care Credit, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend co signing. So my balance will be paid off as soon as the card arrives in 7-10 days. Yay!

Here's the catch. . . and you girls might think I'm terrible. He doesn't know I'm doing the BBL. He thinks I'm just getting bigger implants. He was against me getting any kind of plastic surgery, but my stance on it is this is MY body. Now that he helped me get Care Credit, I'm feeling kind of guilty. And afraid he'll find out some how. Will the statements have details about my procedure? Or will it just have the EPS Miami/Dr Salama? Help!


HOLY BASIL TINCTURE!!!!!! Seriously... in addition to the C, echinacea (take tincture, it's way more effective), zinc, and water. Take Holy basil! it will help very much. and also 500 mg of garlic 2ce a day . but be SURE if you do take the garlic, to quit it 2 weeks b4 sx, as it is a blood-thinner. And try your best to eat an anti-inflammation diet which is full of fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and water! I hope that you get cleared for your surgery! I will be praying for you. And, darling, whether or not the statements say what you had done, he's gonna figure out you had more than a breast revision, hehe! I'm curious about credit care. Did you apply and get denied, and then need your bf to cosign? I'm worried that if I don't get approved (I mean, I don't know why I wouldn't other than I think my credit score is at like.... 649...) I don't have anyone who would be able to cosign. I'm going to apply as soon as the most recent report to the credit bureaus goes through, which I think for me is today or tomorrow... I'm really nervous!!!! I NEED financing. XOXO
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I've never tried holy basil. Thank you. :) I've been feeling better, but I still take a heavy dose of vit C, echinacea, & zinc. I'll look for holy basil when I pick up my other supplements. I have noooo idea what I'm going to say to my BF when I return home from surgery. I know it'll be apparent my body has changed, but men are pretty clueless with that sort of thing. I've had fillers & Botox, & he never noticed. lol Maybe I'll say I had light lipo, & I'm swollen all over. I have no idea. I hate lying, but it's just not worth fighting over. My credit score is a little under 600, & I got denied. So we applied as joint applicants, and were approved instantly. 649 isn't so bad. If you have no recent delinquent accounts, you might get approved. If you don't get approved right away, they do give you an option to call & work something out. That might mean a sky high interest rate though. Good luck, & thanks for your advice!
no, it just says the name of the practice...thats it. i just got my bill yesterday. lol your boyfriend wil be happy once its done! :)
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I've read that compression on your butt, (the...

I've read that compression on your butt, (the garment) is pertinent to the healing process because it keeps swelling down. Too much swelling and fluid in your butt could keep the new fat cells from getting enough circulation. So I'm guessing this is why Dr. Salama chooses to use a specific garment. The "butt out" garments might be better for shaping later on, once fat cells attach. I guess either way, sticking to your doctors instructions is the way to go. :) Just a thought!

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I don't think I'm sick. If Im carrying mono, my...

I don't think I'm sick. If Im carrying mono, my body is fighting it well. :) My pre op clearance appointment is this Friday, so I'm sure the tests will tell!

I feel weird about going to my family doc and talking to him about this surgery, because my Mom used to work for him. I think he'd give me a hard time. He's known me since I was a kid, so explaining the surgery would be awkward. So I had to call around to local clinics. The doctor I'm seeing is charging $95 JUST for an appointment. I will update with the total lab work & EKG fees this weekend. I'm going to guess around $200.

Still trying to decide on a hotel! I'd love to stay at the Crowne Plaza in Hollywood Beach, but that's pretty pricey for 10 days. As I mentioned before, I'm trying to treat my Mom & give her a little vacation while I'm recovering. My income is kind of sales based, so I guess I'll have to see how the next couple of weeks go. The Crowne Plaza does have a killer pool, but I know I won't be swimming! lol

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I paid $99 for a physical exam/EKG, $192 for lab work.

I paid $99 for a physical exam/EKG, $192 for lab work.


I was thinking about getting one of the "butt-out" garments, but once I started looking, it seems like they all are just these awkward small-ish holes in the back, and kinda cut into the cheek, rather than fully support it/ contour it. I'd be worried wearing one so early on... especially since some of the ladies who have gotten larger butts on here have said that their butts started to take on the shape of the garments even salama hands out since they were too big for them, and squished out the bottom part. I wouldn't want two weird circles on my new butt!!!
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Yeah I agree! It's a touchy issue. After the new fat cells have taken, I might buy a butt out garment and try to cut the holes bigger. I have a few pairs of spanx that I cut the butt out of to make my body look better under clothes, so it's not too hard to alter the garment yourself. Just have to be careful if it's an expensive garment. Don't wanna ruin it. Best to start with the garments we're given though.

I'm really sad today. . . something might be...

I'm really sad today. . . something might be changing with my procedure. I won't know for sure until tomorrow, but I'm very upset with the idea of plans changing 3 weeks before surgery. Not good. I might have to cancel all together. I hate even posting this, but I had to vent. I've been in tears.

Details later, when I know what's going on. Keep your fingers crossed!


