BBL April 23, 2013--Dr. Salama...eeeekkkk! - Aventura, FL *looking for sooner date*

Hello my fellow BBL sisters! I am so excited to be...

Hello my fellow BBL sisters! I am so excited to be a part of the community. I've been researching a lot of doctors and my choices were between Dr. Jimmerson and/or Dr. Salama. After reviewing the blogs I decided to go with Salama. I'm so excited. I am getting the BBL and lipo on my inner thighs 4/23/13..eeekkkk!!!!!! I can't wait!!

I posted pics of myself, don't judge. I'm plan to loose at least 20lbs before I get the surgery.


Hello bbl sistah and welcome...the ladies on this site r awesome...ur results are gonna be amaz'n u look great! there not wrong with alittle fix thats what makes us sistah in the first place...we dont judge love we encourage and support keep in touch love...
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Welcome!!! We don't judge, we are all here to support each other. The ladies on this site have been great.
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congrats girlie:) my sx is in may 2013..GL love
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OMG I just want to come here to say thanks a mil...

OMG I just want to come here to say thanks a mil to you all. Everyone has been so supportive and I believe this will be a great journey for me and everyone who will soon have their BBL! I'm so happy to have found people taking the same journey and me!


Congratssss doll!
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check your inbox Double
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Hey girl! congrats! i just booked mine for January 28th ! with Dr.Salama! Im SO nervous about the recovery process though =(
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I realized that I forgot to give my specs the last...

I realized that I forgot to give my specs the last time I posted. So I just had a doc appt and I'm just an inch under 5'7 and 190. OMG I have to do something about this! I'm waiting for my hubby to come home though, he's deployed right now. Without him to help or watch our little girl it's hard to find time to work out between work, school, and my child. So hopefully I will get on the fast track when he gets home in a few months. Right now I will just continue to better my diet.

By the way ladies I'm looking for a sooner date if anyone is canceling. Not oly is April so far away but I'm afraid my hubby may be overseas again by then. His rotation is every 6mo....yea it truly SUCKS!

Anywho, I don't want to post too much since my date is oh so far away. Hopefully these months fly by!


Good luck I'm going in on April 30
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Hello double4mydivas are you wanting to I change your dates???
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hey double4mydivas, how r you?? Did you change your date? are you still on for 4/23? I'm getting so excited....
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