Changed Dates! 3/27!! - Still with a dark colored Cheek...sigh - Aventura, FL

Getting this surgery to finally have the shape i...

Getting this surgery to finally have the shape i always wanted (small waist and BIG booty) which could not be obtained through countless hours at the gym, just not possible. I am a bigger girl 6'0, 43-34-46

Just booked my flight and hotel! staying 8 night,...

Just booked my flight and hotel! staying 8 night, hope thats long enough (1 week after surgery) to remove my drains, if not i can remove them when i get back home. this just got REAL!!! got my meds, now just need my lab test....... where is everyone getting there labtest done? one place i found has everything but the C&S test.

So I got to move my date up, I'm going in 11 days!...

So I got to move my date up, I'm going in 11 days! So excited! Did my labs, meds, comfy clothes, flight, hotel.....I'm ready!!!!

Leaving in 3 days!!

leaving in 3 days!!

Ok , tomorrows the big day, its almost 11pm and i...

Ok , tomorrows the big day, its almost 11pm and i can't sleep yet lol. I will be back as soon as possible to update everyone as soon as possible.Pray for me!

So i know i promised to come back and update, by...

So i know i promised to come back and update, by now most of you prob forgot but i wanted to wait atleast 12 weeks to give a review bc thats when they say you should see more permanent results. i'm 8 weeks PO and i'm not too happy overall, i will give detailed review later after i get feedback from Dr. S sending my pics in tomorrow. I have pockets of fat still on my back by the bra area that wasn't lipo'ed. I have whats either fat or swelling in my love handles makign them stick out, but its been like that since 1 day PO. My left butt check is PURPLE AND BLUE STILL!! i cant evne wear a one peice let alone a 2 peice bikini bc of my discolored butt cheek, one butt cheek. SIGH. My thighs are still the same size so it doesn't seem like i should have even gotten them done, shoulda took all the fat out my back instead. AND i have this big @$$ crease above my booty that hideous still. Yes my booty is bigger but with everything else going on with my body i can't enjoy it. I have more width than projection which would have been nice to get more projection. Like i said I'm going to wait to get another update from Dr. S i'm mostly concerned with my booty still being purple/blue thats not normal, he says it bruising but i'm like brusing from what? that blue color didn't happen till a couple weeks ago.

So what i expected was true... i have fat necrosis...

So what i expected was true... i have fat necrosis in my left cheek where it is blue/purple in color. IT IS THE SIZE OF A FREAKIN BASEBALL IN WIDTH,!!!!!!!!!! I don't think Dr. S knows the severity of necrosis bc i have to update him with the size of the dead fat. This is NOT normla what so ever, its hard and hurts when i bump up against something or if i smack it. but if i just touch my cheek it feels numb. so the superficial layer in numb and the deep layer hurts when pressure is applied. I still have this ugly crease which makes me think maybe too much fat was taking out that area.....Now i may nee a circular TT if this skin doesn't tighten up. Initially he said the necrosis could go away but if it doesn't i can correct it. I'm guessing too much fat was placed in that area and it didn't have a blood supply. Ok golfball and small i can understand the chances but a huge 4-6 inch spot on my butt of ALL dead clumped fat? I cannot accept that as an appropriate risk with good technique. Not bashing him but this needs to be corrected if I don't see a difference. I'm working out hard core now to lose some weight and tone so I'm trying on my own to correct this. I'll post pics this weekend, gotta have someone take them for me.

Still not happy, its a waiting game to see what Dr...

Still not happy, its a waiting game to see what Dr.S is going to suggest. I'm tired of looking at my discolored @ss. I'm tired of this crease, I'm tired of the pockets of fat left on my back, I'm tired of my uneven thighs, jiggly stomach and love handles. Sigh Patience be with me. I'm not waiting a full year for revision work. I'm giving Dr. S a chance to fix it but if he won't (which will be VERY dissapointing) I will look at options in MX

I should update my actual booty results: My booty...

I should update my actual booty results: My booty is def bigger, fuller, rounder, jigglier than before. Besides the necrotic fat I do like my booty, if i had to tweak one thing it would be to fill in the mid part of the booty just to round it out a bit more. But i do like how jiggle and full it is. It measures 49/50" and i started at i think 45/46

Ok i spoke to Dr. S and i will be getting a...

Ok i spoke to Dr. S and i will be getting a revision (thank god) He listened to my concerns and we agreed to move forward with the revision...i am extremely happy at this point. Thank you for all of your encouraging words!

So i'm still with a hard left discolored butt ...

So i'm still with a hard left discolored butt cheek, why me? why am i the only one with a discolored @ss. so pissed everytime i see it. i digress. So i been waiting patiently for a few weeks on a date in may and I have yet to receive a date or a call back. The scheduler keeps emailing saying "workign on it " sigh i will NOT go into summer like this. So my back up plan is dr. Pantoja, quoted me for 4500 for a TT and all inclusive lipo w/fg if this hard spot isn';t going to be a problem. Difference between salama and the mexico docs is that salama puts the fat in superficially (above the muscle) mexico docs put it in the muscle so i'm hoping that since it scar tissue superficially i won't have a problem getting it in the muscle...we will see. I tried to give Dr. Salama a chance to fix this but its not looking like thats going to happen. Soo mad i paid over 6k and not happy with my results....crease above booty, loose flank and belly skin, no difference in my thighs,,,only thing diff is my butt size and hip size, my overall shape is better. If his office contact me about a date I may still consider him since the revision price is so great.