I hope things work out for you! I wanted to know how are you gonna stay off your butt for two weeks if you have implants in the breast done at the same time? good luck to you I go under on the 13th of next month
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Its an implant EXCHANGE, so it's not the same. :) Thanks.
Sorry to hear of the news! I think they should have been told you that it was a problem! Smh ... I initially wanted a TT and. BBL but I was told from the gate that they were no longer doing those 2 procedures together and after they explained I understood why... With the BBL u have to lay mainly on ur stomach and that would interfere with the TTor in your case the BA and u definitely wouldn't wanna lay on ur new BUTT so I guess they are looking out for our best interest! Hope you still go threw with the BBL! Don't let the disappointment deter u! Look at it like this at least your quote will change so less money out of ur pocket now... And rebooking for the BA you will get discount pricing...(get it in wringing) ok I hope it works out for u;)
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I haven't heard back from Ruben, although I guess...

I haven't heard back from Ruben, although I guess it's my fault for not calling him. I sent him an Email two days ago, and I've been hoping for a positive response. I'm too exhausted & busy to get on the phone. Writing this from work right now, even though I shouldn't be. I've been working double shifts and odd hours in order to cover traveling expenses.

I know some of you won't understand this, but I counted on getting my breast implant exchange done during the BBL. It's part of the reason I chose Dr. Salama. I was told THREE times it would be okay to do both. So I really hope they aren't going to change things on me 17 days before surgery. I'm seriously pissed off and stressed out right now. I don't even know what to do with myself. I have so much work to do and I can't even concentrate. I tear up whenever I think about it.

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What if I gained weight & have been taking all...

What if I gained weight & have been taking all these nauseating vitamins for nothing?!! All the hustle for the money, getting financing, the planning, bothering my poor Mother, stressing out my family, hiding things from my boyfriend. . . I feel like a fool.

If I can't get my implant exchange and BBL together, I will be severely depressed. :( Ughhhh. Back to work.


I'm so sorry to hear your bad news. :( I also was told that he won't perform a breast augmentation and BBL on me at the same time as well. This is part of the reason I switched Doctors, i know this probably won't make you feel any better but he said something about a discount provided for patients who come back for this procedure. I feel your pain and I really hope you get to do both with salama but if not and if you really have your heart set on it I would switch doctors. Doctor jimerson also gives extraordinary results, and his technique is genius! So don't give up! I'll be rooting for you! Hopefully you get some good news soon! Good luck
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I hear ya. . . I might switch surgeons if this doesn't get straightended out. It'll be a HUGE inconvenience, but I can't do the surgeries separate now. A discount won't change my mind. Thanks so much! :)
*straightened lol

I am not a fan of how Dr Salama's office handles...

I am not a fan of how Dr Salama's office handles business, and I might be switching surgeons. That's all I'll say for now.

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Ok, I retract that last statement. That was a bit...

Ok, I retract that last statement. That was a bit harsh of me to say. I'm on my period, my hormones are weird because I stopped taking my birth control for surgery, and the stress of everything has me so emotional to begin with. I've been disappointed and confused over the last few days.

I do think I should've been notified about the Dr. no longer performing double procedures. I was told instead by a concerned Real Self member months ago. I immediately contacted Dr. Salama's staff, and they said an implant exchange would be no problem with a BBL. That was a mistake on the staff's behalf. Maybe a letter or E-mail should've been sent out to notify patients with up coming surgery. That way there would be no last minute let downs. People make mistakes however, and EPS is a very busy business. I know they meant no harm or negligence.

I finally called Ruben, and he's trying very hard to make things work for me. This might mean I'll have to extend my stay in Florida, but that's okay with me. As long as it isn't terribly long. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but I wanted to update because I felt bad about what I posted yesterday.. Ruben is definitely just as kind as everyone claims. I can tell that he and Dr. Salama really want to make patients happy.

So now I'm off to work the second half of my double shift, so I can afford those extra days in FL! I'm actually looking forward to having pain as an excuse to take it easy.


Ull b fine. He isnt doing double procedures bc it puts u at a higher stress level. Everything will b fine!!!
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I understand that, but as I've said I was told by his staff the implant exchange was no big deal with the BBL. Also I have very limited time. But thanks. :)
Heyyy so we acknowledge someone at eps should have notified u wayyyy sooner and also made a huge mistake telling u that it would be no big doubt their error- my concern is... are you still wanting the double procedure just because they told u they could....despite the fact that they are no longer doing double procedures because of higher risks/ stress levels, ect?

I'm still having the implant exchange & BBL, but...

I'm still having the implant exchange & BBL, but separate. I'm getting both done in November, which I'm very pleased with. I probably won't be updating until after my surgery, because I'm still a bit stressed. I have a lot of work to get done before I leave town. Good luck to everyone. :)


That's not the reasons they told me they're not doing the double procedure. And I'm not sure what I'm doing yet.
Thank you for your honest input, and sharing your experience. I appreciate it.
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