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I havent got my sugery yet. i wanted to go with dr...

i havent got my sugery yet. i wanted to go with dr. salama but i called and i cant even do a consult till 19th of sept. i asked if this is so far backed up then when would my sugery be scheduled? they said probably not til late next year, no thank!

So i starated on a seach again. i thought id i would ask where i go for botox. this is where i heard about dr. lagrasso. so i was wondering if anyone had their bbl or lipo with dr. jeffrey lagrasso from pascauls med spa?

28 days till surgery. I'm antsy because I keep...

28 days till surgery. I'm antsy because I keep reading about the pain and inconvenience. I'm sure it will be OK,but maybe I better stop reading. Lol I'm excited for my new shape though. I'm sure everything will be fine. Ii am learning a lot through everyone.

What type of t-shirts are everyone talikng about...

what type of t-shirts are everyone talikng about you need and why? any suggestiong on urinals which one and where do i get? time is running out help!!!! excited

Tomorrow will make it 2 weeks b4 sx. going for pre...

tomorrow will make it 2 weeks b4 sx. going for pre op. any questions i should ask

Well i is getting down to the wire. im 6 days out....

well i is getting down to the wire. im 6 days out. im soo excited, nervous, and anxious. i got all my meds, gatorade, soup and crackers, ect. i tried several time to load b4 pictures. but i was unable to. does anyone know how?

Ill be glad to shit this fat around to the right...

ill be glad to shit this fat around to the right places!!!! yee hawwww! 4 days girls pray for me

Well I'm alive, thank God! It started off kind of...

Well I'm alive, thank God! It started off kind of scary! They first put me in a dirty room and I had to tell them to change the the bed. Next they never washed my body like they always do, thank God I washed my own. Everything is looking good so far as I can see,I'm barley standing now soi will Post again soon. We all have to watch it these doctors are treating these surgeries like a super cuts. Your doctor doesn't even call and check on you. The office cordinator did.these doctor's work are good but they seem like your just the next patient.

Well it is day 5 and I'm feeling a little better....

Well it is day 5 and I'm feeling a little better. I'm trying to move around more, you get a lot of gas laying in bed. the worst. And not to mention the neck cramps. Yikes! I know what people were talking about the pain of the massages. woo hoo. So glad to be in the recovery part. Thank God!

Ok today im going to be a little more positive. it...

ok today im going to be a little more positive. it really was not that bad as long as you stay drugged up, lol. what do you guys do when your awake besides alay down? i need hints. i get to get my drainage tubes out on monday thank God. i heard it feeels much better. ill keep you all posted.

Hi everyone just wantedto let you know I'm heading...

Hi everyone just wantedto let you know I'm heading great. my stomach has been very swollen. I have been getting messages and whew the pain but I guess necessary evil. You do feel better after. I will definitely post before and afters soon. I've been trying but unsuccessful.



misshaped bunz

he does everyones the same! he put all the fat at top! my bunz are flatter at bottom! i would definately not reccomend him because he doesnt know how to shape butt! there is a reason oneone is posting pictures we are imbarrassed

not good

well it has been almost a year and half, really no changes! still not happy with job la grasso did. as matter a fact i had been correspoding with another one of his patients that said she was flatas a torillia after he did her. harrible. he is really not good with shaping the butt! i say to anyone go to dr. salama. he looks like his butts are soooo.. wonderful. i wish i would have waited. i only went here because one of my customers was their patient coordinator and said he was good, NOT! should have ven tured out on my own!
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

I think the doctor does great but I don't like getting treated like another number. You pay good hard earned money and deserve better. Don't get me wrong I would recommend him, just demand the time you're paying for

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Ladies , So sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I too had a bad experience with Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso. Check out my profile for pictures of my bad plastic surgery to my breasts. Its terrible that we as patients have no recourse when our doctor turns their back on us. Dr. Lagrasso attempted to fix the surgery he preformed on me , but in the end I sought out a new corrective surgeon and finally had my 1st of 2 corrective surgeries 10 days ago.. thank god Im finally starting to look human again ;) Message me if you would like a referral to a fantastic doctor.
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Melissa from the office called me back and said she was gonna talk to the Dr about my touch up to see if they gonna charge's been a month now and she hasn't call me back!...this is horrible!! I mean I am willing to pay for him to fix it ..I don't need much just 1 side of my butt to make it even with the other side.
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once they get your money they dont want to ear from you. tht is what sucks
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I am 4month post and not happy with my result either..i am lob sided in my stomach and ass..1 side of my butt and hips are soo flat compare to the other side..I been emailing them to see how much it would cost just to hips 1 side of the bum, but no one had reply to my email yet:(
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Hey how are you liking your results?? I'm 5 days out and he gave me the opposite of what I wanted. Too big and all the volume at the top. Not that much in the middle or bottom. So if I could turn it upside down I would be happy. It's just huge at the top!! Did yours take a more rounded shape after a while???
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Hey Lady! How has it been going? Do you like you new body and shape?
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Hey girl just checking on you. Haven't heard anything in a while I hope all is well
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R u going to post pics? I would really like to c more of Dr. Ls work.
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I willwhen i can get sight to load photos
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Check out my profile for photos of LaGrasso s work...
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An glad ti hear about your journey and that your doing ok . An getting my surgery on January 3 getting nervous by the minute an afraid I won't wake up
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I hope your having a good recovery
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Thanks everyone for the well wishes
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How are you doing? I hope all is well
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Thinking of you... I hope you are happy with the results and are doing ok. I know it might be to early to tell...
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I SO excited for you! I hope you post pics after... and share you experience with the doc/ post-op process.
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Let us know how you're doing! I'm scheduled for 3 days!!!!!!!!!! leaving in 2 days !!!!! Wishing you the best!!!!
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Oooooo man u just looked at your date your almost uo girl!!!!!!! :-o are you ready!?!?! Excited? Are u taking tour supplements?
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im excited, scared, but more happy its almost here! 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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at least your ready girl!!! :=)))) your going to fine and your going to heal wonderfully, i saw another girl who had work done by your doctor and she looks great! :=) Go germaine go Germaine! lol
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im happy with who i picked and cant wait. thanks for the support.
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Hi i just joined the bbl sisterhood. I am set with Dr L on Dec 10. How was he? How is ur results? Do u have pics? R u happy?
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I haven't had six yet. It is on the 24 can't wait. I'll keep you posted. There is someone called bootyace that got done with Dr L
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