New date schedule with Pantoja! 8/19

Hello everyone, i have been gone for a while but my bbl but i'm back ready for my next round with Panotja. I will be getting a TT and lipo and laser lipo to the waist, u/l back, arms and thighs. I will be getting more FG even though my booty is kinda large alread lol, won't hurt right? this is my date so far but I'm looking for a earlier date. super excited!

about the discoloration

Forgot to update about the color. My butt cheeck is pretty much back to a normal color, its been 15 months since my sx and my doc def said it would take a while to fade, he was right. and it has soften up also but i still feel a firm area. Thank god my color is normal again lol
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Wish I would have met my doc before 30 mins prior to my sx. I met him the day of. Saw him once post op.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your not alone Myladylumps. I had the same problem. It's not discolored anymore but there is a ball of hard fat (necrosis) on my right cheek which makes it look pointy compared to my left cheek which is fine. I contacted Dr.S n scheduled a revision. I was gonna go to Dr. j but I do not want to pay thousands more. I'm gonna do a whole BBL again cuz I m not gonna get a revision n be in all that pain for a fix.
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wow how long did it take for your discoloration to go away? mine is still bluish! and i'm almost a year postop. and the hard spot is still there, its so annoying. with my revision i'm getting everything lipoed again and replace the fat, also more fg in the mid/bottom
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@Lovememore, whats the difference between a revision and a BBL? I though it was when he gives a new bbl and lipoed what he missed. Cause thats what he did to me
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@myladylumps, I think that hardness stays forever. Mines was like that too and when he gave me the revision, he gave me the bbl, lipoed etc
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It took about 6 months for the discoloration to go away. I massaged it a lot. The hard spot is soooooo effin annoying. When I palm my ass or my fiancé palms it, there's such a big difference. I'm gonna get my arms lipped, my back n flanks. I don't lipo my thighs cuz it looks weird when I see women with big butts and stick figure legs, you immediately know something was done
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A revision just corrects the problem u have. He just concentrates on the lump and that's all. I'm doing the entire surgery again, lipo my back, arms flank, fix the lump and I also see that cheek looks flat at the top. I now see y women chance butt shots n not do the bbl surgery, not saying I would do that but I'm not looking forward to the pain n everything that goes along with the surgery again
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Hi! I hope your revision goes well and the fat necrosis can b corrected . Other than that how did the rest if your body heal?
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Wow thats terrible!! Do u think adding more fat will cause more necrosis? I hope u have a better journey this time. Good luck!
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glad to hear everything is working out. i haven't had my procedure yet but i feel like the customer service @ eps is great thus far.
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did he charge u for a revision?
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Yes. But its a fair. Price imo
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Hello ladylumps first off I deal awful for you. But I would like to say you do look nice in your post pics. I think ur stomach looks a lot better then pre-surgery and the pics really don't reflect ur back fat. It's terrible to think u have fat necrosis though. But since I haven't went through the surgery Im just wondering if he explained to u that fat necrosis is a complication that can occur? I have a naturally big butt and also have a crease @ the top that I hate!! I actually think its because he may have put to many cc's in. The problem I think is happening with Dr Salama is he has patients coming to him that want huge butts. And instead of him actually looking @ their body frame and saying maybe they can have a big butt t not huge because the more fat transfered in the higher likelihood that the fat will suffocate and die. When ladies look @ wish pics they need to understand that some of those women may have naturally big asses, implants or had surgery more than once. So trying to go to a Dr and ask for a massive amount of cc's can have a backlash. I say get all info regarding complications before hand. U are aware of the complications and choose to still go ahead then as an adult u take on that responsibility. Oh and I'm not team Salama..
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Hey Ladylumps, your stomach doesn't look bad at all. It's probably not the board flat look that we all want but, you can definitely wear a bathing suit still.
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OMG im so sorry for what happened to you. I made a post about Salama's recent work that its not the same as before. I cant believe he left you with back fat and love handles and you dont even look big in your pre op pics. Another girl here had the same problem she wasnt really big to begin with but he left her with back fat and she didnt like it. I dont get it if the maximum amount of fat allowed to take out is 4000cc and you dont look big why would he leave youwith back fat..Thats crazy.. Even though I have my date set w/him I'm starting to question my decision. Good luck w/everything and hopefully they can fix this
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I read and spoke to a few other women whos story sound identical to mine, hopefully he can fix the mistakes.
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Dont get me wrong, my booty has fluffed since may, in fact like 3-4 mons after surgery my booty got bigger....I even notice it. It jiggles when i walk, it looks great in workout clothes. Its wide and full and not in a bad way. Removing the back fat or tightening up my skin around my abs will make it pop even more. Lemme find a pic. Oh and the office has always been good with responding. I'm actually waiting to hear back from the doc now.
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That is horrible, what are the causes of fat necrosis? What can I or my doctor do to prevent this? I have my surgery 10.18.12 w/ Dr. Jimmerson and I am scared to death now. I am about to post a question in the Q&A forum.
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Dont be nervous, it doesn't happen too often. The more fat thats stuff the higher the risk of some of that fat not finding a fat source. So you don't want to over stuff these days.
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Well it doesn't happen to often but i do know it happens when fat doesn't find a blood supply to survive. Necrosis itself can happen from trauma, ischemia (lack of blood) or hypoxia (lack of oxygen) So say for instance you want to stuff all the fat in as possible, some won't make it and will die. I can't say what will help, bc i don't know unfortunately. i never thought it would happen
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I hope all is well. I hate to hear that this happened to you. Have they responded to you yet?
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I just sent another email 2 days ago and ruben responded today saying Dr. S will call me. They have always been good at communicating with me when i reach out to them. Thats a plus
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Sorry to hear you are going through this... I am also waiting for Salama to get back to me. Seems as if he is a bit to busy...... I am waiting on his opinion and I speak to Ruben and his staff and can't get him and I need to hear what he has to say.. They say he will call he e-mails a vague email. They say he will call in the next 2 days no call.... Frustrating..
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